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Band 7+ Strategy

Turbo Charge your IELTS Preparation

Why you should be reading this ebook if you are aiming at a Band 7 + IELTS Score?
Most of the IELTS prep material out there is targeted at the average IELTS test taker.

While some of it does contain tough problems, that itself is not enough.

To score high marks, something more than adequate preparation is required.

After all, most of the IELTS winners do study from books that are available to everyone else.

So does that imply that anybody using the same material will be able to become an IELTS winner?
To an extent yes, but that is not the whole story.

There is something beyond knowledge that the IELTS winners have and that is attitude, confidence, stamina, and positive thinking.

You too can build these qualities into yourself.

Unfortunately, there is no book or preparation guide in the market that teaches you how to build these qualities.

And that is the reason I have written this book.

The idea is to enable you to build the same set of winning qualities that the IELTS winners display.

This book will not only teach you the basics of Reading & Writing, it will also tell you all about the tips that the IELTS Winners use to get ahead.

More importantly, you will learn when NOT to use Shortcuts, when NOT to skim RC passages, and when NOT to Cancel your score!

I have myself scored in the 99 percentile range in various tests over the years.

My GMAT score is a near perfect 780 out of a possible 800 (you can see my score here), with a perfect 99 percentile in the Verbal section!
I have also taught hundreds of students, many of who have scored in the Band 9 in the IELTS.

Over the years, I have closely observed how these students behave. What exactly do they do, what do they feel and how do they rev themselves up,
especially as they approach the test day.

Combining that with my own experience of the IELTS, I have distilled a few specific techniques & qualities that the IELTS winners display and a few
distinct strands of behavior that they show.

Knowledge is indeed a necessary condition to be an IELTS winner, however, knowledge alone is not sufficient to be an IELTS Winner.
You need to know much more than how to tackle a difficult Reading passage, you need thorough understating of how the IELTS works, you need the
right attitude, the right way to train, to know when to stop training and much more.

This book will highlight the behavior and knowledge traits of the IELTS winners and enable you to learn from them.

This book will open the doors to Your becoming an IELTS Winner!!

Why spending two hours with this book can save you weeks of prep time.
There are hundred of Websites and thousands of books floating around for IELTS prep.
Just to cull out the relevant study material, preparation course can take days of effort.

Even then you run the risk of picking up the incorrect material that does not help you reach your potential.

Also, IELTS is more about the application of concepts rather than the learning of concepts.

Most of the books and coaching classes teach you about the concepts rather than how to apply these to the IELTS.

With this book, you will learn how the IELTS winners take the same study material as everybody else, put in the same effort, yet come out with
flying colors.

As you might think, it is not that they are gifted, if that alone were the cause, there would not be multiple examples of people improving their scores
by 3 + points in the second attempt.

You will learn about how the IELTS winners plan, how they think, what material they use.

You will learn about how they think, how they boost their confidence, how they ‘Visualize’ success.

You will also learn about what they avoid studying, what they focus on and what they leave to luck.

How do IELTS Winners study from the same books, spend the same time, yet come our with a much higher score than the
average student?
If you think IELTS winners spend months studying, there could be nothing further from the truth.

I have seen students study for years, leave alone months, yet end up with an average score.

If you think IELTS winners have a 150+ IQ, again there could be nothing further from truth.

There are hundreds of students, who have managed to get the Band 9 in IELTS, but done very poorly on other standardized tests like the ACT, the
MENSA or graduate level tests like the GMAT.

If IQ alone were responsible for standardized test performance, then these students would have a consistent result across all the tests, but a high IQ
by itself will never mean a high IELTS Score.

There are a certain set of qualities that the IELTS Winners have though, and these are the qualities and abilities that enable them to become IELTS

In this book, you will learn about these qualities, and more importantly how to inculcate them within yourself.

You will learn how to think like an IELTS Winner and eventually how to actually become one!!

How do IELTS Winners get lucky?

There are always some students who tend to get ‘Lucky’ on the IELTS.

Their IELTS score is out of proportion of their knowledge of English, their perceived IQ level or their preparation levels.

How do they do it? How do some students attract ‘Good Luck’.

In fact it is not just students, but successful people from all walks of life seem to attract this elusive ‘Good Luck’.

Part of the answer lies in the face that the Winners perceive the Exam not as a hurdle to be crossed, but as a challenge where they can show their

Of course, the Winners know their reading & writing, but they also have the right mental attitude and the frame of mind to attract ‘Good Luck’.

You too can do the same.

This book will not only improve your reading and writing skills, but also show you how you can prepare yourself to get ‘Lucky’ in the IELTS.

Why should you believe me?

As you can see elsewhere on this site, I am an Engineer MBA and have scored 780 (out of a Maximum possible score of 800 )in the GMAT(Click
Here to see my Score).
Earlier I had scored a perfect 9 on the IELTS. I have been training IELTS students for the past five years. Many of these students have gone on to
score in Band 9.

I have taken private one-to-one tuitions charging $100 per hour. I have also taught the weekend Courses in various parts of the world.

During my interactions with the IELTS Winners, I have observed that many of the IELTS Winners follow a certain set of actions for their

Though many of the ‘Softer’ aspects of preparation are often not verbalized enough, these are as important as the hard preparation.

