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Mercury Fittings India Pvt Ltd Unit-1

Quality Department



Ilambaruthi Deventhiran Shankar

GOPI (Incoming Quality (Standard Room Immanu huzen
(Shift -B
(Shift -A Quality) (Packing-1)
Supervisor) Incharge)
Super visor)

R.Rajesh (Assitent) Ramu
R.Rajesh Chandrasegar Mani Vikash
(Quality (Packing-2)
(Quality (Visual (Visual Inspector) (Assitence-1)
Inspector) Inspector) Inspector)

Kalaiarasan Gowridoss
Vacant Kisoth Kumar Vacant
Sudhakar (Assitence-2) (Packing-3)
(Quality (Visual (Quality
(Visual Inspector)
Inspector) Inspector) Inspector)

Thirumalai Nandhakumar
Vacant (Packing-4)
(Visual Inspector)

Shist Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities

Standard Room Quality Roles and Resposibility
1.Lay out Report
1.Calibrtion reports should be taken both internal and
2.Process Audit
3.Product Audit Extenal Instruments & Gauges
2.Monthly calibration Trend updation
4.Customer Returns Parts Handling
5.Customer Compalints Handling 3.Salt Spary Test Conducting
4.MSA Taken all Instruments and Gauges
6.Inspection Report taken
5.Records Created, Updated and Maintained.
7.Daily basic GRIR Closing
8.Customer Reports taken
9.Packing Properly Closing
10.Development Reporyts to be taken