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School: Grade Level: III

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: File created by Sir LIONELL G. DE SAGUN Learning Area: SCIENCE
DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: DECEMBER 18 – 22, 2017 (WEEK 8) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER


I.LAYUNIN (Objectives)
A.Pamantayang Pangnilalaman ( Force ,Workk and Energy Force ,Work and Energy
Content Standards)

B.Pamantayan sa Pagganap Able to apply the knowledge oof Able to apply the knowledge oof
(Performance Standards) the sources and uses of the sources and uses of
light,sound,heat, and electricity light,sound,heat, and electricity
C. Mga Kasanayan sa Pagkatuto Demonstrates and uses of light , Demonstrates and uses of light ,
(Learning Competencies) sound ,heat and electricity. sound ,heat and electricity.
S3FE – IIIg –h- 4 S3FE – IIIg –h- 4
II.NILALAMAN (Content) Electricity ( Conductor and Proper Ways of Using Electricity SUMMATIVE TEST
Insulator )
(Learning Resources)
A.Sanggunian (References)
1.Mga pahina sa Gabay ng Guro
(Teacher’s Guide Pages)
2.Mga Pahina sa Kagamitang Pang-
Mag-aaral (Learner’s Materials
3. Karagdagang Kagamitan mula sa
portal ng Learning Resource
(Additional Materials from
Learning Resources (LR) Portal)
4. Internet Info Site
B.Iba pang Kagamitang Panturo
(Other Learning Resources)
IV.PAMAMARAAN (Procedures)
A.Balik-Aral sa nakaraang aralin .Sound and Heat Conductor and Electricity
at/o pagsisimula ng aralin (Review
Previous Lessons)
B. Paghahabi sa layunin ng aralin What did you feel when someone Show a picture of post with
(Establishing purpose for the in your life, there is totally no broken wire of electricity.
Lesson) electricity to use?What did you
C. Pag-uugnay ng mga halimbawa Powerpoint about electricity Show a lots of pictures of do’s
sa bagong aralin (Presenting and donts in using electricity.
examples /instances of the new
Sa D. Pagtatalakay ng bagong What is the video all about or .What are all those pictures are
konsepto at paglalahad ng bagong powerpoint you watched? all about?
kasanayan #1 (Discussing new
concepts and practicing new skills
E. Pagtatalakay ng bagong How do you handle this kind of
konsepto at paglalahad ng bagong situation?
kasanayan #2 (Discussing new
concepts & practicing new slills #2)
F. Paglinang sa Kabihasaan (Tungo Original File Submitted and
sa Formative Assesment 3) Formatted by DepEd Club Member
Developing Mastery (Leads to - visit depedclub.com for more.
Formative Assesment 3)
G. Paglalapat ng aralin sa pang Group them into five.Draw at least Group them.Maka role play how
araw-araw na buhay (Finding four things that need electricity to to use electricity.Provide an
Practical Applications of concepts run. activity to act- out for the groups.
and skills in daily living)

H. Paglalahat ng Aralin (Making What is electricity? -How do we know that we use

Generalizations & Abstractions electricity wisely?or not?
about the lessons)
I.Pagtataya ng Aralin (Evaluating True or False.Make your test
Learning) items to test the absorbability of
the pupils.

J. Karagdagang gawain para Cut objects that is run by Interview an electrician how to
satakdang-aralin at remediation electricity. use electricity manageable.
(Additional activities for
application or remediation)
V.MGA TALA (Remarks)
VI. PAGNINILAY (Reflection)
A.Bilangng mag-
aaralnanakakuhang 80%
sapagtataya (No.of learners who
earned 80% in the evaluation)
B. Blgng mag-
pang gawain para sa remediation
(No.of learners who requires
additional acts.for remediation
who scored below 80%)
C. Nakatulongbaang remedial?
Bilangng mag-
aaralnanakaunawasaaralin? (Did
the remedial lessons work? No.of
learners who caught up with the
D. Bilangngmga mag-
remediation? (No.of learners who
continue to require remediation)
Paanoitonakatulong? (Which of
my teaching strategies worked
well? Why did this work?)
ongguro at superbisor? (What
difficulties did I encounter which
my principal/supervisor can help
me solve?)
akapwakoguro? (What innovations
or localized materials did I
used/discover which I wish to
share with other teachers?)