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Then & Now Socratic Seminar on the 1920s 

In order to be fully prepared for our Socratic Seminar on Wednesday, be sure to follow all instructions, do all of the 
reading, and complete all parts of this thought-holder, as indicated by Mrs. Shapiro. The more time you spend 
preparing, the better your contributions will likely be. 
For your assigned topic, be sure to do the required reading, and then complete a summary/response. A strong 
summary/response consists of the following: a) a summary which captures all of the main ideas of the text, and 
includes a small handful of pieces of direct quotations/evidence from the text that are essential details; b) a response, 
which consists of the student’s reactions, opinions, ideas, and thinking as related directly to the text--comment on 
the quotations you included in your summary, and be sure to discuss your views on the text. It is expected that you 
will wind up expanding the boxes to provide ample ideas in all parts. 
Fill in your assigned topic here:​_____________________________ 
  Summary  Response 

Title of Article #1     

(Then) from   
Author’s name:   

Title of Article #2     

(Now) & source:   
Author’s name:   
For the day of the seminar, before we begin: 
During the seminar: 

After the seminar: