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Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission

news r e s c u e A Ministry of Rescue & Recovery

April 2006
a publication of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission • Anchorage, Alaska

Why Seek Ye The Living

Among The Dead?

He is not here for He

The Christians victory and hope is in the fact of the RISEN Savior;
the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you do not have this hope you are
as Paul said in I Cor. 15:19 of all men most miserable.

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Pag Christianity is the only religion that can proclaim a GOD and SAVIOR that is alive.
r atu
C ong e 2 It is sad, indeed, that so many people around the world worship a god that is dead—
ay yet they are so adamantly devoted and dedicated to their beliefs. Their god is dead
’s Hig or never existed; they cannot talk to him, fellowship nor have a personal relationship
Life Pag
with him, yet they will not denounce the false god they serve. There is no love,
f or compassion or concern. Some of the religions say that their god has told them to do
epa 5 away with Christianity and to kill all Christians. They are determined and have their
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im oni mind set that they are going to conquer the world.
f Te 6
Staf age
e s kP Oh, if they would only accept the truth about the Living God and Savior. If they
r’s D would only come to know the God that LIVES. The God of Love, John 3:16, The God
e cto 7
Dir age
of Compassion, John11:35, The God of Concern and Assurance, John 6:37.
ia ls P
e mor
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NOW, since we know the GOD that LIVES, why then, are we not out proclaiming this
Liv age Gospel of Good News to the world. If we really believe that ALL people that do not
du le P
S che know this Living Savior are eternally lost—then why are we not telling them the story
apel of a Savior that lives?
Please accept this challenge to share with someone your testimony of how Jesus saved
you or present the Gospel story of salvation to them!

Remember, A TRUE Christian witness is more than just talking the talk—It is also
walking the walk.
Congratulations! life’s highway
As I was walking down life’s highway
Many years ago, I cam upon a sign that read,
“Heavens Grocery Store”.

Otto John
When I got a little closer the doors swung
Open wide and when I came to myself
I was standing inside.

I saw a host of angels. They were standing

One handed me a basket and said,
“My child, shop with care.”
Everything a human needed was in that
Grocery store. And what you could not carry,
You could come back for more.

First, I got some Patience. Love was in the same row.

Further down was Understanding;
You need that everywhere you go.
I got a box or two of Wisdom, and Faith
A bag or two. And Charity of course,
I would need some of that too.

I could not miss the Holy Spirit. He was

All over the place.
And then some Strength and Courage
To help me run the race.
My basket was getting full,
But then I remembered, I needed Grace.

And then I chose Salvation for Salvation was for free.

So I tried to get enough of that
The Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission would To do for you and for me.
like to recognize Otto John for his successful Then I started to the counter to pay
completion of all the requirements in our My grocery bill. For I thought I had
Learning Center. Otto graduates with honors in Everything to do the Masters will.
the studies of
As I went the aisle I saw Prayer and put that in,
For I knew when I stepped outside
Microsoft Windows XP That I would run into sin.
Microsoft Word XP
Peace and Joy were plentiful,
Microsoft Excel XP
The last thing on the shelf.
Microsoft PowerPoint XP Song and praise were hanging near,
Microsoft Access XP So I just helped myself.
Money Management
Then I said to the angel, “Now how much do I owe?”
He smiled and said, “Just take them
We thank Otto for his example of hard work and Everywhere you go.”
dedication. It is our prayer that Otto approaches
all of life’s challenges as diligently as he has Again, I asked, “Really now, How much do I owe?”
“My child,” He said,
approached his Learning Center assignments.
“God paid your bill a long, long time ago.”
Submitted by a friend of the Mission—
Great Job!
Gearing Up For


Easter is one of our favorite

times of the year. As you can see
by the pictures Mrs. Charlotte
really likes to decorate the
dinning room for the occasion.
It is our hope we can make
everyone who shares our Easter
feast feel as though they are
welcome and loved. It’s not
that difficult because everyone
who comes through our doors
are special and we welcome
them with open arms. If you
have never had the pleasure of
spending Easter come on down
and attend our Easter services at
2:00 P. M. on Sunday April 16th.
New Direction
My brother sent me a plane ticket to Alaska after my release from prison in 1984. I had been
doing time for armed robbery, a crime I committed to support a drug habit. I was looking
forward to starting over and was able to find work the very next day. It wasn’t long before my
addictive nature reared its ugly head. I became a workaholic staying on the job 10 to 12 hours
a day six days a week. Of course this pace started to take its toll and I began shooting cocaine
to keep up.

A friend intervened by keeping me inside her home for

six months to dry out. I returned to work and was able
to stay clean for four years. Unfortunately, the cycle
began anew this time with a new twist. After picking
up a prostitute one evening she introduced me to
CRACK Cocaine and the next five years was a living
hell on earth.

I hit bottom in November 1998. I came to the

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission for a place to
sleep and they require you to attend the nightly chapel
service. While attending this service I answered the
call to Salvation by turning my life over to Christ. My
life has never been the same since.

