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Recording scripts

CD 1 – TRACK 2 Three. You hear a man telling his my money back. But just as I
colleague about his holiday. What turned it over, the handle came
TEST 1 was the problem with it? off in my hand. So I just put it
down and came back here. I
Now open your question paper A He became ill. hope nobody noticed me.
and look at Part 1. You’ll hear
people talking in eight different B He argued with his partner. M Well, let’s just pay for all this
situations. For questions 1–8, stuff and get out of here as
choose the best answer A, B or C. C He couldn’t see all the things soon as we can.
he wanted to see.
One. You hear a woman talking REPEAT
about her job. How does she feel F So… how was it?
about it? Five. You hear an advertisement on
M It wasn’t exactly the best two the radio. What is being advertised?
A It’s boring. weeks I’ve ever had. On the
first night we went out to a local A a festival
B She likes it. restaurant and by the time we
got back to the hotel Beth was B a new music album
C She finds it difficult. feeling sick and dizzy. The hotel
doctor had a look at her and C a cake
Before I came here I worked in sales said it was food poisoning.
and really I found the monotony All this week in Abbey Road Park
getting to me. Every day was F How awful! you can sample locally made
essentially the same. So I took a biscuits, cakes and desserts
complete change of direction, M It wasn’t so bad. It meant that I including last year’s prize winning
retrained and here I am. It’s been could just sit around the pool carrot cake. Dozens of rides and
almost 4 years now and I can and relax while she was stalls for all the family as well as
honestly say that no day is like the sleeping, instead of dragging music on the main stage from 8.
one before. What’s particularly me around to see every Local band Freddy and the
rewarding is that I’m helping people monument and museum like Pacesetters will be performing songs
who find themselves in difficult she usually does. from their new album Phenomenal.
situations, due to any number of Tickets cost 8 pounds for adults, 4
reasons… health problems, F You’re terrible! pound for under 16’s.
unemployment, to name just two.
What’s great is that, more often than M Don’t worry; she got her REPEAT
not I can make some sort of revenge on the second week. I
difference to their lives. just wanted to relax but we had Six. You overhear a woman talking
to see as much as we could in on the phone about her new boss.
REPEAT the time we had left… we What is she worried about?
ended up shouting at each
Two. You overhear a man telling a other in the middle of an A Losing her job.
friend about a film he saw ancient convent and then didn’t
recently. What type of film was it? speak until we got home. It’s all B Being given extra work to do.
OK now though. We’re both just
A a romance glad to be back. C Her boss is inexperienced.

B an action film REPEAT I know, but that’s not really that

important… she’s only my age and
C science fiction Four. You overhear a conversation hasn’t been doing this very long, but
in a supermarket. What are they management seem to think she’s
Well, it was OK I suppose. But to be discussing? quite capable, and I suppose they
honest, if you’ve seen one, you’ve must know what they’re doing. It’s
seen them all. And the final scene A Returning an item. more that with all these cuts she
was just awful. They’re looking up at proposing… most of the junior staff
the stars with far away looks on their B Breaking an item. will be out of work and will have to
faces, when suddenly all these look for other jobs, and who’s going
rockets and fireworks start exploding C Buying an item. to do their share of the work here?
in the sky. He’s a tough New York You’ve guessed it… I’ll be stuck with
cop and she’s an investigative M There you are. I was beginning it and expected to finish everything
reporter, and at the beginning they to worry. on time as always.
hate each other, but you’ve guessed
it, he saves her from a professional F Sorry. I was just looking at one REPEAT
killer and it’s not long before they’re of those vases on sale. They’re
running into each other’s arms in a really cheap and I thought it Seven. You hear an actor talking
crowded subway station. would look good on the TV. And on the radio about his new film.
if it didn’t I could just bring it What does he say about preparing
REPEAT back with the receipt and get for the role?

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Recording scripts

A He had to learn a new skill. CD 1 – TRACK 3 breed in captivity. 3 healthy cubs

were born at a breeding centre in
B He did lots of research. You’ll hear a talk about an Doñana. In 2009 it was announced
endangered species. For that 3 more cubs had been born in
C It was physically challenging. questions 9-18, complete the the same centre. Typically a mother
sentences. You now have 45 will give birth to 3 cubs after a
It seemed like quite a challenge seconds to look at Part 2. gestation period of 60 days. Iberian
when I heard about the project; I Lynx conservation is now under way
mean playing somebody like Buster The most endangered cat species is through political campaigning and
Keaton who performed all his own the Iberian Lynx, sometimes called lobbying from individuals and
stunts... having to jump from a horse the Spanish Lynx. Should this organizations such as SOS Lynx.
onto a train… it’s a bit too much for species die out it would be the first Important progress has been made
me, I can’t even ride a horse. But feline extinction since the Smilodon, in a number of ways. The foundation
after reading the script I was relieved commonly known as the Sabre- of the breeding programme in
to see that wasn’t necessary at all. Toothed Tiger, 10,000 years ago. Andalucía, prevention of further
It’s mainly focused on his personal Recent studies estimate the number construction in areas the Iberian lynx
life and so I wouldn’t have to face of surviving Iberian lynx to be as few lives, and the halting of proposals for
such physical torments. Instead I as 100, which is around 400 less new roads in problematic areas, such
spent hours every day, for about than there were in 2000. What does as the new motorway that had been
three months in fact, watching DVDs an Iberian Lynx look like? Their planned between Ciudad Real in La
of his old films, studying his leopard-like spots particularly Mancha and Cordoba in Andalucía.
mannerisms and facial expressions. distinguish it from its cousin, the Despite these successes, challenges
And to be honest with you, I’m more Eurasian Lynx and it is also smaller, and conflicting pressures remain.
than a little proud of the result. with a head and body length The World Wildlife Foundation has
between 85 and 110 centimetres. been urging Spanish authorities for
REPEAT Males can weigh between 12.9 and over two years to close a road which
27 kilograms, which is about half the crosses the Doñana national park, as
Eight. You overhear two people weight of the average Eurasian Lynx. Callum Rankine of the WWF says,
talking about a car. Why are they The lynx can live up to a period of ‘With such a small population, the
talking about the car? thirteen years. The Iberian Lynx’s accidental loss of just one individual
size means that it typically hunts for on the road brings the species closer
A It’s the man’s first car. animals no bigger than rabbits or to the brink of extinction.’
hares. Rabbits would account for
B It’s a brand new car. more than 70% of the Lynx’s food, That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn
but due to Spain’s declining rabbit to Part 3.
C It has broken down. population, the lynx has been forced
to attack larger mammals such as
F So I know you’re dying to tell young deer or roebuck. The Iberian CD 1 – TRACK 4
me… how’s the car? Lynx hunts alone and follows its prey
even up to distances of 100 You will hear five different people
M To tell you the truth, I’m kilometres. Or it lies in wait for its talking about holidays they have
beginning to think I should have prey for many hours. It uses the four had. For questions 19-23 choose
waited a bit longer. I may have sets of whiskers on its ears and chin from the list A-F how each person
made a mistake and rushed to sense its victim. They are active at feels about the holiday. Use the
into buying it. I just imagined it night. They stay active in winter and letters only once. There is one
there in my garage and had to their fur becomes thicker and paler. extra letter which you do not need
have it. In extreme weather, they take shelter to use. You now have 30 seconds
in caves or trees. The Iberian Lynx to look at Part 3.
F Why do you think you’ve made was once widespread all over the
a mistake? peninsula but it is now restricted to Speaker 1
very small areas, mainly
M It’s just that I’ve spent mountainous areas covered with It came as a complete surprise. Right
everything I had on it. I could’ve vegetation. Its recent drastic decline out of the blue she came home and
just bought something second over recent decades is due to loss of told me she’d been made redundant
hand or kept my old one habitat, reduction in prey and high from work and said why didn’t we just
running for another year or so. nonnatural mortality from road kills, take off for a year and travel around
If I have to take it for repairs predator control and hunting, the world. Well, it just all seemed to
any time soon, I don’t know although it is under legal protection make sense. I wasn’t enjoying my
how I’ll be able to pay for it. and it is no longer legal to hunt them. work at the time and was thinking
It was recently thought that the only about doing something else. Her
REPEAT breeding Iberian lynxes were in the company had given her quite a
Doñana National Park in Andulucía, generous redundancy package and
That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn southern Spain, but in 2007 a also we could rent out our house for
to Part 2. previously unknown population was the year; that would give us enough
discovered in Castilla-La Mancha in to live on for the year as long as we
central Spain. In March 2005, for the were careful with our money. And I’m
first time Iberian Lynxes managed to pleased to say that we were, apart

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Recording scripts

from the occasional few luxuries here and had everything you could ask M Sure. Well, it’s played on a pitch
and there… you know, meals in for… clean white sand, beautiful blue of around 140 metres long and
expensive restaurants for special sea, palm trees. And the locals were 85 metres wide, although for
occasions like birthdays or really friendly and really made a fuss youth matches it’s considerably
anniversaries, that kind of thing. of the kids. I think we’ll go back there smaller. There are two teams of
soon, but we’ll definitely stay in a 15 people and each player has
Speaker 2 different hotel, that one wasn’t good a slim bat called a hurley which
value for money at all. is made from ash wood. Players
It’s something I’d been looking into use the hurley to propel a small
for some time. To tell you the truth, Speaker 5 leather ball, which is slightly
it’s something I’ve wanted to do ever bigger than a tennis ball. There
since I was a kid. It just never I’d really been looking forward to are two ways to score points
seemed that it would be something I going there and I wasn’t during a match – by scoring into
could realistically do, so it just disappointed. Not in the least. From the goal and past the
remained a dream. But after the moment you arrive there you feel goalkeeper, whose hurley is
somebody told me how cheap it was immersed in its history. It’s the slightly bigger than the outfield
when you actually got there I started birthplace of civilisation after all, and players’... just to give him a
to do some serious research. And every street you walk down reminds chance… or you can score by
really, although actually getting there you of this. I know some people hitting the ball over the bar but
is very expensive, the price of the wouldn’t find it much fun, to be going between two long posts. A goal
hotels, restaurants and travelling from boring museum to boring scored past the goalkeeper is
around the country is so low museum, but it wasn’t like that. worth 3 points while putting it
compared to places in Europe, it When you see some of the over the bar is worth 1.
means that in total you’re not paying collections they have in the
much more than you would for a museums, and you see it in context F Well that all sounds relatively
cheap holiday on the beach in to the city itself, well, it’s an easy. Is it?
Greece or Spain. And it’s a lot more extraordinary feeling. The weather
interesting than just lying around on wasn’t great but I don’t think that M Not so easy as all that I’m afraid.
a beach somewhere. It was great. spoiled it for us at all. It’s not like you As you said earlier, it is the
I’m going back there next year. I go to a place like that just to sit on fastest ball game in the world. A
didn’t think I would ever be able to the beach and get a tan. We had a good hurler can hit the ball up to
say that. week there, but really you’d need a 150 kilometres an hour and the
month just to see everything. ball can travel as much as 110
Speaker 3 metres. There are also a few
That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn rules that make the whole thing
It’s not every day you go on to Part 4. trickier for the players. You can’t
honeymoon, but if you ask me it was just pick up the ball from the
all a bit over the top. We had our floor, you have to flick it up using
own private beach and the staff CD 1 – TRACK 5 the hurley. You can’t carry the
couldn’t do enough for us; they ball in your hand for more than 4
wouldn’t let us do a thing for You will hear an interview with a steps, so you have to run while
ourselves. For example if I tried to member of a sporting association. balancing the ball on the hurley,
pour myself a drink, somebody would For questions 24-30, choose the which is no easy thing. There
suddenly appear and take the bottle best answer A, B or C. You now are also restrictions on the way
out of my hand and finish pouring it. I have one minute to look at Part you can tackle another player,
know it’s all these luxuries that you’re four. so all in all it’s a sport that
paying for but it’s a bit much for me requires a high level of skill and
and wasn’t something I was F It’s been described as the years of practice.
comfortable with. I suppose you must fastest ball game in the world,
just get used to it after a while, but all and is played in places as far F And tell us how popular the
the time I kept thinking that it would away as Australia and South sport is outside Ireland.
have been a better idea if we’d used Africa but it actually comes from
that money to buy a washing our western neighbours over in M Well the history of Ireland is
machine and some new furniture Ireland. Many of us know next dominated by emigration. While
instead of going to all that expense. to nothing about this sport so it the country itself has a
will come as a surprise to learn population of less than 7
Speaker 4 that it has been played million, it’s often claimed that
competitively all over our there are over 70 million people
To tell you the truth, the hotel was a country since the 19th century. around the world with Irish
bit of a letdown. The pictures in the Sean McGinn of the British ancestry. Nearly 11% of
brochure were flattering to say the Gaelic Athletic Association is Americans see themselves as
very least. The restaurant was here to tell us a bit about the Irish-Americans. My own
supposed to be five star but I can sport of hurling. Hi, Sean, parents came over to Britain
honestly say I’ve had better food in a thanks for coming. Could you from Galway in the West of
motorway service station. It wasn’t all give us a brief description of Ireland in the 1930s. Wherever
bad though, the area itself was lovely. hurling? these emigrants went, they took
The beach near the village was lovely their sport with them. So now

