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Nombre: ________________________________________________________ Hora: 1a / 2a / 3a / 4a Introducción

- You must complete any five of the activities below for homework this unit. Completion of additional activities will earn you up to 3 points of extra credit. The 2
vocabulary squares are REQUIRED. If you want to get full credit and/or extra credit on homework, you MUST complete them.
- If homework is assigned for a particular night, you must complete it THAT night to receive credit. You do not need to complete EVERY assignment, but must complete
5 by their due dates for 100%.
- You will receive a stamp for each square that you complete and will turn in this stamp sheet on the day of the test for your homework grade (8 stamps = 160%, 7 stamps
= 140%, 6 stamps = 120%, 5 stamps = 100%, 4 stamps = 80%, 3 stamps = 60%, 2 stamps = 40%, 1 stamp = 20%, 0 stamps = 0%.) DUE ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND!
Conversaciones básicas Los colores Vocabulario #1 – REQUIRED El alfabeto
Write a dialogue between two people. Color the piñata based on the Copy your vocabulary from Days 1 and Call my Google Voice number and leave
Each person should have 8 lines. Follow numbers 2 three times each. On Day 1 we me a voicemail, reciting (or singing  )
the format below. learned greetings, goodbyes, and basic the alphabet in Spanish. Then spell your
Persona 1: (Greeting) Persona 2: (Different greeting) conversations: 8 greetings, 11 Spanish name, saying “Mi nombre se
goodbyes, 8 feelings, and 8 escribe… (ese – o – efe – i – a)” if your
P1: (How are you?) P2: (Response. And you?)
conversational phrases. On Day 2 we name is Sofia, for example. MAKE SURE
P1: (Different response) P2: (What’s your name?) learned 8 colors. You should write the TO STATE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME
English word, followed by the Spanish AND CLASS PERIOD!
P1: (Response. And you?) P2: (Response)
word 3 times.
P1: (Nice to meet you.) P2: (Response) Such as: Hello = hola hola hola. 919-659-5342
P1: (Where are you from?) P2: (Response. And you?)
You should have 43 vocabulary words.
P1: (Response. How old are you?) P2: (Response. And you?) 1 = negro, 2 = amarillo, 3 = verde, 4 = This process will help you so much to
azul 5 = morado, 6 = rojo, 7 = learn your vocabulary!
P1: (Response. Goodbye.) P2: (Different goodbye)
Due in class on Friday, 1/26 Due in class on Tuesday, 1/30
Due in class on Monday, 1/29 Due in class on Monday, 1/29

Los números Vocabulario #2 – REQUIRED ¡Escucha bien! La geografía

Copy your vocabulary from Days 2 and 3 Follow the link to listen to the audio. http://www.purposegames.com/game/
Write out the following numbers in word three times each. On Day 3 we learned Answer the questions that follow either spanish-speaking-countries-quiz
“se escribe” and how to spell. Pick 5
form: 0, 6, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, on the back. https://vocaroo.com/i/s07UVO0kQoPt
words of vocabulary and write how you
24, 26, 31, 43, 56, 67, 76, 82, 98, 100 (20 spell it in Spanish (1 time each).
total) Example: Pink en español se escribe r-o-
On Day 4 we learned numbers. You
1. Who is speaking? How does this person spell her
should write the numbers 0 – 19 three first name?
times each and the tens places three 2. How old is the speaker?*
times each: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 3. Where is the speaker from? Take the map quiz at the website above
and 100. You should have 5 “se escribes” 4. What is her favorite color?
5. How is she feeling? until you earn 100%. Take a screenshot
and 29 numbers for a total of 34 6. Was it morning, afternoon or night when she of your results or print them out for
vocabulary words. recorded?
Due on Wednesday, 1/31 credit. Due in class BY Thursday, 2/1
Due in class on Wednesday, 1/31 7. How can you tell? Due in class on 2/1
Hola, me llamo Kallie. Mi nombre se escribe K-a-l-l-i-e. Yo tengo 26 anos y soy de virginia. Mi color favorito es azul. Estoy muy cansada porque ya es tarde. ¡Buenas
noches y hasta mañana!

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