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Quotation sheet No.

20150202-630KG-SOJAG RADIO

DATE: February 10th, 2015 Project name:

Basic data :
Brand: (logo on COP, HOP, MOTOR)
SMR small machine room passenger elevator
Gearless tracking machine, VVVF
Capacity: 630KG
Motor power: 4KW
Floor display:GF, 1, 2, 3,4,5,6
Base floor: GF
Control system: Nice 3000+

Technical data:
Hoistway size: 1970mm W×1870mm D
Machine room size: 1970mm W×1870mm D×2500mm H
Pit: 1500mm
Over head size: 4600mm
Power: 220V 1ph, 50 Hz, 380V 3ph, 50 Hz, +/-10%
Door opening: center opening,2panels
Door opening size: 800mm W×2100mm H
Car size: 1400mm W ×1300mm D (all should according to drawing)
Travelling height:
Each floor height: GF=3500mm, 1F=2F=3F~6F=3500mm

Decoration (customized)
Car: design patter: MJ-23, colorful panel, stainless steel mirror.
Car door: hairline stainless steel
Ceiling: same with MJ-23 design
Floor: PVC
COP: 7’ LCD full color display
LOP: 4.3’ LCD full color display
Landing door: GF landing door: mirror stainless steel
Other landing doors: hairline stainless steel
Sill: Hard aluminum
Jamb: GF floor Jamb: wide jamb, mirror stainless steel (depth 300mm, width 350mm, same as
attached picture of GF transom system)
Other floor jamb: hairline stainless steel

Other function
GF transom system Model: mirror stainless steel KJ-HX02 LCD display
Insider door opening: 800mm
Wide jamb depth: 300mm
Wide jamb width: 350mm
Transom height: 400mm
Transom width: 850mm

Product configuration list

Standard products Date:2013-1-8

MFseries freight elevator basic specifications list

Max. travelling Max. Min. floor Control

Speed(m/s) Capacity
height (M) stops height(mm) method

0.25 1000 2000 3000 5000 microcomputer

30 12 2700 full collection
0.5 1000 2000 3000 5000 control

MP series freight elevator main functions configuration list

Specification capacity≤5000Kg speed ≤0.5m/s

NO Name Brand Remarks
1. Traction drive
1 Traction machine XINDA NINGO
2 Rotary encoder NEMICON JAPAN
3 Machine bearing NSK JAPAN
4 Oil-tight NOK JAPAN
2. Control&Drive system
1 Main board (NICE 3000+) MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
2 Drive module MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
3 Safety circuit module MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
4 Fire control module MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
5 Power supply module MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
6 Braking control module MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
7 Elevator moving module MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
8 Frequency inverter MONARCH/STEP USOTS supervise
10 Contactor LG/LS/ SIEMENS Japan/Germany
3. Door system X-IERK/ZHANPENG Zhejiang/Wuxi
4. Car(Painted steel)
1 Car parts USOTS Suzhou
5. Car Operate system
1 Car board USOTS Suzhou
2 Instruction board USOTS Suzhou
3 Display USOTS Suzhou
4 Operate panel USOTS Suzhou
6. Light scan USOTS Suzhou
7. Call & Hatchway system
1 Call board USOTS Suzhou
2 Calling board USOTS Suzhou
3 Cable USOTS Suzhou
8. Landing door & Jamb Protector(painted steel, standard narrow jamb)
1 Landing door USOTS Suzhou
2 Jamb protector USOTS Suzhou
9. Safety system
1 Safety gear YONGHENG/HUNING/SRS Guangzhou/Hangzhou
2 Governor AODEPU Ningbo
3 Buffer HUAAO Zhejang
12. Traveling cable SHENGONG/BST HZ/SH
Note: USOTS Elevator (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. carries out global purchasing and the rights to adjust
some suppliers or places of origin in need of technical renovation are reserved on the premise of
product quality assurance.

Standard functions

Name Description
Full collection control No driver set selection control operation.
Motor rotating speed can be precisely adjusted to get smooth speed curve in
VVVF drive
lift start, travel and stop and gain the sound comfort.
Power failure due to power outages caused by a car parked in between the
Power Re-leveling two layers, when the power is restored automatically after the car will run to
the nearest level position.
If the elevator can not close the door due to certain obstacle or interference,
Repeated door closing
the elevator will reopen or reclose the door until sundries are eliminated.
In the door closing process, press reopen with hall call button can restart the
Reopen with hall call
When the car is overload, the buzzer rings and stops the elevator in the same
Overload holding stop
Emergency car lighting Emergency car lighting automatically activated once power failure.
Anti-stall timer protection The elevator stops operation due to slippery of the traction wire rope.
If the elevator does not leave door zone within the designated time after it
Start protection control
starts, it will stop the operation.
When the elevator enters into inspection operation, the car travels at inching
Inspection operation
The elevator decelerates and levels, the door only opens after the elevator
Car stops and door open
comes to a complete stop.
Micro-touch button for car New type micro-touch button is used for operation panel command button
call and hall call in the car and landing calling button.
Communication amid car, car top, elevator machine room, well pit and
Five way intercom
rescue duty room through walkie-talkie.
In emergency conditions, if bell button above car operation panel is
continuously pressed, electric bell rings on top of the car.
The device can effectively prevent from the elevator’s surging to the top or
Up/down over-run and final
knocking the bottom when it is out of control. It results in more safe and
limit protection
reliable elevator travel.
Over-speed protection If the elevator continues to down at over-speed, and if the speed is 1.4 times
device higher than rated speed, safety tongs act to force the elevator stop in order to
ensure the safety.
Upward over-speed When the lift up speed is 1.2 times higher than rated speed, the device will
protection device automatically decelerate or break the lift.
Car inner floor, directions Car shows where the elevator floor and the direction of the current
Landing floor, directions Landing where the elevator floor display and current running direction
Photocell protection In the door open and close period, infrared light that covers the whole door
height is used to probe the door protection device of both the passengers and
Fire emergency return If you start key switch in main landing or monitor screen, all the callings
will be cancelled. The elevator directly and immediately drives to the
designated rescue landing and automatically opens the door.

Optimal functions

Name Description
Automatic switch car fan / There is no call within a specified time, car fan and lighting will
Lighting automatically shut down to save energy.
Automatically return to the In the traffic volume is low, the elevator no call it will automatically return
base station function to the base station, close the door waiting for.