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hurling is played in places such I don’t know what’s got into him. He their energy… I can’t imagine my
as Britain, the USA, Canada, used to be such a sweet boy. He’d granddad running around on stage
Argentina, Australia, New come round to the house at for that long.
Zealand, South Africa, as well Christmas time and sing such lovely
as places in continental Europe carols. My husband used to take him REPEAT
– for example there are teams fishing on Sunday mornings… if you
from Brussels, from could get him out of bed on time of Four. You hear somebody talking
Luxembourg, from Munich, course. Now he hardly says a word about a trip they are about to take.
Paris and Zurich. to either of us and he’s been getting Why are they going?
into terrible trouble in the classroom.
F And what would you say the The headmaster has asked them all A on business
appeal of the sport is? to come in for a meeting. We’re all
worried he’s going to be expelled B on holiday
M As well as the cultural aspect: from school.
keeping in touch with your C for a family wedding
roots, the game itself is so fast REPEAT
moving and so skilful that it’s I’ve been there before, I went there
hard to take your eyes away Two. You hear a man talking about with my wife to celebrate our third
from the action for even a a house. Why did he decide not to anniversary, which was five years
second. Also in these days of buy it? ago now. We had a great time just
the commercialisation of sport sitting around in the squares, getting
when you have footballers or A It was too expensive. a tan and seeing the sights. I don’t
formula one drivers earning imagine I’ll get to see many sights
more in a week than most of us B It wasn’t big enough. this time, unless you count a hotel
will see in a lifetime, it’s room, the inside of a taxi and a
important to remember that C It was too far away. conference centre as sights. Luckily
even at the very highest level, it’s only 4 days and I’ll be back on
hurling players are amateurs. In the end I just decided it wasn’t Saturday… I’d better be, my
That and the absence of really what I was looking for. Sure, if brother’s getting married and I’m the
violence between supporters… you compare it to places in the centre best man!
even in the most important of town, it certainly wasn’t bad value
matches there’s no segregation for money. But, at the end of the day, REPEAT
between rival fans… gives the it’s just me, no wife, no kids, why
sport a purity and nobility that I would I need two extra bedrooms? I Five. You hear a television quiz
don’t think you get in other know it’s more expensive to stay here programme.
sports. in town, but I don’t really want to How much does the contestant
spend an hour or more commuting win?
F Thanks, Sean. I think we all from the outskirts rather than just
know a little more about what walking half an hour to work. A nothing
sounds like a fascinating sport.
That was Sean McGinn of the REPEAT B ten thousand pounds
British Gaelic Athletic
Association talking about the Three. You hear someone talking C two thousand pounds
sport of hurling. about a concert they went to. How
did they feel about the concert? M So Brian, this is it... here comes
That is the end of part 4. the final question. Let me
A It was too short. remind you, you’ve used all
three life lines and if you
CD 1 – TRACK 6 B She enjoyed it. choose to play and get the
answer wrong you’ll walk home
TEST 2 C The music was disappointing. with nothing. If, after hearing
the question, you decide not to
Now open your question paper All my friends laughed when I told play, you keep the two
and look at Part 1. You’ll hear them I’d bought tickets. ‘How old are thousand pounds you’ve
people talking in eight different you?’ they asked, and I suppose already won. But… if you get
situations. For questions 1-8, they’ve got a point – I think the lead the answer right… you win the
choose the best answer, A, B or C. singer is only a couple of years jackpot of ten thousand pounds.
younger than my granddad. But I’ve OK? Here it is… who won the
One. You hear a woman talking always loved their music... well… European Football Cup in 1979
about a young man. What is her their early stuff from the 60s and and 1980? Was it A: Real
relationship to him? 70s… that’s why I felt really let down Madrid B: Liverpool or C:
when they spent 40 minutes playing Nottingham Forest
A his mother songs from their new album, which I
have to say, isn’t great. But once that M Well… I think it was Nottingham
B his teacher was out of the way they went on to Forest but I’m not absolutely
play just about every song they’ve sure… so I think I’ll keep what
C his neighbour ever written. You’ve got to admire I’ve already won. I’ve had a

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Recording scripts

lovely day, thanks for I’ve been really surprised by their Douglas Finch is to be awarded the
everything. reaction to be honest. They’ve been Honorary Degree of Doctor of
really supportive, Dad even lent me Business Administration in
M Well, Brian, you’re a cautious the money for the deposit and helped recognition of his outstanding
man… and you were right... it me move all my stuff in. That’s the scientific, design, and entrepreneurial
was answer C: Nottingham odd thing, they have such an old achievements and their important
Forest. A round of applause fashioned attitude I thought that contribution to the history and
everybody for Brian Smith, a never in a million years would they reputation of Bristol.
worthy winner. let me. I think that’s what made me
decide to leave really, we never Douglas Finch was born near
REPEAT seemed to see eye to eye on Glasgow and attended Allan Glen’s
anything and would get on each School before reading aeronautical
Six. You hear somebody buying a other’s nerves and row about almost engineering at Glasgow University,
train ticket. What kind of ticket do everything. from which he graduated in 1961. He
they buy? gained a Master’s Degree in Industrial
My new place is a little nearer to the Engineering at Cornell University,
A a single office, but only about another 10 USA in 1963 before returning to the
minutes on the bus. What’s great is United Kingdom and joining the Bristol
B a fixed return that now I have my own space and I Aeroplane Company.
can just invite a friend round, cook
C an open return dinner, watch a DVD, that sort of He joined the Bristol Gliding Club
thing, without having to check with and in 1965 received the Silver ‘C’
M Hello Scottish Rail, how can I mum and dad if it’s OK… and Gliding Badge. In 1967 he helped
help you? possibly having a blazing row about build the ‘Bristol Belle’, a red and
it. white striped balloon which made its
F Hi, I’d like to buy a return ticket first flights at Weston-on-the-Green
to Glasgow please. REPEAT near Oxford. It was the first modern
hot air balloon in Western Europe. In
M When were you thinking of Eight. You hear a radio 1968 Doug Finch was issued with
travelling back? advertisement. What is it the first ever Private Pilot’s Licence
advertising? for Hot Air Balloons.
F I’m not exactly sure, maybe
next Monday but it’s not really A a soft drink The success of Doug Finch in
definite. translating his ballooning expertise
B a holiday into a commercial concern is
M Well, an open return is £67.20 reflected in the birth and success of
which means you can come C a pizza restaurant his company, Finch Balloons of
back any time before the end of Bristol, which was formed by Finch in
next month. If you decide to Wellco Supermarkets are offering 1971 – five years after he
buy a fixed return for next another sensational summer savings constructed his first balloon. The new
Monday that’s £43.50. But you sizzler. In our East Park, Church company was based in Dutton,
know, a single is £25… so if Street and North Road branches, buy Bristol, where a total of twenty-nine
you buy a single and then 2 one and a half litre bottles of balloons were made in the basement
another single when you decide premiocola for just £1.40, that’s a of the property. 1971 also saw Finch
to come back, you’re only saving of nearly 50%... and that’s not build Golden Falcon, a balloon
spending £6.50 more than the all. Collect the tokens on each bottle designed specifically to fly across the
fixed return. top and for every 6 you’ll get a free Sahara.
margherita or tex mex pizza at
F Ah… that’s what I’ll do then. PizzaNation in the high street. Enter In 1972 Doug Finch received the
Can I have one of those please. our free draw to win a holiday for two Royal Aeronautical Club Bronze
in Punta Cana, Mexico when you Medal, the first awarded for hot air
M Sure. That’s £25 please. spend over £25 on any Wellco own- airships. A year later he was
brand products. awarded the Royal Aeronautical Club
REPEAT Silver Medal for the first balloon flight
REPEAT over the Alps. In the same year he
Seven. You hear a young woman received the Lighter Than Air Society
talking about her decision to leave That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn (USA) Achievement Award for the
home. Why did she decide to to Part 2. development of the first hot air ship.
leave home? Five years later he attempted the first
Atlantic crossing by balloon for which
A because of her relationship CD 1 – TRACK 7 he received the Royal Aeronautical
with her parents Club Gold Medal. In 1978 his attempt
You will hear a radio news item to make the premier Atlantic crossing
B to be nearer to work about a hot air balloon by balloon ended when bad weather
manufacturer. For Questions 9-18 forced his heated helium balloon
C because she wanted to live complete the sentences. ‘Zanussi’ down after a 2,000 mile
with a friend flight from Canada.

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Recording scripts

The Finch company moved to its Speaker 2 just took one look at the cottage and
present site in Gellingborough in the village and we fell in love. We
1983 and in the following years all of There was a time around here that didn’t really think about the
the records for distance and duration you could leave your front door open practicalities. It all seemed so idyllic
were taken by pilots flying Finch morning, noon and night. Kids just really. Country houses with beautiful
balloons. In 1989 Finch Balloons played in the street unsupervised gardens, cricket on the village green,
Limited received the Queen’s Award and only came home when it got the village fete, the duck pond... it
for Export, confirmation that Doug dark or their dinner was on the table. seemed like we were going back in
Finch had made Bristol the Everybody knew everybody else… time. But once you’re used to all that,
undisputed balloon manufacturing and their business… so it wasn’t all spent a year or so here… well…
capital of the world. great! … But over the last few years that’s when the realities kick in.
it’s got worse and worse and I’ve no There’s not really much to do. If we
During the 1990s interest in idea why, I really don’t. Mrs Peters at want to go to the cinema it’s a half
becoming the first to fly around the number 36, she was mugged just hour drive to the multiplex on the ring
world by balloon became intense and last Thursday, 50 pounds and her road. If we want to eat in a good
almost all the contenders have used mobile phone she lost. restaurant or see an exhibition we
Finch helium/hot air balloons. have to go into town, which with
Speaker 3 traffic can take over an hour and a
Doug Finch has advanced the half. And while the kids don’t mind it
science, technology and art of When we saw it we just fell in love now, I dread to think what they’ll be
balloon flight to the highest level. His with it. The old wooden floors, the like when they’re a bit older... there’s
factory in Bristol is the world’s largest heavy oak doors, the delightful bay literally nothing for teenagers to do
and last year he was awarded the windows… and the garden… the here. I guess we should have given it
Prince Philip Design Award. garden’s going to be glorious in a bit more practical thought before
spring. We’ll have picnics, maybe we dived in and moved.
Doug Finch will receive his Honorary even barbecues. Of course there’s
Degree of Doctor of Business lots of work to be done before it’s That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn
Administration at the award perfect, if it ever will be… But we to Part 4.
ceremony at Bristol Business School seem to be settling in. Most of the
on Tuesday 20 November at 11.30 local shopkeepers seem to know our
am at Bristol Cathedral. names now and most people say CD 1 – TRACK 9
hello in the street. It’s such a change
That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn from living in the city. And when the You will hear an interview with an
to Part 3. kids go back to school there’s a athlete talking about his sport. For
really good one at the other end of questions 24-30, choose the best
the village. I’ll probably have to walk answer A, B or C.
CD 1 – TRACK 8 them there though… the high street
is very busy with cars and I don’t M We’ve all heard of fun-runs and
You will hear five different people want to risk them crossing a busy half marathons, maybe we’ve
talking about the place where they road on their own. even competed in them… but
live. For questions 19-23 choose how many of us have heard of
from the list A-F to say what each Speaker 4 ultra-marathons? My guest
person feels about where they today is Stan Woodcock who is
live. Use the letters only once. Well, with the kids now, there’s just going to tell us all about
There is one extra letter which you not enough room for all of us. We ultramarathons. Hi, Stan,
do not need to use. had to do it really. Obviously, I would thanks for coming. Maybe I
have liked to have stayed here, but could start by asking you the
Speaker 1 it’s for the best. It was just obvious question... what exactly
impractical really. And now we’ll have is an ultra marathon?
People tell me I should cash in on it, a lovely place. I’ve lived here since I
sell up and move out to the country. left home. I never imagined then how M Hello Roy, thanks for inviting
Prices have gone up so much much my life would change. Look out me onto the programme. Well,
around here that I could get a lovely of the window, see that shop, that’s you know there’s no
place somewhere rural. I don’t know where I bought my first suit for my straightforward answer to your
though, it had never really occurred first day of work, and there’s the café question. Not all ultra
to me before. I’ve lived half my life where I met Karen, my wife. The marathons are the same. The
here and don’t really see much idea of moving was hard at first, simplest answer I can give you
reason for a change. But while you leaving all these memories behind. is that it involves running further
might say the area has gone up- Still, it’s for the best and it’s not like than a normal marathon, which
market and improved, with these new we’re moving to the other side of the is 42.195 kilometres. Basically
bistros and shops, well it’s lost world. It’s only a ten minute drive and you could divide them into two
something too. A lot of the character I can pop back whenever I like. types as well, those that cover
it used to have… I mean, now I don’t a specific distance and those
even know my neighbours’ names Speaker 5 that take place within a specific
and they don’t know mine. So I’m not time period, with the winner
sure if I should stick around now. I realise now it wasn’t the right thing being the runner who has
Moving… well, it’s food for thought. to do. We jumped in too quick; we covered the most distance.

