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DTI Leyte 3
opens 8 Ne-
gosyo Cen-

9k clients 4
served as DTI
Leyte hits
targets for Batch 2 KMME Graduates and their mentors with DTI 8 RD Cynthia R. Nierras, CESO III & DTI Leyte PD Desiderio P. Belas, Jr.,
DTI Leyte spearheads 3 batches of KMMEs for
DTI Leyte
kicks off
62 Mentees-Graduates in 2017
E-Presyo in
Sixty-two Leyte mi- Pricing and Costing), (10) Plan Presentation.
key cities..
cro enterprises have gradu- Business Law (Basic
ated the Kapatid Mentor Contracts and Obliga- The Mentor Me
Leyte 7 Me Program spearheaded tions), and (11) Business Program is one of the
Diskwento by the Department of Trade components of the KAPA-
Plan Preparation.
Caravans hit and Industry Leyte Provin- TID Program, which aims
P2M... cial Office and it was done to develop MSMEs
The KMME Gradua-
in three batches.
tion Ceremony for Batch 1 through coaching and
DTI Leyte 8 was held in 2016 while mentoring. This also
These 62 MSMEs brings together experts
leads 7th Con- Batch 2 & 3 were
sumer Infor- have performed satisfacto- conducted last June 1 and and industry leaders who
mation Mar- rily during the twelve provide a series of free
2, 2017 at Ormoc City
ket... weeks’ sessions per batch innovation in products,
and Tacloban City, respec-
to comply eleven (11) mod- tively. The said culmina- services, operation pro-
DTI Leyte’s 9 ules: (1) Entrepreneurial cesses, business models,
tion rites were attended by
PD and 2 Mindset, (2) Marketing and other aspects of en-
DTI Regional Director
Chiefs bag Strategies and Trends, (3)
Cynthia R. Nierras, DTI trepreneurship for aspir-
honors.. Accounting for Non- Leyte Provincial Director ing and current entrepre-
Accountants, (4) Product neurs.
Success Story: 12 Desiderio P. Belas, Jr.,
Development, (5) Opera-
Danny’s Deli- lead and local mentors
tions Management, Sector- Initial monitoring
cacies: Rookie and representatives from
Specific), (6) Human of the mentees’ Business
of the Year... Philippines Center for En-
Resource Management, Improvement Plans im-
trepreneurship (PCE) and
(7) Taxation, (8) Supply and plementation revealed
Go Negosyo who served as
Value Chain, (9) Financial total revenue streams of
the panelists during the
Management (including P47.2Million and 719
Business Improvement
jobs generated.
Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

DTI Leyte opens 8 Negosyo Centers, runs the
most NC’s nationwide

Launching of Negosyo Centers Burauen, Javier, Villaba, BArugo, Tolosa & Sta. Fe.

and Tolosa.
For 2017, DTI Leyte San Isidro, Abuyog, Hilongos,
Provincial Office headed by Of the twenty-eight, Palo, Alangalang, Albuera,
Provincial Director Desiderio P. three (3) are Full Service Mahaplag, Jaro, Kananga,
Belas, Jr., CESO III, launched Negosyo Centers (Model A) Dulag, Hindang, Isabel,
eight additional Model C located in Tacloban City, Ormoc Calubian, Tabango, Barugo,
Negosyo Centers, making it the City, and EVSU-Tacloban Bato, Tolosa, Villaba, Javier,
DTI Provincial office with the Campus; one (1) Advanced Burauen and Sta. Fe.
most number of established Negosyo Center (Model B) in
Negosyo Centers nationwide Baybay City; and twenty-four A total of 17,253
with now a total of 28 NCs. (24) Basic Negosyo Centers MSMEs were assisted by these
(Model C) lodged at the LGUs of NCs in 2017.
The most recent of these Carigara, Tanauan, Palompon,
launchings is the Negosyo
Center in Sta. Fe, Leyte which
was formally opened last
December 20, 2017. The other
seven newly established
Negosyo Centers are lodged at
the Local Government Units
(LGUs) of Tabango, Barugo,
Bato, Villaba, Javier, Burauen

