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Life’s Highway

s I was walking down life’s highway many years ago, I came upon a
Sign that read, “Heavens Grocery Store”.
When I got a little closer the doors swung open wide and when I came to
Myself I was standing inside.
I saw a host of angels. They were standing everywhere. One handed me
A basket and said, “My child, shop with care”. Everything a human
Needed was in the grocery store. And what you could not carry,
You could come back for more.

First, I got some Patience. Love was in the same row.

Further down was Understanding; you need that everywhere you go.
I got a box or two of Wisdom, and Faith, a bag or two.
And Charity of course, I would need some of that too.

I couldn’t miss the Holy Spirit. He was all over the place.
And then some Strength and Courage to help me run this race.
David M. Williams My basket was getting full, but then I remembered, I needed Grace.
Program Director And then I chose Salvation for salvation was for free. So I tried to get
Enough of that to do for you and for me.
Larry Aldrich
Operations Manager Then I started to the counter to pay my grocery bill. For I thought I had
Everything to do the Masters will.
Randy Hess
Maintenance Supervisor As I went up the aisle I saw Prayer and I put that in, for I knew when I
Stepped outside I would run into sin.
Larry O’Connor
Greg Mann Peace and Joy were plentiful, the last thing on the shelf. Song and Praise
Neil Givens Were hanging near, so I just helped myself.
Roger Klein
Client Supervisors Then I said to the angel, “Now how much do I owe?” He smiled and said,
“Just take them everywhere you go”.
David McKnight
Van Driver
Again, I asked, “Really now, How much do I owe?” My child,
He said, “God paid your bill a long, long time ago”.
Solomona Talivaa
Maintenance Submitted by a friend of the Mission—

Donn Baker
John Lofquist



0 0

n te
r Blessings!
ce on
i ng inn
n K and enthusiastic student. Most of have a high school diploma or a
ar M
le k
the time attitudes can be changed GED and do not need to take the
ar by showing the benefit and use actual test, or maybe a disciple just
M of the particular subject they are needs to study one or two subjects
learning, although the ultimate to be able to pass the GED exam.
goal is to change a hesitant attitude However, we do also have men
What a blessing it is to be here about learning into a desire to here at the Mission who did not
in the Learning Center! One of learn. have the opportunity to finish their
my duties is learning different educational process and as a result
Windows applications so that I am One of the more daunting fundamentials are missing. Or for
able to assist our students as they challenges is when a student wants some, english may be a second
begin to learn new things. It is a to learn but the proper material language and they may also have to
tough job but somebody has to do is not available in the Learning start at an earlier level of learning.
it! As I said earlier, I feel that I Center. For instance, we have a
am very blessed to be here in the GED preparation book, but that Although it may take a while to
Learning Center. in itself can be discouraging for get in the habit of studying, I find
someone who is not at a high the students who need a GED will
I feel that no matter what your school learning level. apply themselves because they can
situation or where you are in life, see the benefits of having one, after
one of the most important things The Learning Center does have going without one for so long.
you can do to maintain a young and some middle to junior high school
healthy attitude is to keep learning level books but could always It would be greatly appreciated if
and experiencing new things. I use more, as well as any fairly you could take the time to look
think any number of studies have recent educational computer through that stack of software
proven over and over again that programs that your children may you don’t use anymore, or have
your brain has to be ‘exercised’ have outgrown. (I did find some the kid’s look through theirs, and
just as much as your body, if not programs on reading and grammar let the Mission know. We would
more. but they were so old –early be glad to pick it up if it is not
1990’s- they would not run on our possible to bring it down to the
One of the challenges of the computers.) Mission. Just remember to include
Learning Center is to turn a not- the access codes, if any, required
so-willing disciple from the Most of the disciples who come to activate the software.
“NewLife” program into a willing to the Learning Center already

We invite you to visit us on the web or
drop us an E-mail with your comments
and suggestions

Living Memorials A REMINDER; Just So You
…touch lives as they honor the memory Will Know!
of loved ones and friends. We are not a United Way Agency. However,
In Memory of
Mike Howerton
they are getting into their fall campaign.
by Kirk L. Coover Remember if you make a donation to
J.S. and T.B. Volker the United Way you may designate
Truman and Carolyn Woods the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission
Kirk C. Hoessle to receive this contribution. Also, if
Alaska Wildland Adventures you work for a company that matches
Valley Bible Chalet
Jeffery and Jean Sherman
donations to non-profit organizations
In Memory of this will double your contribution to the
Alvin Syren Mission. So please keep us in mind.
by Sy and Evanne Syren
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Discovering Christ—In Me!
Discovering Daily who God really is, The Perfect Gift
Thanking Him daily He’s mine and I’m His.
We live and learn in this old world
Discovering Daily God’s great love for me; Such And as we grow,
mercy, forgiveness, amazing free. Still more and more we realize,
It’s so little that we know.
Discovering Daily that God really cares. There’s one thing that we wish we knew
Discovering Daily He does answer prayer. Its where and when to speak
And how to say the things we feel
Discovering Daily what grace really means; To help the poor and weak.
Unmerited favor beyond all my dreams.
So many times we want to talk,
Discovering Daily God speaking to me, He speaks But don’t know what to say,
through the Bible; once blind, now I see. To give someone the strength he needs
Discovering Daily each day that I live. . . To help him on his way.
That all I need He freely will give. If God would grant one perfect gift,
To one so small and weak,
Discovering Daily Christ working through me, The thing I’d ask is just to know
accomplishing daily what never could be. When and where and how to speak.
--By Laina Owen
Discovering Daily I can’t, but He can. Thanking Him Used with permission
daily for my place in His plan.