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Recording scripts

M What sort of distances and time M That sounds like quite a trial, said the goal was valid. I’m sure
periods are we talking about Stan. Can I ask you just one there must be something to explain
here? last question, and I hope it how she did it though, you can’t just
doesn’t sound rude… but, why make Buckingham Palace disappear
M Well, the timed events range do you do it, it sounds crazy? into thin air. But it was really dramatic
from 6, 12 and 24 hours to 3 to say the least.
and 6 days. In terms of the M Don’t worry, I’m asked that all
distance races, the most the time. Maybe I used to ask REPEAT
common distances are 50 and myself too. But I can tell you
100 kilometres. this… it has taught me how I Two. You hear a woman
can take responsibility for my complaining about something.
M 6 days? Surely here in Britain, life and thereby guide my own What is she complaining about?
we’d run out of anywhere to run destiny instead of blaming other
to! people and being victimised by A types of mobile phones
my own imperfections. It
M No – timed events are generally confirmed that the anger and B teenagers
run on a track or a short road rage that exists in most of us is
course, usually about a based on our inability to accept C the public transport system
kilometre in length. our own inadequacies. It has
taught me that we all have the I just don’t see the point of them. You
M And how popular are ultra strength and conviction to deal get on the tube and some adolescent
marathons? with adversity – if we can just sits next to you and all you hear is
tap into it. But more than this tinny repetitive beat. Why can’t
M More popular than you’d think. anything, it has left me feeling they just put headphones on? Why
In Europe alone there were profoundly grateful for my do they imagine that the rest of us
more than 200 ultra-marathons family and friends, appreciation want to hear their music? It’s not as if
last year. There are a few in of what I have, who I am, and I’ve ever heard anybody using them
Africa, including the world’s where I am going in my life. to play decent music. I used to think
oldest, the 89 kilometre their ringtones were annoying, but it’s
‘comrades marathon’ in South M Stan Woodcock, thanks for nothing compared to these. It really
Africa which attracts about coming in and speaking to us. ruins my journey to work sometimes.
12,000 runners a year and a Not that it was ever really a pleasure.
250 kilometre race in Namibia That is the end of part 4.
called ‘racing the planet’… it’s REPEAT
becoming more popular in Asia.
Taiwan, Japan and Korea have CD 1 – TRACK 10 Three. You hear somebody talking
all hosted ultra-marathons, and on the phone. What is the purpose
India held its first in Bangalore TEST 3 of their phone call?
in 2007. There’s even an ultra-
marathon held in Antarctica! Now open your question paper A to complain
and look at Part 1. You’ll hear
M And I believe you’ve just people talking in eight different B to arrange to meet someone
returned from the United States; situations. For questions 1-8,
tell us about that. From what you choose the best answer, A, B or C. C to apologise
told me before the programme, it
sounds impossible! One. You hear someone talking I know exactly how you must feel.
about something he saw on But just let me explain… I know, I
M Well, I took part in the Badwater television. What did he see? know… I got the two thirty train and I
Ultra-marathon. Which is a was supposed to get the connecting
terrific test of your personal A a magic trick train at two fifteen, but there was a
endurance. It’s a 215 km course delay at the train station and we
which starts at 85 metres below B a drama didn’t get there until half past two
sea level and ends at the top of and I’d missed it. The next one
Mount Whitney in Death Valley, C a sporting event wasn’t until 5. Can you believe it?
California… 2,548 metres above I’ve a good mind to write a letter of
sea level. What makes it It was one of those ‘must-see’ complaint to the company and tell
particularly tricky is that it’s held moments. Everybody I knew watched them how angry I am; it’s not as if
in July, when temperatures can it, and everybody at work the next the tickets are cheap either. You
reach 49 degrees in the shade. day was talking about it. It was just know how much I wanted to meet
A guy called Al Arnold pioneered like that soap opera years ago when you, how can I make it up to you?
the course, first attempting it in the guy got shot and all you could What? Yes, I know… of course I had
1974, but he failed to finish due hear the next day was people it with me… just that I forgot to
to dehydration. He tried again discussing who shot him. There were charge it last night and it ran out of
the following year but sustained even t-shirts printed ‘Who shot BJ?’ batteries, so I couldn’t call you.
a knee injury, but in 1977 he they said. Or like that world cup final Hello? Hello?
was the first to finish it, with a where the England player used his
time of eighty hours. hand to score a goal and the referee REPEAT

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Recording scripts

Four. You hear somebody talking M Sara! Hi! You look great. I going camping with him there for a
in a shop. What kind of shop is it? suppose you must still be taking long weekend. But that’s why they
those classes. made it really, to highlight how so
A a health food shop many visitors going there every year
F I sure am! I’ve lost 5 kilos since is eroding a lot of the natural
B a greengrocer’s I last saw you. Anna’s a real vegetation that the wildlife there rely
dictator in her classes; she on for food and shelter. Really did
C a chemist’s really makes you work and make me think. And the music they
sweat. But I have plenty of time used is great, really complimented
It’s because I have these allergies. these days since I finished at the images. You should see it.
I’ve tried everything. Creams, pills… university. What about you?
you name it. The doctor told me he How come I haven’t seen you REPEAT
wasn’t sure what was causing it, he there for so long?
even suggested it was all in my That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn
head. But surely I’m not imagining M Well, time is the big problem to Part 2.
the rashes I get when I eat them. It really. I’ve got so much work to
just started a couple of years ago, I do, I ended up finishing so late
used to eat plenty of them with no and then taking work home with CD 1 – TRACK 11
problem. I suppose it must be me. There just don’t seem to be
something to do with the fertilizers enough hours in the day. But I You’ll hear an information
and pesticides they use these days. do seem to be putting on a bit announcement about facilities
So, no, those look nice and I’m sure of weight, so maybe I’ll try to offered at Blackpool Airport. For
they’re fine but I don’t want to risk it, get down there at least once questions 9-18, complete the
I’ll have the organic ones instead. A next week. sentences.
kilo should be enough.
REPEAT Checking in at Blackpool airport
REPEAT couldn’t be easier. The majority of
Seven. You hear a man talking to check-in desks at Blackpool Airport
Five. You hear a man talking about his partner on the phone. When is are located on the first floor of the
his sister. What is his sister’s he going to leave work? terminal building. Air UK operates its
biggest fault? UK, London and German flights from
A 8.30 check-in Area 14, which is located on
A She talks too much. a level beneath the Arrivals Hall. To
B 8 save time, have your tickets and
B She’s too serious. passport ready, and ensure your
C 9.30 hand luggage contains only the items
C She gets easily annoyed. you may need during your journey.
I know I said I’d be home by 8 but it Ensure that carryon luggage does
Seriously, there are times when I just can’t be done. I’ve got a huge not contain any liquids, gels or
think I just can’t take any more. I love stack of work on my desk and I pastes that exceed 100 ml. You can
her to bits of course, but at times, promised my boss I’d have it done by also use the self-service check in
well, you can imagine, I just have to Wednesday. I’m going to have to desks. Self-service check-in is
take a deep breath and count to 20 come in early before he gets here at available to passengers departing
or I’ll just explode or end up walking eight thirty tomorrow and get some from the Airport travelling with certain
out. She’s always been the same, more of it done. Look, it’s half past airlines. A number of scheduled
ever since we were little kids. You eight now, I’ll just put in another hour airlines offer self service check-in
just can’t get a word in edgeways. and then I’ll finish, OK? Do we need and internet check-in technologies in
She’d kill me if she knew, but anything from the shops on my way order to facilitate their passengers
sometimes when she calls I just put home? with early check-in, seat selection
the phone on the table, go away and and issue of boarding passes.
make a cup of coffee and when I REPEAT Please select from the airline links
come back she’s still going on and below to see if this service applies to
on and none the wiser. Eight. What is the speaker your destination. Airline staff are on
describing? hand should you require any
REPEAT assistance. Sit back and relax in the
A a documentary Eric Morecambe Departure lounge.
Six. You hear 2 people talking. Enjoy the comfort and relaxing
What is their relationship? B a visit to a national park atmosphere of the Eric Morecambe
Lounge for up to three hours – for
A They’re related. C a friend’s holiday only €25 per person. We offer an
excellent service to all passengers
B They go to college together. It’s quite breathtaking really. You regardless of airline or class of ticket.
could almost be there. It’s such a And there’s a 20% discount for the
C They go to the same gym. beautiful park, the valley looks over 60’s who can take advantage of
gorgeous. You can see why it our facilities for only 20 euros per
F John! I haven’t seen you for attracts so many visitors. Only last person. Facilities include:
ages. How are you? week John was asking me if I fancied complementary refreshments;

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Recording scripts

newspapers and magazines; Free of an audience, how are you Speaker 4

Wi-Fi access throughout the lounge expected to feel? There were
and notification of delays and flight hundreds of people there! But at the I wasn’t supposed to be appearing
times. A left luggage facility is end of the day, you’ve done your that day. I was the understudy to
available in the Car Park Atrium, preparation. You’ve spent months Jake Collins, the Hollywood film star.
directly across the road from the with the play, living the part… so He was in London to perform in this
Terminal, for short and long term when I stepped out on the stage I play and the publicity it got was
storage of luggage. The facility is was surprised at myself. I didn’t even astonishing, you couldn’t turn on the
open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily and notice the audience; I just went out television or open a newspaper
rates vary depending on the size of and played my part as though it was without seeing his picture or an
baggage. A car key holding facility the most natural thing in the world. article about the play. So a lot of
exists for passengers, at a charge, And that’s how it felt, it wasn’t me up excitement had been created in the
with Greencaps, in the Car Park there on stage, I was the character city. I imagine a lot of the audience
Atrium. The keys must be collected and every line was my own. had bought tickets simply to see a
by the person nominated to do so. Hollywood star up close. They must
This person must have photographic Speaker 2 have been rather disappointed when
identification when collecting the it was announced that he wouldn’t be
keys. Those leaving keys must also I couldn’t wait to get out there. performing due to food poisoning.
provide a reference of where their Seriously. We’d rehearsed it so often But for me it was a wonderful
car is parked. I was eager to show people what opportunity, and you can’t imagine
Blackpool airport boasts a variety of we’d done, what a classic play it how great standing in for such a
cafés and restaurants, such as the was. The play was set during the first famous actor made me feel.
Cosy Café located on the mezzanine world war and was about a group of Especially as when the play finished
floor. Relax in this modern light filled soldiers all from the same village nobody I saw leaving the theatre
restaurant and choose from a who all get killed on the same day. looked in the least bit disappointed.
wonderful selection of modern Irish We’d read so many letters, plays and
classics such as; Pan fried Chicken books from the men who were Speaker 5
with creamy smoked bacon and Leek actually there and what we noticed
sauce, freshly cooked pasta dishes, was that in the early days of the war, It was a nightmare from the
or Pan Asian delights such as Thai how so many men were so keen to beginning to the end. I couldn’t
style prawns. Full English breakfast go out and fight, even if it meant focus, I had trouble remembering my
is served from 4 a.m. The airport is certain death. At the time I remember lines, I could barely move. Honestly, I
conveniently located approximately thinking they were crazy… but it’s was shattered. I had given up my job
10 km north of Blackpool city centre. strange, the more we practiced on as a teacher just 9 months before to
It is served by a large number of our own in an empty theatre… the pursue my dream of being a
buses, coaches and taxis all allowing more we just wanted to go out and professional actor, and as luck would
you to get to and from the airport do the real thing in front of a real have it my wife announced that she
with ease. Over 21 million audience… even if it proved to be a was pregnant just a week later. I’ll
passengers travelled through total disaster. Which it wasn’t, I’m have to make a decent job of this I
Blackpool Airport last year. pleased to say. We got very good thought, I’ve now got more
reviews in the following week’s local responsibility than I’ve ever had. We
That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn paper. were both so happy when I got this
to Part 3. part, it was quite a prestigious
Speaker 3 production and it looked like I might
have a future. Of course, fate had
CD 1 – TRACK 12 It was maybe the most frightening other ideas. My wife went into the
moment of my life. I was waiting in hospital the day before the first
You will hear five different actors the wings, I knew my cue was performance. I was up for 30 hours
talking about their first stage coming up any minute. My mind went straight that day, pacing up and
performance. For questions 19-23 blank. I started hyperventilating. My down the corridors. She gave birth to
choose from the list A-F to say stomach was in knots. I started to our daughter, Chloe, just 2 hours
what each person felt during the sweat. I nearly ran away there and before curtains up. I literally had to
performance. Use the letters only then. I just wanted to hide and run all the way from the hospital to
once. There is one extra letter wished I’d never put myself in this the theatre. Luckily everybody
which you do not need to use. position. I couldn’t though, I couldn’t understood and I actually received
let all those people down. The an award for that role.
Speaker 1 people who’d bought tickets but more
importantly all my fellow actors and That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn
I thought I’d be a lot more anxious the director… we’d all worked so to Part 4.
than I was. I couldn’t sleep for a few very hard to make this production.
days before it. I kept going over the So I took a few deep breaths and
worst possible scenarios in my head. when the time came I went onto the CD 2 – TRACK 1
Everything from forgetting my lines, stage. I’d like to say I delivered a
to throwing up all over the stage… I breathtaking performance but the You will hear an interview with the
even imagined a fire in the theatre. I truth is I was terrible. It did get better creator of a web-based music
suppose it’s only natural really. I after that first performance though, service. For questions 24-30,
mean it’s your very first time in front thankfully. choose the best answer A, B or C.

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Recording scripts

F Steven Pride is a difficult man F Go on, give us a quick look into M Depending on who you speak
to track down. The co-founder your music collection. Who are to, we will be compared to
and CEO of MusicFlow is busy you listening to right now? different services. In the UK, we
travelling around Europe on get compared to First.fm; in
business. Founded in 2008, M There are some fantastic artists France a lot of people compare
MusicFlow is quickly gaining a coming through, such as We us to Geezer, while in the US a
legion of loyal fans and it is are Scientists, Vampire lot of people see us as similar
easy to understand why. The Weekend, Bats for lashes, Fleet to Phapster. I honestly believe
musicstreaming program gives Foxes and The Black Keys. that we don’t have a main
users instant access to a huge Leonard Cohen’s latest is competitor on that level as no
catalogue of music from all over awesome and I’ve just started one is currently offering what
the world, free of charge. listening to Little Feet’s new we are offering in terms of an
Unlike the majority of similar album, which just hit MusicFlow ad-supported model and a
websites, MusicFlow’s beauty today. subscription model as one.
lies in the fact that it works with
music companies and rights F MusicFlow was yours and F What have you got planned for
holders so that its operations Marta Pirez’s brainchild, did it next year?
are wholly legitimate. This come about quickly from a chat
explains why MusicFlow has you both had or was the idea a M Lots of stuff. We’ve got some
been welcomed with open arms long process development? unbelievably cool exclusive
by both producers and content available for our users
consumers of music alike. Just M It’s something we’d been coming up over the next few
this past Wednesday saw thinking about for a while. One months, plus we’re also going
Steven Pride attending the Brit thing that became obvious to us to provide our MusicFlow
Awards in London, mingling about person to person file Premium subscribers with some
with the crème de la crème of sharing was the fact that people special extra services.
the music industry. This would consumed more music than
never have been the case for ever from a bigger diversity of That is the end of part 4.
the likes of Phapster or Pirate artists. The influences in terms
Ship. of what they were listening to
So it was with great satisfaction were coming more from friends CD 2 – TRACK 2
that Steven Pride, very much than from radio stations. They
the man of the moment, took were consuming music like TEST 4
some time out to answer our crazy but weren’t necessarily
questions. paying for that music. The Now open your question paper
You are often described as a underlying demand for music and look at Part 1. You’ll hear
hardnosed businessman, are was bigger than ever. The people talking in eight different
there any other things you are reason we set up MusicFlow situations. For questions 1-8,
also guilty of? was to cater for that demand choose the best answer, A, B or C.
but to also, at the same time,
M Right now, with all the travelling create a functioning revenue One. You hear a woman talking
I’m doing, I’m not getting stream. about her pet. What is the problem
enough sleep at night, so I’d with it?
have to say falling asleep in F What has been MusicFlow's
meetings. My wife might tell you biggest challenge since start- A Her neighbours have
I work too hard, but I don’t think up? complained about it.
that’s true. I’m just doing what I
love. M Well obviously signing the B It is sick.
various record deals was a
F Who has most inspired you? huge step for us. We want to be C It is noisy.
the alternative to music piracy
M In terms of music I would have and to have the support of the I can’t get a wink of sleep and I’m so
to say The Beatles. I don’t think record labels, both the majors sleepy at work. Even my boss has
we’ll ever see any group and independents, to allow us noticed it. I’m worried sick. Really, I
produce such a body of work to realise that aim. Since then, don’t know what’s got into her. She
ever again. Almost every song probably dealing with the surge never used to be like this. OK, when
is a classic. In terms of in users has been one of our the postman came she used to do it,
business, I think my father has biggest challenges, as well as but not at night, not every night at
been my biggest influence, he adding on average 10,000 least. I’m amazed the people next
always told me I should just do tracks a day to the MusicFlow door haven’t come round and said
what makes me happy. And for catalogue. Putting all the anything about it, I know I would have
everything else, my wife. She’s world’s music in one place is a if it was me. A car or a motorbike
been my rock, my inspiration, big job. drives past the house and she’s off,
an oasis of stability over the barking for hours. I don’t know if
last few years, which have been F Who do you see as your there’s something they can do at the
crazy. biggest competition? clinic, some pills or something. I’ll
phone them, see what they suggest.

