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Coin Pitch – LONG Recommendation for DADI [$DADI]

Brief Overview

$DADI is an ERC20 utility token to be utilized on the cloud computing services platform on the
blockchain, aiming to democratize computational power. Some form of web services powers every digital
product, and existing business can already use the DADI technology. DADI is short for decentralize
architecture for a democratic Internet. The idea of the project is to restore the founding principles of the
Internet being a global, democratic communication network where no one entity held more power or
information than others. However, it is clear that companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook have
centralized the information and control of the Internet. There are 3 sides to this platform, on the one end
DADI allows any device from a smartphone to supercomputer cluster to join the network and sell
computational power, these are known as the Hosts. The Gateways are network node owners who
contribute bandwidth, these are the entry points for consumer requests to the network. The Gateways
handle host authentication, are responsible for translating requests to jobs, managing job request pools,
maintains a messaging system and verifies responses from Hosts. On the other side, there are the
Consumers, DADI promises lower and flexible costs, increased security and heightened performance to
the users of the platform. The company already has monthly recurring revenue of $165,000 and forecasts
a raise of over 25% this quarter to around $210,000.

Company Background

I had some trouble gauging the strength of the DADI team. The actual company DADI is just over 4 years
old. A large portion of the team has been working at DADI for over 2 years and there is also a chunk of
people who have worked together in the past (at Airlock). In general, when you see teams working
together through multiple projects/companies it is a good sign that they are battle-tested and can get shit

The founder & CEO, Joseph Denne, has experience as a technical director for a multitude of companies
including Leo Burnett Group and Chime communications, as well as, a board member for BBC. It is also
worth noting that if you go into DADI’s discord or telegram groups to ask a question, Joseph will often be
one of the people to answer you. Another founding partner at DADI is Christopher Mair, he also worked
alongside Joseph at Airlock and has marketing experience at Diesel – a well known fashion/clothing
company. The last co-founder is Will Lebens who has experience at Airlock and Leo Burnett Group as
well. The list of developers of engineers on the team is extensive; they have tons of experience with
diversified portfolios. They don’t necessarily stand out as all-stars in my opinion.

There is only 1 advisor for the company, Robert Belgrave, who has experience in both cloud and
blockchain services. It does qualify him as a good advisor; however, I would have like to see some more
seasoned advisors on this list.

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Investment Analysis **but not advice**

The utility for the tokens are that the consumers are charged $DADI to use the web services. The tokens
are then split amongst the hosts (with a small percentage going to the gateways they are attached to) and a
small percentage going to supporting the connectivity of the network and the DADI team to pay
for/incentivize ongoing development with the platform.

This is clearly a proof of work system that manages the available Host resources. An exciting part of the
platform is that the system will periodically report activity and compare it to the existing service contracts
that will automatically update a reputation system. This reputation will be favourable to have as work
will be sent the “most performant Hosts.” The same is true for Gateways (acting as network nodes) being
managed through a proof of bandwidth system.

The tokenomics for this project are absolutely stellar. Small portions of DADI tokens are continually
burnt through platform usage, similar to the Kyber Network. Also, masternodes (known as Gateways)
announce themselves by locking a large volume of DADI tokens (magnitude(s) higher than that required
from Hosts). Lastly, Stargates provide domain name mapping and consumer-DADI contract negotiations
that are vital functions to the network. These announce themselves to the network by committing a very
large number of DADI tokens. These node/masternode systems and fractional burns create an ecosystem
for a single token to appreciate in value over time, as there is a physical and pseudo decrease in token

In terms of user acquisition, DADI plans on implementing a front-end interface for consumers to purchase
services in their currency of choice. This will allow for easier adoption of the platform as consumers can
use the platform without worrying about exchanges and wallets. Lastly, they already have functioning
clients on their platform/tech, this company is miles ahead of any other ICO that I am familiar with. They
have existing revenue, clients, 4-year-old company and the team has worked together on projects in the

The use cases are extensive for the DADI platform, as one should expect from a web services company.
They include:

• Content & Publishing*

• Content Manipulation & Distribution*
• Apps: tablet and mobile*
• “Always-on” products
• Subscription services
• Cost-sensitive products
• Content Classification
• Customer relationship management*
• Ecommerce
• Big Data

*use cases that have clients currently using the DADI platform – live examples

Gas Trader#6510


Catalysts in the next 4 months for DADI are extensive and include:

• Q1 2018: Beta release of DADI Store – cloud storage solution

• Q1 2018: DADI CDN release – content distribution network
• Q1 2018: DADI Publish release – significant features TBA
• Q1 2018: Release of enterprise-strength web, mobile and event analytics platform alpha
• Q1 2018: DADI Identity alpha release – consumer relationship management tool
• Q1 2018: Alpha release of DADI Wallet

I will stop there but you should know that the roadmap is absolutely incredible and they plan to release
every single (or almost every) feature of the DADI platform within the next year. These events are sure to
cause a surge in the token price of $DADI as the additional features allow for increased public adoption
and ultimately more companies/individuals using the platform and token.


The token is hard to evaluate an exact target price; they are trying to raise $25,000,000 and will almost
certainly reach the hard cap of the project. With that valuation and all the features of the platform as
stated above it is very clear how undervalued the project is. I am not going make any guesses on how ‘hot
this project comes out of the gates,’ but we can look at competing projects for an idea of where the market
cap should be. For example, when we look at Golem token ($GNT) it is currently sitting at a market cap
of $625M. Siacoin ($SC) is sitting at a ridiculous market cap of $1.57B. In my opinion, it is important to
look at Golem because it is a decentralized super computer, while not exactly a direct competitor this
gives you a general direction of these “computing power harvesting” type projects. Sia is a decentralized
file storage marketplace system. This will be a small feature on the DADI platform (through DADI Store)
as the roadmap comes to fruition. Lastly, I want to take a look at Substratum ($SUB) and Shift ($SHIFT)
with the respective market caps of $322M and $77M. Now these projects are not directly competing with
DADI, however, it gives you an idea of how the current market values these decentralized web projects.
In my opinion, DADI’s vision is in parallel with these two projects.

And lastly, let us not overlook the fact that DADI has around $165k of monthly recurring revenue and
project an increase to around 210k in this quarter. I know that none of the projects above are generating
revenue anywhere near this level with existing clients, on functioning technology.

Investment Risks

The top risk factors include:

• There has been some major FUD surrounding the DADI project, with regards to them copying the
$SONM whitepaper. This has all been addressed in a very professional matter and I am not
concerned at all with the FUD. However, these projects rely on the communities support and this
has the potential to be a blemish on their reputation for a long time.

Gas Trader#6510

• The project has a massive roadmap that details major releases on their platform all occurring
within the year. This is incredibly ambitious and while not directly a risk, if they cannot follow
through with these promises expect a temporary dip in token price.
• My last small risk of this project would be the team, although they do have some web services
experience they do not have what I would call a “super-star” blockchain developers or crypto
expert on the team. However, this criticism may be shortsighted as they have (at the time of
writing) 5,503 commits on Github and 278 releases on their platform. As always, come to your
own conclusions!
• The name feels dirty to say repeatedly