This book represents the essence of my close observations of hundreds of IELTS winners and how they actually do it.

This book represents the strategies that helped thousands of others get a score of 7+.
Above all, this book is meant to save You weeks of looking around to find the right material, right courses and the right method of study.

It is meant to prevent You from wasting precious days searching for the material You need.

And it is meant to give You tips to develop the IELTS Winners’ attitude.

Spend a few hours on this book and save weeks of searching around.
Provide Yourself the road map to become an IELTS WINNER.
Here are the chapters of ‘Turbo Charge your IELTS Preparation’:
What does it take to be an IELTS Winner
What is the IELTS
Structure of the IELTS
The Myths of IELTS
The Winning IELTS Prep Strategies
The First Step: Know yourself
Identifying your weak areas
Work on your strong areas
Which is the Best Course/Books/Study Material for me?
Must Have Books
Is private tutoring the Holy Grail of a high score?
How do the IELTS Winners actually study?
Why the most important questions are the ones you get wrong
What is the right time to book your IELTS Exam
Why do IELTS Winners train like an Athlete
The Winning approach
So now that you know which books/course material to use and how to train, what exactly should you do and in what order?
How did he go from 6.5 to 9
Why some people score higher the second time around
What the Winners know about IELTS Speaking & how to Beat it
Using the Answer Choices
IELTS Writing
How does a Winner deal with IELTS Listening
IELTS Reading
The Block Technique
Time Management
Do IELTS Winners work in groups?
Why the winners ignore selected ‘Difficult’ Problems
Why you should read the News papers
How to find out your future IELTS score without taking the IELTS
Why Mental Fitness is Key Exam Strategies
How to get ‘Lucky’ in IELTS
The Winning Mind Set
Burning Desire to Excel
How Winner’s overcome limiting beliefs
How Winner’s manage their Self Image to succeed
The Mental Picture Principle
The Winning Traits
How Winners Plan
Beware of your Biggest Enemy
How Persistence pays
IELTS Winners countdown to the D Day…
A Week before the Test
The Day Before the Test
The Test Day
Those Four Hours
Managing Test Anxiety
What does test anxiety feel like?
What can you do to control test anxiety?
So How Do You Get To Be Self-Confident?

All this and more for just USD 29!

Turbo Charge your IELTS Preparation

Note: The eBook is in a pdf format. After making your purchase, you will be taken to page where you can instantaneously download the eBook.
For a strictly limited time, you can use discount code DISC1 to get $10 off!!
Still Not Convinced that spending 2 hours reading this book will save you weeks of effort and considerably improve your score?

Well you are entitled to be skeptical!

But I am so confident that applying the strategies in this book will boost your score that I am willing to give it to you for free!!
Try this Book for a full EIGHT WEEKS at my Cost. If you are not happy for whatever reason, you can ask for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED
at anytime.

Just send an email to admin at my-ielts.com , quoting the Paypal Receipt Number and the money will be refunded to you. No questions asked!!

So go on, now you have no reason Not to reach your full potential at the IELTS .

For a strictly limited time, you get the following Four Free gifts when you buy ‘Turbo Charge your IELTS Preparation’

Free Gift No 1: Developing a Power Concentration by T. Q. Durmont

This 66 Page book will prove invaluable to your IELTS prep.

Very few students possess the power to concentrate as they should.

Develop a Winning concentration with this book and get on the road to becoming an IELTS Winner.

Free Gift No 2: The Master Key System by Charles F Haanel

While he was attending Harvard University, Bill Gates discovered and read The Master Key System. Apparently, It was this book that inspired Bill
Gates to drop out of the Harvard and start Microsoft You know the results.

Free Gift No 3: Learning to User your mind

You will find this book invaluable not only for your IELTS prep, but also for life at the Graduate School and beyond.

Among other things in this seventy page book, you will learn about:

Formation of Study Habits, brain activity during study

Aids to memory, How to retain attention over long periods

How to become interested in a subject,

Bodily conditions for effective studying

……… and much more.

Free Gift No 4: Winners’ Guide to English Usage

Correct English usage is critical, not only for the Reading section, but also for the essays.

In this 50 page Guide you will find typical examples of wrong usage by students. Words that are commonly used incorrectly are listed in an
alphabetic order. As an example, a partial list of words starting with letter ‘A’ is illustrated below.

Action for Act . “In wrestling, a blow is a reprehensible action.” A blow is not an action but an act. An action may consist of many acts.
Admission for Admittance . “The price of admission is one dollar.”
Admit for Confess . To admit is to concede something affirmed. An unaccused offender cannot admit his guilt. Adopt . “He adopted a disguise.” One
may adopt a child, or an opinion, but a disguise is assumed. All of . “He gave all of his property.” The words are contradictory: an entire thing cannot
be of itself. Omit the preposition.
As for for As to . “As for me, I am well.” Say, as to me.
At Auction for by Auction . “The goods were sold at auction.”
At for By . “She was shocked at his conduct.” This very common solecism is without excuse.
Attain for Accomplish . “By diligence we attain our purpose.” A purpose is accomplished; success is attained. Authoress . A needless word–as
needless as “poetess.”
Avoid for Avert . “By displaying a light the skipper avoided a collision.” To avoid is to shun; the skipper could have avoided a collision only by
getting out of the way.