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Recording scripts

REPEAT special bus service for pupils who F Yes, we are. We’ll have the
will now need to travel to school in beef half pounder burger with
Two. You hear someone talking nearby Mettingborough. texas sauce, the fried cod and
about their job. What do they do? chips with tartare sauce, and
REPEAT the southern rancher fried
A a nurse chicken with lemon dressing,
Four. You hear someone talking please.
B a firefighter about a famous actor. How does
she know him? M Very good, madam. And what
C a police officer would you like to drink?
A they went to drama school
It is rewarding I must say, but it does together. F Just a bottle of mineral water,
take it out of you. Not just physically please.
but emotionally as well. You see the B They went to university
most terrible things. Usually people together. M Of course.
who’ve been involved in traffic
accidents, but also house fires and C They went to school together. F Oh and could we have 3 side
industrial accidents. Of course, salads please?
there’s sometimes very little we can People ask me that all the time… did
do except try to make them as I know how famous he would M You realise the half pounder
comfortable as possible. It would be become? Well, of course not. How and the southern rancher are
a crime not to do whatever we could. could I? He was very good looking served with salad, madam?
There are lots of success stories too. obviously, but that’s not everything is
A lot of people are saying we’re the it? I suppose you have to have the F Oh, in that case just one salad
best burns unit in the whole country. talent, oh and some luck too. I think then please.
he’s worked very hard to get where
REPEAT he is today. We actually appeared in REPEAT
a few plays together at that time, we
Three. You hear a man talking on were both members of the drama Six. You hear a tour guide talking
the radio about a local school. group. Funnily enough it was me that to a group of visitors in a gallery.
Why is the school being pulled everybody thought would become a What does he tell them about the
down? star. We hadn’t seen each other for gallery?
years actually. I went off to study
A There aren’t enough theatre and drama at college, and A Large groups aren’t allowed
students. I’m not sure where he went, we just in certain areas of it.
sort of fell out of touch. But then one
B It has become dangerous. day, oh I don’t know how many years B It’s advisable just to visit one
ago now, and there he was on the section of it.
C A new school is being built. television playing a young university
professor who is being blackmailed C They could get lost in it.
Residents of Eddington were sad to by his student. I was amazed, he
hear of the local council’s decision to was incredible… so charismatic and Well that’s enough about the history
demolish Saint Xavier’s secondary convincing. And guess what I’m of the building itself. Now it’s time for
school. While it is acknowledged that doing now? Yes, I’m a drama you to have a look at what you really
student numbers had steadily been teacher, I just never seemed to get came here to see, the pictures
declining over the past few years, it that part to launch my career, so I themselves. We’ll meet back here at
was still felt that there was sufficient gave up after a few years. I enjoy my 12 and then proceed back to the
need for a secondary school in the job now of course, but you can’t help coach.
village. thinking back to when we were kids
and how things might have turned If you look in your guide packs you’ll
Unfortunately, after careful out differently. find a map of the gallery. It’s quite
assessment by the ministry of public clear and colour coded so it makes it
works and their surveyors, it was REPEAT easy to find exactly what you’re
decided that the building had looking for. I would warn you though,
become structurally unsafe and Five. You hear someone ordering that in a building this size and with
should be closed with immediate a meal in a restaurant. Which dish so many different sections dedicated
effect. doesn’t have salad included? to different art movements it would
be impossible to see it all in just one
A local action committee has been A the burger morning. You’d have to be here for
pressuring the council to construct a days really. It’s best to decide on
new school on the same site. B the fish and chips which parts you’d really like to see
However, a spokesman for East and then just concentrate on those.
Ridingshire council has declared that C the fried chicken Otherwise you’ll have to run around
there are insufficient funds in the the gallery and not really have a
budget for such a project, for the M Are you ready to order, chance to really look at any of the
foreseeable future at least. They madam? pictures properly. Also it’s best to
have, however, agreed to fund a divide yourselves into smaller

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Recording scripts

groups, otherwise I’m sure nobody F Retro is all the rage now – and finally my fundamental
will be able to agree what you all everybody’s wearing things like training came from the division
want to see. Also, it gets very this. Anyone who knows how to of Head and Neck surgery at
crowded around this time of day, so it dress at least. UCLA.
wouldn’t be very practical if you all
just stuck together. OK, see you here F OK, take it. But don’t say I F What changes have you seen
at 12. didn’t warn you if people give in your long career, in terms of
you funny looks. techniques, technology and
REPEAT trends? Was plastic surgery as
F Don’t worry, mum. I’m going to popular 30 years ago?
Seven. You hear a television be the coolest girl in my class.
weather forecast. What is the M There have been many
weather going to be like today in REPEAT changes in plastic surgery over
the east of the country? the years. There is a tendency
That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn to swing from radical and exotic
A rainy to Part 2. to minimal and less invasive
and then back again. Many of
B sunny the fundamental surgical
CD 2 – TRACK 3 techniques have not really
C snowy changed because they are
You’ll hear a radio interview with a based on solid surgical
Well for much of the country it’s plastic surgeon. For questions 9- principals. On the other hand,
going to be a lovely day, with 18, complete the sentences. You new procedures and materials
temperatures reaching as much as now have 45 seconds to look at are almost a daily occurrence.
28 degrees. Not bad at all after all part 2. Perhaps, the most impressive
that wintery weather we’ve been of the trends is the widespread
having lately. Leeds was reported to F Mediwatch recently caught up use of Botox and the filler
have received as much as 6 inches with Dr Nigel Bryan, founder of substances available today. The
of snow in the last month. But that the Bryan Plastic Surgery popularity of plastic surgery is
looks to be behind us now as a belt Medical Center in Tarantino, increasing daily. 30 years ago,
of high pressure comes in from the New Mexico. Dr Bryan is an the general consensus among
west, spreading eastwards as the accomplished plastic surgeon those who could afford it, was
week goes on. It looks a bit bleaker and has been on the Board of to get a facelift at 50. Today,
on the east coast until tonight, I’m Directors for the American there is something for
afraid, as you’re set for a day of grey Academy of Facial Plastic and everyone, from Botox to filler
clouds and showers, sometimes Reconstructive Surgery and on substances, to facelifts. More
heavy. It might be a good idea to the surgery credentials importantly, the general
take your washing in but don’t worry. committee of the American population of women and men
By tomorrow afternoon you’ll be out Board of Facial Plastic and considering cosmetic
in the garden barbecuing with the Reconstructive Surgery. Dr procedures is closer to 35.
rest of us. Bryan, thank you for taking the
time to speak to Mediwatch. F You are a specialist in facial
REPEAT You have been practicing facial plastic surgery. Facial plastic
plastic surgery since 1977 and surgery includes several
Eight. You hear a girl talking to her have over 30 years of procedures – face lifts,
mother. Why does she want her experience in this field. That’s a rhinoplasty, otoplasty, brow lift
mother’s hat? great track record! How did you and many others. Which
decide to become a plastic procedure in facial plastic
A to wear it to a party surgeon and choose facial surgery is the most difficult to
plastic surgery as your perform? And, which procedure
B It’s fashionable. specialisation? do you find the most
C She needs a new hat. M I first became interested in
facial plastic surgery when I M There is no question that
F Why on earth would you want was in residency training at rhinoplasty is the most difficult
this? I must’ve bought it 30 UCLA. My major inspiration plastic surgical procedure from
years ago. It’s ancient. Besides, came from Michael Howish, MD head to toe. Therefore, it is
surely you have enough hats, who was an extraordinary clearly the most interesting and
there are at least 10 in your teacher and surgeon. most challenging to perform.
F Where did you receive your F Is there any procedure that is
F But I love it, mum, it’s plastic surgery training? more popular than the others?
M I attended Medical School at M Botox is by far the most popular
F You’re not going to a Halloween Idaho University in Springton, cosmetic procedure today. It is
party and dressing up as a followed by general surgery at affordable with no downtime
hippy, are you? the University of Eastern Idaho and patients love the results.

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Recording scripts

F You’ve mentioned in your M All patients need to be treated Turkish restaurant… you name it. It’s
website that cosmetic surgery postoperatively as any other like the whole world is here. I was in
can help a person with poor surgery patient would be. the butcher’s the other day and the
self-esteem. To what extent Photographic records need to guy behind the counter was speaking
does having cosmetic surgery be kept and frankly, there is a to me in English, to an elderly
help improve a person’s lot of hand holding for the woman in Arabic and to some young
psychological health? Would emotional issues that occur. In Senegalese guys in French. Now, I’m
you like to tell us about any general, most patients are from a small village up north and
incident where surgery has thrilled, happy and require most people there have lived there
helped a person immensely? minimal care. for generations, I mean, my teacher
at school also taught my dad, so it’s
M Plastic surgery is not at all F How important is it for a patient a real contrast and something I think
about what your spouse or to feel comfortable with the gives the place its verve.
friends think. It is about how surgeon? What kind of rapport
you feel about yourself when do you share with your Speaker 2
you look in the mirror. There is patients?
no question that people who Never a dull moment, that’s all I can
look good and feel good about M Being comfortable with the say. If you have the time and the
themselves are generally more surgeon and his team, including money, you’ll never be bored. On
successful than those who everyone in the office is Monday I can go to the South Bank
don’t. essential. Our rapport is and see an exhibition. On Tuesday I
excellent, the support of the can pop into the British Museum.
F Do you also perform facial staff is excellent. We try to Wednesday, maybe catch an opera.
plastic surgery on accident listen to each patient and Thursday go out for a meal. Friday
victims or patients with birth address that patient’s individual go and see a film in one of the
defects? needs. massive cinemas in Leicester
Square. Saturday, go to a football
M Yes I do, but my son Nigel F Your son, Dr Nigel Bryan, Jr. match and then on Sunday just have
Bryan Jr. just returned from a has joined your practice. How a walk in Regent’s Park – it’s
trip to Columbia where he does it feel to work with him? beautiful there, so many trees and
helped treat 50 patients with flowers, so relaxing.
cleft palates and cleft lip M It is a thrill and a privilege to be
deformities in less than a week. able to work with my own son. Speaker 3
It was easy to assess his
F As with any surgery, plastic education, but you never really There’s just this buzz about the
surgery entails some risks – know how well another surgeon place. Walking down the street you
reaction to anesthesia, can operate. He is a gifted and see a famous singer, you might be in
infection, hematoma, seroma, meticulous surgeon. the newsagent’s and an actor from
embolism and necrosis. Is there some famous TV series pops in to
any particular procedure that F Thank you, Dr Bryan, for taking buy his copy of the Guardian. There
has more risks than the others? the time to answer these are always new restaurants or clubs
How do you minimise these questions. opening. All the different parts of the
risks? city have their own special feeling.
That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn North London with its Irish
M As a facial plastic surgeon risks to Part 3. community, and the West Indian
really come in two categories. parade in Notting Hill. I know some
The risks are the anticipation of people get annoyed with how people
the patient and real medical CD 2 – TRACK 4 rush about and the general mayhem
risks. Serious medical on the tube, but for me it’s what
complications rarely if ever You will hear five different people London is all about, its electric.
occur in competent hands. talking about what they like about
Patients’ anticipation and London. For questions 19-23, Speaker 4
expectation is much harder to choose from the list A-F the
judge. We minimise the reason each speaker gives for why Well, I have heard there are more
expectation risks by fully they like the city so much. There green spaces in London per capita
explaining all procedures and is one extra letter which you don’t than anywhere else. I’m not sure if
their results to each individual need to use. that’s true, but it’s certainly an
patient. On the medical side, improvement on the city I grew up in.
our operating room facilities are Speaker 1 In our local park you could walk
fully certified by AAAASF and I every inch of it in about half an hour.
have had experience in over I remember the first time I went there In London though, you’re spoilt for
10,000 cases. it was the thing that struck me most, choice. I’m not sure which park I
and it still does to this day, and I’ve would say was my favourite, it would
F What kind of follow-up lived here nearly 10 years now. You depend on my mood. I do have a
measures need to be taken in can just walk down the street and soft spot for Primrose Hill, you know
facial plastic surgery? there’s an Indian restaurant, next to a the one you often see in films, that
Lebanese restaurant, next to a has a view all over London.

