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1st Part
Q: Mr. Witness, you received a telephone call from a concerned
citizen regarding the illegal proliferation of drugs along Pilar Street,
A: Yes
Q: Who actually received the call?
A: I do not know who actually received the call, it was just relayed to
us by Inspector Ilagan.
Q: So, it was just relayed?
A: Yes
Q: Now, will you agree with me that you have no personal
knowledge what the alleged caller gave to Inspector Ilagan?
A: Yes
Q: That any knowledge you know about the call came from Inspector
Ilagan? Right?
A: Yes
Q: And after receiving the call, your chief ordered you to have a
validation and surveillance regarding the report.
A: Yes
Q: Did the call mention any name regarding as to those who are
responsible in the alleged proliferation of illegal drugs?
A: None
Q: Mr. Witness, I’m showing to you the Authority to Operate found
on page 10, is that the authority to operate?
A: Yes
Q: In that document, it is likewise indicated that you will be
conducting buy-bust and test buy, right?
A: Yes
Q: And not just validation and surveillance?
A: Yes
Q: And In the pre-operation report dated December 27, 2014 there
were names mentioned in the pre-operation report Eduardo, Boy
A: Yes
Q: That the name of the accused wass not among those listed as
target of the operation
A: Yes
2nd Part
Q: Mr. Witness, you said earlier that you are the one who
apprehended the accused at the location of the alleged incident
A: Yes
Q: That you personally recovered the alleged illegal drugs from the
A: Yes
Q: And that there was no photograph submitted that may prove that
the illegal drugs were indeed recovered from the accused, right?
A: Yes or No
Q: And that no photograph at least showing that the evidence and
the accused were in the same room?
A: Yes or No.
Q: Mr. Witness, I am showing to you a document containing the
Minutes of Preliminary Conference. And it was stated there that the
prosecution admits that the said investigator has no personal
knowledge as to the commission of the crime, right?
A: Yes
Q: And also as to where the specimen submitted to him for
A: Yes
Q: You stated in the Joint affidavit of apprehension that upon
marking of the evidence, you went back to your office at United
Nations, Ermita, right?
A: Yes
Q: And you turned-over the suspects and confiscated pieces of
evidence to the investigating officer?
A: Yes
Q: Who is the investigating officer assigned for that purpose?
A: blahblahblah
Q: Is he part of your group when you conduct validation and
surveillance in Pilar street, tondo, Manila?
A: Yes
Q: Showing to you the joint affidavit of apprehension and tell me if
this is the affidavit you signed as an affiant together with the other
members of the group.
A: Yes. It’s the joint affidavit.
Q: And tell the court if one of the affiants is SPO2 San Pedro?
A: Yes.
Q: Now, will you agree with me that one of the members of your
group is PO2 San Pedro, who is also the one assigned as the police
investigator of the case?
A: Yes

3rd Part
Q: You stated earlier that you prepared the Chain of Custody, right?
A: Yes
Q: And you said that upon returning to your office you turned-over
the suspects and confiscated pieces of evidence to the investigating
A: Yes
Q: I’m showing again to you the chain of custody that was already
formally offered in court earlier. Now, will you agree with me that
your name and the forensic chemist are the only one stated in the
chain of custody form?
A: Yes
Q: And the name and signature of the investigating officer was not
reflected in the form?
A: Yes
That’s all for the witness, Your Honor.