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The South line of the North-South Railway Project that

would provide a reliable railway system between Bicol and Ma-
nila will finally push through under the Duterte administration
after a number of hitches in the past.
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₱39M set for free tuition of BU medical students

LEGAZPI CITY -- dents.
Qualified and deserving “About PHP39 million
medical students who de- will be disbursed under BU’s
sire to pursue their dream general appropriations budget
of becoming doctors can allocation until December 31,
now enjoy free tuition at 2017 for this grant,” he said.
the Bicol University (BU) Colorado said that a total
here which has allocated a of P317.1 million has been
PHP 39-million budget for allotted from CHED’s 2017
the program this year. budget for academic year
Commission on Higher 2017-2018 under its “Cash
Education (CHED)-Bicol Grants to Medical Students
Director George Colorado Enrolled in State Universities
on Wednesday said that BU and Colleges (CGMS-SUCs)”
was among the eight state program.
universities and colleges He added that the imple-
(SUCs) nationwide which menting rules and regulations
were selected to provide or IRR for the said student
free tuition for medical stu- (Turn to page 7)

K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande Homes, Con. Grande, Naga City • TELEPHONE: (054) 884-93-76 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766

EDITORIAL Tax Reform Developments

Fake News (Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International – is past chair
Mega Manila Subway Projects –
Phase One (P230B) billion), PNR
The proliferation of fake news, i.e.
manufactured and non-factual stories
of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA
past president and Hall-of-Famer,
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement
OPINIONS long-haul from Calamba to Bicol
(P151B), and Malolos-Clark Ariport-
Clark Green City Rail (P150B). PNR
is exacerbated by the internet. This
is because of the latter’s built-in
home by overseas Filipino workers
UNLIMITED South Commuter Line - Tutuban to
Los Banos (P134B) is also under
ODA, the New Centennial Water
advantage of velocity and accessibility. will not be subject to duties under the Source-Kaliwa Dam (P10.86B),
Duterte administration’s tax reform Cavite Industrial Area Flood Mgt.
Just about anybody, including a program. Finance USec Karl Kendrick Project (P8.9B), and Chico River
former sex-guru-turned government Chua said the government has no legal
jurisdiction over money transfers from
 Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN Pump Irrigation projects (P2.7B). All
worthwhile undertakings!
spokesperson, can upload appeals for abroad. However, money sent to the RICE OUTPUT: The Philippine
help for the soldiers in Marawi and use Philippines would be levied depending and pans, blowing party horns and Statistics Authority (PSA) was forced
an accompanying photo of Honduran on the tax laws implemented in the holding street parties. to lower the second quarter forecast
country of origin of the remittance. A fireworks display falls into the for the country rice output due to
police in the internet and get away Domestic money transfers are likewise category if it is conducted as part of a continuous rainfall, insufficient water
with it with a misplaced and wrong not taxable. But transfer fees are celebration competition or any similar supply in some areas, and pest
justification that the photograph was Vatable! event in a non-residential venue, infestation - in the past three months.
The first package of the CTRP is conducted under the supervision of Palay production from April to June is
just “symbolism.” contained in House Bill No. 5636 (Tax a trained person duly licensed by now seen to hit 4.1 million MT, lower
Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion the Philippine National Police (PNP) than the previous forecast of 4.1
This same speed in the spread Act (TRAIN) recently approved by and has a permit issued by the local million MT, albeit lower by 0.6% of the
of manufactured stories has a the House. The bill aims to lower the government. Other pyrotechnic devices target production of 4.10 million MT -
corresponding haste with which others personal income tax rates, unify estate may be used outside community but still 10.5% higher than last year. r.
and donor’s taxes at a flat rate of six fireworks display subject to existing Harvest area may increase by
react to them, like the Tulfo brothers, percent, and broaden the tax base by laws, rules and regulations - including 0.02% from 0.95 million hectares
often in disastrous and embarrassing removing VAT exemptions on certain sparklers, luces, fountain, Roman level but yield/hectare may decrease
consequence. transactions. It will also adjust excise candle and trompillo. from 4.35 MT to 4.32 MT. Probable
taxes on petroleum products and INFRASTRUCTURES: NEDA reduction in production may be
This same speed, however, by automobile, and on sugar-sweetened announced that nine (9) flag-ship attributed to unfilled grains resulting
beverages. infrastructure projects in advanced from rains during vegetative and
which fake news spread; can also be FIRECRACKERS: The government stages are up for President Rodrigo reproductive stages of crops in Tarlac
checked with the same speed, like an will regulate the use of firecrackers and R. Duterte’s approval this month. Leyte, Southern Leyte. Insufficient
electronic application of a fundamental other pyrotechnic devices to reduce the Secretary Ernesto Pernia said the water supply was felt in Aurora,
risk of casualties and injuries. E O NEDA board will meet on June 27 to Zambales, Batangas, Laguna, and
law of physics. Every action has a #28, signed by President Duterte on approve these projects with total cost of Rizal. Let us be reminded that it is
corresponding reaction. June 20, limits the use of firecrackers P738.1B. Seven infrastructure projects the Lord that makes possible good
to community fireworks displays. Under costing P687.47B will be funded by ODA crops!
Tit for tat, however, is not the answer his watch, then Davao City encouraged (assistance), and the rest (P50.6B) to PROVERBS: Rejoicing in the
in correcting fake news. the use of alternative means of making be financed by government funds. habitable part of this earth; and my
noise during holidays like banging pots Among the (ODA) projects are the delights are with the sons of men!
The Catholic Bishops Conference of
the Philippines has shown one solution
– expose their sources.
With due respect, Why don’t the SC Justices go to
Channel 5’s Ed Lingao also offered Marawi City and see if there is really a rebellion
another. Use the same medium, i.e
the internet, and discussing about the With Vice President Leni Robredo’s not be blamed for the victory of the
support to President Duterte’s terrorists and the spread of ISIS
falsity of the news.
Education, then on the part of the
declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao,
the same support by majority votes in the FROM terrorists in the entire country.
He also challenged critics that if
Senate and House of Representatives, their petition succeeds, it is better
consumers or readers, is another. President Duterte has the support of the
Executive and Legislative branches of MY for them to go and face the Islamic
terrorists operating in Marawi.
Added legislation, may be of help, our government. If the Supreme Court That dare should include the SC
but it will not deter spin doctors from
is not convinced that the declaration of
Martial Law is justified, why don’t the SC WINDOW justices who seem to be against
proclamation 216 which imposes
weaving their lies. No good law will Justices go to Marawi City near the war ML in Marawi and Mindanao, with
zone to see if there is really an existing a justice even warning the military
stop bad intentions. rebellion which those against Martial
Law say do not exist but there is only
 NENITA FUENTEBELLA-PEÑONES officials that they may be charged
criminally for having disobeyed an
For the internet audience, the terrorism. unlawful order from the Commander
speediest solution is just to block or ****** into Iligan as well as Cagayan de Oro, in Chief should the SC rule that
I am quoting hereunder the following which should be enough of an answer the declaration of ML be deemed
shut them off. That will deprive them of column of Ninez Cacho-Olivares in the to an associate justice’s query on why unconstitutional, which is no different
their job, that will also clear the air for “Daily Tribune” dated June 19, 2017 martial law has to cover the whole of from telling the soldiers not to obey
because it is informative and may Mindanao, instead of just limiting this to orders from President Duterte even
us. Simple as that. happen. I believe President Duterte will Marawi City. before the SC en banc rules on
do everything in his power to prevent But on what basis will the High its constitutionality. Is the SC into
the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Court rule martial law (ML) as repeating its 2001 unconstitutional
from making Mindanao its caliphate. I unconstitutional? Do these justices act in deposing yet another popularly
recall his TV ad during his presidential know better than the President in elected president in Duterte?
campaign showing Rodrigo Duterte matters of intelligence? Apparently, It cannot be denied that the
with a Philippine Flag saying “I love the some of them think so, claiming, even proclamation of ML was executed
Philippines. It’s the land of my birth, before the closed door session with the legally and constitutionally, and
the home of my people” something like military and other intelligence officials, all done within the powers of the
that if my memory does not fail me. that there was a failure of intelligence. presidency.
President Duterte also knows the high However, even assuming that there Moreover, it has not even been a
Published every Sunday and circulated in the six provinces trust rating of the people on him based was a failure of intelligence, this cannot month, with no abuses committed by
and seven cities of the Bicol Region including Metro Manila. on SWS surveys. still be a valid basis for junking the the soldiery fighting the battle with the
And also mailed throughout the country and other continents. To junk or not to junk ML imposed by Duterte in Mindanao Maute terrorists noted, established
Editorial and Business Address: K-960 Aries St., Villa Grande because he declared ML constitutionally
“It would be very strange indeed if the and proved for the petitions to junk
Homes, Concepcion Grande, Naga City. Tel. No. (054) 884-93-76
majority of the justices in the Supreme and did it within his powers as president proclamation 216 even be considered
Court (SC) will vote to thumb down and commander in chief of all the armed by the High Court.
the martial law imposed by President forces of the Philippines for at least 60 One really wonders: Supposing
Duterte on Mindanao, given the days unless extended and approved by the majority of the SC justices rule
ongoing rebellion and even insurrection both houses of Congress. against Duterte’s ML in Mindanao,
in Marawi City, with the Islamic State But should the majority of the SC what do they do when the Maute
0939-604-3144 allies the Maute Group terrorists, justices junk Duterte’s martial law, as terrorists succeed in taking over not
LEE G. DULIESCO II sympathizers and supporters either the President said, he will obey the just Marawi but the entire Mindanao
Head, Advertising Associates arrested or having successfully slipped ruling and made it clear that he should (Turn to page 7)


