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21 February 2006

Published by the USSU

Communications Office.

Free with Issue number 1098

Read & Vote!
Read & Vote!
The University of Surrey Students’ Newspaper’s Election Pull-out Extraganza!
Elections Special: Behold, the barefacts election special. President | Page II
Contained within these 8 humble pages is all the candidates VP Sports |Page IV
manifestos, personal statements & all the other vial information
you need to vote. So when the 28th of Feb comes around -
VP Education & Welfare| Page V
Make sure you vote! It’s very cathartic you know...| All Pages VP Societies & Culture| Page VI

barefacts tells you ‘How To Vote’!

Alternative Transferable Vote to elect the successful candidate(s) who should, therefore,
The Union uses the Alternative Transferable Vote (ATV) be more likely to represent the views of the majority of At this stage once the entire ballot papers have been
System in their elections. It can be quite a confusing the electorate. sorted into their piles the Returning Officer has to work
system if you have not come across it before and even if out a quota. This is simply the minimum number of voters
you have you may find the following guide useful. Alternative Transferable Vote a candidate must gain to be sure of election. For single
The ballot paper shown below gives the Returning Officer posts the quota is quite easy, the successful candidate
Why do we use it? a message; must gain a minimum of 50 per cent plus one. So to use
Parliamentary Elections use the first past the post system, Homer Simpson 1 the example given above then 37,499 votes were cast,
which gives you one vote. The ATV System allows each Ned Flanders 4 so the quota is 18,749 + 1 = 18750. As can be seen Ned
voter the fullest freedom of choice between candidates Krusty the Klown Flanders has not achieved that amount of support - so the
and the maximum use of their vote. In a first past the post Mr Burns 2 candidate will the least amount of votes is eliminated and
election a candidate is elected simply by coming top of RON (ReOpen Noms) 3 their votes are allocated to the next expressed preference.
the poll. Let us look at a typical result in a Parliamentary Mr Burns 8,000 votes are distributed between the
Election. If you were to meet that voter in the bar she might say; remaining candidates. So back to our example;

Homer Simpson 9,999 “…I would like to see Homer Simpson elected to this Homer Simpson 9,999 + 3000 = 12,999
Ned Flanders 10,000 position, however if he is out of the running then I Ned Flanders 10,000 + 500 = 10,500
Krusty the Klown 9,500 would prefer Mr Burns be elected. If he too is no longer Krusty the Klown 9,500 + 4,500 = 14,000
Mr. Burns 8,000 available as a candidate then none of the others really Mr Burns 8,000 Eliminated.
impress me and I would prefer that Nominations were
Flanders is first past the post and will represent that opened up again... if that is not going to be possible then I This gives us a new leader in Krusty the Klown. No-
constituency despite the fact that 27,499 did not want him can live with Ned Flanders but under no circumstances do one has yet got the quota that is required so again the
to be their representative and chose other people. In effect I want Krusty the Klown running things…” candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated and
their votes are wasted. that is Ned Flanders, who you will remember won under
Once all the completed ballot forms have been collected the first past the post system.
In the Transferable Vote System each in, all the papers are sorted out into first
voter is asked to give an order of personal preferences. During this sorting process Homer Simpson 12,999 + 5,000 = 17,999
preference. Using this method a candidate any incorrectly marked papers will come Ned Flanders Eliminated
either has just enough to be elected or has to light and will be set aside as invalid. Krusty the Klown 14,000 + 5,500 = 19,500
too few votes and has to be eliminated. If Such “invalid” votes usually occur because
this occurs their votes do not go to waste the voter has not made their intentions So Krusty wins because he has exceeded the quota of
but are redistributed to their next choice clear, for example, they may have put two 18,750. By using this system the supporters of Ned
of candidate and so on. In this way a number ones, and of course some people Flanders and Mr Burns have still been able to influence
greater proportion of the total vote is used deliberately spoil their ballot papers.. the final outcome.

WHERE TO VOTE: The polling stations are open on...