Launching of Negosyo Centers (L-R) Tabango and Bato

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

9k clients served as DTI Leyte hits targets for 2017
The Provincial Office P34.5Million
of DTI Leyte, through Total
the Performance Con- Project cost
tract of its Provincial of Loans facilitated
Director Desiderio
“Ed” Belas has
achieved its bottom-
lines/targets for calendar Year 8 out of 28
2017 serving a total of 9,697
To improve global com-
petitiveness, DTI-Leyte has imple- Barugo
mented the following breakthrough Sta. Fe
special projects: Tabango
SME Roving Burauen
Academy (SMERA)

Eight Negosyo Centers were established in

Leyte. This constitutes 48% of the total tar-
get of Region 8. These served as one -stop
shops for MSMEs who needed the services
namely: business licensing and registration,
business information, business consultancy,
product development and design, market
26 out of 28 Shared Service
matching, training seminars and investment
Facilities were already
DTI Leyte has hired
and trained 15 additional
3,450 Negosyo Center Business
MSME Loan Counselors in frontline ser-
Applications vicing, and Shindan MSME
facilitated Diagnosis, online reporting;
Quality Management System
Procedures, Project Proposal and Pre -
Investment Study Preparation.

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017


In 2017 DTI has delivered the fol- 9

lowing projects/activities to improve Local Price
awareness of Consumer Rights: Coordinating
Council Meetings

2 154
Diskwento Media Pick Ups
Caravans disseminated

Consumers E-Presyo
Served Mobile App
launched in the
cities of
Tacloban &
Sales Generated Ormoc

of Basic Necessities &
Prime Commodities in
Leyte participated in the
2 DCs

Business Establishments
Nominated Bagwis
Business Excellence
Award Leyte Consumer Information
Market and Exhibit with Poster
Making Contest at Robinsons
Mall, Tacloban City, October
24 2017 Consumer Welfare Month
Consumer Education
and Product Quality celebration, with 16 Leyte
Standard Seminars Consumer Net member

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

DTI Leyte kicks off E-Presyo app in key cities in the

PD Belas encourages consumers to check prevailing prices and SRPs of basic and prime commodities in
their smart phones, laptops and computers

DTI Leyte launches e- tation, it was indicated what are-

Presyo in key cities Tacloban and as are being monitored by DTI
Ormoc on January 30-31, 2017. Leyte Provincial Office as well as
the list of monitored business
establishments. “Not all products
The two-day event was are being monitored by DTI, but
held at Negosyo Center EVSU, only Basic Necessities, Prime
Tacloban City and Ormoc Negosyo Commodities, School Supplies,
Center, Ormoc City. This activity Construction Materials, Candles
was attended by 50 participants and Noche Buena Products with
from each city which consisted of commonly used brands.” Chief
Market Supervisors, housewives, Larraga informs the participants.
business owners, youth leaders,
civic leaders, Chamber of Com-
merce, and Accredited CSO Offic- For the participants to
ers. know how to access DTI e-Presyo Positive impression on e-presyo from a
either through smartphones or consumer.
website, TIDA Ma. Fatima Claire
During the opening, PD Bartolome had a system walk- through this app, we can check
Desiderio P. Belas Jr., gave a brief through on the application. Partic- the prices of certain products and
overview of e-Presyo: its activity ipants were taught how to down- know what business establish-
objectives, the advantages from load the application using their ment has the lowest price.”, says
the consumers’ and retailers’ smartphones: For android users, Ms. Maria Elene Mendoza of
perspective. they must download “DTI ePre- Ormoc City LGU.
syo” at Playstore while for iOS
users, they will download “DTI
Consumer Welfare Divi- OPMS” at Appstore. After down- “This DTI ePresyo app will also
sion Chief Araceli D. Larraga dis- loading the application, partici- help us to be vigilant when buying
cussed important features of e- pants were guided on how to use commodities and will protect us
Presyo such as: available infor- DTI ePresyo. from retailers who are not selling
mation in the application, how to prices within the Suggested Retail
access the application and how it Prices.”Ms. Mendoza further
is different from the previous price “The DTI ePresyo applica- added.
monitoring system. In her presen- tion is very useful because

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

Leyte Diskwento Caravans hit 2M sales, benefit
5K consumers

Local consumers buy school supplies during the Diskwento Caravan Balik Eskwela Edition in Tacloban City.