Discovering Daily how real life can be, When I’m

living in Christ, and He’s living
* * * * * *
in me.
Jesus Loves Me, This I Know,
Discovering Daily A song in my heart, with For The Bible Tells Me So!
Anticipation for each day to start. Delighting And
basking in love so divine, Secure in the Knowledge
I’m His and He is mine. Besides mere contentment;
excitement I see!

A daily adventure: Christ Living in Me!
Do we not create a lot of our own
struggles by not remembering
this truth. I believe that the
sk enemy would love to keep us k
de in one of those two states for
’ s if I’m living in regret of the past ’s s
on h am iam
d ric its hard to see the goodness of
r ill
e ra Al
God, If I’m living in the future
og W
op r ry I’m constantly worrying about
pr id
La what if and thus by worrying I’m
not really trusting fully In God, D av
but its by living in the moment
of this day.

“The Great I AM” 1 Corinthians 10:31 says,

Therefore whether you eat or
This is something that I need to drink or whatever you do, Do all
keep foremost in my thoughts. I recently returned from a much
unto the glory of God.
I’m not even sure where I heard needed vacation. My wife and
this story from but it was a I traveled to Texas, where she
I believe that if I can stay in
simple yet profound statement hails from, and Mississippi where
this mind set then I can truly
that hit’s home with me, let me I grew up. We had a wonderful
experience the peace of God.
share it with you; time visiting family and friends.
If I can remain focused on how
A fascination phenomenon takes
I can bring glory to God out
My name is “I AM” place for those of us who live
of any situation that I may be
far away from our families. The
experiencing right now…. Then
I was regretting the past and changes are not gradual. The last
I can stay in constant worship
fearing the future suddenly my time I was in Mississippi there
of Him.
Lord was speaking: were a house full of precious
My name is “I AM” little girls and rambunctious little
There in lies my battle some
boys. Now they’re beautiful young
days are better than others but
He paused – I waited women and handsome young men
I believe that if its my hearts
He continued when you live in who stand on the threshold of their
desire to bring glory to God
the past with its mistakes and futures. In their place there is a
in everything whether I am
regrets it is hard for I’m not new generation of precious little
victorious or not, I bring a smile
there, girls and rambunctious little boys.
to my Fathers face, for it’s a
My name is not “I Was” matter of the heart that truly
The changes my family witness in
When you live in the future with me have, for them, been dramatic.
its problems and fears it is hard They remember me as someone
May God continue to bless you
for I’m not there who could never get a handle on
and yours most abundantly.
My name is not “I Will Be” my addictions. They knew me as
God Bless.
someone, although loved, was
But when you live in this moment very difficult to like. Therefore
it is not hard for “I Am Here” when I returned home it was to a
My name is “I AM” skeptical audience. I’m not sure
they fully believe the changes God
has preformed in my life. That’s
ok! It’s ok because I know they
are only seeing the end result of a

struggle that has taken years. The
countless missteps, and face plants Reading this passage reminded
that have occurred along the way me of the potential contributions
have been hidden from their view. that any one of us can make to
k our generation. I also wondered
I continue to struggle with e s about the statements that might
remembering the journey least ’s ry be made about me at my own
I make someone else stumble. I in w e funeral. No wonder Woody
say this because I hear people say
l Bo Allen said, “I don’t mind dying,
o n
when they came to know the Lord or the funeral, I just don’t want
they were miraculously healed. Do
I believe I have been miraculously e v. to be there when it happens.”
healed? Yes and no. Yes because I At the Anchorage Gospel Rescue
know where I’ve been and where I Mission we work with men who
am today. The difference in the two may be enjoying their last chance
can be classified as a miracle. No to make a significant positive
because the word miraculous gives contribution to the kingdom of
the impression of instantaneous. Three Funerals God. Those men, in our program
I assure you my healing has not of recovery and rehabilitation are
been instantaneous! It has been An odd, but entertaining movie is at a crucial stage in their lives.
a long difficult and sometimes Four Weddings and a Funeral. The It is not for any of us to know the
painful journey. Most people film deals with a British bachelor intimate details of our final days,
have the ability to forget just how (Hugh Grant) who continues to run but we can make a resolve to
difficult things were once they find into a beautiful young American serve the Lord with truth, vigor,
themselves on the other side of a (Andie McDowell) at various and faithfulness.
struggle. Perhaps it’s the euphoria weddings in England. As the film
of surviving, classic denial, or our progresses their desire for each This is one of the key approaches
pride, that make us say, ‘It wasn’t other turns into love and the finale that I take in counseling with
that hard’. is a real triumph. This comes about, these men, hoping to take them
in part, due to the death of a friend. to the place where they can see
Needless to say I’m glad I went This shocks Grant’s character into the value that life holds and how
home to visit my family. I know, in some sober thinking. the Lord wants to use them with
time, they will come to recognize the remains of their life. I urge
the changes in me as real. For In Joshua 24:29-33 we find three them to ask God for forgiveness,
those who are going through funerals mentioned. It is the end forgive themselves, put the past
their own changing process my of Joshua’s life and after 110 years behind them, and formulate new
advice is; trust God, put your head of faithful service to his Lord, he ways of looking at the challenges
down and your back into it. The dies and is laid to rest. The other of life apart from alcohol and
journey might get a little tough. two funerals mentioned are those drugs. Won’t you remember to
Rest assured there is growth in the of Eleazar (son of Aaron) and the pray for us, here at the mission,
process. Can God miraculously reburial of Joseph’s bones. The that we too, may take the above
change us? ABSOLUTLY! Does Bible records Joshua’s eulogy as to heart and continue to serve
he choose to do so? RARELY! It’s “Israel served the LORD all the the Lord by helping others. Oh,
rare because He knows the journey days of Joshua, and all the days by the way, what do you think
is valuable to the end product. of the elders who outlived Joshua, they will say about you at your
who had known all the works of funeral? This is something for
the LORD which He had done for all of us to think about!
Israel,” (Joshua 24:31). Because
of Joshua’s leadership the people of
God were faithful and obedient to
the covenant made with the Lord.