Tuesday 28th February, Wednesday 1st March & Thursday 2nd March
a barefacts guide in these great locations, at these great times...

Lecture Theatre Concourse Library Court Receptions

Tuesday 28th February 10am - 8pm Tuesday 28th February 12noon - 5pm Tuesday 28th February 6pm - 8pm
Wednesday 1st March 10am - 6pm Wednesday 1st March 10am - 4pm Wednesday 1st March 6pm - 8pm
Thursday 2nd March 10am - 8pm Thursday 2nd March 10am - 8pm Thursday 2nd March 6pm - 8pm

Wednesday 1st March 9pm – 12midnight


Need more info? - ussu.co.uk/elections - Need more info? - ussu.co.uk/elections - Need more info? - ussu.co.uk/elections
II PRESIDENT Election Pull-Out!

Looking In – The Candidate
Hello! I’m Greg Scott, a student in SEPS studying Robotics and I am standing for Students’ Union President.
Academics Representation Sport
I have been a student at Over the past 2 academic years, I have been a Beyond the intriguing world of
Surrey for 2 years. I have member of the Students’ Union Executive, President of Union politics, I have also been

attended 4 universities in two the Postgraduate Association and the only student who actively involved in a number of
countries. I understand how sits on University Senate (the highest level controlling sports across the University from the
universities work… or at least body of the University). In these roles, I helped create Surrey Ski & Snowboard Club trips
how they could (and should) the Postgraduate Board, a representative body to the French Alps to bi-weekly
work. At each of these comprised of students, which supports the academic Taekwondo and Trampolining
universities, the Students’ and welfare needs of students. This board is the basis for training sessions in UniSport. I was
Union was at the core of the the newly proposed Undergraduate Board, due to be one of the founding member of the
student experience. implemented next year for the first time ever. KiteSports club last year.

T Looking Back – Continuity

Continuity in leadership is essential to ensure that the
achievements of previous sabbatical teams are not
lost. The Five Year Strategic Plan was developed
while Hash’s team was in office in ‘04-’05. Flo’s team
Looking Forward – Manifesto
Improve communication between the Student Body and the Union
with the aim of encouraging participation and heightening
transparency; ultimately improving the student experience
Improve resource use within the University through better recycling

is currently overhauling the Union Constitution and practices and more effective use of surplus commodities
the way academic representation works for all Fully utilise and integrate the cosmopolitan community to improve
students. I have been on both of their Executive the student experience
Teams. This is a make-or-break time for the Union and I am looking forward to the future, looking forward to new ideas,
its students. Strong leadership is required to looking forward to working with you; leaving the Union as
implement and carry forward these significant something we can all be proud of
improvements to the Union. Although I cannot promise to change the world, I can promise
to do my best to give back to this University what it has given to me.

12,000+ STUDENTS… 130+ COUNTRIES… [1] UNION!


Election Pull-Out! PRESIDENT III

Vote CHRIS WARD [1] for President

The students at UniS deserve a leader who will take them into the future. Somebody who will ensure
that fairness, equal opportunities, student safety, and enjoyment at university are always at the top
of the agenda. With just under four years’ involvement with USSU, Chris Ward has the knowledge
and experience to maximise the fulfillment and service you get out of your Union.

