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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of U.S most influential civil rights activists. He was born in
Atlanta, Ga., on 15 January 1929 during the time when African-American people didn’t have
the same rights white people did. They had to sit on the back of the buses, they couldn’t
attend the same schools or drink from the same drinking fountains, they had separate
bathrooms, etc.
Martin Luther King Jr. attended segregated schools in Atlanta. He started elementary
school at an early age and was a bright child. He had a personal experience with racial discrimination as a
child when he was once riding a bus with his teacher and as the bus got full, they were asked to let their
seats to two white people. They couldn’t refuse because it was the law, but he could never get over that
A decisive moment in M.L. King’s life was when in 1955 Rosa Parks, an African-American civil rights
activist was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to give her seat at a bus to a white person. King
organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott, during which no African-American used the city buses and they
walked, rode bicycles, or rode in car pools to get to work. It lasted more than one year. Throughout this
time, M.L. King was arrested, his house was bombed and he suffered all kinds of abuse, but that only
reinforced him as a very important leader to his people. On December 21, 1956, after the Supreme Court
of the United States had ruled unconstitutional the laws that required segregation on buses, African-
American and whites could ride the buses as equals.
M.L. King was an inspirational speaker who traveled all around the U.S. appearing wherever there
was injustice, offering a message of hope. His movement fought until they obtained the right to vote for
African-American people and ended the racial discrimination on public services in the South. He was named
Man of the Year by Time magazine, after his famous "I have a Dream”, speech delivered in Washington
during a civil rights march August 28th, 1963. The following year, Martin Luther King, Jr., became the
youngest man to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35. On April 4th 1968, Martin Luther King
was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

A. Decide if the following sentences are True or False. Support your choice by quoting from the text.

1. African- American people haven’t always had the same rights._______


2. Martin Luther King never had a personal experience with racism._________


3. M.L. King thought that fighting back was the best response to injustice._______

4. At the end of 1956 The Supreme Court decided segregation on buses was illegal._______

B. Answer the following questions, according to the text:

1. What was the message of Martin´s speech?

2. What was M.L. King named after that speech?
3. What world famous prize did he win and in which year?
C. What do you know about human rights and those who fought for them? Answer the following
1. When was the U.D.R.H adopted?____________________________________
2. How many years did Mandela spend in prision?_________________________________________
3. What´s the name of of Mandela´s autobiography?__________________________________________________
4. Mandela fought against ____________________________________________ in South Africa.

D. Complete the sentences using little, a little; few or a few + one of the words in the box

patience coffee People hours times

1. Spending _____________________________ in the sun every day is pleasant.

2. We have been to the Greek islands ____________________________________________.
3. There were very ______________________________________ in the club last night. It was not fun at all.
4. He has ____________________________________________ for rude customers. He sends them away.
5. Oh no! There’s so __________________________________, we’ll have to make more

E. Insert gerund or infinitive

1. It was silly of me _____________________________________( forget) the tickets.

2. She apologised for ___________________________________(disturb) her
3. Did you remember _________________________________( post) the letter I gave you yesterday?
4. _________________________________( cheat) is a really bad thing.
5. They carried on __________________________________(work).
6. It's important ____________________________________(look) in the mirror.

F. Choose the best option ed or ing:

1. Most sequels are ________________________________. (disappointed / disappointing)
2. I had such a ______________________________________ day I went straight to bed. (tired / tiring)
3. Everyone's very ______________________________________ about the news. (excited / exciting)
4. I don't like watching _____________________________________ films on my own. (depressed / depressing)
5. The whole school was _________________________________ by the tragic event. (saddened / saddening)
6. I was ____________________________________ when she told me she'd got divorced. (amazed / amazing)

G. Comment on the following quote “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of
former slaves and the sons of former slave owners’ will be able to sit down together at a table of