The Diskwento Cara- Forty-one local distribu- ship with the City Gov-
vans conducted by the Depart- tors of basic necessities and ernment of Tacloban and
ment of Trade and Industry Ley- prime commodities participat- together with local dis-
te Provincial Office for 2017 ed in the two runs including tributors and micro small
earned P2 Million sales and four big establishments selling and medium enterprises
has benefitted 5 thousand school supplies. (MSMEs) of the city. It
consumers. aims to give consumers
the best value for their
The office conducted Among these local money by providing them
two Diskwento Caravans for distributors were Hanz quality products at
this year. The Balik Eskwela Graphics, National Bookstore, cheaper prices.
Edition was conducted on May Leyte Paperworld, Unitop, 578
24-26, 2017 and the Noche Resources, Fast Distribution
Buena Edition was held last Corporation, Dranix Distribu-
Nov. 15-17, 2017 both at Plaza tion, RAM Foods and River
Rizal, Tacloban City. Valley Distribution Inc.

The Balik Eskwela Edi- The public also enjoyed

tion generated a total sales of free haircut and massage for
P1.05 Million and has served every purchase, courtesy of the
3,101 consumers. Comprehensive Livelihood En-
trepreneurship Program (CLEP)
of Tacloban City Mayor Cristina
Likewise, the Diskwento G. Romualdez.
Caravan Noche Buena Edition
nets a total sales of
P906,823.35 and has served The Diskwento Caravan Consumers enjoyed free haircut
1,692 consumers. is done two to three times a during the two Diskwento
year by DTI Leyte in partner- caravans

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

DTI Leyte leads 7th Consumer Info Fair
& Exhibit in 2017 Consumer Month

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with DTI Leyte PD Ed Belas, The winners of the Poster Making Contest Elementary Category :
Ms. Pinky Brosas of Tac. City Gov’t. & Leyte Consumer Net fr. Left: John Anthony Singson (4th Place), Nas Jerfianne Feliciano
Members Heads of Offices. (2nd Place), Luvia Tiffany Tariao (1st Place), and Ron Anthony
Cinco (3rd Place)

In celebration of the Cinco of Tanauan Central School Zartiga, Save the Children
2017 Consumer Welfare Month, and 4th Place is John Anthony Project Manager Hector Tubu-
the Department of Trade and Singson of Kapangian Central ran, PIA8 RD Alicia Nicart
Industry Leyte Provincial Office School, Tacloban City. including Land Transportation
headed by Provincial Director Office (LTO) Chief Mario
Desiderio P. Belas, Jr. spear- In the Secondary Catego- Cordero and other Represent-
headed the “Seventh Consumer ry, 1st Place- Restituto Padis of atives of other member
Information Market and Exhibit” San Joaquin National High agencies . It was followed by
on October 5 to 7, 2017 at the School, Palo, Leyte and the a Press Conference with dif-
Robinsons Place Expansion Ac- 2nd Place is Ian Carl Ramos of ferent media agencies.
tivity Area, Tacloban City, with Leyte National High School,
the theme: “Consumer Rights in Tacloban City. They received med- Also, Bangko Sentral
the Digital Age”. als, Certificates of Recognition ng PIlipinas set up a Coin
and cash prizes in the total Exchange Counter where
amount of P10,000.00. The cash shoppers exchanged their
The three-day exhibit was award was sponsored by Save the coins to bills.
highlighted with a Retailers Fo- Children who was adopted as the
rum for Robinsons Tenants, newest member of the Leyte Con- The exhibit is conduct-
Seminar in Counterfeit Products, sumer Network just last year. ed annually by DTI Leyte in
Quiz Bee and the Inter-School
partnership with member-
Poster Making Contest headed Present during the Open- agencies of the Leyte
by DepEd on October 6, 2017. ing ceremony held on October 5, Consumer Net Organization
2017 were Ms. Pinky Brosas, rep- namely Bangko Sentral ng
The winners of the Poster resenting Tacloban City Mayor Pilipinas (BSP), DA, DENR,
making tilt were as follows: Cristina G. Romualdez and the BFAR, NTC, NMIS, FDA, DILG,
(Elementary Category) 1st Place Heads of Offices of the Consumer BIR, NFA, DepEd, LTO, LMWD,
- Luvia Tiffany Tariao from St. Net Member agencies such as: LEYECO II and Save the
Anne Parish Play School, 2nd National Telecommunications Children. DTI Leyte is the host
Place -Nas Jerfianne Feliciano of Commission (NTC) RD Samuel
Sto. Nino Sped Center, Tacloban agency for this celebration.
Young, National Meat Inspection
City, 3rd Place - Ron Anthony Service (NMIS) RD Dr. Ma. Ancilla

