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Annotated Bibliography

Secondary Sources

Hope, Jessica. “Life of the Week: Queen Mary I.” History Extra, Jessica Hope, 17 Nov. 2015,

This website provided me of information about Mary Tudor’s family and more of her past life,
instead of telling the story most people know about her violent acts, it told us more about how
her life was and possibly opened up the viewer’s eyes to see why she was like the way she was.

“Mary I.” Rose, 15 Jan. 2017,


I needed more information about Mary Tudor’s family, details referring to all the events
happening before her reign as queen, this article gave me clear examples of the people in her life
before her reign, and some of the things leading up to her reign as queen.

Rubio, Author J'aime. “ORIGINS- "What Does History Say?".” The Dark History Behind The Nursery
Rhyme- "Mary, Mary", 1 Jan. 1970,

This text just gave me a little extra information about the nursery rhyme that was created about
Mary Tudor, it just showed me some of the theories behind the song and possible meanings. It
was a fun little fun fact to add into my project.

“History - Historic Figures: Mary I (1516 - 1558).” BBC, BBC, 2014,


This article gave me more information about Edward VI, who was Mary’s brother and was king
for a short amount of time. This was giving the events leading up until her rule.

“Mary Tudor, Queen of England , Bloody Mary.” Scotland's Mary, 15 Jan. 2017,

This article was important to my presentation because it gave me the dates of when Mary Was
born and it told me a lot of information about her reign, it also informed me that she was
confused often with Mary, Queen of Scots, which was important so I did not get the wrong

Annotated Bibliography
Primary Sources

“The Execution & Downfall Of Anne Boleyn - Primary Sources.” English History, 19 Mar. 2015,

This source gave me more information about why Anne Boleyn was executed and it led me to
knowing with detail why her daughter, Elizabeth, was also labelled as bastard.

“Anne Boleyn's Speech At Her Execution - Primary Sources.” English History, 19 Mar. 2015,

This source gave me almost a glimpse into Anne Boleyn’s mind and how it was shaped, it showed
me her last words which in any case would be an important segment in one’s life, it related to
my project because Mary Tudor was supposedly close to her stepmother, Anne.

“Jane Seymour's Pregnancy, 1536 - Primary Sources.” English History, 19 Mar. 2015,

This source was an important mark in history, being the time where Jane Seymour gave
birth to the only son that king Henry would have, Edward VI. The quotes within this letter where
it shows the pure desperation for a prince, depicts how much a heir was actually important and
how this perhaps could have affected Mary Tudor in a way, since she was one of the older
children, and before him or Elizabeth.

“King Edward VI's journal, 1549-51 - Primary Sources.” English History, 19 Mar. 2015,

This was probably one of the more important sources on this list because of the fact that it
showed Edward’s views on the current things that were happening from the mind of a young
king, and his relationship with Mary Tudor.
“The Coronation of Lady Jane Grey, 1553 - Primary Sources.” English History, 19 Mar. 2015,

This described the coronation of Jane Grey, one of the segments explaining the belief of how
Edward died, which was an important mark in history. Jane Grey being Henry’s great niece.

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