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Elven Bloodlines

The Original Six Elves

1 Imin and Iminye

2 Tata and Tatie

3 Enel and Enelye

A The 3 Ambassadors to Valinor

1 Ingwe of the Vanyar (First One/Chief) (High King of the Eldar) (Ingwe Ingweron) Rules Taniquetil

2 Finwe of the Noldor

3 Elwe of the Teleri (Lost near Lindon, Marries Melian the Maia, King of Doriath in Beleriand)

Other Elven Kings

1 Lenwe of the Nandor

2 Olwe of the Teleri of Valinor (Brother of Elwe, Led the Teleri and Elwe was Lost, Brother of Elmo)
Founder of the Falmari,

3 Nowe (Cirdan) of the Falathrim

4 Elmo Father of Celeborn, Brother of Elwe and Olwe

Children of Fingolfin

1 Fingon
2 Turgon Married to Elenwe, Parents of Idril, The Wise, Ruler of Gondolin (Valiant Lord)
3 Aredhel the White Lady of the Noldor, Mother of Maeglin,Married Eol,
4 Argon the High Commander

Children of Finarfin

1 Finrod Felagund Married to Amarie (Vanyar) in Valinor, King of Nargothrond

2 Angrod Married to Eldalote, Father of Orodreth
3 Aegnor
4 Galadriel (Blood of 3 Houses: Noldor, Teleri, Vanyar), Queen of Lorien

Children of

Children of Elwe (Thingol)

1 Luthien Most Beautiful of All Creatures, Married Beren

Other Relatives of Thingol

Galdor of the Havens, Cirdans Top Captain, White Council, Mithlond

Sons of Elmo

1 Celeborn: Grandfather of Elrohir, Elladan, Arwen, Father of Celebrian, Brother of Galathil, Son of
Galadhon, Grandson of Elmo, King of East Lorien and Caras Galadhon