RATES: Commercial Ads P200.00 / col. cen.
Judicial Notices P160.00 / col. cen.


Dear Papa TOOT-TOOT. TOOT-TOOT. TOOT- --------------------------------------------------

Dear Papa P., wherever you are with Mama (other than
@ Naga’s Eternal Garden), you are always in our hearts and
TOOT. Siring kaini an tanog kadto kan
busina kan Bicol Express kun paabot o
nagdadangadang na.
Dis*Karte --------------------------------------------------
minds. Salamat sa Diyos saka saindong duwa ta amay kaming
walong namundag sa kinaban, ipíg-tuga kan Bulkan Mayon
sabi ngani ni Mama L. Maogma an pamilya poon sa kanyogan
Nag-abot ining TOOT-TOOT na
lang. Garo baga naupos na sigarilyo *Kusyon --------------------------------------------------

o garo napapalaban na aram mon na --------------------------------------------------
sa ‘bisita’ sagkod sa guilid kan home along d riles, pobre talaga kaya kaipuhan na nin Viagra. Hasta --------------------------------------------------
kita pero proud ta nagkaburuhay sa sadit na tindahan asin magtoninong nang haloy. --------------------------------------------------
tungoran (paroy). Nagooma, nagtutungod ka nin paroy para k Ngonyan, sabi ni Cong. Joey Salceda, --------------------------------------------------
‘bona’ , walat sa tindahan si Mama sa atubangan eskuelahan.
sigurado na daang maTOOT-TOOT ini --------------------------------------------------
Nagkonsehal ka pa sa banuaan. Tunay na hönorable. Napaadal
kami gabos. Nabunyog nin pusog an pamilya poon kaidto sagkod
TOTOO na daa talaga.
 FRANK PEÑONES JR. --------------------------------------------------
ngonian, maski nagtalikod na kamo sa kinaban. Disiplina, higos,
maka-tao asin maka Dyos an tukdo nindo samuya. Mabooton Tibaad man nanggad, asin dai mag- --------------------------------------------------
ka talaga maski reding pirmi na man-football nin aking pasaway. arog kaini: TOOT ------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------
Dae kita nagyaman pero nakua an buhay na matanos asin totoo ------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
(aka Verdadero)! We will always luv u, Papa - now & forever. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- OTOT.

