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Seller Center Lazada

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Table of content

1. How to Start Page 3

2. Feature Introduction Page 5

3. Products Menu
3.1 how to manage products Page 6-8
3.2 how to add a product Page 9-10
3.3 how to import products Page 11-25
3.4 how to manage images Page 26-27

4. Orders Menu
4.1 how to manage orders Page 28-30
4.2 how to click ready to ship Page 31-39
4.3 how to pack a product Page 40-41

Table of content

5. Reports Menu
5.1 sales report Page 42-43
5.2 account statements Page 44-47

6. Settings Menu
6.1 your profile Page 48-49
6.2 manage users Page 50-51
6.3 add users Page 52

Enter the website URL
How to Start “https://sellercenter.Lazada.co.th”

Fill email and password that you set

*If you’re a new seller please login with your email and set password in order to verified yourself
*If you can’t login or forget your password please contact onboardinglazada@gmail.com

Main menu

Seller’s performance
*important in limit order that seller will be
receive each day. You can learn more from

* New seller who just sent a contract, we will

not active your shop until we already Updated news and coming up rc02pxpe/OVL_Thai.pptx?dl=0
approved it promotion

*Lazada would like you to give your best service to our customers so we
willing to help you in every way to achieve that goal and we also have You can change the language here
randomly check your products in order to avoid for counterfeit and
copyright products 5
Manage order
Click manage order

Manage order
You can export the products information as
You can check the products by status here a file in order to edit
*you can learn more about an export here

You can use on-off button for

all products to be an offline or
online status on Lazada

If you want to edit or delete the

information click at the pencil icon
*to edit or change any information
about the products have to be
approved by lazada every times

You can edit or change your stock amount from this page You can check status that your product is offline
or online from a visible line
*To edit this section no need to be approved from Lazada except in *you can learn more from the next page
case that you adjust the price higher or lower than 50% of the price
you’ve set before
The result will be divided into 4 types
Manage order 1. product already approved and online on the website
2. product does not pass some status and still offline
3. product pass all status but still sync the information in to the website
4. product that online but just edit the information have to be approved again, but the
recent information still online

You can check more status by click at the button

*If you have any question please contact onboardinglazada@gmail.com

Add product

Click add product

Add product

For adding the product, if you want to save your time in filling the
information you can search here in order to find the product that
match with yours and use the information of that product

*If you can’t find the product you want or you want to add the information of that product by yourself
you can click at create a new product
*create a new product you can look at the content guideline

Upload file

Click import product

*To upload file you must have OpenOffice program
Can download from this link https://www.openoffice.org/download /
Upload file

You can adjust the price and stock amount by download file
From update the product

If you want to add new product you can

do the same as upload file, but you have
to download the template from product
creation by category here

*in case that you add a new product you have to

download category to use with

Upload file: update price and stock
*for open file you have to follow this

Then click OK

Upload file: update price and stock

You can adjust the price by update price’s file

You can adjust your stock from update warehouse’s file * Date pattern filling in SaleStartDate and SaleEndDate have to be yyyy-

Upload file: update price and stock
Save file after adjust

Then choose Keep Current Format or using the original


Upload file: update price and stock

choose Import Mode to be update product

Then click upload file

*when you download file the system will create download link that you can find
Upload file: create a new at the bottom of each page


Upload file: create a new product

*To fill the information in a main column you have to fill all information about your product in all
*you have to learn from content guideline

*you will see an example of filling the information

*if some blank of information have a list for you to choose you have to choose from that list

Upload file: create a new product

*to fill the information from product description column you have to put html code
*you can learn about putting html code from content guideline

*To put the video or image in description and descriptionEn you have to put that video or image in
online website first then you can pick that link by putting the html code also
*video and image must not be pirate

Upload file: create a new product
*to choose the category you have to the deepest category
skip skip

Category ID
*fill category ID in this blank
*search a category ID from Category Tree

Amount of
stock *fashion product have to fill the variation, but another
category can skip

The seller Sku that you’ve set If your product divided into size please put the Sku of
(must have more than 3) the smallest size in this blank

Upload file: create a new product
For delivery you have to put minimum at 5 days and maximum Package size use as Cm. consist with width, Set the price as
Package weight use as Kg.
at 7days length and height original or full price

Product measures use as Cm. (width Set selling price or

x length x height) Product weight use as Kg. promotion
(if you have) If you set the promotion price you have to set
the beginning and last day of your promotion
*date pattern in SaleStartDate and SaleEndDate
have to be yyyy-mm-dd
Warranty period Warranty condition and warranty by who

*if you want to put the picture into file you have
to put only the link of that picture
*you can add more pictures after the file of that
product is upload successful
skip skip

Upload file: create a new product
After filling all information click Save
As the file

Then choose Save as type to be Text

CSV (.csv)

choose Edit filter setting Then choose Keep Current Format or use original format

Upload file: create a new product
Choose Character set to be Unicode (UTF-8)

Then click OK

Upload file: create a new product

choose Import Mode to be create a new product

Then upload file

After upload the file you can verify the status by move to the
Upload file: verify an upload file bottom of that page until you see Feeds

Upload status of that file

in continue column will report that which

Import Mode you choose

Amount of file that you already upload

You can verify the result of uploading

Amount of file that fail to upload from this rcolumn
*if you fail to upload for some please edit only that file and then *if the upload fail you can Download
upload again Report to verify which part is getting