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Recording scripts

Speaker 5 sure were cute’ and oh, ‘let's have a CD 2 – TRACK 6

few more’. We get calls from
I remember people saying it was a neighbours about people letting their TEST 5
monstrosity. I can’t believe they really llamas starve and actually having
think that, it just matches the skyline dead llamas lying around their You’ll hear people talking in eight
so beautifully. They call it the Gherkin pastures. We get calls about llamas different situations. For questions
and I can see how it might be a bit being tied to a post and beaten, or 1-8, choose the best answer, A, B
modern for some tastes, but really, to lassoed, or kids being allowed to ride or C.
call it ugly is insane. But I read that them and harass them until the
people complained about the Eiffel llamas scream. These are the dire One. You hear someone talking
Tower when that was first built, and cases. about a new road. What is her
can anybody think of Paris now We have one llama called Cybil. She opinion of the road?
without it? I’m sure people will come was attacked by a cougar and found
to think of it in the same way as they near death. Those are the worst of A She thinks it will make her
do Saint Paul’s cathedral or the her wounds, partially healed. Her journey to the shops longer.
Tower of London – as a beautiful body was covered in scratches and
building that could only be in London. bites. Her owner was out of town, but B She is in favour of it.
fortunately his caretakers nursed her
That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn until he returned. Her owner felt that A She's worried it will harm
to Part 4. he could no longer guarantee her local wildlife.
safety, so gave her to LlamaCare to
complete her recovery and spend her Of course I can understand their
CD 2 – TRACK 5 retirement in a quiet, peaceful concerns, it's bound to have an effect
environment. During 2004 we made on some of the wildlife there, but at
You will hear a talk from the the decision to become a ‘forever’ the end of the day you've got to
director of an animal sanctuary . sanctuary. The llamas who come to balance that out with the positive effect
For questions 24-30, choose the us, stay with us. After working to find it will have on the village. It will be a lot
best answer A, B or C. good new homes for many llamas, more pleasant for all of us here when
we have come to the conclusion that we don't have to wait an hour just to
‘Why do Llamas need to be rescued? virtually all who come to us have had cross the road to get to the post office.
I thought they were worth lots of enough of moving around and being
money...’ That's usually the first separated from their companions and REPEAT
question we hear when someone families and will be much happier
finds out about the work of joining a herd that they never have to Two. You hear someone talking
LlamaCare. It's a difficult question to leave. We are however, still willing to about their degree. What did they
answer because the reasons are help people find someone who offers study?
many and some very complex. The the service of placing their animals if
simple answer to the first part of it is that is what they want for them. All A Medicine
that they need rescuing, because llamas who come to us are examined
there are too many... now. To the by a vet, receive all necessary shots, B Fine arts
second part, they used to be, but and any other veterinary attention
aren’t now. needed. They are then evaluated for C Science
About 25 years ago, give or take, personality traits, level of training
llamas came upon the scene in the required, and where they might fit My parents tried to convince me to
United States as unique, ‘exotic’ best in the herd. We are not in the study Medicine, and I went along
animals. No one really knew what business of making more llamas for with them right up until the final
they were ‘for’, but lots of people the market. We are here to save the moment when I had to submit my
thought they wanted one... or a herd. lives of those who find themselves in university application. Although I'd
They were beautiful, different from situations where their lives – or the always been quite good at science
your usual farm animal, had quality of their lives are in danger. I'd never really enjoyed it that much
wonderful long eyelashes, big eyes, Like any rescue, we are in constant and I couldn't see how medicine
and an air of mystery. need of monetary donations. would be that different. Of course, at
What we are seeing now is primarily Volunteers range from mentors and that age I never fully appreciated
the result of over breeding. Simply veterinarians, to those who spend a how hard it would be to get a degree
put, the supply began to outweigh day interacting with the animals and in Fine Arts... but sometimes you've
the demand. Indiscriminate breeding, cleaning barns – great exercise and just got to follow your heart.
along with the fact that these animals fun for those city dwellers who can't
can live 18 to 25 years or more – a own llamas, but enjoy them. There REPEAT
fact none of us paid much attention will always be a llama here who
to when either buying or selling wants to be the centre of your love Three. You hear a man speaking to
them, during those days – has and attention. someone. Who is he speaking to?
brought a lot of llamas to need
rescuing. There were certainly That is the end of part 4. A a customer
responsible, caring breeders and
there still are, but many people B a student
bought llamas not knowing a thing
about them except that ‘the babies C his cleaner

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Recording scripts

So, if you look closely you can see that I'd put it in my drawer because I questions 9-18, complete the
just by applying a small quantity of it to didn't want to take it outside with me sentences.
the surface and rubbing it ever so and risk it getting wet if it suddenly
gently in a circular motion with a started raining. I thought it would be Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert
kitchen cloth, the final result is as clean fine if I just left it there... but when I named after the Russian ballet
as if you'd been scrubbing it for hours. got back after lunch there was no dancer Anna Pavlova. It is a cake
It's a marvel of modern science, it sign of it. I haven't got a clue who similar to meringue with a crispy
really is. And at just under two pounds could've done something like that. It's crust and soft, light inner. The
a bottle, you can’t say fairer than that. really put me in a fix, it really has. dessert is believed to have been
So how many bottles would you like? created to honour the dancer during
REPEAT or after one of her tours to Australia
REPEAT and New Zealand in the 1920s.
Seven. You are in a computer Where it was created and the
Four. You hear a woman talking to repair shop. nationality of its creator has been a
her neighbour. What does she When will your computer be source of argument between the two
want her neighbour to do? ready? nations for many years, but research
indicates New Zealand as the
A Look after her cat. A Friday source. The dessert is a popular dish
and an important part of the national
B Feed her son. B Monday cuisine of both countries, and is
frequently served during celebratory
C Water her plants. C Tuesday or holiday meals such as Christmas
lunch. All currently available research
If it's no trouble... oh that's great... Well, leave it with us. We'll have a suggests the recipe originated in
thanks ever so much. You just have look at it as soon as we can. It New Zealand. Keith Money, a
to check there's enough water in the doesn't sound like it's anything too biographer of Anna Pavlova, wrote
bowl. I'll be back by Monday, so you serious. We're a bit busy at the that a chef in a hotel in Wellington,
only need to go round there twice. moment but we can definitely get created the dish when Pavlova
And if you leave him some food in round to it by Friday. So if you come visited there in 1926 on her world
the bowl every other day, that'll be around on Monday then I'm sure tour. Professor Helen Leach, a
great. Is there anything you'd like me we'll have it up and running for you culinary anthropologist at the
to bring you back? (pause) Sure no by then. Oh, hang on, Monday is a University of Otago in New Zealand,
problem. Bye. holiday and we're closed, so pop has researched the pavlova, and has
round the next day then. compiled a library of cookbooks
REPEAT containing 667 pavlova recipes from
REPEAT more than 300 sources. Her book,
Five. You hear a woman talking The Pavlova Story: A Slice of New
about going to a beauty salon. Eight. You hear someone talking Zealand’s Culinary History, contains
What is she going to have done? about his journey to work. How a timeline of pavlova history which
does he feel about it? gives 1935 for the first Australian
A Get a new hairstyle. pavlova recipe and 1929 for the
A It's relaxing. recipe in the rural magazine NZ
B Have a manicure. Dairy Exporter Annual. It has been
B It's stressful. claimed that Bert Sachse originated
C Have a massage. the dish at the Esplanade Hotel in
C It takes too long. Perth, Australia in 1935. A relative of
I'd had my hair done there before and Sachse's wrote to Leach suggesting
I loved it. They really take care of you I know most people hate it... it's that Sachse possibly got the year
in there. I had a lovely cup of coffee stressful, it takes too long... it's hell wrong when dating the recipe, but
while I was waiting and they even they say. But for me... well... it's the Leach replied they wouldn't find
gave me a head massage before the only time I get to myself really. When evidence for that, ‘simply because it's
styling. So, as it's my birthday and I'll I'm at work the phone's ringing just not showing up in the cookbooks
be going out this evening I thought nonstop... at home the kids are either until really the 1940s in Australia.’ Of
why not get my nails done there... screaming or wanting help with their such arguments Matthew Evans, a
then go home, put on my best dress homework. So it's a time I can just restaurant critic for the Sydney
and some make up and hit the town. slip on some good music and sort of Morning Herald said it was unlikely a
switch off. Actually I wish it took two definitive answer about the pavlova's
REPEAT hours instead of one! origins would ever be found. ‘People
have been doing meringue with
Six. You hear someone talking to That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn cream for a long time, I don't think
her colleague. Why is she upset? to Part 2. Australia or New Zealand were the
first to think of doing that,’ he said.
A Something is missing. Pavlova is made by beating egg
CD 2 – TRACK 7 whites to a very stiff consistency
B Something got wet. before folding in caster sugar, white
You’ll hear part of a radio vinegar, cornstarch, and sometimes
C Something is broken. documentary about a dessert. For vanilla, and slow-baking the mixture

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Recording scripts

similarly to meringue. This makes the Speaker 2 Speaker 5

outside of the pavlova a crisp
crunchy shell, while the interior I suppose it was a bit of a silly thing A dogsbody, that's the word! I
remains soft and moist. The to do really. I put it on my CV that I suppose you have to expect it at that
pavlova's internal consistency is thus spoke fluent French. Rather age and in your first job, but at the
completely different from that stretching the truth, to say the least. I time it really got to me. I don't know if
normally associated with meringue, could just about order a coffee if I I expected to be doing more
having more of a soft marshmallow had to. Well, I didn't think much important things or what, but I'd come
texture. This difference is due to the about it, doubted I'd ever have to home boiling with rage thinking ‘that's
addition of cornstarch, the use of prove it, but one day the boss called it! Tomorrow I quit!’ ‘Cup of tea,
which is the defining feature of a me over and said he had an Darren, fill up the photocopier with
pavlova recipe. Pavlova is important new client with a French paper, Darren, clean the shelves,
traditionally decorated with a topping wife who didn't speak a word of Darren.’ It was non-stop and I'd never
of whipped cream and fresh fruit, English, and would I show her know from one day to the next what
such as strawberries and kiwifruit. around the city for the day while her I'd be spending my day doing.
Raspberry is a popular topping in the husband was in a company meeting.
United Kingdom, with the tartness of There was nothing I could do about That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn
raspberries contrasting with the it. I couldn't just tell him the truth. So to Part 4.
sweetness of sugar. Factory-made I spent the day with her. Luckily she
pavlovas can be purchased at didn't let me get a word in edgeways
supermarkets and decorated as and I just smiled and nodded at CD 2 – TRACK 9
desired. A commercial product is appropriate moments. The next day I
available that includes pre-mixed was sure my boss would ask to see You will hear an author talking
ingredients for baking the meringue me and that would be it; I'd be about his time at school. For
shell, requiring only the addition of history. But he never did – I don't questions 24-30, choose the best
water and sugar. Te Papa, New think the wife even noticed I hardly answer A, B or C.
Zealand's national museum in spoke a word.
Wellington, celebrated its first When I was 8 years old my family
birthday in February 1999 with the Speaker 3 followed the ancient family tradition
creation of the world’s largest and packed me off to a moderately
pavlova, named ‘Pavzilla’, cut by the It was a work placement really, but expensive public school in Cumbria. I
Prime Minister of New Zealand of the I'd still consider it my first job. I hated almost every day that I spent
time, Jenny Shipley. mean, I worked the same hours as there. My very first term was a
everybody else, mucked in with disaster and I found it very difficult to
That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn everybody else. I'd never really settle in. Life in a boarding school can
to Part 3. thought about the work they did be almost impossible, especially if
before, but that time really opened you aren't that happy at home, which
my eyes. By the time the placement I wasn't at the time. I did miss a nice
CD 2 – TRACK 8 ended and I had to leave, I'd made home-cooked meal though; the food
up my mind. There was no way I was at the school was dreadful. Apart
You will hear five different people going into a boring 9 to 5 office job from having to follow all the rules and
talking about their first job. For just for the money. I was going to time-honoured customs, you were
questions 19-23 choose from the spend my life helping people. And never left alone, even for a minute –
list A-F to say what each person that's why I became a paramedic. you were always with another boy at
says about it. Use the letters only all times. I have always enjoyed my
once. There is one extra letter Speaker 4 own company and a bit of solitude,
which you do not need to use. so day-to-day life at school was very
Some friends and I went to France to hard for me, although the other boys
Speaker 1 spend the summer picking fruit, just didn't seem to mind it. In the first term
moving from place to place wherever there I developed a nasty cough. The
It was only a summer job when I was the work was. I suppose we had an school nurse said it was nothing and
at university; just a couple of months over-romantic idea about the whole gave me some pills to take. However,
work and the pay was awful. I thing. We had no idea just how back a short time afterwards, playing rugby
suppose I was just young, I didn't breaking the work would be. The in a snowstorm, I suddenly felt I
take it seriously... I think if I'm honest, amount of different things we picked couldn't breathe properly and was
I thought it was beneath me… I was – strawberries, grapes, apples, taken to hospital with a nasty dose of
an academic after all… I thought I raspberries, pears – it didn't matter bronchitis and pneumonia. As soon
could do it with my eyes closed. what it was – at the end of the day as I arrived at the hospital they put
Anyway, one day the boss came over you could hardly move. Anyway we me into a small room with another
and told me that if I didn't improve he had to cut the whole thing short and boy who was also very ill. He
would have no choice but to sack come back to Scotland. I got a twig eventually died and I'm told, so did I
me. I think I was so embarrassed caught in my eye while we were nearly. My main memory of my time
that I began to take it seriously and picking pears and the pain was in hospital was that the nurses on
everything turned out OK. I spent the unbearable, there was no way I duty in the evening used to get
money I'd earned on a holiday in could carry on working after that. together in my room and play
Greece. scrabble and chat. That they were
keeping me awake with the light on

