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Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore Dec.

2017 – Apr 2018

15ECE211 Electronic Circuits

1. Prepare a table to categorize LEDs based on the colour and the wavelength of the light
emitted, material used and the forward voltage of the LED.
2. A voltage regulator is designed to power a car radio at VL = 9 V from an automobile
battery whose voltage may vary between 11 V and 13.6 V. The series resistance is 15.3 Ω
and the zener resistance is 2 Ω. The current in the radio will vary between 0 mA (OFF) to
100 mA (full volume). Find the line regulation and the load regulation.
3. A Zener diode voltage regulator has an input voltage that varies between 10 V and 14 V,
a load resistance that varies between RL = 20 Ω and 100Ω. Assume a 5.6 Zener diode is
used and that IZ (min) = 0.1IZ (max). Find the value of Rs required and the maximum
power rating of the diode.
4. Assuming ideal diodes, find the output across AB for the circuit shown in Fig.1

Fig. 1
5. Design a circuit that yields the transfer characteristics as shown in Fig.2.

2.5 V


2.5 V 5V Vin

Fig. 2
6. The output resistance of a bridge full-wave rectifier is R = 150 Ω. A filter capacitor is
connected in parallel with R. Assume Vγ = 0.7 V. The peak output voltage is to be 12 V
and Vr,,p-p is to be no more than 0.3 V. The input frequency is 50 Hz. (a) Determine the
required rms value of the input. (b) Determine the required value of the filter capacitance
(c) Determine the peak current through each diode. (d) Determine the average current
through each diode.

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Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore Dec. 2017 – Apr 2018

7. Find the output of the following circuits.

i) C = 1 µF; R = 10 kΩ

ii) R = 1 kΩ; RL = 1 kΩ ; Vin = 10 V; Vbias = 1 V

iii) Determine the output voltage of the following circuits. Assume the diodes to be ideal.

Questions 4 to 7 need to be simulated and your analytical results verified.

Note: The assignment is due by 2359hrs of Feb. 11, 2018. It is to be sent as a pdf file,
named as xxxx.pdf to 15ece211.amrita@gmail.com, with the subject line as
Assgt_18.2, so as to reach me before the deadline specified. All figures and equations
have to be typed in – scanned images cannot be used.

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