South Railway Rolling On

Hapi bday po./ V8
Piglilibot ninda an haros bilog na Kabikolan sa paghanap nin
magagayon na lugar, pagbalangibog kan turismo kan rehiyon.
Hali na sinda sa Sorsogon, nagllbot sa Mt. Bulusan, nagturog sa (From page 1)
Rizal Beach sa Gubat, nadiskobre an mahiwas asin magayon
President Rodrigo Duterte would be financed, and there- chaired, and endorsed to the sea, road and rails—and is
na tinampo sa Albay-Sorsogon, nagsakat sa Mayön Rest House
is set to officially approve the fore implemented, by Japan, Neda Inter-Agency Coordinat- expected to unlock the huge
via Sabloyon, nagsimba sa Joroan via Partido Riviera (Sagnay-
project, now costing P285 bil- and the Los Banos-Matnog ing Committee for PPP. potential of Bicol, particularly
Patitinan-Tiwi road). An grupo compuesto nin apat na seniors
lion, by the end of the month, line would be financed by Chi- It was approved by the Albay, the regional center.
- balikbayan, cönsultant, retired goverment worker, trimedi[<<>>] Albay Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda Neda Board on Feb. 16, 2015. It is also expected to cut by
na. This is a critical and central
****** said Wednesday. Salceda said the South Rail- half the present 12-hour Ma-
project of President Duterte,”
364 Fathers’ Day everyday, after 1 special day of celebration Salceda earlier assured Bi- way Line, when completed, nila-Legazpi travel time, and
said Salceda.
and gift giving, and now this a letter 2 all d kids and grandkids colanos the project would push will vastly improve connectiv- provides commuters a com-
The lawmaker recently
out there: Fatherhood after all is not by mere blood alone as may through, this time under a dif- ity and efficiency among urban fortable and reliable transport
consulted with Socioeconomic
be dictated by tradition, because like God the father to God the ferent procurement method, Planning Secretary Ernesto centers and regional growth system.
son, it’s for continuity from beginning til the end. Blood may be since it “remains a priority Pernia, Budget Secretary Ben- hubs, and thus enhance pro- Its proposed P1,300 fare per
closed and selfish but it’s the willingness to serve and sacrifice investment project of the na- jamin Diokno, and National ductivity in the industry, ser- passenger is deemed reason-
for one and all, for all of humanity that matters most. You may tional government and a vitally Economic and Development vices and agriculture sectors able enough, Salceda added.
not follow anybody’s footsteps but everything in this world shall urgent infrastructure for South- Authority Deputy Director It will further boost Bi- “The project will likewise
be all right as planned. Blood of the old may even be spilled by ern Luzon.” General Rolando G. Tungpa- col’s tourism by as much as expand trade and open more
the young out of spite, but dear life will go on and ön and on. . . It involves a new sets of lan. 30 percent, which forms part investment opportunities that
****** railway tracks from Tutuban The NSRP south line was of the predicted 24 percent in will make Bicol’s agricultural
Sa mata kan Diyos, an nagkasala saiya saka saiyang in Manila to Legazpi City in one of three railway projects economic returns it will bring and processed products more
aki, pinatawad gabos, sa politika sa ibabaw kan kinaban, an Albay, then to Matnog in Sor- approved by the Neda Invest- to the countryside when fully competitive in the markets of
nagkasala sa ama o sa akì o sa pamilya rinoronot ni ama, aki, sogon, crossing the Southern ment Coordination Committee operationalized, the Albay so- Divisoria,” he added.
makuapo asin mga poderosong kapamilya. Sa langit mayong Tagalog region and mainland during the joint technical board lon added. “In bringing in needed in-
dinastiya, sa kinaban pirmi nang igua! Bicol. and Cabinet Committee meet- The lawmaker, one of the puts to our industries, and ba-
****** Previously estimated at ing last June 1. most ardent proponents of the sic commodities to our house-
Para sarong semana nawara si Pres. Duterte sa tv, radyo and P171 billion, the project was It was approved in 2015 by project, said the NRSP South holds. Tourism will receive the
dyaryo, nahadit, napungaw saka namiss tolos kan oposisyon, reportedly stricken out of the the Bicol Regional Develop- Line completes Albay’s multi- biggest boost from it, hiking
kalaban sa politika, bakong kakolor kan Malacañang an Department of Transporta- ment Council, which Salceda modal transport model—air, (Turn to page 7)
presidente. Hadit sinda kan kamugtakan kan salud ni Duterte. tion’s Public Private Partner-
Kaipuhan palan an maisog asin pusog na lider kan Pilipinas sa
tahaw kan terorismo sa Mindanao!
ship projects list due to fund-
ing and investment problems. Naga PLEB Tours National Offices, LGUs
“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy It was reclassified under
to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest the direct expenditure scheme,
might err . “ Mahatma Gandhi which means the national gov-
****** ernment and Congress “would
Good morning find ways to look for the need-
“You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by ed financing to implement it,”
what you give.” said Salceda, senior vice chair-
****** man of the house ways and
“Character is the firm foundation stone upon which one must means committee.
build to win respect. Just as no worthy building can be erected He said Japan and China
on a weak foundation, so no lasting reputation worthy of respect both recently committed to the
can be built on a weak character.”
project, which is scheduled to
start this year and would be
completed by 2021, within the
Public Service: Ilulubong na ngonian na aldaw si Sister Mary
term of President Duterte.
Belarmine G Bernas, OSB (Missionary Benedictine Sister),
Transportation Secretary
tugang ni Dr. Jose Bernas, Fr. Joaquin Bernas SJ, Atty. Justino
Arthur P. Tugade, in a sepa-
Bernas, Ben Bernas kan Baao CamSur. An lubong 9am sa
rate statement, also assured
Manila Memorial Park, Parañaque City, Metro Mla. Pigbilaran the NSRP south line would be
sa St Scholastica Chapel, Mla. Nagadan kan June 17, 2017. finished under the President’s
****** tenure.
Sabi kan mga mayayaman na politiko gabos nababayadan. “As I have been advised,
(Turn to page 6) the Tutuban-Los Banos line
Members of the Naga City Senator Richard Gordon Tech- twenty five (125) days, and to
People’s Law Enforcement nical Staff headed by Chief of fifteen (15) days respectively,
Board (PLEB) chaired by Staff Atty. Ruy Moreno and for the reason that the PLEB
Milagros R. Francia, recently Atty. Rosa Cecilia Alfafara, members are all part timers.
toured national office and lo- copies of the Senator’s Senate The Gordon Bill provides,
cal PLEBs in Metro Manila, Bill No. 1374 filed last March, among others, DILG and
to gather PLEB updates. otherwise known as “Strength- LGU shall provide sufficient
In a dialogue with PNP Di- ening the IAS and the PLEB office space for every PLEB,
rector Rene O. Aspira, head Act of 2017” were provided PLEB jurisdiction over non-
of the Directorate for Person- each member. uniformed PNP personnel;
nel and Records Manage- Along with the other mem- accused shall surrender or de-
ment along with P/Supt. Ma. bers of the PLEB Team in- posit his/her PNP ID, police
Leonora Camarao, Chief Dis- badge and service firearm to
cluding vice chairperson Atty.
his superior; accused shall
cipline Law and Order Divi- Miles Raquid Arroyo, council-
remain whtihn a radius of 25
sion (DLOD) of Camp Crame or Lito Del Rosario, Ret. Col.
kilometers from his residence;
(shown in above photo) the Jose Tuason, P/Brgy. Jose Sal- assign a 4th year law student
PLB Team was informed of the va and J. Antonio Amparado, to assist the PLEB, conduct
new regulation requiring that MNSA, Chairperson Francia regular public information dis-
copy of every PLEB decision recommended certain amend- semination and conduct annual
to be furnished their office for ments to the Bill, the like of trainings for PLEB members.
the issuance of the Certificate ‘PLEB decision be promul- Other dialogues and ex-
of Finality. Likewise, all po- gated within fifteen (15) days
lice stations should coordinate
perience sharings were held
Partido State University Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Josefina A. Borromeo, from the filing of the case, as well with the Quezon City
hands the plaque of appreciation to Dr. Danilo M. Gerona who spoke on the importance of the with their local PLEBs as part and within five (5) days if the PLEB chaired by Atty. Jeremy
indigenous peoples during the recent round table discussion held at the PSU on Mainstreaming of their Peace Monitoring Pro- respondent admits the guilt,” Madamba, and with Tagaytay
Indigenous Knowledge in the Tertiary Curriculum. The PSU is working on the establishment of gram, Director Aspira said. by raising the period to, from City PLEB headed by Atty.
an Indegenous People’s Regional Center. In a separate dialogue with sixty (60) days to one hundred Pete Lucero.
CARD Visayas MRI scholars met for “Pagbulas”
The youth is the hope of ing Director of CARD MRI, innovative, and become a help- summit was the Hijos Tour who are mostly CARD mem- the area.
the nation, reminds a popular Dr. Dolores Torres, Senior ing hand of CARD MRI in its where the participants explored bers, and the Balangiga town For over two decades now,
adage. Management adviser, Marivic mission of eradicating poverty. the historical places in Leyte where a statue of the Balangiga CARD as a social development
CARD MRI, an advocate Austria, CARD Bank CEO and She stressed that as CARD suc- and Samar. The scholars vis- massacre during the Filipino organization offers programs
for youth empowerment in the President, Oliver Reyes, CARD ceeds so as the communities ited Leyte Capitol in Tacloban, American war can be found. on microfinance and microin-
country, has once again fulfilled MBA Deputy Director and and lives it has assisted through the famous MacArthur Park in Through this program the par- surance in the Philippines and
its role in helping shape the na- CARD, Inc. Executive Director its various programs. Palo, Leyte, the famous bridge ticipants got to experience and in some parts of Asia. In ad-
tion's next leaders. Jocelyn Dequito. Meanwhile, Ms. Austria connecting Samar and Leyte learn how Leytehanons and dition, it provides other devel-
Last May 17 to May 20, The first two days of the ac- shared to the participants the called the San Juanico bridge, Samareños lived through their opment-oriented programs and
CARD MRI met with the com- tivity centered on self-knowing factors that made CARD MRI Saob cave in Basey, Samar colorful history with the help services focused on health, en-
pany's 43 scholars in the Visayas and exploration. a weapon for poverty eradi- where the scholars got a chance of CARD MRI tour guides who vironmental, disaster manage-
for a youth summit dubbed as Dr. Torres, one of the first cation. Through community to meet the Saob cave weavers are trained CARD members in ment and education.
"Pagbulas." These 43 schol- speakers, provided the scholars building, health programs as
ars are part of the CARD MRI a preview of CARD's history, well as scholarship assistance
Scholarship Program (CSP),
which has 8,142 total supported
an institution founded in 1986
by Dr. Jaime Aristotle Alip and
provided to the children of its
members, the institution envi-
SSS, IBP sign MOA for coverage
scholars wherein 3,403 of them
have already graduated.
14 other development practi-
tioners with a mission centered
sions Filipino individuals and
families free from the shackles of self-employed lawyers
With a theme, "Getting to on poverty alleviation through of poverty.
Know Yourself Better towards To give a preview of how
The Social Security System (SSS) for- The MOA aims to cover all self-em-
community development.
Better Relationships with your "CARD is a great place it is like to be a CARD MRI mally covers about 6,000 self -employed ployed lawyers to ensure that despite work-
Family, Peers, and Commu- to work for it is inspiring and employee, Senior HR manager lawyers in the country after it has signed ing on their own, they can always count on
nity," the scholars took part in humbling. Strong stewardship Angela Poonin discussed to the the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) SSS in times of contingencies. SSS wants
a three-day summit and im- has been demonstrated by the participants the process of be- with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines to extend the same social security protec-
mersed themselves in the wis- pioneers from the very start of coming part of the institution (IBP) last May 19, 2017 during the Na- tion to lawyers who are the partners of SSS
dom and lessons from the ex- CARD," said Torres. as well as the benefits that em- tional Legal Aid Summit held at Henann in upholding the law for the benefit of its
ecutives. For her part, Director ployees will receive once they Regency in Boracay Aklan. members.
The summit was graced by Sarmiento encouraged the join the company.
Flordeliza Sarmiento, Manag- participants to be competitive, Marking the last day of the