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

DTI Leyte’s PD and 2 Chiefs bag honors at
DTI 2016 National SPRIntS Awards

PD Desiderio P. Belas, Jr., DTI SPRInts Executive of the Year Finalist L-R: Mrs. Ida Belas and PD Desiderio P. Belas, Jr., CWD Chief
Lily Larrga and BDD Chief Jojo Gayas, Jr.
DTI Leyte’s Provincial surpassing most of it for 2017 as
Director Desiderio P. Belas, Jr., evidenced in its Performance Gov-
Business Development Division ernance Scorecard Accomplish-
(BDD) Chief Faustino V. Gayas, Jr. ment for the year. With Sir Ed’s
and Consumer Welfare Division headship, the office also had the
(CWD) Chief Araceli D. Larraga most number of Negosyo Centers
bag awards and distinctions established and operationalized
during the National Department of nationwide.
Trade and Industry SPRIntS
Awarding held at the Philippine
International Convention Center A third party team com-
(PICC), Pasay City on September posed of CSC, Institute for Solidar-
18, 2017. ity in Asia (ISA), Commission on
Sec. Ramon Lopez & USec. Zenaida
Audit (COA), Career Service Execu-
tive Board and MetroBank Foun- Maglaya w/ DTI8 Outstanding Employees
PD Ed Belas was once dation evaluated the finalists
again hailed as a finalist of the based on the DTI core values Tabiando, DTI Regional Office 8
DTI SPRInts Executive of the Year namely: Professionalism, Integrity, BDD Chief Ma. Delia B. Corsiga
Award. For three consecutive Creativity, Synergy and Love of and DTI 8 Bookkeeper Arturo
years, PD Belas has been selected Country. Tabuyan. The Mythical Five is the
as among the top Executives of top 5% of all employees of DTI 8
the Department, for consistently ranked according to job perfor-
demonstrating an outstanding CWD Chief Araceli D. mance and peer evaluation.
performance as Provincial Direc- Larraga received a Huwarang DTI
tor of DTI Leyte. Employee Semi-Finalist Award. The Search for Huwarang
BDD Chief Faustino V. Gayas Jr., DTI through the System for Perfor-
also received a Certificate of mance, Rewards and Incentives
Under his strong and Recognition for being among DTI (SPRINTS) Program aims to en-
effective leadership, DTI Leyte al- 8’s “Mythical Five”, together with courage proficiency and excel-
so exceeded expectations when it PD Belas, Chief Larraga, DTI lence of DTI employees in deliver-
Northern Samar PD Stanley ing high quality service to clients.
achieved 100% of its targets and

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

Leyte exhibitors grand slam awards at EV 2017
Bahandi Regional Trade Fair

Danny’s Delicacies - Rookie of the Year Burauen Arado Sweet Producers Association
Best Dressed Booth

Three exhibitors from they have been regular target sales of 11.6 Million by
Leyte won big awards in the participants to the Bahandi 216%, with sales coming from
2017 Bahandi Regional Trade Regional Trade Fair as well as to
cash and booked orders. This
Fair held at SM Megamall, other local and national trade
Mandaluyong City last October 4 fairs. comprises 75% of the total
to 11, 2017. sales generated by the said
The participants composed Regional trade fair which
Danny’s Delicacy was amounted to
of DTI employees from the region-
hailed as Rookie of the Year in
al office and provincial offices. P33,512,830.00.
the Food Category while Burau-
en–Arado Sweet Delicacies Pro-
ducers Association was judged The Bahandi Regional
as Best Dressed Booth. Also, Leyte exhibitors generated Trade Fair is being conducted
Clair’s Enterprises won two sales amounting to annually and it aims to show-
awards with Best Product Seller P25,112,729.73, exceeding its case local products unique to
and Top Seller in Non-Food Cate- Region VIII which have
gory. become the favorite
“pasalubong” of local and
They are among the foreign tourists who visit the
many SMEs assisted by DTI region.
Leyte under its development pro-
gram such as Small Medium
Enterprises Roving Academy Claire’s Enterprises:
also known as SMERA, Shared Best Product Seller &
Service Facilities or SSF, and Top Seller—Non Food Category
Credit Brokering program. With
DTI Leyte’s continuous support,

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017


DTI Leyte lauds outstanding employees, program partners

in 2017 SPRInts Awards & Appreciation Night

DTI Leyte honors outstand-

ing employees and program
partners in the 2017 DTI Leyte
SPRInts Awards and Stakeholders’
Appreciation Night last December
20, 2017 at Hotel Alejandro,
Tacloban City.