Money Diversity and Equality

I will work to ensure that students are not lumped with the With a vast variety of different cultures and students
accommodation price hike planned by the university. I will with different circumstances at UniS, we need to reflect
also continue my three-year-long fight against tuition fees this diversity better in the services we supply students.
- entry to higher education should be granted on academic We should ensure that we are not predominantly an
capability, not financial capability. undergraduate Union. I will work with the Postgraduate
Association (PGA) to ensure that the best system of
Safety representation is in place, and that postgraduates feel
Over the past year I have worked with various local figures, the Union is offering them every level of accessibility.
including Tamsy Baker, the Mayor of Guildford to ensure Similarly, we are proud to boast the biggest mixture of
that the safety of our students is treated with paramount international students in the country - we need to do our
priority. The newly installed campus camera system will utmost to ensure their integration into UniS and Guildford
help ensure that your safety is preserved. However, I will itself is as smooth and as welcoming as possible. I have
continue campaigning with Guildford Borough Council, also done a lot of work setting up a society for Students
the university and other relevant authorities to tackle the With Disabilities (SWD) to have a voice on campus, and
problems of insufficient lighting, particularly around the I’m working to ensure that we provide sufficient services
Southway underpass - which many of our students use to and levels of representation for these students.
get to and from campus. My experience
Your Union - wherever you are Literature Editor, barefacts, 2002-2003; Editor, barefacts, 2003-2004; NUS Regional
Conference Delegate, 2003; President LGBT Society & LGBT Union Officer, 2004-
Enjoyment We cannot ignore the fact that the vast majority of our 2005; President, Liberal Democrat Society, 2004-2006; Editor, barefacts, 2005-2006;
We already have an excellent array of nights out at Rubix. students take placements, more than most universities Ethics & Equal Opportunities Officer, USSU Executive, 2005-2006; Member, Club
Our flagship Friday Night event, Flirt, has become a around the county. We need to continue to make sure our Committee, 2005-2006.
national brand at student unions around the country. field of representation extends beyond campus, and that My Nominators
Socialising is one of the most important parts of student our members (i.e. you) can always feel that the Union is Joshua Bates, Deputy Editor of barefacts and CIT Level 1 Course Representative;
serving them. Simon Pickles, CIT Level 3 Course Representative; Perry Higgs, LGBT Union
life, and I want to make sure that you get the nights and Officer; Segun Oshin, member of the Afro-Caribbean Society; Fiona Poole,
acts that you want. Accommodation Officer, USSU Executive.

www.cjward.co.uk - USSU going forward

Personal Statements: President

Mark ‘Jolly’ Rodgers Gregory ‘Greg’ Scott Christopher ‘Chris’ Ward
Jolly by name, Jolly by nature. I am a final year law My name is Greg Scott and I am a postgraduate student With over three and a half years experience at USSU, I
student, who throughout the course of my time at surrey in SEPS with aspirations of becoming an astronaut certainly have the knowledge and experience necessary to
has always been found partying hardest in the union. I (having successfully failed to outgrow my childhood continue our move forward into the future. Throughout
came to university to do the best I could with my degree dream). At each of the three universities where I my work in the Union I have constantly stressed the
and to have the most fun possible whilst doing it. I got previously studied, the Students’ Union formed the core importance of surveying student opinion – in me, the
involved with the Law Society and in my second year of the student experience… an ideal I hold true. President you elect will be a President that prioritises
my reputation of partying enabled me to be elected as As an engineer, I have learnt to create effective and communication with students, so you are aware of all the
the social events organiser and despite lacking society efficient solutions to problems. Along with my political services the Union offers you, and vice versa, so you can
funds I used my own initiative and enthusiasm to put on enthusiasm, I know that my background will enable me feel that you can communicate back to us your thoughts
events and we had a great year. At the start of my final to succeed as Union president. and feelings on how we represent you.
year I got elected to the position of Law Society president When I arrived at this University, I found the
and I have since been striving for opportunities to make Postgraduate Association and immediately filled the role As Editor of barefacts over two separate years, I have
students more employable by providing extra curricular of International Officer. I was responsible for defending constantly worked with the university, the Union, and the
activities. Since first month of first year I have been international student needs and promoting events for student community to ensure you are informed of campus
acting in an ambassadorial capacity for the university a cosmopolitan population. When I was elected PGA news, and that you have an opportunity to get your voice
by leading campus tours and helping out at open days, president, I took responsibility for advocating the across. As Ethics & Equal Opportunities Officer I have
I can tell these were successful because walking around academic and welfare needs of all postgraduate students. worked to ensure that equality is always considered an
campus I recognise many faces from those tours. In order to effectively achieve this, I got involved with important issue on campus, as well as making sure that
Friendly, approachable and easy to talk to, I believe these the Students’ Union, Postgraduate Board and University we serve all our students in the same way, irrespective
qualities make me the perfect candidate to represent Senate. of race, gender, sexuality, disability status, or the like.
you as Union president. If elected I can continue to I actively contribute to the University. Academically, This year I have nurtured a relationship between the
organise the partying, continue to strive for CV boosting these contributions range from developing training Union and figures in Guildford Borough Council – it is
experiences and can continue to show I am proud to be programmes at the Space Centre and also mentoring important we work with local authorities to maximise the
a Surrey student and make the rest of the world stand up aspiring engineering students. In sport, as a black belt in level of support we give you whilst you live in Guildford.
and take notice of all Surrey students. Taekwondo, I have taken the responsibility to teach this
art to a variety of students. The Union is definitely growing – and I take it as a
Through all that, I have not lost sight of the student personal responsibility to ensure that we widen our level
experience. University life is not just about academic of representation, and give you a Union to be proud of.
learning… it is also about also about meeting new people
and learning about life. But most importantly, it is about
having a good time whilst doing all this.