Photo shows Social Security Commissioner Chairman Dean Amado D. Valdez (middle) and
IBP National President Atty. Rosario T. Setias-Reyes (5th from right) led the MOA signing.
Also present during the event were (4th from right) SSS President and Chief Executive
Officer Emmanuel F. Dooc, SSS SVP for Account Management Group Judy Frances A. See
Ms. Benedicta Milagros Naguna, SSS-Naga officer campaigned for voluntary membership from (4th from left) and IBP Executive Vice President and Governor for Western Visayas Region
the ranks of job order personnel of the Provincial Capitol and explained the many benefits of Abdiel Dan Elijah S. Fajardo (3rd from left).
such affiliation especially that of pension in old age.

Sharing your Extras at the SM Store

The SM Store’s recent Share Your Extras campaign dation, Share Your Extras encouraged customers to clean all The SM Store branches nationwide.
brought smiles to thousands of family members all over their closets, and share their pre-loved clothes and slippers These were in turn brought much joy to recipients when
the Philippines as they received slippers and clothes with the less fortunate. Booths, where they could also buy distributed to various Social Action Centers in the Metro
from SM new slippers, were set up in all SM Store branches nation- area and in the provinces. Among these were the San Bar-
shoppers. wide for this purpose. tolome de Novaliches Association, the Lipa Archdiocesan
A joint Each donation entitled a customer to a Php 50 coupon Social Action Commission (LASAC), Jaro Archdiocesan
project of which can be redeemed for every minimum Php 500 single Social Action Center (JASAC), Social Action Center of
The SM receipt purchase of regular priced items from the Children’s Pampanga (SACOP) and Social Action Center of Bacolod.
Store and Shoes Department of The SM Store. Share Your Extras is one of the ways The SM Store
SM Foun- Customers were very generous with their donations, and reaches out to the communities. Other store based projects
Share Your Extras was able to include Donate-A-Book, Gamot Para sa Kapwa and Share-
gather a total of 28,687 pieces A-Toy.
of clothes and slippers from
Children under the catechetical program of San
Bartolome De Novaliches Parish were some
of the beneficiaries of The SM Store and SM
Foundation’s Share Your Extras project. Shown
in the photo are Lucena Calamayan, President of
1-Aasenso Pinoy, Father Noel Bacasnut and Jun
Senor of San Bartolome Parish. Also present
during the turnover were SM Representatives
headed by The SM Store Fairview Branch
Marketing Manager Marrie Garcia and Customer
Service Manager Eds Castillo. JR Rivera, a 7-year-old kid from San Bartolome In Iloilo City, members of the Jaro Archdiocesan
De Novaliches Parish, smiles as he shows off Social Action Center (JASAC) received boxes of
his new slippers from the Share Your Extras clothes and slippers from The SM Store and SM
project. These girls happily display their slippers Foundation Share Your Extras project. Shown
courtesy of Share Your Extras. during the turnover are The SM Store Delgado
Branch Manager Catherine Montenegro,
Branch Marketing Manager Oscar Jinon Jr. and
representatives from the Customer Service and
Selling Department.

