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Being Responsible

Celebrating success in Writing

Year 1 – Alvira

Alvira wrote an excellent character description

about the tiger. She used adjectives to
describe and conjunctions to extend her
Year 2 – Oliver

Oliver has tried really hard to plan a recount

about Bradford City.
Year 3 – Afia M

Afia used her independent

research and notes to write
an extremely focused first
paragraph on evacuees in
WW2. She made sure she
used her success criteria to
check she had everything she
Year 4 – Murtaza

Murtaza has written a fantastic explanation about

the dangers in the mill. He used adjectives to
describe and subordinating conjunctions.
Year 5 – Areybah

Areybah has worked hard

when using expanded ‘ed’
phrases as openers for her
sentences which linked to
our T4W story. Well done!!
Year 6 – Rhianna

For writing a
persuasive letter.
Rhianna was able
to use emotive
language to try
and persuade local
companies to
donate to our
Outstanding Learning Behaviours

Class 1- Zahra
Class 2 – Reece
Class 3 – Aaysha
Class 4 – Abdul
Class 5 – Umaiyah
Class 6 – Tayyibah
Alan Titchmarsh



David Hockney
100% Attendance Draw


Year 5
Reception 0
Year 1 0
Year 2 3
Year 3 6
Year 4 3
Year 5 3
Year 6 4