1 Galathil: Father of Nimloth the Wife of Dior

Galdor Messenger of Cirdan, Captain of Mithlond

Other Notes

Beleg Cuthalion the Archer: Saved Turin, Slain by Him, Great Captain of Doriath, Hunting Party
Daeron: Loremaster and Minstrel of Thingol, Loved Luthien, Greatest Elf Musician, invented the Cirth
Wanders the Near East Singing of Luthien
Duilin: Noble of Gondolin, Lord of the House of the Swallow
Ecthelion: Very Old, One of the Greatest Warriors of the First Age, Gondolinian House of the Fountain
Egalmoth: Gondolinian, Survived the Attack, Slain by Elves of Feanor, Lord of the House of the
Heavenly Arch, Uses a Curved Sword
Elemmakil: Guard of the First Gate of Gondolin, Died in the Sack
Erestor: Top Captain of Elrond, Stays at the College
Amdir: Father of Amroth, First Lord or Lorinand (Lorien), Killed on Mt Doom, Dead Marshes
Amroth: King of Lorien, Lost his Wife Nimrodel at Edellhond, Dove in After and was Lost,Dol Amroth
Oropher: Father of Thranduil, First King of Greenwoods
Thranduil: King of Greenwoods, Father of Legolas
Galion: Butler of the Kings of Greenwood,
Legolas: Fellowship Member, Son of Thranduil
Celebrian: Daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, Wife of Elrond
Denethor: Son of Lenwe, Founder of Lindon
Galdor of Gondolin: Bravest of Gondolin, House of the Folk of the Tree, Possibly Galdor of Cirdan
Glorfindel of Gondolin: See Fellowship, Lord of the House of the Golden Flower
Gwindor: Son of Guilin, Brother of Gelmir, Prince of Nargothrond, Married or Engaged to Finduilas
Charged the Gates of Angband to Start Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Locked in Angband for 14 Years,
Lost in Dorthonion and Found by Beleg, Changed Greatly, Helped Rescue Turin,
Finduilas Now Loves Turin, Died at Battle of Tumlahad with Orodreth
Haldir: Silvan/Sindar of Lorien, Marchwarden of the North Forest, Later Chief guard for Celeborn
Brother of Rumil and Orophin, March Wardens
Gelmir: Brother of Gwindor, Held by Morgoth 17 Years After Battle of Sudden Flame, Maimed and
Killed in Battle of Unnumbered Tears, Nargothrond
Gelmir of Cirdan: Angrods People, Settled with Cirdan After Battle of Sudden Flame, Messenger
Idril: Daughter of Turgon and Elenwe, Wife of Tuor the Man, Mother of Earendil, Sparkling Brilliance
Indis: 2nd Wife of Finwe, Sister of Ingwe, Left for Valinor
Ingwion: 1st Son of Ingwe, Cousin? Of Indis, Led the Host of the Vanyar in The War of Wrath
Legolas Greenleaf of Gondolin: Lord of the House of the Green Leaf
Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood: Fellowship 1, Son of Thranduil, Master of Ithilien
Lindir: (Singer) Elf of Rivendell, Stays on at University
Luthien Tinuviel: Daughter of Elu Thingol and Melian the Maia, Loved Beren(
Luthien (Enchantress) Tinuviel (Daughter of the Starry Night) (Morning Star of the Elves)
Mablung: Great Captain of Doriath, Part of the Hunting Party, Became Cap. after Beleg
Lost Morwen and Nienor, Killed by Dwarves of Nogrod,
Maeglin: Son of Eol and Aredhel, (Sharp Glance), Lord of Gondolin, Only Elf to Willingly Serve
Morgoth, Whereabouts?
Maglor: 2nd Son of Feanor, Greatest Singer and Harpist of Noldor
Mahtan: Father of Nerdanel, Learned to Smith from Aule, Copper Circlet like Maedhros,Taught Feanor
Had a Beard at Young Age, Red Hair(Maedhros,Amrod,Amras)
Mithrellas: Silvan Female, Fled Lorien with Nimrodel, Married Imrazor the Numenorian, Mother of
Galador and Gilmith, Never Seen Again
Nimrodel: Wife of Amroth, Left Lorien after the Balrog Invaded Moria,Died Crossing the Ered Nimrais
Oropher: Sindar of Doriath, Moved House to Greenwood, Taken as King by Nandor Silvan of Forest
Fought with Gil-Galad at Mt.Doom, Army Ravaged, Amon Lanc Capital
Pengolod: Loremaster of Gondolin, Sage of the Noldor, Lived in Tol Eressea and Lindon After
Transcribed to Alfwine
Penlod: Lord of Gondolin, Lord of Houses of the Pillar and Tower of Snow, Died Defending City
Quennar: Loremaster of Doriath?, Early Loremaster
Rog: Lord of Gondolin, Lord of the House of the Hammer of Wrath, RENAME
Rumil of Tirion: Lore-Master of Tirion, Invented Writing (The Sarat), Later Feanor Expanded it to The
Tengwar, Refused Feanor and Joined Finarfin, Wrote the Silmarillion and Early Works
Saeros: High Council of Thingol, Insulted Turin, Died in Turins Sight, Asshole
Salgant: Lord of the House of the Harp of Gondolin, A Coward and Fan of Maeglin
Thranduil: 2nd King of Mirkwood, Father of Legolas
Tuor: Human of The House of Hador, Father of Earendil, Counted as an Elf
Voronwe: (Steadfast One) Elf of Gondolin, Story of Tuor

Evil or Unclear Death Elf Candidates

Caranthir Son of Feanor (The Dark)
Nellas Unused Female Name

Sons of Curufin

1 Celebrimbor, Greatest Elven Smith, Forged the Three, Mother is Nerdanel

Orodreth: King of Nargothrond After Finrod, Son of Angrod

Gil-Galad (King), Finduilas(Ruler of Nargothrond)

The Ten Companions of the Silmaril

Finrod and Beren

1 Edrahil
Caras Galadhon City of Lorien Ewok/Elves Telfindel
Eldalonde Elven Haven in Numenor (Name)
Doriath and Menegroth 3
Gondolin 3
Nargothrond 3