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Term 2 Term 3

January February March April May

What does it mean to be
How does the Earth
apart of a Community?:
change for the winter?
community helpers/Olympics Writing and Drawing: Writing and Drawing: Spring, Writing and drawing; Who,
Winter and hibernation.
Writing and Drawing: character, setting, object New Life, and Easter Letters: X Y Where, What? Butterflies and
Writing and Drawing: New
character, problem and Letters: T U V W Z their lifecycles. 5 senses.
Early Literacy Years - retelling Letters: M N
solution. Letters: Q R S
Home-reading begins!
Calendar, thematic poetry, "popcorn" words, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, journal wriiting, drawing journals, shared writing, guided writing, independent writing, copying from the
environment, centers, large & small group activities, individual activities, rhyming words and songs, letter sounds, modeling, role play, brainstorming, sharing, questioning, visuals, games, manipulatives,
and reflection.

I am Unique: What does it

I Belong: What are the
mean to be apart of a I Belong: examines the I Belong: examines the
benefits of working
I am Unique: examines Community?: how do we characteristics and interests characteristics and interests that
cooperatively with others? In
what makes us our own demonstrate respect for that bring people together in bring people together in groups:
Citizenship & what ways can people
unique indivdual (culture, ourselves and others in groups: What brings people How do we participate in a group?
Identity contribute to a group or
gifts, families, names, school, groups and our together? How do we know we How does living and participating in
community? What are the
characteristics) community? What are the are apart of a group? Can we your community affect your sense
rules at home, at school and
Olympics? How do we support belong to more than one group? of belonging?
in the community?
What does it mean to be
How does the Earth Lent (Parable of the Sower,
apart of a Community?: Grandmothers & Mothers.
change for the winter?: Mustard Seed, Zaccheus) Holy Week (Holy Thursday, Good
Religion Who is in your community? Hail Mothers. Mother's Day
Winter and the earth at rest. St.Patrick Mar.17 and Palm Friday, & Easter Sunday)
Lent begins. Ash Wednesday May.14 Butterflies & Spring
Epiphany Jan. 6 Sunday Mar. 9
Feb. 10
Number Sense: represents
3-D Objects and Shapes: Measurement: compare two Number Sense: represents and Number Sense: represents and and describes numbers
sorts 3-D objects using a single objects based on a single describes numbers concretely and describes numbers concretely and concretely and pictorially &
Early Numeracy attribute, builds and describes attribute: length, weight, and pictorially & relates a numeral to pictorially & relates a numeral to its relates a numeral to its
3-D objects capacity its respective quantity (number 6) respective quantity (number 7 & 8) respective quantity (number 8
& 9)
What does it mean to be
How does the Earth apart of a Community?: becomes aware of the five
Environment & becomes aware of colours, recognizes familiar animals and
change for the winter? identifies familiar sounds in sense and how they are used
Community shapes, patterns and textures their characteristics and
Changes in weather. Homes the envionment and to explore investigate and
Awareness in the enviornment surrondings. Earth Day April 22
for animals. our adaptations community. Importance of describe the world
protecting the environment.
Know and prints home address. Take care and respect for
Personal & Social Print Last Name Wellness Day Feb. 15
Food Groups
Knows and prints phone number
wildlife (butterflies)
Allowing consistent opportunities for development and practice of responsibility, independence, emotions, positive relationships, and group activities
Ball & scarves, Alien In-Line Directions, pathways, balls,
Skilltastics and Relays Hopping and Skipping Scooters
Physical Skills and Skating, Rock & Rings speed stacks
Well-Being Consistent development of finger-hand precision and eye–hand coordination through activities using objects such as manipulatives, beads, blocks, puzzles, glue sticks, tweezers, games,
and scissors. Additionally a consistent conversation, opportunities, and activities to create awarness of healthy food choices and safety rules.
3 Kings for the Epiphany;
Groundhog Day activities; Holy Week Drawings. Easter Cards,
Creative Valentine's Day Cards, Spring Tree Art, St. Patrick's Day Wood structures, Rainbow
How does the Earth Mother's Day Gift and Card. Spring
Expression Olympics Crafts Art Fish, Eric Carle Art
change for the winter?: production.
winter tree art
Stations of the Cross March 16; Western Day April 16 ;Easter St. Philip Liturgy May 3; Visit
Field Trips & Guest Alien In-Line Skating Jan 17 - Ash Wednesday Liturgy Feb.
Holy Thursday Liturgy March Liturgy April 19; Butterflies; Glass to Telus Spark-Making
Speakers & Events 25; Rocks & Rings Jan. 29-30 14; Rock Star Day Feb. 21
29; Crazy Hair Day March 19. Lady _______ Mixtures; Clones Day May 23

Music & Drama Music will be taught by Mrs. Schweighardt. Music and Drama will be integrated with Early Literacy, Early Numeracy, Religion, Physical Skills & Well-being and Creative Expression.

Writing and Drawing:

Summer. Note to my new

d writing, independent writing, copying from the

ing, questioning, visuals, games, manipulatives,

Tell a Story: I appreciate

the experiences and
personal stories of others

Kids In the Know.

Celebration: end of year
celebration. ather's Day
June 18. Visit to Church.
Number Sense: represents
and describes numbers
concretely and pictorially &
relates a numeral to its
respective quantity (number

demonstrates awareness of
the properties of objects
and events in the

Kids in the Know

hips, and group activities

Throwing and Catching

ocks, puzzles, glue sticks, tweezers, games,

oices and safety rules.

Father's Day gift and card

Visit to St. Bonaventure

Church; end of year
celebration; end of year
mass June 26

s & Well-being and Creative Expression.