Certificates of Recognition
were given to DBP, Dranix Distribu-
tion Inc., Burauen Arado Sweet
Producers Association and Danny’s
Delicacies for their active support
to the different programs and
projects of the DTI Leyte.
Representatives from Dranix Distributions, TIDA Ma. Fatima Claire Bartolome was
The office also awarded Inc. receives their Certificate of Recognition 2017 DTI Leyte Best Employee of the
outstanding employees, Negosyo from DTI Leyte PD Ed Belas and CWD Year
Center Business Counselors and Chief Araceli D. Larraga
Administrative Support Staff who
have significantly contributed to
the attainment of the goals and
objectives of DTI Leyte, through the
DTI Leyte SPRInts Awards.

TIDA Fatima Claire Bar-

tolome was hailed as Best DTI
Leyte Employee (Technical), NCBC
Dennis Balotite of NC Baybay was
awarded as Best Negosyo Center
Business Counselor and Ms. Alfiela
Marie Amascual emerged as the
Best DTI Leyte Administrative Sup-
port Staff for CY 2017. She also
received the same award last year.

The event also had a series NCBC Dennis Balotite was 2017 DTI Ms. Alfiela Marie Amascual was 2017
of fun activities including presenta- Leyte Best NCBC of the Year DTI Leyte Admin Support Staff of the
tions by division and an exchange Year
of presents of the DTI Leyte family.

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

DANNY’S DELICACIES: Rookie of the Year Producer
Exhibitor of EV Bahandi RTF 2017

Danny O. Inalisan, Owner of Danny’s Delicacies

The local economy of

passion and skills to become
Carigara, Leyte has shown a
an entrepreneur.
continuous growth and
improvement due to the
Before he became a
variuos business activities
client of DTI and Negosyo
which have emerged in the
Center Carigara, his business
town for the past years.
was doing good but during
Some of which are the
that time he still uses the
pasalubong centers who Danny’s Delicacies store in Carigara, Leyte
traditional packaging
offer native products from
This entreprenuer has materials for his products :
Carigara and nearby
a humble beginning, he was a pastillas, roscas and cookies.
municipalities. Among these
working student during his high
pasalubong centers in
school days where he worked
Carigara, one store stands out
in one of the biggest
in terms of product lines offered
manufacturers of pastillas in
in the market and that is
town. He eventually started to
Danny’s Delicacies which is
build his own business using a
owned and managed by Mr.
small amount of capital,
Jordan O. Inalisan of known by
realizing that he has that Danny’s pastillas in the old packaging
his nickname “Danny”.

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Jan.– Dec. 2017

SUCCESS STORY Danny’s Delicacies.. continued...

and Efficiency Entrepreneurial held in Manila where he
Development Skills and won as the Rookie
Managerial Training, GGRVCA Exhibitor of the Year!
and Great Women and he Another is that his
graduated as mentee of packaging improved from
Kapatid Mentor ME Program. an ordinary transparent
plastic, he used the stand
up pouch with new and
improved labels as well .
There are some aspects “I am very thankful
of his business that needs
improvement and that’s when
the Negosyo Center came in to
help him scale up his business.

After assessing the

entrepreneurial competencies
of Danny’s Delicacies, it was
found out that it has the
to DTI Leyte and
potential to grow and flourish.
That’s the time that Danny was Negosyo Center Carigara

enrolled to the different for the opportunity given

programs and activities of DTI After participating the
to me. As of the moment,
and Negosyo Center to help various activities, the result for
him improve his business. The my business is not only
Danny’s Delicacies was great!
interventions and activities that As of December 2017 his sales doing good but is doing
Danny has availed and increased due to the several
much better.”, says Mr.
participated are as follows: trade fairs he joined and one of
Business Registration Inalisan.
the biggest fair was the
Assistance, Financing Forum, Bahandi Regional Trade Fair Truly, Danny’s Delicacies
Access to Market such as
scaled up into a more
Product Development and
Packaging & Labelling Training, productive, higher sales

Product Branding, Municipality/ generated and a more

City and Regional Trade Fairs,
competent entrepreneur
OTOP Next Gen, Digital E-
commerce; for the Productivity of today’s generation. #