Personal Statements: VP Sports & Recreation

James ‘Jimmy’ Ancell Nick ‘Manakin’ Short Daniel ‘Dan’ Sidders
Hi, I’m Jimmy, and I love sports. What I can’t play, I Nick Short has not submitted a personal statement and Equity, Equality & Enhancement
love to watch. I play two sports competitively for Surrey, feels his manifesto is sufficient. My name’s Dan Sidders and I’m running for the VP
but basically I love to swim, run, row, play water polo, Sports and Recreation because I believe I can make a
play football and play basketball. I believe that my difference at Surrey.
enthusiasm for all sports will help with my impartiality as Since I started university I have been increasingly
sports and recreation vice president. involved in running the Ultimate Frisbee club, becoming
the Social Secretary in my first year and then moving
At some universities, if you want to swim for fitness into the position of Club Chairman. I’m also Chairman
and not for trophies, you might be discouraged from of two other clubs, the Guildford Open Team outside
swimming. Similarly at other Universities, if you would of university and the Guildford Open Ladies Team in
like to hula-hoop at an international level (it’s a sport), conjunction with Roehampton University.
you might struggle to find the resources and the people As the Chairman of what the Union terms a ‘specialist’
willing to help you. My approach is simple, let’s use what sports club I have been working to increase the sport’s
we have and what we can get to allow people to take their profile within the university and; in my position as
sport as far as they want. That is as fair as it can be. Chairman of the Guildford Open Geo Team, the local and
national community. Recently founding and coaching the
C.V info; Ladies team in combination with Roehampton University,
In the summer I played basketball on a self-organised I believe that sport should be available to everyone and
volunteering trip to Bangladesh, I have taught rowing on actively encourage involvement and participation in
weekends for a year to children with learning difficulties sport.
and I have run residential sports activities camp for A hospitality management student and winner of the
these children. I ran a society for a year, and am on the Savoy Scholarship ’05 I have management experience
committee of another, and play a whole bunch of sports. prior to university within the hospitality industry. If
This year I was lucky enough to be selected for the Elite elected I believe I could use these skills to further sport
Sports Programme for one of these. at Surrey, working with Senate House and UniSport to
ensure that the new Manor Park campus provides the
My strongest points are my impartiality and my facilities that sportsmen and women need. This year’s
enthusiasm for all sports. And I mean ALL sports. I hope work with UniSport to maintain current expense levels
that you will vote for me in the coming elections. for students is an encouraging step forward and I would
ensure that this level of cooperation is continued and
expanded upon in the next year.
Hi my name is Kathryn Foley, but most people call me Kat. I am a final year Food Science and Nutrition
student and I am running for the position of VP Education and Welfare. I have enjoyed my time here at
the University of Surrey and now I want the chance to be able to help others enjoy their time here both
academically and socially.
We all know as students we Health
need to look after the The mental and physical health of the student community is
pennies. As VP Education important to me, I believe a healthy student is a happy
and welfare I want to student. The health centre helps ensure that the student
promote the services population at Surrey is healthy, I would like to be able to
available to help students with financial difficulties, make students aware of the services they offer, which
with the possibilities of setting up clinics to should be accessible to all. It is always an issue at the
help with money matters before major health centre that there are not enough
financial problems arise. appointments available on a short notice basis. I
hope to work with the health centre to try to find
Environment a resolution to this problem, such as a weekly
The appearance of campus can have an drop in to see a doctor
effect on our mood. Litter in the form or
wrappers and even food on a Saturday Course Representatives
morning after a Friday night out is a All courses have a representative, I want to be
particular problem. I aim to work with the able to make students aware of this and also
relevant university authorities to provide a insuring that all academic schools recognise
greater provision of bins and I also hope the importance of the students views.
to work with the fast food suppliers to
help cut down rubbish production. Accommodation
Dealing with landlords can be a tiring
Safety experience; I aim to work with the accommodation
Student safety is of utmost importance, office to ensure all students have access to houses
I will work to ensure routes onto campus which provide a good standard of living in a safe
are safe, especially with the new Manor environment. If problems with landlords do arise
Park development increasing pedestrian I will work with the relevant parties to ensure
traffic through the Tesco underpass. issues are resolved in a fair and just way.
It is essential all students are aware of
Their own personal safety, I aim to educate If I am elected to VP Education and Welfare I will
all students on ways in which they can be safe continue to support current union
on and off campus. campaigns whilst developing new
initiatives. I also hope to work with
the other sabbatical officers to
make the University a happy safe
place to live and study.

