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PET Masterclass

Module 3 Test
Student B
1 Here are some sentences about families and relationships. For each question, complete the
second sentence so that it means the same as the first, using no more than three words.
1 Rachel said she and Alex had just got engaged.
Rachel said ‘Alex and I …………………… engaged.’
2 Jeff says he’s not upset about living with his wife’s parents.
Jeff doesn’t …………………… with his wife’s parents.
3 You needn’t get on well with all your relatives.
You …………………… to get on well with all your relatives.
4 My dad knew my mum for a year before they got engaged.
When dad got engaged, he …………………… mum for a year.
5 Some mothers insist that their children tell them everything they do.
Some children …………………… to tell their mothers everything they do.
2 Write a story with the title ‘A holiday to remember’. Write about 100 words.

3 Look at the text in each question.
What does it say? Choose the correct explanation – A, B or C.

1 To: Leonie
What is Jean-Paul going to do this evening?
From: Jean-Paul
A see Leonie before he goes to the theatre
I can’t meet you for supper
before the theatre. I’ve got my B have supper with Leonie before the theatre
ticket, so I’ll see you there.
C meet Leonie at the theatre

2 A When you book your holiday you must

Travellers must send prove you have your own travel insurance.
copies of personal travel B When you book your holiday you must
insurance documents take out travel insurance.
with the booking form.
C Travel insurance documents will be sent to
all travellers with their booking form.

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3 A You must buy your tickets half an hour

before the film begins.
Ticket office open 10am–5pm,
and one hour before live B You can buy tickets for live performances
performances, 30 minutes half an hour before the show starts.
before films. C You can buy a film ticket one hour before
the film begins.

4 What does Helga want Ravi to do?

There’s a meeting about the A make some notes to take to a meeting
summer volunteer programme tomorrow
tonight. Please go and take B go to a meeting tonight and make notes to
notes for me. I’ll talk to you tell her tomorrow
about it tomorrow.
C take her notes to the meeting tonight and
Helga talk about them

5 A By joining the History Club, you can get in

free to the town museum.
Join the History Club
now and enjoy free B If you want to go to the town museum you
must join the History Club.
entrance to the
town museum. C Entrance is free to the History Club if you
go to the town museum.

4 Complete the sentences below with these words.

a break place direction turns roles

1 If you’ve been in a job a long time, it can be difficult to change ………… and retrain for
something else.
2 My wife and I take ………… to do the cooking and cleaning at home.
3 I worked hard all morning, but at lunchtime I really needed to take ………… .
4 You need to be able to do all the different jobs in the shop so you can change …………
if somebody is ill.
5 The dance festival will take ………… this year in the Regency Conference Centre.

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5 Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.
Another wild idea has come from New Zealand. If you’re crazy 1 ………… having
‘experiences’, then this one is 2 ………… for you. The Zorb is a huge clear plastic ball
with another smaller ball inside it with thousands of nylon strings 3 ………… hold it in
place. The rider, or zorbanaut, sits inside the smaller ball in a safety suit. You 4 …………
to have any special skills. Anyone can take 5 ………… this fun activity. The excitement of
the ride begins as soon as the Zorb starts its journey downhill. As it turns over and over,
it gets faster. You don’t 6 ………… much time in the Zorb, but you’ll have a good story to
7 ………… later. After her ride, first-time zorbanaut Melanie explained she 8 …………
never felt weightless before. If you’re bored 9 ………… your usual hobbies, why not try
it? Don’t put off 10 ………… – book now!

1 A about B for C of D on
2 A exactly B really C definitely D completely
3 A as B to C for D by
4 A mustn’t B couldn’t C aren’t allowed D don’t have
5 A off B away C up D to
6 A spend B use C got D take
7 A say B tell C talk D speak
8 A was B did C had D has
9 A with B in C at D from
10 A to going B to go C go D going

6 Choose the correct word.
1 Marion’s giving up to / on Ted if he doesn’t ask her out on a date soon.
2 Lisette was really mad with / at her brother for lying to her.
3 I’d love to meet up for / with you next week.
4 Polly says that she’s very fond of / for Ulrich.
5 You hang out on / with some very nice people.
6 Jill knows she tends to be jealous with / of her sister’s relationships.
7 Val says her father was often disappointed to / in her.
8 She’s been very unpleasant to / at him since the divorce.
9 My parents were together for 25 years, then Dad walked out of / on Mum.
10 I didn’t know that John split up on / with Rachel last week.

Total /50

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PET Masterclass

Module 3 Test Answers

Student B
1 1 have just got
2 mind living
3 don’t have
4 had known
5 have
2 See Module 3 Student A Exercise 5 for
marking criteria.

3 1 C
2 A
3 B
4 B
5 A

4 1 direction
2 turns
3 a break
4 roles
5 place

5 1 A 6A
2 C 7B
3 B 8C
4 D 9A
5 C 10 D

6 1 on 6 of
2 at 7 in
3 with 8 to
4 of 9 on
5 with 10 with

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