e c
A Heart Change,
re q u
L of or a Heart Transplant?
J oh

When I came to the Anchorage Gospel Fervently I prayed to God to help me

Rescue Mission a little over two years ago I change but, the harder “I” tried to change, the
thought that I was basically a good guy. A good worse “I” did and very soon it was clear that
guy, who just happened to be addicted to drugs I was not going to have any more success in
& alcohol which had led me to make a series of changing myself or my life then I had in the
some very poor choices. But, still basically a past. It was here that I came to the end of myself
“good guy”, or so I thought. and asked God to show me what the answer was
As time went by and, I began to read and, He did.
the Bible it became clear that God’s Word said Continuing on in the Scriptures I came
otherwise. God confronted me with my past upon Eze. 36:26: “I will give you a new heart
and it became painfully obvious that I was not and put a new spirit in you; I will remove
a “good guy” at all. The reason that I could not from you your heart of stone and give you
view my past realistically was because I could a heart of flesh.” Here was the solution. “I”
not see myself realistically. For the Bible says didn’t have to do anything. Indeed “I” couldn’t
in Jer. 17:9: “The heart is deceitful above all do anything. God was clearly saying here that
things and beyond cure. Who can understand He would perform a heart transplant. Verse
it?” The Lord knows our hearts though. In v.10 27 says: “And I will put my Spirit in you
God goes on to say; “I the Lord search the and move you to follow my decrees and be
heart and examine the mind, to reward a man careful to keep my laws.” I believe that this
according to his conduct, according to what is what happens to us at the point of salvation,
his deeds deserve.” What would he find in my when we ask Jesus into our hearts, we receive
heart and in my mind? Well Jesus said in Mk. a heart transplant. This heart transplant, God’s
7:21-23 (and I paraphrase), that what was in our Spirit living with our spirit, enables us to live
hearts would be exhibited in our thoughts and the Christ-like life. We are a new creation, with
in our deeds. Evil heart? Then evil thoughts and a new heart, and by following the leading of
evil deeds would follow. So, the problem was the Holy Spirit which is in us, we begin to think
this; my heart was evil, and I sure didn’t want and act differently.
God to reward me according to my conduct or My life has changed, because I have been
give me what my deeds deserved. But, could he changed. Not because of anything “I” did but
change me? After all, I had seen others whose because of what “He” did. All Praise and Glory
lives He had changed could he not change me? to the Almighty God. Amen.
Would He change me?

’ s s
t o r
re on
di .D
e v

n this ministry we deal with all kinds of personalities and problems. Young, old, men women, Christian and
non-Christian. We treat each one with respect and dignity as we listen and try to understand just where
they are coming from and try to understand how we can help. This ministry is much more than shelter,
food and clothing. Most have deep-seated spiritual problems. Our first and foremost aim and purpose is to lead
these people to a saving knowledge of Jesus as their Savior and to make Him the Lord of their life. Then, we turn
to whatever other problem they may be having.
Our staff are all questioned and ask if they feel the call from God to work in a Christian ministry and if
they are sure that it is God’s will for their life then we lead them to the following approach to ministry:


Slow to Suspect, Slow to demand,
Quick to TRUST Quick to GIVE
Slow to condemn, Slow to provoke,
Slow to offend, Slow to hinder,
Quick to DEFEND Quick to HELP
Slow to expose, Slow to cast away,
Quick to SHIELD Quick to RETRIEVE
Slow to reprimand, Slow to resent,
Quick to FORBEAR Quick to FORGIVE
Slow to belittle,
Please Pray for your Mission Staff daily that
we may meet these goals as we serve those
that come to us for help!

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission P.O. Box 230510 Anchorage, Alaska 99523-0510
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