I found out about the “Newlife” recovery program at the Rescue Mission and joined. At the
Mission I learned who Jesus is and what he expected of me. I learned my life is valuable and
that I was destined to know peace and happiness. I now have a close and personal relationship
with Jesus.

I made the decision to remain at the mission with hopes of making an impact on others by
showing them Christ working through me. It’s been seven years since I came to the Mission and
by the grace of our Lord and Master I’m still here.

Larry J. O’Connor
The LORD says, “I will give you back what you lost to the stripping
locusts, the cutting locusts, the swarming locusts, and the hopping
locusts. It was I who sent this great destroying army against you.
Joel 2: 25 (NLT)

For 18 years of my life I used drugs and alcohol. I would steal from whomever I could, including
my Grandmother, just to continue my habit. I alienated my family, especially my dad, for eleven
years. I lived hidden from the world and planned to live that way for the rest of my life.

During this time I met someone who told me about

Jesus. I told him to get lost and to never speak to me
about Jesus again. However, I believe a seed was
planted in my heart by God without my realizing it. I
knew in the back of my mind I needed to change my

I joined the “Newlife” recovery program at the

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission. With the help and
guidance of the staff I developed a close and personal
relationship with Jesus; it is here that I gave my life to
Christ. I owe my whole life to him because he gave me
back more that I ever deserved.

I am now married with a beautiful wife and am blessed with a son, Moses. My relationship with
my dad and family has been restored. I’ve also become a staff member at the Rescue Mission. I’m
grateful to be doing the Lord’s work hoping I can reach others struggling with the same addiction
I myself struggled with. It is my prayer that every man who goes through the “Newlife” program
will give their lives over to Christ and is forever changed.

The Lords promises are real. He has restored to me all the locusts have eaten!

Scott S. Dufour

Yes Jesus is Alive!

T Because He Lives
he resurrection of our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
God sent His Son, they called Him Jesus;
should be the most significant event in
He came to love, heal, and forgive;
the life any Christian- He lived and died to buy my pardon,
except for their own personal salvation experience. An empty grave is there to
The resurrection solidifies our faith, gives us hope Prove My Savior lives.
and assures us eternal life with Him (because He
lives, we also shall live). Paul tells us in I Cor. How sweet to hold a new born baby,
15:19. “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, And feel the pride, and joy he gives;
we are of all men most miserable.” He continues, But greater still the calm assurance,
“but now is Christ risen from the dead.” Then Paul This child can face uncertain days
recalls the life of Christ in Because He lives.
I Corinthians 15:3-4,
And then one day I’ll cross the river;
“how that Christ died for our sins according
I’ll fight life’s final war with pain;
to the scriptures; and He was buried, and He
And then as death gives way to victory,
arose again the third day according to the
I’ll see the lights of glory and
I’ll know He lives.
I am so thankful that what the scriptures says Because He lives,
happened as there were prophesied and our hope I can face tomorrow;
of resurrection and eternal life was made possible Because He lives
by Christ’s victory over death. Yes, because He All fear is gone;
lives we will also live forever. Because I know
Do you have this hope? He holds the future,
Bro. Don That life is worth the living
Just because He lives.
Bill and Gloria Gaither
Living Memorials Your Will!
….touch lives as they honor the
memory of loved ones and friends.
In Memory of WILL OR ESTATE?
Esperanza M. Casas
by Martha Cashen
* * * * * * We would appreciate, SO MUCH, you
including the Anchorage Gospel Rescue
Mission in your will or estate. If you are a
regular donor to the Mission this would be a
“Living Memorials” and “Honorariums” are a very
good way to honor the memory of loved ones and friends.
good way to leave a legacy. Also, a good way
Giving a gift to the Mission in the name of that person to continue to help those that you have been
is a very personal, lasting expression of your love. Your so kind to help through the years. We will
thoughtful remembrance can have eternal value when be glad to send you a brochure on “Planning
invested in the lives of people. These gifts become a part your Will”, on request. However, you should
of the general operating budget of the Mission. This seek professional advice before making your
allows us to continue to do the things we do. By giving
a person a meal, shelter, clean clothing, Chapel service
will final.
and personal witness by our staff. That may be all that
is needed to bring a person to the saving knowledge and
acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
We will notify the family of the person memorialized that
a gift has been given to the Mission in the name of the
person you specify but not the amount of the gift.
The person memorialized and the person giving the
memorial gift will be listed in the Newsletter.

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission P.OB Box 230510 Anchorage, Alaska 99523-0510
Here is my support gift: For Credit Card Donations:
Food and Shelter: $_____ I would like to charge my total donation of $__________________
Check One: Visa ˆ M/C ˆ Am/Ex ˆ Discover ˆ
Facilities Maintenance: $_____
$46.25 For 25 Meals ______
$74.00 For 40 Meals ______ Card Number __________________________________________
$132.20 For 72 Meals ______
Exp. Date: ______/______ Signature _______________________
$277.50 For 150 Meals ______
______Other: All credit card information is kept in strict confidence
______ I Will Pray for this Ministry. Make checks payable to the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission
You will receive a receipt.

Address: ______________________________________________
Please send this coupon with your donations.
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