Vote Kat [1] for VP Education and Welfare it’s the Purrrfect choice!

This is the Year Of Unity for USSU

Vote Zeph #1 for VP Societies & Culture
Over my 3 years at Surrey I’ve been heavily involved in the Societies & Culture office. For the last year and a
half I have held the elected Societies Officer position on the Union Executive and during this time I’ve noticed
a lot of things going wrong. Well this year that changes. THIS IS THE YEAR OF UNITY IN OUR STUDENTS

• One thing that is having a major effect on the Students’ Union is that of unity, therefore one of my manifesto
pledges is to improve communication between the Societies & Culture desk and the student populace,
and trying to improve the representation of students by providing up to date information on what is happening in
societies. This is especially true for reaching international students and post-grads.

• A lot of the post-grad Freshers arrive at the same time as the undergrad Freshers and yet post-grads have
their Freshers’ Fayre 3 weeks later…so my second manifesto pledge is to work closely with the PGA and the
University to come to an arrangement to have the Freshers’ week Wednesday off for post-grad Freshers
every year to allow them to attend Freshers’ Fayre with the aim that by providing more chances to participate
in societies from the outset, we might increase post-grad participation in all societies.

• My third pledge is to organise a 1 or 2 week long ‘International Societies Week/Fortnight’, with the aim to
try and move away from the idea that joining a society, with the exception of the international societies, is only
for home students. The way that week will run is by allowing members of the international societies to sample
other societies for free – similar to the initial taster sessions run at the beginning of the year. This is to try and
develop the involvement of international students in other societies.

• Finally, I will get out to the students. I will organise a ‘Talk to the Sabb’ time each week when I will be out
where students can easily approach me in such places as the lecture theatres or library.

