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Manila, Philippines MAJOR
Marco Yuzon attended his book Basing from the novel of “Insecurity is at the
Zoe Tuazon/ Joey signing in a bookstore. He began reading Marco Yuzon, “The Gifted”, heart of every rivalry.”
the first chapters of his book. Wherein Zoe Tuazon wants to beat In life, we must learn to
 She is a mixed race, two supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Aica Tabayoyong. Zoe was be contented. Lack of
rich, overweight, students were admitted to a prestigious not able to put her pride contentment leads us to
aggressive, and school. They were Aica Tabayoyong and down which ended up to insecurity. If we let our
intelligent girl named Zoe Tuazon. They were not used to their desire to triumph insecurities consume us,
mingle with their classmates because of over each other. it will just lead us to
 In the story of Marco
Yuzon, she was Zoe, a their differences. They have found things that will make
competitive, greedy, friendship with each other. They were the With the real story, our lives worst. We
aloof, and selfish girl. best of friends from elementary to high Marco failed all over again must concentrate on
school. to beat Maica and Joey. He improving ourselves
Aica Tabayoyong/ Maica was willing to do rather than competing
But when they were on their last everything just to be on top with others.
 She belongs to an year, their friendship waned. Zoe was again.
average family. She is challenged by her parents to be their class
bright, simple and valedictorian to study abroad. It led her to
unattractive. betray Aica gradually. Aica confessed her
 In the story of Marco desire to be loved. Zoe saw the
Yuzon, she was Maica, opportunity to do it when Mark Ferrer
who was shunned by
enrolled in their class. Zoe lured Mark to
her classmates because
of her appearance. make Aica fall in love with him in exchange
of helping him pass. Aica was distracted in
Mark Ferrer/ Marco Yuzon her studies. Aica’s parents worried that if
she won’t be able to be their class
 He was also a brilliant valedictorian her parents won’t be able to
boy. He was the support her in studying in prestige
valedictorian of their schools. She wasn’t aware that it was
class before Maica and Zoe’s intention. After they’re exams, they
Joey came. He had an knew that they had equal average. Zoe’s
ugly personality. parents donated a building for their
 In his story, he was school. Aica believed that Zoe used it to
handsome, slow, and bribe the school to be the valedictorian.
athletic who captivated
Aica’s heart.
They had confrontation. Due to
their temper, they expressed thoughts
which ravaged their hearts. It made them
angry with each other.

They had separate paths. For ten

MINOR years, they lost their communication with
each other. Zoe pursued her study in
Aica's Mother America while Aica had her education in
Aica's Father
Ateneo. Both of them graduated summa
Zoe's mother
Zoe's Father cum laude at their university. Surprisingly
Teachers after college, they underwent surgeries
Sister Angeline that changed their appearance. They
Batchmates became models. When Zoe came back to
Book buyers the Philippines, their rivalry continued. It
spiced up even more when Mark showed
up. When they had their batch reunion,
Zoe embarrassed Aica with an animated
video of Aica soiling during their
elementary days.

Aica followed Zoe. Aica was almost

killed with the booby trap prepared by
Zoe. They had a fight scene. They
reconciled but Zoe told her that it was not
real. Zoe tried to shot Aica with a gun.
Unexpectedly, Mark was hit. Zoe didn’t
want to apologize to Aica but she has
changed her heart when she saw the
picture of Mark’s bruise. As she left the
Philippines, she left a booby trap after
Aica’s wedding with their picture and a
letter of reconciliation.

After Marco Yuzon finished his book

signing, he was confronted by Maica and
Joey. They were angry at Marco for
changing the story and using them as
characters. They revealed the real story
where Marco was the real envious during
their elementary and high school years.
They ended up beating Marco.