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Recording scripts

and their talk didn't seem to worry yellow bands that imitate the Well, people often say to me that I
them in the slightest. When I had venomous coral snake. A method to must be a dedicated follower of
recovered I was sent home for a few help differentiate between venomous fashion. They say I always buy fancy
weeks to convalesce and so missed and non venomous tricolour snakes designer stuff. But that’s not really
almost all the school term. When I in North America is found in the the case. OK some of them might
eventually returned to school, I was popular phrases ‘red on yellow, kill a happen to be all the rage at the
sent to bed early because of my fellow; red on black venom lack’ or ‘If moment, but that’s not why. I’m not
illness… and so finally I got to have a red touches yellow, you're a dead throwing my money around on a
brief period to myself every day. Later fellow; if red touches black, you're all whim. Over the years I’ve come to
in the term I was allowed to go to the right, Jack’ and ‘Red and black is a trust certain brands. I’m quite
school library alone which was friend of Jack’. Juvenile specimens of comfortable paying a hundred
another great improvement. The day I this snake usually have the same pounds on a pair of jeans if I know
left school the headmaster came up colours as adults, but often have they’re going to last me for years. If I
to me to say goodbye and asked if it rings that look more ‘off white’ than got some supermarket own brand
was a sad day for me. I told him that yellow. As they become mature, their jeans, they’d be falling apart in 6
in fact it was the happiest day of my rings turn more yellow. months, so it’s not really saving you
life. He said that he was sure that I any money in the long run. They cost
would come to think of my time at the REPEAT more because they’re better quality,
school in a completely different light. I you get what you pay for really, and
told him that I was sure I would not. Two. You hear two friends that’s the reason they might have
Although of course over the last thirty meeting. Where are they? become fashionable.
years I have had dreadfully unhappy
days in my life, I found that my A at the cinema REPEAT
conclusions then – that there was
nothing that could ever be so bad as B in a restaurant Four. You hear a traffic report on
my time in boarding school – were the radio. Which road is closed?
indeed proved to be quite correct. C in a shop
A the A613
That is the end of part 4. M Hi Tony, I didn’t expect to bump
into you here. How’s it going? B the B403

CD 2 – TRACK 10 M Fine thanks. Well, I just read C the A614

about it in the local paper, I
TEST 6 thought it sounded interesting. And now traffic news for motorists
travelling in North Nottinghamshire.
Now open your question paper M Me too. From the review I didn’t Due to a building fire at a farm close
and look at Part 1. You’ll hear expect to be able to get a table. to the B403 High Street in Repton,
people talking in eight different traffic is closed both ways on the
situations. For questions 1–8, M Me neither, but if you look at A613. Police are directing traffic.
choose the best answer A,B or C. these prices, I can see why Motorists travelling between
people were put off. Nottingham and Worksop are
One. You hear part of a nature advised to take the A614 or
programme on television. What M You reckon? it doesn’t seem alternatively leave the B403 at
does it say about the Scarlet King unreasonable to me. And look Collymore before joining the A630 at
Snake? over there, that’s Brett Flick. It’s Sheringham. Now for rail news…
not every day you can say you
A It’s not poisonous. spent the evening in the same REPEAT
place as a Hollywood star.
B It’s poisonous. Five. You hear a young woman
M I suppose not. Anyway, I’d talking about a man she has just
C They are very big. better be getting back. We’re met. What does she think of him?
sitting over there, near the
The Scarlet King snake is a type of entrance. A He’s fascinating.
king snake that is found in the
Eastern portion of the United States, REPEAT B He’s intelligent.
particularly Florida. It is a subspecies
of the milk snake. They are found in Three. You hear someone talking C He’s boring.
pine flatwoods, hardwood about buying clothes. How does
hammocks, prairies, cultivated fields, he choose his clothes? Well, I didn’t really know much about
and suburban areas. It is significantly him. I’d seen him around the office of
smaller than some of the other king A He chooses the most course, you couldn’t help noticing
snakes, usually well under 20 inches fashionable. him… those piercing blue eyes and
long. The maximum recorded length long, dark hair... honestly he looks
was 68.5cm (27 inches). Neonates B He chooses the most like a film star. So I was thrilled when
(newborns) can be as small as 3 and expensive brands. he asked me to dinner. All the girls in
a half inches. The snake has a tri- my department were envious. But as
colour pattern of black, red, and C He buys comfortable clothes. it turns out, you can’t judge a book

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Recording scripts

by its cover. I thought he’d be really running the risk of damage to can during your stay in Budapest.
interesting, that we’d hit it off really the skin. If you were asleep for Here is some information about us.
well… then we’d get married and more than 40 minutes, you Our two-week courses of Hungarian
have children...[laughing]. Well from were bound to burn. language and culture were first
the moment we arrived at the offered in 1997. Initially, we offered
restaurant, the only thing he talked F It really hurts, and I look one two-week session during winter
about was his ex-girlfriend and ridiculous. What’s Nigel going to 1997 and one during summer 1997.
football. Do I look like I’m going to be say when he comes round, I’m They met with broad interest and
that interested in football? Really, I supposed to be meeting all his were very well received. We
couldn’t wait for the evening to end. new friends from medical therefore scheduled two two-week
school tonight at a party. I just sessions during both winter and
REPEAT can’t go, he’ll be so ashamed of summer 1998. Since then the
me. number of sessions and the numbers
Six. You hear a theatre director of groups and language levels in
talking to an actor. How does she M There, there, don’t be silly, I’m every session have continued to
want him to do the scene? sure he won’t be in the grow, and we now offer 5-6 sessions
slightest. Listen, I’ll have a in winter/spring (February to April)
A in the same way as before rummage around in the and 8-9 sessions in summer/autumn
bathroom, see if we’ve got any (July to October).
B very differently cream we can put on it for you. In the period from February 1997 to
October 2008 over 2,500 people
C like a famous actor did it REPEAT participated in our Bulgarian courses.
before Our courses continue to attract more
Eight. You hear someone talking and more interest, and the number of
It’s just... well… too reminiscent of to their friend about dreams. What participants (who have been between
Sir Larry Guilgood really. I know he happens in her dreams? 18 and 71 years of age) is constantly
made this part his own. It’s the rising. The high standard of our
touchstone performance, one we A She flies. courses and their attractiveness are
can’t really forget about. The image shown not only by the fact that many
of him as Hamlet is probably the one B She falls. participants have returned to
we all think of when we think of Budapest several times to continue
Hamlet on stage. But it was over 50 C She loses her teeth. studying Hungarian with us (returning
years ago, we can’t just go on doing participants constitute 15-20% of all
it in the same way. You’re your own I was reading about it in a magazine, course participants), but also by the
man, John, a great actor in your own apparently it’s really common. One of results of surveys which are
right. I believe you can go all the the big three. There’s the one in conducted at the end of every
way, so you’re just shooting yourself which you can fly, just zoom off into session. The surveys assess all
in the foot really if you mimic Sir the air… this means you’re content components of the course, and the
Larry. I want to see more of you in with life and feel you have the average overall mark given to the
Hamlet and less Guilgood. OK. potential to succeed, then there’s the course by the participants is usually
That’s it for today, rehearsals start at other side of the coin, where you around 4.5 on our 5-point grading
7 tomorrow, everybody. And don’t be plunge down from the sky, which scale. Both Hungarian and Russian
late. expresses fear of failure or lack of language courses are conducted by
self esteem. Now mine is qualified native speakers. The level
REPEAT considerably worse. I wake up with of instruction is adjusted to your
such a fright and have to go to the needs or those of the group. We are
Seven. You hear a conversation mirror to make sure they haven’t all also open to your suggestions
between a man and a young fallen out. Apparently it reveals great concerning vocabulary and subjects
woman. Who is the man? anxiety and the fear of getting older. covered; here, too we are willing to
accommodate your needs and
A a doctor REPEAT expectations. You are free to choose
dates, duration and intensity (number
B a chemist That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn of lessons per day) of an individually
to Part 2. arranged course. Lessons can start
C her father on any working day. The only
limitation: the minimum length of an
M Well, I must say that doesn’t CD 3 – TRACK 1 individualised course is five days of
look very comfortable, young classes (not necessarily on
lady. How did that happen? You will hear a promotional talk consecutive days) and the minimum
about a language school. For number of classes per day is 2, each
F I was out in the garden and I questions 9-18, complete the lasting 45 minutes. The fee per
must have just fallen asleep. I sentences. lesson (of 45 minutes) depends on
had sunblock on as well, factor the length and intensity of the course
20. Learn Hungarian in beautiful Budapest. and on the number of people in a
group. For a typical individual course
M That just means how long you Come to our office and we will be of 20 lessons (5 days, 4 lessons a
can spend in the sun without happy to assist you in any way we day) the fee per lesson is 14 Euros,

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Recording scripts

or a total of 280 Euros. For a much Speaker 1 Speaker 4

longer and more intensive course,
the fee per lesson may be somewhat If you wake up after surgery with the Plastic surgery can and often does
lower, and for group lessons it may face of a 20-year-old, where does it improve one’s appearance –
be somewhat higher (the fee is stop? What’s wrong with growing old rhinoplasty, for example, has
understood as per lesson per group; gracefully? The lines around my eyes improved many a big nose or bump
the fee for the individual participant come from years of laughter. And the in a nose. If you are having plastic
will then be substantially lower). The marks on my tummy are the result of surgery to correct a flaw or defect
exact fee will be negotiated my two beautiful daughters. I'm that has seriously affected your life,
individually, depending on the happy, healthy and, in my 50s, more then as long as you are fully
specific circumstances. (For comfortable in my skin than ever. informed of all the risks, then by all
example, if you wish to register and Why would I want to risk that? I am a means go for it... Here’s another
start a course at short notice, or for a 50-year-old woman and nothing's thing to consider about any surgery –
time when demand is especially high, going to change that. I admit I like to I was born with several deformities
it may be difficult or impossible for us look good, but I believe you put in to and congenital defects that were
to offer you the price quoted above.) get out. I go to the gym three times a operated on numerous times during
Please consult the Cultural program week and I'm training for a 10K race. my life (I’m 56 now) ... there are long
page on our website for the regular I believe being outdoors is good for term affects of these surgeries... I
two-week sessions (and the websites the mind, body and soul and that have severe problems with my heart
mentioned there). We can offer most shows in your face. and my lungs now, and have been
of the components listed there, and told that if I need another operation
other options depending on your Speaker 2 where they use general anesthetics, I
interest, but since the individually could die... so, if you are having
arranged courses do not constitute a I was confident about my body in my plastic surgery, I would really think
package (as regular two-week 20s and with good reason. I had a seriously of the long term affects... all
sessions do), there will be additional great figure and worked as a part- those people who are on that TV
charges. time model. I didn't worry about show where they go into it looking
If you participate in an individually losing my looks – I just never old, fat or with big noses and come
arranged course during a time period imagined it would happen. Six out beautiful... well no one knows
when our regular sessions take months after marrying John I became what the effects of this surgery will
place, you will be able to participate an air hostess. Then, eight years have on them 30 years from now.
in the regular cultural program at a later, I became pregnant and gave
modest fee. We will also gladly up flying. Free of the pressures from Speaker 5
advise you on cultural events in work to stay slim, I indulged in all my
Budapest and help you plan your favourite treats. In my mid-40s I We’ve been doing it as long as there
free time in Budapest. Please consult didn't turn heads any more and I no have been humans. People used
the Accommodation page on our longer felt attractive. I got talking to a dyes on their faces, piercings on
website for the regular two-week friend who'd had a facelift and various parts of their bodies. You
sessions. We can offer you the same decided I wanted surgery. The name it. In certain parts of the word
three kinds of accommodation when results were lifechanging. I felt like I people elongate their necks, in
you participate in an individually had rolled back 20 years and having others they put plates in their lips to
arranged course. In this case the a smooth neck and tighter skin made make them bigger. And I know in the
price for lodgings is not included in me feel like the old Libby I knew and east it was very common to bind the
the course price. Charges will then loved. I felt like I had turned the clock legs of children so that the feet
be as follows: back. wouldn’t grown big. We all want to
look good and if the technology is in
For the first week in a single room in Speaker 3 place to achieve that, then we’re
a private flat or house, 80 euros a bound to seriously consider it. I don’t
week and 50 euros for additional If you ask me, having plastic surgery really see it as any different to
weeks. Or for a separate, doesn’t address the heart of the getting a tattoo or having your ears
selfcontained flat, 130 euros for the matter. Obviously people who go pierced. I wouldn’t consider it myself
first week and 100 euros for every through it are insecure about though, but that’s because I’m
additional week. something - lacking in self-esteem. I scared of needles and surgery. But I
know we live in a society obsessed fully understand why people do it.
That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn with how you look, but giving yourself
to Part 3. a smaller nose or a larger chest, I That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn
don’t see how that can make you feel to Part 4.
any better about yourself in the long
CD 3 – TRACK 2 term. It all seems a bit shallow to me.
I think as long as you value yourself CD 3 – TRACK 3
You will hear five different people and love yourself for who you are,
talking about cosmetic surgery. For that’s the most important thing. The You will hear an interview with an
questions 19-23 choose from the rest is just trivial. I mean, we never expert on maritime disasters, June
list A-F to say how each person fall in love with people just for their Harmann. For questions 24-30,
feels about it. Use the letters only looks, do we? We fall in love with the choose the best answer A, B or C.
once. There is one extra letter person themselves.
which you do not need to use. M I think if we thought of a

