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“Why do we even need to study laws when Vitruvius said that an Architecture is

considered good if it possesses the three principles namely utility, durability, and beauty?”
Perchance, these are the words reiterated by most Architecture students whenever the
word legislation is said and needed to be complied in their works. However, this way of
thinking shall be altered and let these future architects understand how significant laws
are in the world of construction.
As stated in Republic Act 9266 entitled “An Act to regulate the practice of
Architecture in the Philippines; Architects are recognized as one of the big key players in
nation building and development and that these professionals should be nurtured with
such competency and be trained with utmost excellence and quality thus making them a
globally competitive. Through this, one can see how the state truly gives importance to
architects for they believe that they are here to “advocate the fair and sustainable
development, welfare and cultural expressions of society’s habitat in terms of space, form
and historical context.” (R.A 926, 2004) Moreover, their tasks is to shelter not only its
people but also to make a home for the whole country. The mentioned law above also
indicates the tasks, requirements and qualities needed for you to become an architect or
members of the Professional Regulatory board- giving such specifications and restrictions
will help to narrow down the selections as well as it will also help to produce efficient
architects and quality work outcome. In addition, the Architecture Act of 2004 will also
give guidance and security to the architects as well as to their works. The enacted rules
and regulations will help them to understand their tasks and limitations as an architect
plus it can also be used as an aid or an evidence perhaps whenever you felt that some
people have overstepped your right. This only proves that these professionals are
protected by the law and so they should also comply and respect these legislations as a
return to promote a harmonious environment for the country.
Every country has its own laws, rules and regulations to follow for this will serve as
a tool to provide more peaceful and secured living for it people in the state. Thus, this
also applies to the works and life of an architect. Presidential Decree 1096 or the National
Building Code of the Philippines is possibly one of the most important legal documents
enacted in our country for the architects because of the reason that they provide they
standards and restrictions that will help for the betterment of the design. This will also
help to create structures that are ergonomically and anthropometrically suitable for the
Filipinos, for these decrees are properly investigate and well-studied before enacted by
the state. As stated in the P.D. 1096 , Chapter I: General Provisions under section 102:
Declaration of Policy: “It is hereby declared to be the policy of the state to safeguard life,
health, property and public welfare, consistent with the principles of sound environmental
management and control; and to this end make it the purpose of this code to provide for
all buildings and structures, a framework of minimum standards and requirements to
regulate and control their location, site, design quality of materials, construction use,
occupancy and maintenance.” This section clearly indicates the tasks of the architect
provided by the state and that these professionals must design houses stated by the law.
The minimum standard provided by the PD 1096 are made to adhere the life of the
Filipinos. They were carefully studied so that the designers can build structures that are
habitable for the human specifically our countrymen. The mentioned law provides security
for the nation and that they are proven that with this minimum standards, houses can be
built with utmost strength. It appeases one’s designer’s mind when you have followed the
law of the state, because you know inside your heart that the occupants will be able to
live safely and comfortability on the structure made.
However, with the continuous changes in our society, some of the people in field
of construction negates or do not practice the law conceivably because they think our
legislative and judiciary branch are too weak. Nowadays, you will see reports in the
television or newspaper about construction failures, buildings uncompliant to the law,
solicited and bribery biddings of works. It is upsetting to know how these people have
become greed of power and money despite the fact that code of ethics and numerous
laws have been passed, amended and enacted to prevent or avoid those frightening
scenarios. This is why it very important for they key players of construction to be
familiarize and practice the law by heart because if something happens within the 15
years, they can only rely with the help of the law. Remember, these professionals are
task by the government to safeguard the life and property of the country and its citizen.
Just by the word life, everyone will agree how big the responsibility it is for these people.
They are not only shouldering one life, but rather they are shouldering the lives of
hundreds of people. Law is part of our life and everyone should accept that and so no
matter how strong the structure is, how astonishing the design is, or even if the function
of the structure can help thousands of Filipinos, it the building do not adheres with the
laws present, it will never be great nor remarkable.
Giving shelter or a home to person is not an easy task, one must be equipped with
all sort of knowledge in building design for you to produce a shelter that is safe and
habitable by humans. Architecture is indeed as per Vitruvius utilitas, firmitas, and
venustas. However, it never ends in these three principles, our world evolves and
technology quickly advances and so there are more things needed to be examined and
considered for you to construct a quality structure. Architecture is never solely about being
subjective when it comes to designing. However, it is a mixture of both subjective and
technical. For without personal intuitions or ideologies, architects can never build a
structure that can bring happiness, emotions and comfortability to the occupants. On the
other hand, one cannot build a structure when we do not consider the rules and
regulations of the state, for all we know these enacted laws ensures the safety of the
people and so the minimum standards provided will help to build structures that are rigid
and habitable by the human. And so as an architect we are building a home and not a
house, a lifetime shelter and not a temporary dwelling. Legislations play a big part not
only in the life of key players of construction but as well for the whole nation. These laws
enacted serves as guidelines to help make our lives easier and were also enacted
because to protect us. They were made because the government thinks that this rules
and regulation will help to promote for the development of our nation and well-being.
However, even if the state continuously enacts remarkable laws but the citizens whom
these rules are intended for disobeys it, essence of the law is void. And so, for us to build
a truly developed and outstanding nation, we must first comply and at least give
importance and heart to these legislations because there will be a time that the only thing
you can rely on for you to succeed and win is these law. Because then again “Ignorantia
juris non excusat “



The Significant Role of Legislations in the

Professional Practice and in the Building Industry

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SEPTEMBER 15’ 2016