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VethathiriDasan - Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,

Spacething is not Massthing.

Things are related to mass. Things are so interesting; we invariably keep chasing them in
life or even in Science. Things are easily comprehensible, easy to explain and deal with.
The earth is full of things that no human has ever come across fully. The search is still on
to cover all the things; including their origin and ultimate.

When we talk about things; we need to talk about two things - the first one that
accommodates and the next one that occupies. The first one is called space and the next
one is called mass. Of space and mass, which one would have to come first? Think
again. If you think it is space, then space is the origin of mass.

Religions, Philosophies and Sciences have spent thousands of years studying about
mass and spent small fraction of time studying space. The modern Saint Philosopher
Scientist Vethathiri Maharishi is one of those very few who spent considerable time in
studying space and have come out with some interesting revelations of space and its
evolution into things, which I call as “The Theory of SpaceThing”


After Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle the causality theory is seemingly demolished.

The Scientists and Philosophers took their stand on the axiom “ex nihilo nihil fit” – nothing
comes from nothing. This universe is an effect and therefore must have a cause behind.

Space is the cause and its evolution is the universal mass, living organisms, animals and
thinking humans. The following content is adapted from one of the famous Brahma Gyan
Tamil poem of Shri Vethathiri Maharishi.

Almighty – Absolute Space

Space is of different kinds.
The first one is the Absolute Space - the Almighty Divine, the source of everything.
It is the self compressive surrounding pressure stock force.
With Consciousness as the functional order
With Energy for continuous change and
Time for making the changes.

Particle – Whirling Space

By its intensification of Space force
It clashes, rolls and spins off zillions of tiny whirling spaces.
This is the first group of fundamental energy particles.
Most of them are born and die instantly like foam on the ocean water.
Those survive by slowing down making space for other group particles to get closer.
This is the ethereal particle – beginning of mass;
This is the number two space - a whirling space, called particle.

From now onwards it is the play of group particles, the matter / mass.
Group particles are formed at their respective speed and numbers.
The third space is Gas particles – the filling space.
The fourth one is the Thermo particles – the converting space.
The fifth one is the liquid particle – the flowing space
The sixth one is the solid particle – the resting space.
All the above are in a macro level that fills the Universe.
All obey laws of nature and in harmony with it.

Cosmos – Universal Magnetism Space

The particles decay with speed, create a force field of magnetism.
We have a Universal Magnetic field of ocean filling the Universe.
The changes in it give rise to changes of nature in the universe.

The same spaces at micro level act like a mini universe.

This gives rise to life force prana energy making its own body.
Thus the formation of living beings, with sensory organs.
This gives cognitive effect depending on the organs
Like skin for touch, tongue for taste, nose for smell, eyes to see and ear to listen.
These are respectively the next five changes in space called Bio magnetic changes.
The nature is thus differentiated by cognition and the harmony is disturbed.
The problem of behavior change, pain, violence, and enmity in groups begin.

Biomos – Bio Magnetism Space

The most valuable spices are Humans.
With thinking faculty has a Know All attitude.
They are the worst affected in this earth
With full of self created problems
Unable to bring any lasting solutions.
This is mainly due to disrespect for nature and its people.

The solution lies in understanding that

Nature gives in abundance to meet everyone’s needs
But unable to meet all their greeds.
Shove off the greed and just meet the needs.

Respect each other in harmony

Give more than you take
Keep in mind the good of future generations.

For Peace – Understand Space

We are the products of nature.
We are happy when we are in harmony with nature.
Let us make the nature happy.
Happiness becomes natural to us.

Behavior is a matter of space.

Relaxation or Peace or Happiness
Is directly proportional to space around.
Keep more space around for Peace.
Understand Space to Understand God.

“May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”.
Please send your comments to email: profmadhavan@yahoo.com

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