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Recording scripts

maritime disaster, June, most of many on the floor of the I’ve always had a bit of a
us would tend to think of the corridors and the decks, the morbid fascination with the sea.
Titanic, why is that, was it the Doña Paz collided with an oil It always seemed a bit of a
worst such tragedy? tanker on its way from Bataan dangerous, mysterious place to
to Masbate. The Vector was me. And I do remember seeing
F Well, it was a terrible tragedy, carrying 8,800 barrels of an old black and white film
Keith, there’s no denying that. It gasoline and other petroleum about the Titanic when I was a
claimed the lives of more than products. Upon the collision, kid, which I remember I found
1,500 people, but in terms of the tanker’s cargo ignited and spellbinding. But to be honest
the number of fatalities, there caused a fire that spread onto I’d say the truth is much more
are far worse disasters. The the Doña Paz. Survivors mundane, simply, I was
Tek Sing in China in 1822 left claimed that the lights onboard contracted to write the book by
1,600 dead; more recently the the Doña Paz had gone out, the publisher’s, so I did my
Le Joola in Senegal with 1,800 that there were no life jackets research and here you are... A
deaths and a few others until on board the ferry and that History of Maritime Disasters by
you get to the worst peacetime none of the crew were giving June Harmann.
maritime disaster in history, the any orders. People who
Doña Paz in 1987 which left an survived the fire had to jump That is the end of part 4.
estimated 4,341 dead. I think into the shark infested water
the reason we all think of the below.
Titanic is of course because CD 3 – TRACK 4
we’ve all seen the films and M You said earlier that these were
read about it, but moreover the worst peacetime disasters. TEST 7
because we’re rather parochial What about wartime?
and often are more concerned Now open your question paper
with things closer to home, after F Well for the worst disaster, in and look at Part 1. You’ll hear
all, it was a British ship terms of loss of life, you’d people talking in eight different
travelling to New York, than we probably have to look at the situations. For questions 1–8,
are with events which are failed Spanish Armada in 1588. choose the best answer A, B or C.
somewhat off our radar, Spain lost between 15 and 20
occurring on the other side of thousand soldiers and sailors. One. You hear a man talking about
the world. Some were sunk by English a sport. Why did he stop playing
ships but the majority of losses the sport?
M You might be right there, June, I came about due to unusually
can’t say I’ve heard much about strong Atlantic storms which led A Because of injury.
the disasters you mentioned. many of the Spanish to drown,
Tell us more about the Doña while many others died from B He no longer enjoyed it.
Paz, how could so many people starvation and disease as their
have been on the ship, and ships were unable to anchor C He doesn't have enough time.
how could so many have died? along the coasts of Scotland or
Ireland. As the Spanish King Well, I've got to say, much as I liked
F In terms of the number of said in the aftermath ‘I sent the taking part, it got a bit too much in
people on the ship, that’s an armada against men, not God’s the end. What with training twice a
issue of some dispute. The winds’. week and then the match on
original passenger capacity of Sunday... and I'm not getting any
the ferry when it was built and M So just how safe are we at sea, younger. I found I needed Monday
called the Ryukyu Kaiun June? and Tuesday just to recover from all
Kaisha, was 608 people. But the aches and pains. And I've got so
after it had been sold to a ferry F Oh I’d say pretty safe, relatively much on my plate at the moment...
company in the Philipines, it speaking. If you’re travelling I've found that since I stopped it has
was renamed the Doña Paz with a reputable company and really freed up my week and I can
and officially had a capacity of in a boat equipped for the see a lot more of the family than I
1,492 passengers and 60 crew. environment it’s in, you’re did.
But a revised passenger statistically safe. Look at it this
manifest showed 1,583 way, an estimated 1.5 million REPEAT
passengers and 58 crew, with people in the UK travelled on
675 more passengers getting cruise ships last year alone. Two. You hear a woman talking
on at Tacloban City and another And we’re no longer so much at about a recent purchase. Where
908 at Catbalogan. There have the mercy of bad weather. did she buy it?
also been claims that it was
quite common for the crew to M And one last thing, June. It A in a shop
sell further places aboard the seems a strange thing to have
ship. Why so many of these written a book about, can you B on the Internet
people lost their lives is due to tell us why exactly you became
a combination of reasons. What interested in this field? C at a local market
happened was this: during the
night, as passengers slept, F It’s difficult to say, I suppose I just browsed their catalogue on

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their website, made a note of the Five. You hear an advertisement Finally I got it all together and it fits
model number and drove into their for a holiday. What kind of holiday quite well next to the sofa. Hopefully
out-of-town place to pay for it and is being advertised? it will stay upright for a while,
pick it up. I must say they're certainly although I can't be certain it will.
doing good business... queues like A a cruise
you wouldn't believe. You can see REPEAT
why the local furniture market is B a safari
suffering; the whole town must have Eight. You hear somebody talking
been in there buying things for the C an activity holiday about their plans for the weekend.
house or garden. What are they going to see?
How would you like to sleep on the
REPEAT banks of majestic Lake Victoria, A a concert
listening to the gentle lapping of the
Three. You hear somebody talking lake on the shore, and the wildlife of B a film
about a new school. What does the nearby National Reserve Park?
the person think about it? Just what you need after an action- C a football match
packed day of canoeing, rock
A It is needed. climbing or scuba diving. Lake Well, when I saw the adverts for
Victoria Hotel offers 2 weeks in its tickets, I jumped at the chance. It's
B It isn't needed. luxury compound, where you can do years since they've played here. I
as much or as little as your heart suppose it's all down to their new
C It's too far away. desires. See our website for further manager, he's really got them playing
details. well. What an atmosphere it will be...
About time too, we've been crying the lights, the singing, the drama of it
out for this for years. Kids have had REPEAT all.... I can't wait. It's great that this
to travel into Nottcaster. It took my town can stage an event like this.
nephew close to an hour to get in Six. You hear somebody And they've got a really good chance
there by bus and after his various discussing a radio programme. of going all the way and winning the
sports teams he wasn't getting home What kind of programme was it? cup this year.
until nearly nine o'clock. Finally it
looks like they're doing something for A a political debate REPEAT
this community instead of spending
money on things there's no real need B a quiz programme That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn
for. I mean, that procession last to Part 2.
year… what was that for? A waste of C a comedy
money if you ask me.
It's a joke really, they were putting so CD 3 – TRACK 5
REPEAT many questions to him and he didn't
have a clue. I really don't think he You’ll hear a talk about an arts
Four. You a hear woman talking stands a chance of winning the next festival. For questions 9-18,
about her job. What is she worried election if he carries on like this. I complete the sentences.
about? had to laugh when they asked him
about his foreign policy... his answer Brian Daniels, co-founder of The
A She doesn't have the just seemed to make no sense at all. Wentworth Art Fair, has announced
necessary skills. He came over as a bit of a clown. that a controversial collection of
Phillipa West will be the subject of
B She has too much work REPEAT this year's Wentworth art festival
to do. symposium. The two-day event will
Seven. You hear somebody talking bring together an international panel
C She might lose her job. about a piece of furniture. How of experts to view the Marta Costello
does he feel about it? Collection made up of approximately
Well, there have been rumours flying 1,200 drawings, journals, letters,
around for months. You just hope A It's too big. paintings and other items whose
that it's not going to be you. I know it owners maintain are made by
sounds selfish but our department is B It was difficult to assemble. Phillipa West. Some experts on the
one of the most productive in the artist’s work have questioned the
whole company; we don't get a C It was too expensive. authenticity of the collection. The
moment's peace. But... it turns out panel will present an overview of the
that the whole company is suffering Well, I thought that at that price you methods and challenges of
and there'll be large scale can't go wrong. But I started to regret authenticating newly revealed art
redundancies. Hopefully if they let it once I saw the size of the box, it works. Of particular interest, in
me go I can find something similar; only just fit into the car. The thing conjunction with the Wentworth Art
I'm too old now to retrain and do with these flat pack things... there's Fair symposium, a group of the
something completely different. just so many bits and pieces. When I disputed objects will be on view for
got home and started looking at the the first time in the United Kingdom.
REPEAT instructions... well... I didn't know The symposium will take place
which was up and which was down. Saturday, February 6 and Sunday,

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Recording scripts

February 7, from 10:00 am to 12:00 challenged their publication. The intellectual facade... like it was a
noon at the Cheeseman Gallery at Wentworth Art Fair Symposium will social experiment. They'd have a
Dame Doris Brown High School for look into the issues surrounding the psychologist analysing each of the
the Performing and Visual Arts, 13 collection and its still unresolved housemates' behaviour and I found
Church Street. Admission is included status. that really interesting. What's more
in the purchase of an Art Fair ticket. I'd notice some of that behaviour in
Daily tickets are 10 pounds and a That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn my everyday life and I'd be able to
three-day pass is 25 pounds. Doors to Part 3. relate what I'd learnt... I've always
will open at 9:30 a.m., seating is been fascinated in body language
limited and is on a first come, first and things like that. But the last few
served basis. Visit CD 3 – TRACK 6 series they seem to have just
www.wentworthartfestival.com for forgotten about that side of things
further details. Approximately 20 You will hear five different people and it's just entertainment, a circus
objects from the Marta Costello talking about a television act for people desperate for their 15
Collection, including paintings, programme. For questions 19-23 minutes of fame.
drawings, journal pages and other choose from the list A-F what each
items, will be exhibited, and for the person says about it. Use the Speaker 4
first time will provide experts the letters only once. There is one
opportunity to examine the extra letter which you do not need The first couple of series, I never
controversial material. The to use. missed an episode but I must say
Wentworth Art Fair Symposium that my interest has faded a bit. I
panels will bring together the owners have it on every now and again but I
of the Costello material, experts they Speaker 1 can't say I could even tell you all the
have enlisted to examine the names of the contestants. Though
material, the publisher of a recently It's a bit of a guilty pleasure really. It's there's one guy called Tony of
released book on the collection, plus not the sort of thing I would normally course. I remember him because he
scholars and art dealers who have have any interest in. I just happened looks like my boyfriend's brother and
followed the controversy since it to be browsing through one of the they even have the same name. He's
began. The moderator will be tabloids when I was at the dentist's rather embarrassed about it
Michael Edward Hall, art historian, and I noticed that one of the people actually... people keep coming up to
critic and correspondent for Art in it went to my old school. Not that I him and asking him if he's Tony...
Newspaper. Moderator and journalist knew her of course, I must be at and what can he say? He is Tony.
Michael Edward Hall says, ‘The least ten years older than her. But We were all at the cinema with him
discussion will range from the that evening I switched it on and I've last week when somebody asked him
specific – a description of the been hooked ever since. I don't think for his autograph... I thought he'd just
Costello archive – to general I'd ever really understood the appeal explode!
questions about how newly before... but the thing is, they've put
discovered artworks are received ordinary people in an unreal situation Speaker 5
and evaluated by the scholarly and you can't help but wonder how
community and the market.’ Welsh you'd react in the same situation. It's I couldn't tell you a thing about it I'm
artist Philipa West is among the most quite compulsive, it really is. afraid. I know it's tremendously
popular and beloved women painters popular and I'm always hearing
of the 20th century. Her paintings, Speaker 2 people at work or on the train talking
which can command large sums, about the people who are on it... and
describe a life full of joy and love for Don't get me started on that... I can't the way they talk about them... you'd
her husband, the painter Donald tell you the amount of arguments I've think they were friends or
Rivers. Today she is an icon, and had with my flatmates about it. They neighbours. I've got nothing against it
even scraps of paper associated with have it on for hours every day. Day in really, and there must be something
her are valued not only financially but day out. I think it's ludicrous. What to it if so many people are addicted
also as relics of a legendary on earth people find so fascinating to it... it's just that I've been going to
historical figure. Her reputation is about it, I'll never know. They just pilates classes three times a week
such that the Welsh Arts Council has spend hours sitting around chattering and by the time I get home it's nearly
designated her work ‘National about the most trivial things. And the over... and besides, my favourite
Patrimony’ and restricted its trade people they get to go on it... I detective show... McCallister is just
and export. Little wonder that the wouldn't want to have to spend half about to start on the other side, so I
Costello collection of Phillipa West an hour sitting next to them on the sit down and watch that, I never miss
material has come under such bus, let alone choose to watch them it. It's great!
intense scrutiny. Even before the on television. They just want to be
works became widely known with the famous without actually having any That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn
April release of the illustrated book sort of talent. No, why it's become so to Part 4.
Finding Phillipa West the collection popular is beyond me.
became the focus of numerous
articles in major publications in Speaker 3 CD 3 – TRACK 7
Europe. Some reports celebrated the
discovery of new material related to These days I can't say I watch it. I You will hear an interview with a
West while others questioned the used to when it first started. Then it psychologist about sharing
authenticity of the objects and seemed to have some sort of houses. For questions 24-30,

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Recording scripts

choose the best answer A, B or C. guilty. Sometimes it can be friendship and you could decide
difficult to keep up with the rota that living with strangers is the
M Moving away from home is a due to changing circumstances, best thing to do. After all, it
big step and one most of us so factor in some flexibility – could be fun, you never know
make when we go off to college think about taking turns for who you might meet. It's just as
or university. The chances are having a week off, for example. well to meet up with your new
you'll find yourself sharing a flatmates before you sign
house or a flat. We've invited M What are other common anything though. Think about
Dr. Victoria Millington into the problems? going out with them for the
studio to discuss problems with evening. Or at least chat to
sharing accommodation and F Space is another serious them while you're looking
strategies for anticipating and matter. In order to get on well around the place. Sometimes
dealing with them. with your flatmates, communal fate throws you together with
space is important. Just think people and you get on
F Sharing a house or a flat can about it. Living in a flat with no famously. However, it can be a
be daunting, but it can be fun, meeting place other than a shock when you have to live
too. One of the most rewarding small kitchen, say, will mean with people who you have
things about living in a shared that you'll never get friendlier nothing in common with or who
household is the social side. than just saying hello politely do things that you consider to
There's always someone to talk and exchanging a few words. be anti-social or odd. If you
to; you never have to be alone It's a bit sad when everyone have a choice, try to choose
unless you wish to be. Among goes back to their own room. people to live with whose
the best times you'll have living So when you're choosing behaviour you think you can
with others is when you share somewhere to live, think about bear. If you don't like people
with friends. Also, it's very whether or not you want to be playing heavy rock or acid
handy to share if you want to sociable. Your own space is house music all day and night,
move out of home, but can't important too. In the beginning, don't live with them. If you think
afford your own flat. And as if you're finding it tough to live it's fine to leave dirty socks out
long as the basic rules and with other people, your own in the sitting room, then make
routines are clear, it's much space is a haven. It's sure that you choose people
more interesting than living on somewhere where you can who are similarly untidy. Being
your own. relax. In your own room, you considerate is one of the
can calm down if you're feeling fundamentals to living with
M What's the most common rather 'frazzled', which will other people, but it helps if you
problem people face when make you better company for have a similar outlook and
sharing? when you meet up with your attitude to life. It's no good if
flatmates. It also means that just one of you likes partying all
F One of the most contentious you're not always getting under night. Much better that you all
areas when living in a shared each other's feet. do. If you're all into hiking or
household has got to be cycling, you'll understand better
cleanliness, or lack thereof. M And what kind of people is it that equipment left all over the
Some people are, frankly, lazy. best to live with? hall is a fact of life.
At the other end of the scale,
some flatmates hover over you F Once you've made friends and That is the end of part 4.
while you're eating your dinner have been living with them for a
and when you pause at the end while, you'll come to realise that
of your meal, they demand you group dynamics are important. CD 3 – TRACK 8
wash up your plate There are two options as
immediately. There are several regards living arrangements: TEST 8
approaches to this problem and you can live with friends or you
you and your flatmates will can live with strangers. Some Now open your question paper
have to decide which is the people couldn't share a place and look at Part 1.
best approach for you. Maybe with someone they don't know.
the best and most obvious idea For one thing, you can be more You’ll hear people talking in eight
is to make a rota. Some people accommodating to people you different situations. For questions
find this restrictive, but it's a fair already know and like. For 1-8, choose the best answer, A, B
system and if you work it out another, you might not know or C.
well beforehand, it can really how much you can trust them.
pay off. It's up to you how you However, moving in with friends One. You hear someone talking
arrange it: you could make sure comes with a warning. What if about something he has given up.
each person takes responsibility you fall out over the washing What has he given up?
for one room or alternate all the up? Realising that you could
jobs that need to be done. easily destroy a great friendship A coffee
However, it is essential that as housemates, and preparing
everyone sticks to the plan, for that, is one step towards B sweets
otherwise half of you will feel harmony. But you might not
resentful and the others will feel want to risk the cost of a C a hobby