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017


Caravan of Business Development

Leyte Services

A total of 932 clients were assisted during the Leyte Negosyo Center Caravan held at Visayas
State University (VSU), Baybay City, Leyte on August 7 to 11, 2017. The five-day event aimed to
equip local Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as those who aspire to start their
own business with additional learning on topics such as Entrepreneurial Mindset; Product Branding ;
Business Continuity Planning; Acceleration on Green and Economic Development; Product Assess-
ment and Innovation; and Simplified Bookkeeping. While conducting trainings and seminars, there
was a simultaneous Trade Fair Exhibit showcasing the products of Leyte with P3 and DTI Business
Name Facilitation.



932 Total Clients Assisted

532 Existing MSMEs A client consults with the Resource Speaker during one of the

Kick off training dubbed as Entrepreneuri-

400 Potential MSMEs al Mind-setting was conducted last July 26, 2017
in Baybay City and was attended by 100 Micro
Entrepreneurs (MEs). This was facilitated by PCE-
accredited mentor Dr. Leonor Rene S. Caneja.
6 Trainings organized
Seminar on Business Continuity Planning
happened on August 7-8, 2017; Orientation on
Acceleration for Green and Economic Develop-
50 Product Clinics
ment was set on August 9, 2017; Shared Service
Facility (SSF) Cooperator’s Assembly on August
10, 2017; and simultaneous training on Simpli-
fied Bookkeeping and Product Assessment and
1 Trade Fair Organized Innovation on August 11, 2017.

These trainings and seminars are among

P 601,187 Sales the basic services of Negosyo Centers to help
Generated MSMEs increase their awareness and capacity for
them set up and/or step up their businesses.

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

SUCCESS STORY Leyte Negosyo Center.. continued...

Shoppers buy products of MSME exhibitors during the

Negosyo Center Caravan Trade Fair Exhibit held at
Baybay City.

Negosyo Center is a one stop

shop of services that cater the needs
Trade Fair Exhibit of MSMEs in processing documen-
tary requirements in order for them
to be established, and to access in-
A total of 34 Leyte Exhibitors from the Processed
formation essential for their growth
Food and Homestyles and Wearables joined the Trade Fair and development. It has three (3)
Exhibit from August 7-11, 2017 at VSU, Baybay City. Thir- basic services which are Business
teen (13) of these MEs were graduates of the Kapatid Registration Assistance; Business
Mentor ME Program of DTI Leyte. Advisory; and Business Information
The event was able to generate P 601,187.00 for and Advocacy.
the 5-day event: P556,587.00 Cash Sales and P44,600
Booked Sales.
The establishment of Nego-
In addition, there were also Pondo sa Pagbabago at syo Centers is provided in RA 10644
Pagasenso (P3) accredited MFI facilitation and DTI Busi- or otherwise known as the Go Nego-
ness Name Facilitation during the Trade Fair Exhibit. syo Act. This act aims to bring gov-
ernment services closer to MSMEs;
This Leyte Negosyo Center Caravan was made pos-
to boost assistance for them to grow
sible thru the partnership of DTI Leyte Provincial Office
and Visayas State University. One month before the activi- and flourish; and intensify the pro-
ty, two parties signed a Memorandum of Agreement that motion of entrepreneurship in the
will strengthen the ties in the continuously developing and country.
promoting local MSMEs in the Province.

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Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