Vote from 10am on Tuesday 28th Feb until 8pm on Thursday 2nd March Stage Crew, 2003-2005; Treasurer, Paintball,
2005-2006; Hockey Club, 2003-2006;
2006 in the Lecture Theatres, Library and Rubix (on Wednesday night) Societies Officer, USSU Executive, 2004-
2006; NUS Conference Delegate 2004-2006
Personal Statements: VP Education & Welfare
Kathryn ‘Kat’ Foley Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Sholk
Hi, my name is Kathryn ‘Kat’ Foley. I’m 22 and a final year Food Science and Nutrition student Hey, my name is Gabby; I’m 20 years old and currently studying psychology.
originally from Hampshire. I have gained so much from my time here at the University of Surrey
and I now want to help others enjoy their own ‘Surrey experience.’ During the two years I have spent at University I have tasted a lot of what it can offer. By spending
many a night in Rubix, pulling all-nighters in Austin Pearce and working at Chancellors Bar has
I am a friendly, outgoing and approachable person who is open to the ideas and views of others. I allowed me to intermingle with the student population across many different departments.
enjoy working as part of a team and I have good communication skills. I want to be able to voice
the concerns of the entire student body and address issues raised in my manifesto. In the past I have been in positions that require me to delegate, organise and communicate ideas to
large groups and work within a short construct of time. I have also worked with many people from
During my Professional Training Year with the pharmaceutical company Abbott, I dealt with different backgrounds, going to an international school has equipped me with the ability understand
confidential issues on a daily basis. These could be anything from a business issue to customer others, work well in teams and interact with different individuals.
related enquiries. I learnt to handle these sensitive issues in an appropriate way; this is one of the
many skills I learnt on placement which I could bring to the position of Vice President – Education One of the reasons I would be appropriate for the role of VP Education and Welfare is the amount
and Welfare. of responsibility that I can manage, I have had experience as a student representative, fighting
for students rights and liaising with education officials. Whilst living abroad I have also created a
Over the past four years the University of Surrey has been a happy home to me. If you vote for me, support group for parents with learning disabled children. I enjoy working hard, getting results and
I will do my utmost to ensure that everybody has an enjoyable yet productive time at the University the role of VP Education and Welfare requires just that.
of Surrey.
What I really want to get across is that I will be available to you, and willing to listen and take
action on issues that are important to the student body. I would very much like to able to have a
constant connection with you the students, and always have my door open.

Outside the educational realm, I enjoy art history, painting, drawing and reading. I have a keen
interest in traveling and extreme sports. I am energetic, enthusiastic and prepared to take on the new
challenges that this position will bring.

Personal Statements: VP Societies & Culture

Mark ‘Zeph’ Griffiths Thayana ‘Thay’ De Paula
To be a good sabbatical officer requires many things, not least of which is the foresight to see Name: Thayana ‘Thay’ De Paula
possible conflicts arising in the Union. It also requires a good understanding and experience of the Department: Media Culture and Communications
role you are involved in. Year of Study: Second Year

I believe I have the necessary experience to be an effective sabbatical officer, having not only been I am running for Vice President Societies and Culture for the sabbatical team 2006-7. I believe I am
involved in societies at a grass roots level from the first week I was at Surrey, but through having suited for the position as I am an honest diligent and friendly individual. I was one of the founders
spent the last year and a half as Societies’ Officer as elected by the societies themselves at Societies of the Brazilian society and am therefore aware of how the system works. I have worked with the
Standing. current VP Societies and Culture to learn about what the job entails. I am confident I will be able to
carry on with the progress he has made and improve the current system.
The time I’ve spent as Societies’ Officer has given me a good knowledge base to work with. As part
of the Union Executive I am part of the ongoing process that is modernising the Students’ Union Just to let you know a little bit about me. I am originally from Brazil and regularly visit my home
and allowing us to move forward to bigger and better things. country. I have been a member of the university for the pat two years and have enjoyed every
moment of it. I believe the union plays a large part in the students lives here at Surrey. I hope to use
I have also been an NUS conference delegate for the last 2 years, putting the interests of Surrey into the year in the sabbatical team to give back to the university and improve the student’s university
the national arena. experience. My hobbies include dancing, socialising, travelling and shopping.

I am studying for an Electronics degree, and am here for at least another two years and I made sure I Thank you for reading my personal statement and hope that you will support me!
connected with as many people as I could, not only in my own department.
I want to see our Students’ Union build on its self. Improve its self. I want to see other Unions
around the country saying “we want to be more like USSU”. I believe that leading from the changes
happening at the moment, I can continue to improve societies and culture at USSU.


Candidates Showdown 19:00 in Chancellors

Watch all the candidates go head-to-head answering all
manner of questions.