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First Name - Option to include either or both given and preferred first

name. If including both include given first name & then preferred name in
.5” – 1 “
brackets e.g. Michael (Mike).
Designation – Option to include if completed

Logo: Use
First Name Last Name, Designation (Arial bold size 14) Rotman logo only
Address  City, Province Postal Code  (Area Code) Phone Number  Rotman email address  LinkedIn URL (Arial size 9) for on-campus job
LinkedIn URL - Optional to include postings
Education dates
customized LinkedIn URL & remove
EDUCATION (ARIAL ALL CAPS size 10) Year degree conferred only

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Toronto, Province or Country (Arial bold size 10)
M.B.A. Candidate, Year of Graduation Bulleted items should include all education-related achievements, awards, or
 Entrance Scholarship, Year (Arial size 10) activities at Rotman:
 Award for…, Scholarships based on…
 GPA (3.5/4.0) or above); GMAT (if above 700)
 Dean's List, Year-Year  Dean’s List or class ranking
 Elected First Year Representative of XXX  Elected executive positions, Associations & Clubs relevant to career goal,
 Participated in XXX Competition Rotman Ambassador
 Competitions; placement if strong, what did you contribute to team…
 Member of XXX Associations or Clubs
 Marquee Group workshops; Data Manipulation, Financial Modeling I, II, III, IV
 Completed The Marquee Group’s XXX workshops  Research thesis/project only if directly related to target job

Institution for Relevant Professional Development or Designation, City, Province or Country (Arial bold size 10)
 For example CFA, CA, PMP, post-graduate diploma, certificate, other university degrees

Name of Undergraduate University, City, Province or Country

Degree, Year of Graduation
 Specialization in XXX
 Entrance Scholarship, Year Employment dates
 Dean's Honour List, Year-Year  Start year and end year only; no
months if longer than one year
 Elected Positions, XXX Student Group
 Experiences listed in reverse
chronological order

Name of Employer, City, Province or Country (Arial bold size 10) Bulleted items should include
Optional: Brief one line description of Employer in Italics if not well recognized in North America all employment-related
Job Title, 2006-Present achievements, such as:
Revenue increases; profit
 Led and performed competitive analysis of XXX leading to $XXX development of XXX improvements; reengineering
 Initiated market segmentation study and presented findings to CEO; recommendations adoptedsuccess; awards and
recognitions; new technology
Name of Employer, City, Province or Country introduction; M&As; problems
identified and resolved;
Job Title, 2004–2005 productivity improvements;
 Performed competitive analysis of XXX leading to $XXX development of XXXX new policies & procedures;
 Introduced product lines valued at over XXX, increasing market share by XX% by Q3 expense savings made;
reducing employee turnover;
 Managed the marketing and product launch of XXX, realizing over $XX million in revenue adding value to the company
 Investigated local and global XXX opportunities for new XXX technologies resulting in XXX Do not use personal
Name of Employer, City, Province or Country Do not include a period at
Job Title, 2002–2004 the end of each bullet.
 Conducted competitive analysis of XXX leading to $XXX development of XXX
 Introduced product lines valued at over XXX, increasing market share by XX% by Q3
Choose up to 2 titles most
 Completed 5 international marathons, including Boston (best time 3:21) appropriate for this section.
 Fluent in French; conversational Cantonese
 Member, Women in Capital Markets
 Advanced in Excel, VBA, Java, SQL, VB Script, C++, SAS
Bulleted items could:
 Demonstrate your personal impact on community or social/professional associations
 Feature volunteer experience, hobbies or interests that show leadership, perseverance, drive, stamina,
excellence, or creativity
 Association memberships pertinent to your target function/industry
 List noteworthy international travel/experience
 Include language fluency other than English, don’t use Native
 Significant club memberships or varsity/intramural sports, prior to Rotman or interest based
 Technical skills that is relevant for your target function/industry