16M revenue streams in Bahandi RTF

Woven products of Claire’s Enterprises

In December 15, 2015, Leyte. Her name is Clarita Vil- Looking at the poten-
the Negosyo Center lamor, a native Taclobanon. tials of her products, she was
Tacloban, in cooperation Mrs. Villamor started her pas- invited by Negosyo Center
with the Department of sion for weaving in 1960s Tacloban Business Counselor
Trade and Industry – Leyte when she was in Grade II. Her to attend the launching of
Provincial Office and the family was living in Basey, Sa- the first ever Philippine Cen-
Local Government Unit of mar and her grandmother and ter for Entrepreneurship and
Tacloban City, was estab- mother were engaged in Department of Trade and
lished to help Micro, Small, weaving of ordinary mats. At Industry - Project Kapatid
and Medium Enterprises in her early age she already Mentor ME Batch 1 last Sep-
conducting better business weaved mats and due to her tember 2016 at Hotel
venture. strong determination she was Alejandro, Tacloban City.
able to embroider different Among the 101 Leyte
designs like flowers, land- MSMEs, she was chosen as
Two years after its es- scape and peacock. one of the 20 mentees to
tablishment, the Negosyo receive the 10-week of men-
Center has already rendered toring.
services to a total of 5,059 in She has been in the busi-
MSMEs in Leyte. Services of- ness for over 20 years. She
fered to include Business established Clair’s Enterprises
Name registration, Barangay in the 90’s. In 2013, she decid-
Micro Business Enterprise ed to register her business in
(BMBE) registration, business DTI.
advisory services, trainings
and seminars, and loan facili- Since then she became
tation services. a regular client of DTI Leyte.
She regularly participates in
trainings and seminars.
Among these MSMEs is
one outstanding entrepreneur
who made a name across Her products include
Eastern Visayas – and earned weaved bags, table mats, slip-
recognition nationwide with pers, purses, hats, home utilities,
her weaved products which and much more. The business
raw materials are naturally also provides customized ser- Ms. Clarita Villamor, owner of Claire’s
grown all over the lands of vices to her avid clients. Enterprises

www.facebook.com/dtiph.leyte r08.leyte@dti.gov.ph PAGE 15

Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017

SUCCESS STORY Claire’s Enterprises...continued...

The Negosyo Center Tacloban w/ PD Ed Belas, Tacloban City

Ms. Villamor actively participates in a SMERA Training
Mayor Cristina Romualdez and staff of the City Government of

She also became a regular exhibitor in Tacloban

both local and national trade fairs. She
became the top exhibitor and STAR MSME in
2nd Floor Himalayan Building
the top exhibitor, garnering over Php
Brgy. 78 Marasbaras, Tacloban City
15,850,840 actual sales, surpassing her target
by 244%. She incurred partnership with

To further develop her products, she DESIDERIO P. BELAS, JR., CESO III
participated in the Brand Development at Editor-in Chief
Hotel Lorenza with Designer PJ Aranador last
November 2017. She also participated in the
Digital Commerce Training last October 2017 FAUSTINO V. GAYAS, JR.
and registered in Explore Eastern Visayas, an Managing Editor
online selling platform.
With DTI’s assistance through Negosyo ARTEMIO T. ALMAZAN III
Center Tacloban, SMERA trainings and partici- MARIE BIANCA I. GENOSA
pation in trade fairs, Claire’s Enterprises dou- Associate Editors
bled its sales in 2017 and has already em-
ployed ten weavers. With more weavers the
business is now producing more quality prod-
Layout Artist
ucts to meet the increasing demand of its cus-
“I am very thankful to DTI Leyte for CHRISTINE CANDARE
helping me improve my business”, says Ms. Contributors

www.facebook.com/dtiph.leyte r08.leyte@dti.gov.ph (053) 832-4167 PAGE 16

Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017


DTI Leyte PD Ed Belas and

Palo Mayor Remedios L.. Petilla
distribute Livelihood Seeding
Program starter kits to
beneficiaries in Palo, Leyte,
November 29, 2017

Patrocinio Santos of Phil. Black Iron &

Galvanized Iron & Tubes Manufacturers,
Inc. discussing the standards of black iron
and galvanized iron pipes during the
Standard Conformance Seminar in
Hilongos, Leyte October 23, 2017

Business Model Canvass

Training at Baybay City
withBDD Chief Faustino V.
Gayas, Jr., organized by the
Negosyo Center in the Fifth
District of Leyte

www.facebook.com/dtiph.leyte r08.leyte@dti.gov.ph (053) 832-4167 PAGE 17

Leyte Negosyo Chronicle Dec. 2017


Copies of the DTI Leyte

Disaster Management Manual
were distributed to LGU
participants during the Local
Price Coordinating Council
Assembly for District 5 at
Abuyog, Leyte, October 17,
2017 by DTI Leyte PD Ed

Participants were taught how to

make Coco Sweets during the
Entrepreneurial Mindsetting &
Skills Training at Villaba, Leyte
last September 12, 2017 for
the Negosyo Center Mentor
Me clients in the Fifth District
of Leyte

Business Continuity Planning Seminar w/ Mr.

Oliver Cam, owner of Welcome Home Pensione
last July 7, 2017 at Tacloban City,

www.facebook.com/dtiph.leyte r08.leyte@dti.gov.ph (053) 832-4167 PAGE 18