Boxes of clothes and slippers from the Share

Your Extras campaign filled the doorsteps of
Lipa Archdiocesan Social Action Commission
(LASAC) in Batangas City. Shown in the photo is Representatives from the Social Action Center
LASAC’s Program Officer Juanito Jaylo together of Pampanga (SACOP) were all smiles when The SM Store Bacolod Assistant Branch
with The SM Store Batangas Customer Service they received donations from the Share Your Manager Jothan Londres personally turned Extras that go a long way – slippers and clothes
Manager Annalyn Macatangay and Branch Extras campaign of The SM Store and SM over clothes and slippers to the Social Action from The SM Store and SM Foundation’s Share
Marketing Manager Charise Castro. Foundation. Center of Bacolod. Your Extras campaign.

the same is hereby adjudicated and distributed at 2/5, 2/5

and 1/5 proportion, as follows: Pati langit. May SOLTS daa na nababayadan para ipangadyi an
OF ESTATE OF PEDRO R. PANDAY saindang kalag para mahali sa purgatoryo o maging sa impyerno
JOSE PIERRE A. PANDAY (2/5) 39,999 shares daa - Ateneo the Naga HS faculty.
Know All Men By These Presents: MARIA LUTGARDA P. CALLEJA (2/5) 39,998 shares ******
PAUL B. PANDAY (1/5) 19,999 shares A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his
We, MARIA LUTGARDA C. PANDAY-CALLEJA, work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
JOSE PIERRE A. PANDAY and PAUL B. PANDAY, all of 2. That parcel of land situated at City Heights ******
legal age, Filipino and all residents of Naga City, hereby Subdivision, Naga City, containing an area of 336 square *Kasoodma, June 24, kaaldawan ni San Juan Bautista, an
freely and spontaneously: meters, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate of nagbunyag ki Hesukristo sa salog kan Jordan, kadakul sanang
Title No. 7539 in the name of Pedro R. Panday and now engrandeng okasyon sa bilog na Kabikolan. An Pinangat Festival
DECLARE AND MAKE MANIFEST declared under Tax Declaration No. 0801002600505, the sa Camalig, Albay, Tabak (sundang) Festival sa Tabaco City &
same is hereby adjudicated distributed and divided among Pinyasan (pineapple) Festival sa Daet, cavesera kan CamNorte.
We, are the surviving heirs of deceased PEDRO Apuera kan celebracion kan pintakasi pigbabalingibog man
themselves at the same 2/5, 2/5 and 1/5 proportion, thus:
R. PANDAY, who died on May 23, 1985 at Naga City, ninda an kanya kanyang mayor na produkto sa kapakanan
Maria Lutgarda C. Panday-Calleja is the only legitmate kan turismo & negosyo. Kaya dagmang an tao, saralak na
a) 134.4 square meters to JOSE PIERRE A.
child of Pedro R. Panday and Avelina Catignas; and Paul devoto, turista, negosyante, parabakal saka mga balikbayan.
B. Panday is an illegitimate son of Pedro R. Panday by Sa CamSur tolong darakulang municipio an sarabay an fiesta ni
b) 134.4 square meters to MARIA LUTGARDA P.
another woman. San Juan: Goa sa Partido District, San Fernando sa 2nd district
CALLEJA; and & Sipocot sa 1st dist.
That said deceased died intestate and without any c) 67.2 square meters to PAUL B. PANDAY
outstanding debts in favor of any person or entity; Kanya-kanyang pakulo, makolor & degarbo arog kan parada,
auditorium asin bangkete. An simbahan may mga aktibidades
On June 8, 1990, Avelina Catignas (surviving spouse 3. That parcel of commercial land located at Rizal reliyosas sa laog ni 9 na aldaw. Alagad bkong arog kan tradisyön
of deceased Pedro R. Panday) and Maria Lutgarda C. St., Goa, Camarines Sur containing an area of 738 square duman sa San Juan, Metro Manila na may siriwagan tubig, sa
Panday-Calleja, their only legitimate child, executed an meters, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate of Bikol solemne an fiesta.
Extra-Judicial Settlement of Estate with Waiver of Rights Title No. RT-8021 (12404) in the name of Pedro R. Panday, ******
(see Annex “A”), wherein, said Avelina Catignas waived including all improvements found thereon, is hereby Hapot: ano tabi official stand kan VM League of the Phiippines
all her rights, interest and participation in the estate of adjudicated in favor of MARIA LUTGARDA P. CALLEJA; dapit sa Federalismo?
her deceased husband and her ½ conjugal share in the 4. That one-half (1/2) of the parcel of land located In a society it’s best to have less government but more food
partnership, in favor of Maria Lutgarda C. Panday-Calleja; at San Jose St., Goa, Camarines Sur containing an and freedom; in broadcast it’s better than best to have more
In December 2015, Maria Lutgarda C. Panday- area of 1,471 square meters, more or less, covered by news, music and time checks but less ads and senseless adlibs.
Calleja commenced a petition for settlement of estate of Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT-8981 (10257) in the ******
Pedro R. Panday before the Regional Trial Court, Branch name of Pedro R. Panday and Emilia R. Panday, or only Kan 1982, minukna ni Trade Minister Luis R. Villafuerte, Sr.
23, Naga City docketed as Specs. Procs. No. 2015-0101, 573.5 square meters thereof, including all improvements an Blcol Music Festival. Biglang nagbungkaras asin nagbaskog
against which, Jose Pierre A. Panday and Paul B. Panday thereon, is hereby adjudicated in favor of JOSE PIERRE an kinaban nin kultura, lenguahe saka musica sa Bikolandia.
filed their oppositions; A. PANDAY; Venue: UNC Gym, Naga, CamSur. Dagmang an paradalan pati
On 27 March 2017, the parties executed an amicable 5. That parcel of land located at Rizal St., Goa, sa luwas kan gym gulping tao. Pighangaan pati sa ibang parte
settlement (see Annex “B”); Camarines Sur containing an area of 526 square meters, kan nasyon and mundo. Live sa BBS-DWLV am 10k, dangog
On 31 March 2017, the Honorable Court (RTC- more or less, covered by Original Certificate of Title sagkod Mimaropa. Calabarzon and Samar.
Branch 23) issued an Order approving said amicable No. 231 in the name of Pedro R. Panday, including all ******
settlement (see Annex “C”), as modified in the Order of 28 improvements found thereon, is hereby adjudicated in Tiniripon ni LRV an gabos na jùven na talento sa Bikol para
April 2017 (see Annex “D”); favor of PAUL B. PANDAY; sa grand extravaganza. Director/producer- LRV; emcees- Gil
In said Order dated 31 March 2017, the parties 6. All other properties which may hereafter be found Basmayor/Ric Diaz ; technical director- Nestor Madrigal; stage
agreed to execute a Deed of Extra-Judicial Settlement to belong or belonging to the estate of the late Pedro R. and layouts - Manny de la Rosa; musical directors - Ato Peña/Jim
of the Estate of Pedro R. Panday, and the expenses for Panday, shall be divided and are hereby adjudicated and Letada; scriptwriter - Ernie Verdadero. Ganador na composers:
registration and all taxes due thereon shall be shared by Ferdinand Dimadura, Bikolano Ako / Henry Turalde, Boses
divided among the parties herein at the same 2/5, 2/5 and
the parties in accordance with the 2/5, 2/5 and 1/5 ratio. ni Lolo / Gerry Latumbo, Ika Sana An Namomotan. Winining
1/5 proportion, thus:
Hence, this deed. performers: Matias Oliva, Jr., Henry Turalde, German Latumbo.
That at the time of death of PEDRO R. PANDAY, he 2/5 to MARIA LUTGARDA P. CALLEJA; and
Gabos inspirado. Everybody hapi. Bikolanos were never the
left the following properties, to wit: 1/5 to PAUL B. PANDAY. same again. The rest is history!
(a) Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Five
(99,995) shares of stock at Php 10.00 per share of St. John IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our
Republic of the Philippines
Hospital Inc. (Goa, Camarines Sur and Naga City) valued hands this 23rd day May, 2017 at Naga City, Philippines.
at Php999,950;
Province: Camarines Sur
(b) A parcel of land situated at City Heights
City/Municipality: Tigaon
Subdivision, Naga City, containing an area of 336 square (Sgd.) MARIA LUTGARDA P. CALLEJA
meters, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate Heir
of Title No. 7539, now declared under Tax Declaration NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
