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The Fourth Age

01 – Gimli Leads Settlers to Agrenost, Legolas Leads Settlers to South Ithillien

01 – Belmoroth's Band is Routed by the First Barad-Dur Regiment

01 – Faramir and Eowyn Wed

02 – The Host of Mordor Sets off to the South

02 – Eomer Weds Lothirien Princess of Dol Amroth

05 – The Hosts of Belmoroth, Lurtz III and Herumor Arrive in Ardor

06 – King Elessar Grants the Shire The 1st Free Protected Area

06 – Pippen Marries Diamond of Long Cleeve

07 – Birth of Durin VII Son of Thorin III Stonehelm

08 – Elfwine Son of Eomer and Lothiriel Born

09 – The Binding of Saurons Malice, in Morithani Tower

10 – Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth Weds Melia Brandee of Bree

11 – Merry Becomes Master of Buckland

12 – Elboron Son of Faramir I and Eowyn Steward of Gondor

13 – Pippen Becomes Thain of the Shire

14 – The Morenori Conquer Tel-Branora

15 – Elphir Son of Prince and Princess of Dol Amroth Imrahil and Melia

15 – Aragorn Travels to Lake Evendim and Annuminas, Stage 1 of Rebuilding Completed

15 – Death of Gloin Father of Gimli and Companion of Bilbo

19 – Phase I of Fornost Construction Complete

21 – Sam, Rose and Elanor Visit Minas Tirith, Edellhond, Osgiliath, Mordor

25 – Last Battles of Minas Morgul Fought

25 – Phase I of Tharbad Construction Completed

30 – Demolition of Minas Morgul Completed

31 – King Elessar Grants The Westmarch to the Shire

32 – Phase II of Annuminas Construction Finished, Aragorn Moves Throne to Annuminas

34 – Death of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, Elphir Assumes the Title

34 – Fastred of Greenholm Becomes First Warden of the Westmarch

41 – Phase II of Fornost Construction Completed

52 – Phase II of Tharbad Construction Completed

56 – Phase III Annuminas Construction Complete

61 – Samwise Sails to the West, Last of the Ring-Bearers

63 – Eomer King of Rohan Dies, Elfwine Becomes King

64 – Phase III Construction of Fornost Completed

81 – Phase III of Tharbad Construction Completed

100 – Pollando Wears the Iron Ring The Dark Shroud Envelops Dagoth-Ur, Agan-Dur Rusts

100 – Alatar Leaves the East by Horse to Council with the Leaders of the West

103 – Alatar Finds Glorfindel and is Introduced to the Kings of the North-West

105 – Fellowship Gardens Are Completed At Minas Ithil

120 – Aragorn the Elessar Dies, Eldarion Crowned King

121 – Arwen Dies in Lorien Gardens

166 – Mount Gundabad Cleansed and Reformed by Dwarves

171 – King Elfwine of Rohan Dies,

197 – Eldacar Becomes Steward of Arnor, Taking Over Most Offical Duties

200 – The Noldor of Rivendell Depart and The King Forms the University

220 – Eldarion Dies Eldacar Becomes King

315 – Ost-in-Edhil Phase 1 and 2 Construction Complete

333 – The Sorcerer Belmoroth Uses Ancient Elven Rituals to Repower the Remaining Rings of Power
335 – Belmoroth Crowned Witch-King of Ardor, The Court Follows his Will

399 – Dwarves of Erebor and Others Reopen Moria and Cleanse it

425 – Kingdom of Moria Reestablished Along with Belegost and New Nogrod

450 – King of the Al-Numeria Swears Fealty to the Witch-King

511 – Pollando Fully Masters the Ring and it's Power, The Dark of the World is Drawn to Him

512 – Alatar Discovers The Rings of Power Are Repowered

525 – Dagoth Uses Rituals to Bind the Evils of Morgoth and Darkness of Ungoliant to Him

530 – The Balrog in the Orocarni Arrives to Pay Homage to Dagoth-Ur

554 – Morguin and his Host Arrive in Ald Dagoth to Pay Homage to Dagoth-Ur

560 – The Last Vampire of Morgoth is Enslaved by Dagoth

580 – The Witch-King Arrives to Pay Homage to Dagoth-Ur

668 – Factions of Haradwaith and Far Harad Begin to Rearm under Orders from the Witch-King

1362 - 1st War of the Rings Begins, The New Fellowship Formed

1705 – The Fourth Age Ends with the Passing of Cirdan and the Elves