Manage image

Click at manage image

Manage image

You can see the image that’s not

upload yet from image missing

Product’s Delete image

name button

Drop image here

*the picture that you upload first will be the main picture of your product
*to upload the image will have a conditions please learn more from content guideline

Manage You will see order number here
showing the amount that customers

order want to buy your product

Click manage order

*when you receive an order we will report to your email also

Manage order
When you check your order first your status will be pending
which show your new order

Order status

*you can see your order that divided as a status following this
all : order will show in all status
pending : show new order
Ready to ship : show order that’s ready to ship
Shipped : order that’s in shipping process
complete : shipped order which divided into 4 status
- complete : shipped and payment already
- cancel : order that’s cancel by seller or customer before shipping
- Cancel shipping : order that’s fail to ship
- Return order : order that returned from cuatomer

Manage order

Payment method of the

You will see the order list below this Order amount

Printed report

Order number
*you can click at order number to seeing
price Order status
more details
Ready to ship and cancel button
*in case that you want to cancel an order
please contact Partner Support tel 02-018-
Ordering day Period that the order is pending 0200 or email
*you can’t let new order pending for 24 hours because partnersupport@Lazada.co.th
the order will automatically cancel
Manage order: ready to ship

You have to check the detail of an order by click + or click

at order number

*if you click at order number you will see this page

You will see the customer's information and order list

*you can use the name of customer in payment bill and invoice

Manage order: ready to ship

When you already verify order detail please click ready

to ship behind an order

*if you want to manage various order at the same time you can make a sign and
choose “set to ready to ship”

Manage order: ready to ship

you will see a window to choose the shipping please click at

“Create Package & Next”
*for shipping Lazada will automatically choose for you

Manage order: ready to ship

Next you will see invoice following the system

*you can edit invoice to match with your brand

Then click “invoice members and next”

Manage order: ready to ship

Last step click at “ready to ship” again in order to confirm

*in case click at ready to ship

-before 4 pm. Shipping will go to get your product
next day
-after 4 pm. Shipping will go to get your product in
next 2 days
*shipping will call you before going to get a product
Manage order: ready to ship
After you click at ready to ship that order will move to shipped

Next step you have to print the document by choosing “print

shipping labels for selected items”

Manage order: ready to ship

*you will see shipping document that you have to print it for 2 pieces per 1 order

After print please click “continue”

*2 pieces of document you have to put in the pack and paste on the product’s box
*payment bill or invoice put it in the box
*you can ask for more plastic pouch from Partner Support tel 02-018-0200 or
email partnersupport@Lazada.co.th most wait for 7 working days

Manage order: ready to ship

Next step you have to print another document by choosing “print all
carrier manifests”

Manage order: ready to ship

*verify order number and amount of box

After printed please click


Shipper will sign here

*you have to print this document for 2 pieces

*1piece the shipper will sign and you keep it
*another piece you give it to shipper
How to pack
the product

*you must find the box to put your product in

*you can use re-use box if it’s in a good shape
*you should wear a shockproof material if your product is delicate
*if your product is too big you can use a plastic wrap it
*if you pack the product in the wrong way your order will be cancel

How to pack the product: example

Total sales report

Click at sales report

Total sales report

You can see the recent information


In sales report you can verify an order and total sale in

every period to keep as statistic
Account statement

Click at account statements

Account statement
Transaction overview will show the detail item
by item

current statement will summarize the Here is the report that this round lazada You can choose your round
balance every half a month already transfer the balance or not yet that you want to verify here

Report half a month Report half a month

date 14 date 15 Last day of the month

*first round that lazada will cut the balance is date 1-14 second round is date 15-last day of the month
*we will transfer money after cutting the balance in 7 working days
*every orders that we put in account balance will pick only complete status order

Remain balance from

Account statement: current statement last round

Total sales from complete


Shipping Fee Credit : shipping fee

that customers pay in case that their
order does not exceed the lowest price
that fixed by lazada

Amount of money that

lazada transfer back to Payment fee: all products will be 2%
customer commission: depends on product category of the brand
Cancel fee: fee for cancel order
Commission Credit :commission Return fee: fee for delivery fail
that lazada pay back to seller after Shipping fee: fee for all shipping (will count as a month so,
transfer back to customer
all shipping fee will count all in second round)

Total payment that

lazada transfer to

Account statement: You can choose by divided from
You can export the information out of the system
(download link will show at the bottom of this
round or category page)
All transactions

Date of transaction

Total amount
(include VAT)

VAT or fee for each


Transaction number Order number
Transaction type
(every orders will show the minimum in 3 rows
divided into
Item Price Credit : price,
Commission : commission of that product, Payment *you will receive a file which show the details of shipping fee, shipping
Fee : payment fee of that product fail, or product that return from accounting department of lazada in
every month
้ า

Click at your profile

setting: user account

Commission of each
General information of seller

*to edit any information ofseller you have to contact lazada to edit for you
- if you are new seller who just sign contract you can contact by email onboardinglazada@gmail.com
- If you are old seller you have to contact Partner Support email partnersupport@Lazada.co.th

setting: user account

Click at manage user

setting: user account
You can add user here

You can edit the position or delete

the user here

You will see all users who can login to your seller center

setting: add user

Choose the role for that user

Fill an email of that user

Then click save

*after you add user, that user has to approve an email that the system has send by
setting password within 1 day
*please remember that an email which put in user account will be an email that
lazada contact to you if you add new user and you want us to contact trough that
email you need to contact Partner Support also