No. 0801002600505 with current assessed value of CFN-03-2017
P2,016,000.00; CCE-016-2017 R.A.10172
(c) A building of mixed materials constructed on
the property covered by TCT No. 7539, with a floor area In compliance with the publication requirement and
(Sgd.) PAUL B. PANDAY pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
of 76 square meters declared under Tax Declaration Heir
No. 0801002600506 with current assessed value of Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
P14,535.00; Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172) and Sec-
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT tion No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, notice is hereby served to the
(d) A parcel of land located at San Jose St., Goa,
Camarines Sur with an area of 738 square meters, more public that MA. AURORA O. TORAL has filed with this
Republic of the Philippines Office, a Petition for Change of First Name from “MARIA
or less covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. RT-8021 City of Naga .........................) s.s.
(12404) and declared under Tax Declaration No. 19-001 ARORA” to “MA. AURORA” and Correction of Date of
with an assessed value of P11,061.00; Birth from “November 25, 1951” to “October 15, 1951” in
BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for the City of Naga, the Certificate of Live Birth of MARIA ARORA ORAA who
(e) A parcel of land located at San Jose St., Goa, Philippines, this 23rd day of May, 2017, personally
Camarines Sur with an area of 1,471 square meters, more was born on October 15, 1951 at Mabalodbalod, Tigaon,
appeared: Camarines Sur and whose parents are FRANCISCO B.
or less, declared under Tax Declaration No. 026-001 with
an assessed value of P13,230.00; ORAA and AURORA PENTICOSTES..
Name Valid Evidence of Identity Any person adversely affected by said petition may
(f) Hospital building with a floor area of 748 square
MARIA LUTGARDA P. CALLEJA Driver’s License No. EO4-03093063 file his written opposition with this office not later than July
meters, more or less, made of strong materials located
JOSE PIERRE A. PANDAY Driver’s License No. EO4-78006732 2, 2017.
at San Jose St., Goa, Camarines Sur, declared under
Tax Declaration No. ARP No. 97-16026-00687 with an PAUL B. PANDAY Driver’s License No. EO4--04-066317
assessed value of P286,330.00; (Sgd.) GEMMA B. BONGULTO
(g) A parcel of land located at Rizal St., Goa, known to me and to me known to be the same persons Municipal Civil Registrar
who executed and signed this instrument denominated as BIKOL REPORTER
Camarines Sur with an area of 526 square meters, more Published: June 18 and 25, 2017
or less, declared under Tax Declaration No. 03-001 with “Extra-judicial Settlement of Estate of Pedro R. Panday”,
an assessed value of P7,510.00; to each and every page thereof in my presence and in the
(h) A parcel of land located at Taytay, Goa, Camarines presence of two instrumental witnesses who also signed
in my presence, which deed involves several parcels of EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE
Sur with an area of 15 hectares, more or less, covered by
Tax Declaration No.34-454 with a current assessed value land and improvements, and consists of four (4) pages
Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
of P75,460.00; including this page whereon this Acknowledgement is
children sole Heirs of Sps RUFINO R. DILANCO JR. AND
(i) A parcel of land located at Catagbacan, Goa, written, and the parties acknowledged to me that the same
GILDA A. DILANCO (the decedents) who died intestate
Camarines Sur with an area of 1.5160 hectares, more or is their free will and voluntary act and deed.
on May 26, 2012 and March 17, 2008 respectively in Naga
less under Tax Declaration No.08-728 with an assessed City, leaving certain real property with Original Certificate
value of P6,180.00; WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL. of Title No. 4474 containing an area of THIRTY THREE
(j) A parcel of land located at Catagbacan, Goa, THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED ELEVEN (33,611) square
Camarines Sur with an area of 1.2647 hectares, more or (Sgd.) ATTY. PERFECTO NIXON C. TABORA meters and Original Certificate of Title No. 4473 containing
less, declared under Tax Declaration No. 08-727 with an Notary Public Until December 31, 2018 an area of FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED
assessed value of P4,850.00; COMMISSION NO. 17-04 FIFTY-FOUR (48,254) square meters, both situated in Sta.
That pursuant to the Amicable Settlement executed Tacolod Road, Bagumbayan Norte, Naga City Rosa, Magarao, Camarnes Sur; the parties all of legal age
by the parties on 27 March 2017, duly approved by the agree to divide and partition and adjudicate extrajudicially
Honorable Court (RTC-Branch 24) on 31 March 2017, and Doc. No. 75 among themselves the entire estate pro indiviso in equal
being with full capacity to contract, we hereby adjudicate Page No. 15 shares; as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Oscar
unto ourselves the above-described properties in the Book No. XVI B. Villamora, Doc. No. 279, Page No. 56, Book No.40,
following manner and proportion to wit: Series of 2017 Series of 2017.
1. The Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety
Five (99,995) subscribed share in the capital stock of St. BIKOL REPORTER BIKOL REPORTER
John Hospital, Inc., at P10.00 per share or P999,950.00, Published: June 18, 25; July 2, 2017 Publshed: June 11, 18 and 25, 2017
BONGAT CITES NAGA’S . . . constituents especially those
living in the outlying suburbs.
lugar (the happiest place) that constituents as he opened the He cited the Naga City In-
you and I deserve. delivery of his SOCA at the tegrated Health and Develop-
Since becoming a city coun- Naga City People’s Hall. ment Approach program as one
cilor in 2001 until now that you Bongat said he and his team of these top priorities. Aptly
have made me your mayor, I focused on the innovation of the dubbed “IHANDA,” the pro-
have performed my best be- city’s health program to ensure gram sought to utilize the ba-
cause you deserve no less,” that nutrition services become rangay personnel and resources
Bongat said before a throng of more accessible to the city’s to improve the nutrition status
of the children’s nutrition.
₱39M SET FOR FREE TUITION . . . To respond to the emer-
assistance fund were already Colorado said to qualify for gency needs of the upland con-
CGMS-SUCs, a student must stituents, the city government
finalized with the Department
worked for the construction of
of Budget and Management pass the admission requirement
Our Lady of Lourdes Infirmary
(DBM). and should also enroll in an
located in Barangay Carolina,
In a joint memorandum authorized Doctor of Medicine
strategically located there to
circular of CHED and DBM, program of the SUC. cater to patients from the high-
qualified student-grantees shall Grantees are also required to lands.
be entitled to receive 100 per- maintain a general weighted av- This resulted in the unclog-
cent tuition subsidy based on erage of at least a passing grade, ging of the Naga City Hospital.
the actual tuition of their re- carry a regular academic load These initiatives have
spective SUCs. and complete the degree within earned for Naga the title 2016
It was learned from Colo- the period allowed in school. Top Performing City in the
rado that this initiative was in “Student-grantees of “Oplan Tsek-ap” of the Depart-
response to the continuing lack CGMS-SUCs will have to ren- ment of Health, a program that
of doctors in the country due to der a one-year ‘return service’ provides free consultation and
the high cost of medical educa- in the Philippines for every year medicines to the poorest of the
tion, overseas migration and of cash grant received as part of poor.
brain drain. their public service responsibil- In the same speech, Bongat