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Recording scripts

I wouldn't say I lead a particularly Four. You hear two people A 4.40
unhealthy lifestyle, but on the other discussing a restaurant. What do
hand I wouldn't say it's particularly they agree on? B 4.20
healthy either. I've never really eaten
enough fresh fruit or vegetables, but A It's expensive. C 3.50
then I've never really had much of a
sweet tooth either so I've never B The service isn't good. The delayed 15.13 service to
found it particularly hard to avoid Rocheston will now arrive at platform
chocolate or candy. I play tennis C The food isn't very good. 4b, 20 minutes later than scheduled,
almost every week and I can't see departing at the later than advertised
myself stopping for any reason. It's M Really? I thought it was time of ten to four.
just that I think I was drinking too delicious... a real culinary On behalf of RailTime UK we'd like to
much of it and I've heard it can be experience. take this opportunity to apologise for
bad for your liver as well as staining any inconvenience this may have
your teeth, so I just decided to stop. F Maybe I went on a bad night caused our clients.
then! I thought it was very
REPEAT disappointing – especially at REPEAT
their prices.
Two. You hear a woman talking Seven. You hear two people
about a place she went to. Why M Well, it's certainly not cheap... discussing their new language
did she visit it? but every so often you have to class. How do they feel about it?
splash out... push the boat out.
A to meet a friend I certainly couldn't afford to eat A The teacher is boring.
there every week.
B for work B It is too difficult.
F You can say that again! I
C to go shopping couldn't believe the bill when it C They like the teacher.
arrived. And the waiters were
Well, Joan who I went to school with, so snooty. You'd think it was too F Yes, I agree... She's much
was always raving about it – she much trouble just to bring me a better than Riccardo.
lived there for a couple of years after clean spoon.
university. So, when I heard the M Well that wouldn't be hard... all
annual company general meeting M Are you sure we went to the he did was drone on and on
was going to be there, I couldn't wait. same place? They couldn't do about grammar points... I
Not that we got much free time to go enough for us when we went. thought I'd fall asleep
sightseeing or anything. I'd really sometimes.
wanted to hit the shops; Joan said REPEAT
they were great with all sorts of F Ha! Me too! But I suppose it
bargains. But in the end the only Five. You hear a weather forecast must be difficult to make some
thing I managed to buy was a T-shirt on the radio. What will the weather of that material interesting.
at the airport. be like on Sunday?
M Sure! But Ana seems to be able
REPEAT A cloudy to do it. I really enjoyed that
activity we did using the old
Three. You hear somebody talking B sunny paintings.
about a song. What does the
person think about the song? C rainy F Yeah! Come on, we'd better get
back... the break is nearly over.
A He prefers the original. The weekend will start out chilly and
overcast for much of the region but REPEAT
B He prefers the current version. by Saturday lunchtime the clouds
should give way and temperatures Eight. You hear somebody talking
C He likes the film it comes will begin to rise, leaving us with a about a dress. What does she say
from. lovely bright weekend… and the about it?
good weather should stay with us
I'd say it's quite a rare thing. Cover until the middle of the week. From A It's fashionable.
versions are usually awful. So, I was Wednesday, pressure moving in from
a bit sceptical at first, but I have to the west will see a drop in B It doesn't fit her.
admit they've done a great job and I'd temperatures from mid-afternoon
rather listen to this new interpretation. bringing with it the threat of wintery C She wears it regularly.
It's like films and film sequels... every showers.
so often a sequel comes along that I'm always thinking... when will I get
outshines the original... like REPEAT to put it on, but there's not much
SeaChase 2 is a much better movie chance of it these days... it's not as if
than the first one. I love it. Six. You hear an announcement at we go to fancy places all that often...
a train station. What time will the especially with the kids being the age
REPEAT train leave? they are. I think I was just so thrilled

231_256_FCE_PracTest:FCE_178-203_practice 27/06/12 17:38 Pagina 255

Recording scripts

that I could still get into it after 20 much of the liquid whey as possible, helps the artists themselves rather
years. I dug it out of the attic when I then place a sterilised cloth over a than hindering them... the people that
saw that style had made a stainless steel bucket or large basin use this website and listen to new
comeback. Every stylish young lady and pour in the curds. Make the cloth music on it are far more likely to fork
is wearing them these days. Though into a bundle by winding one corner out for concert tickets or T-shirts or
of course I'm not sure if I count as a around the other three. Place the whatever. I don't think it's the artists
young lady any more. bundle on a tray which is tilted at an themselves who are complaining,
angle to let the whey drain away. more their record companies who are
That’s the end of Part 1. Now turn Leave for about 15 minutes. Untie afraid sooner or later the artists and
to Part 2. the bundle and the curds will be seen the public are just going to cut out
to have formed into a mass. Cut this the middleman.
into four slices and place one on top
CD 3 – TRACK 9 of the other then cover with the cloth. Speaker 2
After about fifteen minutes place the
You will hear a lecture about outer slices of the curd on the inside I can see why so many artists are
cheese-making. For questions 9-18 of the stack, and vice versa. Repeat against it... I mean... it's their job
complete the sentences. this process several times. Sprinkle after all... how they make a living.
10g salt onto the milled curds, rolling People shouldn't be allowed to just
Cheddar cheese is one of the great them gently without breaking them help themselves whenever they like.
cheeses of the world. It is usually further. You then need to press the It doesn't matter how much money
made with cow’s milk, but I frequently cheese. Pressing cheese is they have now, how many cars or
make it from goat’s milk. Goat’s and essentially a process of compacting how many houses. People just
ewe’s milk both produce a slightly the curds while extracting the liquid wouldn't drive off in some pop
softer curd than cow’s milk, and they whey. For the first hour, apply a light singer's car, or walk into one of their
require slightly reduced pressure so that the fats are not lost houses and help themselves to a
temperatures. The curds from these with the whey then increase it to the chair or a lamp, would they? I
milks also need slightly less maximum and leave until the stopped using it really when I saw
pressing. Sterilise all the equipment following day. Remove the cheese one of my favourite singers talking
in hot water and ensure that the from the press and cloth, and dip it in about it on TV and he said he was
room is not subject to cold draughts. hot water for one minute in order to thinking of retiring... it wasn't worth it
Give yourself plenty of time, without consolidate and smooth the surface. any more… he'd be better off
the possibility of interruptions. To Place it in a protected area and leave opening a café he said.
makes approximately half a kilo of it to dry for a day or two until a rind
Cheddar you will need 5 litres of full begins to form. Once the rind has Speaker 3
cream milk, 5ml of liquid starter, 3ml formed, the cheese can be sealed to
of rennet and 10g of salt. Pasteurise prevent it becoming unduly If I use the website and listen to
the milk to destroy unwanted desiccated while it is maturing. The something from it, I can't see how
bacteria. Cool to 21 degrees. Stir in last stage is often the all-important that could be considered theft. I'm
the starter and leave the milk, one. A cheese, which is tasteless not depriving anybody of anything.
covered in a warm place for about an and bland when freshly made, is full Whoever owns – if that's the right
hour so that it can acidify. Don’t of flavour and body after being left word – the music he or she still has
leave it for much longer than this long enough. Leave to mature in a it. I haven't taken it away from him or
otherwise the cheese may be too dry cool, dry place. her, and, to be honest, I'd be far
and crumbly. Increase the more likely to go out and buy
temperature to 28 degrees for goat’s That’s the end of Part 2. Now turn something if I hear it and enjoy it –
or ewe’s milk, or to 30 for cow’s milk. to Part 3. which I generally do – more often
Mix the rennet with two teaspoonfuls than not in fact – especially with my
of previously boiled and cooled water favourite artists. And it's a great way
and then stir it in. Give it another stir CD 3 – TRACK 10 to discover new favourites.
5 minutes later to stop the cream
collecting at the top. Cover the You will hear five different people Speaker 4
container and then leave the milk to talking about an internet website.
set in a warm place. The curd is For questions 19-23 choose from My nephew was telling me all about
normally ready when it is firm to the the list A-F to say what each it. I'm not sure if he was in favour of
touch. The curd is cut in order to person feels about it. Use the it or not. He sort of lost me halfway
release the liquid whey. Cut down letters only once. There is one through to be honest. But from what I
into the curd, from top to bottom one extra letter which you do not need gather – and you can laugh at me – I
way then cut it at right angles to form to use. am a former history teacher after all
square columns. Stir gently with the – far reaching changes often occur in
hand for a couple of minutes. Speaker 1 the commercial world. Look at a
Gradually increase the temperature couple of hundred years ago – only
over the next 30-40 minutes. The If you ask me, if something is in the local nobility had the right to own
curds then gradually sink to the unlimited supply then it can't be an oven and everybody had to pay to
bottom and collect at a central point. stolen. These music companies will use it – and at that time, that was
Turn off the heat and leave the pan just have to adapt their business considered perfectly natural. Still...
until all movement has ceased in the model... move with the times. In fact what do I know? I wouldn't even
liquid. Using a spoon take out as in the long run I would say that it know how to go about using it.

231_256_FCE_PracTest:FCE_178-203_practice 27/06/12 17:38 Pagina 256

Recording scripts

Speaker 5 older... but when I was younger so if anybody is listening... take

it would really get me down... heed... I need to hear someone
I'm dead against it. It's not so much and ironically, when I was say something nice about my
the artists themselves or the record depressed, I'd just eat more last album... the newspapers
companies I'm concerned about, it's and it became a vicious circle certainly didn't give it any
the retailers. There used to be a really. But these days I'm happy positive reviews...
great little record store on the High with myself really. If you do
Street. I'd spend hours just rifling some sport or exercise three or F And finally... as I said, you've
through the old albums and 45s four times a week, you don't been in the industry for nearly
there... I'd been going there ever find yourself putting on the 20 years. Are you ever going to
since I was 17 or 18. But it shut weight. stop?
down about 6 months ago. What's
happened to the guy who owned it or F How do you keep in shape M Well, I must say, I realise that I
the three others who worked there? I then? can't go on forever. Touring and
can only think it's websites like this recording certainly take it out of
that are to blame... and it's a shame M Nothing too strenuous. I tend to you. I guess I'll have to think
really. get up very early in the morning about retiring from that side of
and do a few kilometres on an things sooner or later, probably
That’s the end of Part 3. Now turn exercise machine called a cross in about 5 years or so. I don't
to Part 4. trainer. The early mornings are think I'll ever completely stop
when I'm at my best and I'm full working. For instance, I've had
of get up and go and if I get on a project on the back burner for
CD 3 – TRACK 11 the cross trainer for about 45 about ten years now. I've been
minutes, I can burn up quite a writing a musical. But to be
You will hear an interview with a lot of calories. I suppose my honest I think it's just a bit of a
rock singer, Michael Michaels. For regime is rather different pipe dream, I can't see it ever
questions 24-30, choose the best depending on whether I'm at really being staged. But you
answer A, B or C. home or on tour. If I'm on tour I never know.
hardly get a chance to eat a lot,
F So, what sort of things do you but if I'm at home or the studio That is the end of part 4.
enjoy doing if you're not on the there's always the temptation of
road or in the studio? the fridge... but as I say, if you
do enough exercise during the
M When I'm not working I like day, you can forgive yourself
doing the things that everybody the occasional indiscretion.
else does. I like pottering
around in the garden, cooking F You've been a well-known
up a storm in the kitchen, going figure in the public eye for
out to the shops. When I'm at almost a generation now. Has
my holiday home in Palma de success changed you? Do you
Mallorca, I like nothing better even remember what it's like to
than getting up really early and be a normal person?
nipping down to the local
bakery just as it's opening and M I don't think I need to remember
buying some of their fresh being a normal person; it's what
pastries and then wandering I'd consider myself to be now. It
around the local craft fair and doesn't matter how many
picking up the odd piece. people know who you are or
how many people buy your
F I've heard you're quite a albums or go to your concerts...
gourmet, Michael, is that true? you still have to do the same
things everybody else does...
M I don't know if I would call you have to put your legs into
myself a gourmet exactly, but I your trousers one after the
love my food. Unfortunately I'm other like anybody else. You still
one of those people who has to have to go down the shops to
be careful about what they buy a pint of milk or a loaf of
eat... I just have to smell bread, just like anybody else. If
biscuits and I've put on half a I'm down the supermarket and
kilo. If you see pictures of me somebody recognizes me, 99
throughout the twenty years I've times out of a hundred they're
been in the business, you'll see really nice, pleasant and
there's been quite a few polite… they just ask for an
occasions when I've been more autograph or tell me they love
than a little overweight. I don't my albums... usually my earlier
worry so much about it now; ones though; nobody has told
you don't when you get a little me they like my new one yet....


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