Syllabus Concepts of Biology Biology 100, Summer 2010

Date Topics* Readings** Ch. 1 Ch. 2 – 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 June 1 (Tu) Introduction, Biological Concepts I. Cellular Organization and Energetics June 2 (Wed) & 3 (Th) June 8 (Tu) & 9 (Wed) June 10 (Th) & 15 (Tu) June 16 (Wed) & 17 (Th) Review Chemistry, Macromolecules Cell Structure and Function Cell Metabolism & Energetics Photosynthesis

II. Cellular Reproduction & Genetics June 22 (Tu) & 23 (Wed) June 24 (Th) June 29 (Tu), 30 (Wed) July 1 (Th) & July 6 (Tu) Cell Reproduction: Mitosis & the Cell Cycle Cell Reproduction: Meiosis Mendelian Genetics Molecular Genetics: DNA, RNA, Proteins Ch. 11 Ch. 12 Ch. 13 Ch. 14 – 16

III. Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Human Physiology July 7 (Wed) & 8 (Th) July 13 (Tu) & July 14 (Wed) July 15 (Th) & July 20 (Tu) July 21 (Wed) July 22 (Th) *Topic assignments are tentative. **Chapters in Textbook: Freeman, Biological Science, Prentice-Hall 2002 or UMBC Custom Text Evolutionary Principles and Processes Species Interactions Human Physiology: Nervous system Human Physiology: Respiratory/Circulatory Ch. 24, 25

Cumulative Final Exam

70% = B. # 362 Email: wgretes1@umbc. the reason for your absence must be verifiable).. and one makeup will be allowed (Exceptions may be allowed for emergencies).e. . 50% = D. signed and dated. 2nd edition. you must be able to provide an official written document from a physician or hospital. a make-up exam will be given within one week of the date of the missed exam. <50% =  Make-up Exams: If an exam must be missed due to a documented medical emergency (i. 65% = C.Concepts of Biology Biology 100 – Summer 2010 General Information: This course is designed for individuals who have had high school biology and chemistry. Textbook: Biological Office hours: TBA Grading: Your final grade in the course will be based on the following: Exam 1 10% Exam 2 10% Exam 3 10% Exam 4 10% Exam 5 10% Exam 6 10% Exam 7 10% Quizzes 10% Final Exam 30% 100% (lowest exam dropped) Letter grade cutoffs: 85% = A. Concepts of Biology is required for students majoring in biology and biochemistry and for pre-professional students intending to enroll in BIOL 251. 3rd edition or custom text Author: Scott Freeman Prentice-Hall Publishing Lecturer: Will Gretes Rm: Biological Sciences Bldg. The lowest exam score will be dropped.

This policy on cheating applies to all examinations in the course. Printing out and reading lecture notes does NOT substitute for being present in class and taking notes! . If you are observed or reported to be cheating during an examination. Power Point Lecture Notes: Lecture notes will be made available for download on Blackboard (Bb). The rest of the final exam will include material covered prior to Exam 2. Approximately 30 % of the final exam will cover material presented during the last section of the course (material covered since Exam 7).Comprehensive Final Exam: The final exam for this course has been scheduled to take place July 22nd during class. you will receive a score of zero for the exam. The notes provided will serve as an outline of the material to be covered in class. but not limited to. and the Chair of the Academic Conduct Committee will be informed regarding appropriate penalties including. Policy on Academic Misconduct: Any evidence of cheating will be dealt with firmly under the Policy for Resolving Cases of Academic Misconduct (see Schedule of Classes). your exam and answer sheet will be confiscated. The final exam cannot be dropped. typically before class. a failing grade in the class.

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