“To address the problem, ity,” said Colorado. disclosed that as of 2016, the
the Duterte administration de- Grantees can serve as doc- total number of registered busi-
cided to subsidize the tuition of tors in government or private ness establishments in the city
medical students and facilitate hospitals, local government had reached 7,510, or 38 per-
their residency and practice in facilities or become doctors to cent higher than the 5,459 firms
different parts of the country,” the barrios, he added. –Edgar registered in 2011.
he said. Isidro Alejo/PNA “This translates to a 12 per-
cent annual growth of the busi-
FROM MY WINDOW . . . ness sector for the last three SM CITY NAGA CITED AS NO. 1 TAXPAYER
years. It is also 86 percent (Left to Right ) Mr. Jessie Elcano, Supervisor of SM Supermarket, Naga City Mayor John
to establish the IS caliphate with emir Isnilon Hapilon? higher than the 4,025 firms reg- Bongat, SM City Naga Assistant Mall Manager Jeannette De Vera and SM Store Assistant
A good guess would be that these SC justices won’t even istered in 2000,”Bongat added. Branch Manager Joy Boncayao during the Naga City Top Taxpayer Awarding ceremony last
admit that they made such a horrible mistake and the result Those were just some of the June 13, 2017 at the People’s Hall, City Hall Compound. The City has cited the SM Group
of this mistake — should they junk martial law — would be highlights of the mayor’s mile- of Companies as the No. 1 Corporate Business Taxpayer for the year 2016. The SM Prime
to subject the entire nation and the Filipinos to embrace stones, the credits for which the Holdings,Inc. topped the list of business establishments under the Real Property Tax corporate
radical Islamic teaching of ISIS terrorists and abiding by mayor refused to collect. category and the Business Tax National Corporation category for the Eighth year in a row. The
their flawed religious interpretation of Islamic law. There will Saying the credit goes to same recognition was also given to the SM Store and the SM Supermarket. The awarding
be no Supreme Court, no democracy, no rule of law — only “everyone,” the humble mayor ceremony took place after Naga City Mayor John Bongat gave his State of Our City Report
the word and rule of the caliphate. mentioned in particular the which was attended by city officials and various sectors.
But as Duterte stressed: He will not disobey the SC Team Naga’s reliable partners
if it finds his Proclamation 216 as unnecessary and and the members of the Sang- distinguished themselves in on top of his class. generation.
unconstitutional. guniang Panlunsod who he said their chosen field of endeavor. Dr. Marimil Sabagun Bom- Topping the list is the 220
“When the Supreme Court says stop, I will pull out the have pledged their commitment When a person, organization base was also hailed for the year old Seminario Concili-
military (in Marawi) at once. I will obey them (the ruling),” to help in lifting the Nagueos' or institution does something strings of accomplishments and ar de Nueva Caceres, better
he said. living standards. -LSMacatan- good and extra ordinary for for spearheading various com- known as the old Holy Rosary
However, Mr. Duterte pointed to a probable major gay/PIA5 himself, but not for self-adver- munity and religious projects. Minor Seminary, Avenue Plaza
constitutional crisis if such a ruling is released. tisement or self-glorification, Other individuals bested with Hotel, Naga Imaging Center
“But let me say this: I will have to declare another martial
law. And that martial law, I will not consult anybody...
ARCHBISHOP . . . for his family or for his com- the same honor include Che- Cooperative (NICC) Doctors
munity, such deed does not go rie Ann T. Lo for being a con- Hospital and Teatro de Sta.
Congress or the Judiciary,” the President said. Tirona cited 3Rs as his core unnoticed,” Chia added. sistent honor student and for Luisa.
“That brand of martial law will be indefinite. I cannot say message for the esteemed oc- Citing how rigorous and topping the Psychologist Li- Aside from the major
when it will end. Maybe, it will be similar to that of (the ML of casion. stringent the selection was, censure Examination in 2016; awards, there were individu-
former President Ferdinand) Marcos,” he added. The first R refers to the Chia conveyed that nobody Rania Maxine Toleda Savilla, a als who also received May-
Asked if he will lift the present martial law in Mindanao Recognition of the talents of from the nominees quali- 13-year old class valedictorian oral recognition in sports: Al-
once the siege is over, Mr. Duterte said: “I will only end it if the awardees, another R which fied for the Jesse M. Robredo who also won a Bronze medal liah Nadine S. Agsao, Joyce
nobody will fire guns anymore in Mindanao.” stands for a Reminder for them Youth Award. in the international mathemat- S. Belbes, Jayvee Peconcillo
Mr. Duterte then had better make sure that the military is to keep on moving forward, The awardees include Fr. ics in Singapore in 2016; Ha- Bersabal, Justin Peconcillo
with him and not with the Americans.” keep on “plunging the deep- Danilo T. Imperial who re- zel Bigcas Sibulo for placing Bersabal, Rose C. Bok, Anne
est deep of persons and keep ceived the Leon SA Aureus 7th in the Midwifery Licensure Margarette M. Bron, Karlos
CORRECTION on the Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate with on struggling to bring out the awards, the second highest exam last year and Jose Oscar Dominik D. Macalla, Joseph
Deed of Absolute Sale of the late JUAN R. SAN ANDRES, best” in them and the last R mayoral award; Maria Lydia Barba Tejada for placing 10th Miguel P. Parada, Arica E. Dy
published Nov. 22, 29 and Dec. 6, 2015: The title must be for Reward which he referred
EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH RATIFICATION OF DEED Perez-Lomibao, a successful in the national licensure exam- Pueco, Yesha Quier Sanchez,
not as an earth-bound reward pili nut food processor who ination for Physical therapist Aladino M. de los Santos, Jr.,
OF SALE. alone, but should be the heav- made waves in the local and last 2016. Helena Kaye A. Secillano,
EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT WITH RATIFICATION OF DEED OF SALE enly reward which he reiter- international business circle; Establishments and groups Isabela Mae G. Cayetano,
Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the surviving ated is what matters most. PO2 Fatima Ibias-Lanuza, a were also recognized for their Queenie Platon Chavez, Atiya
heirs of the late JUAN R. SAN ANDRES, who died on May 01, 2017 Mayoral Awards multi-talented lady cop who exemplary contribution to the Therese N. Dimaiwat, Gaud-
1985 at Sampaloc, Manila, left a parcel of land situated at Chairperson Dr. Elna N. Chia was a recipient of other pres- growth of Naga City and for encio B. Espiritu, Jr., Dinry
Peñafrancia Ave., Naga City, covered by TCT No. 57776, that took cognizance of the efforts tigious awards for exemplary enhancing the local economy Ferch B. Fulgentes, Aaron R.
for and in consideration of the sum of ONE MILLION EIGHT of the other jurors to come up Gaor and Shaira Gabrielle E.
public service and Aldrin Al- and for keeping the heritage
HUNDRED THOUSAND pesos (P1,800,000.00) paid by ELPIDIO with the short listed nominees fonso Alcantara for graduating and culture intact for the next Guevara.
OCCIANO, of legal age, with residence and postal address and eventually the final names
in Naga City, CamSur, the Heirs/Vendors do hereby SELL,
as they painstakingly scruti-
CONVEY and TRANSFER by Way of Absolute sale, their rights,
interests and participation on the parcel of land described, as
nized each nitty-gritty details
acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. P. R. Perfecto, Doc. of each documents to ensure
that no information will be left
No. 227, Page No. 46, Book No. 27, Series of 2016.
Published: June 25, 2017 “This year’s Mayoral
Awardees were chosen from
among nominees, who have

