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21 November 2017

Hon. Jefferson P. Soriano

Acting Mayor
Tuguegarao City
Republic of the Philippines

Dear Mayor Soriano,

We would like to invite Tuguegarao City to join the Liveable Cities Challenge on e-Government.

To formally join the challenge, we request that your city submit a problem statement and
proposed e-Government solution by 15 February 2018.

This first step toward designing your city’s e-Government project is to describe one of your
city’s most pressing problems. This would then be followed, ideally, by a statement explaining
why you believe it can be addressed by an e-Government solution.

After submissions are received, the Liveable Cities Consortium will convene a panel of experts to
do an initial review of the problem statements and proposed solutions to check for viability and
to make recommendations for improvements. After the initial review is completed, the
Consortium will then send out an open call for software and technology developers to design
and submit solutions that will also be subject to a round of review by an expert panel, including
potential funders.

The best proposals will then be presented to City Mayors and their leadership teams for
consideration and possible implementation. Please find additional information below.

Liveable Cities Challenge on e-Government – Mechanics of the Competition

The Challenge is made up of the following steps:

Step 1. Define your City’s problem

1. What are the major challenges that your government employees, citizens, and other
stakeholders face in various aspects of local government, such as (a) in the provision and
delivery of public goods and services, (b) access to information, (c) resilience and
response to risk and calamity, or other areas.
2. Why is e-Government the best solution for the challenge you identified? How will
e-Government address these issues?
3. What e-Government solution do you propose? You can opt to share a general sense
of what you have in mind, instead of a fully developed solution.
4. How does the proposed solution contribute to achieving your vision for your city?

Please submit a document outlining your responses to these questions to

liveablecitieschallenge@gmail.com by 15 February 2018. Please be as specific and
comprehensive as possible so that the expert panel can do justice to the proposals during
the initial review phase.

Step 2. Open Call for Developers

The Liveable Cities Challenge Consortium will compile responses, and send out an open call on
15 March 2018 for software and technology developers to propose specific solutions to your
stated problems. The consortium will sort through the solutions proposed by the developers and
evaluate them in a second round of review based on technical and commercial viabilities.

Step 3. Developers to Pitch to Cities

Selected developers will have the opportunity to pitch their proposed solutions to participating
cities. We target to hold this event in May or June 2018. During this event, developers will
present their e-Government solutions to City Mayors and their leadership teams, who will then
decide which solutions they would like to implement. At this point, city officials and developers
will work together on how best to tailor-fit the solution for respective cities.

Step 4. Cities to Implement the Solution

City officials and developers will then work with other stakeholders to roll out and scale up over
time selected solutions in participating cities.


The city that is best able to define its problems, tailor-fit the developer’s proposed solutions to
the local context, and implement the program in their city will be awarded during the National
Competitiveness Council’s General Assembly in August 2018.

Criteria for Judging

The proposals must be:

1. SCALABLE, harnessing good practices toward using information

and communication technology at the city level;
2. SUPPORTED by local communities and the local government;
3. SENSITIVE to local cultural, economic, and ecological considerations;
4. SUSTAINABLE, providing long-term economic and social benefits to
the community.

We hope Tuguegarao City will join the challenge and look forward to receiving your entry.


The Liveable Cities Consortium