SOUTH . . . FELIPE A. PUA MAY 3, 2017

tourist flow – domestic tour-
ism by 30 percent and foreign BERNHARD B. BELTRAN MAY 4, 2017
arrivals by 10 percent – since RICARDO S.C BIENVINUTO MAY 8, 2017
a train ride from Manila to Le- LEO T. UY MAY 6, 2017
gazpi is an attraction by itself,” AGUSTIN E. BELARMINO MAY 11, 2017
Salceda said.
The new railways system
involves seven train sets, 66 BENJAMIN V. MORENO MAY 22, 2017
stations and 10 daily trips that INDALINCIO A. EVANGELISTA MAY 24, 2017
will ferry some 316,000 pas- EDGAR B. BRICIA MAY 24, 2017
sengers per day when it opens
in 2020.
Rail transport between Ma- RUBEN DR. BALANLAYOS SR. MAY 31, 2017
nila and Bicol is considered LUZ F. CELSO MAY 31, 2017
practical and convenient for
students, vacationists, traders
and workers, Salceda said.

Bongat cites Naga’s

growth in SOCA
NAGA CITY –The steady
growth of the economy of
this city as demonstrated
by the increasing number of
big business firms and bur-
geoning construction in its
outskirts, on top of the lo-
cal government’s innovative
programs over the years
has made this “Maogmang
Lugar” one of the best plac-
es to live in, according to the
city’s chief executive.
Mayor John G. Bongat
announced these accomplish-
ments in his State of the City
Address (SOCA) on Tuesday
as part of what he considered
his journey towards his third
and final term as the city’s
chief executive before turning
over the reign to its next ad-
“We will be together in this
journey till 2019. So, please
bear with me as I try my best
to make this beloved city of
ours the pinaka maogmang
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Tirona lauds
Naga awardees

NAGA CITY – “To be
honest, I am overwhelmed
by tonight’s event. Indeed,
very much overwhelmed
most especially when I see
the array of talents – the
array of artistic abilities,
sports and above all, most
specially the national and
international expertise of
our awardees… and also
This was how Most Rev.
Rolando Octavus Joven Tria-
Tirona, OCD, D.D described
how he felt as he spoke before
a crowd of venerable ladies
and gentlemen who now com-
prised the prestigious list of
the annual Mayoral awardees
who have done an exemplary
deed to serve their commu-
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