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1/28/2018 Care.

com - Backgroundcheck Report

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Important Disclosure About Report 

Additional Important Disclosure About Report Use and Coverage 

Chanse Alexandra Pryor
Report ID: 122843828

Report Summary 
Component Result Status

1 SSN Trace  Complete

2 Criminal County Search (7­Year Address History)   Jurisdiction: Cobb County, Georgia  Clear

3 Criminal County Search (7­Year Address History)   Jurisdiction: Fulton County, Georgia  Clear

4 Criminal County Search (7­Year Address History)   Jurisdiction: San Mateo County,  Clear

5 Federal Criminal District Search (7­Year Address History)   State: Georgia, District: Northern  Clear

6 Federal Criminal District Search (7­Year Address History)   State: California, District:  Clear
Northern District

7 Multi­State Instant Criminal Check  Complete

8 DOJ Sex Offender  Clear

Candidate Information 
Report ID 122843828

Name Chanse Alexandra Pryor

Social Security Number xxx­xx­2081

Date of Birth 8/7/xxxx

Address 2135 Shoop Ct. SE 
Smyrna, GA 30080

Order Details 
Requested by Chanse Pryor

Package Title Criminal Records Check

Report Status Complete 

Request Submitted Jan 28, 2018 10:26 am

Report Completed Jan 28, 2018 10:32 am

Completion Time Less than 1 minute

1 SSN Trace 
Social Security Number xxx­xx­2081

Primary Name Searched CHANSE PRYOR

Result   Complete: Full name matches SSN.

Possible Alternative Names No possible alternative names were found for this candidate

The SSN Trace compares the provided Social Security Number to credit header and public records data. This trace may locate possible alternative
names or addresses associated with the SSN for the purpose of performing additional searches. The SSN trace is not conducted through the
Social Security Administration and should not be used as the basis for any employment decision or confirmation of identity.

https://www.care.com/sitter/backgroundCheckViewReportRedesign.do?sitterId=12063506&bgcType=ENHANCED 1/2
1/28/2018 Care.com - Backgroundcheck Report

2 Criminal County Search (7­Year Address History) Jurisdiction: Cobb County, Georgia 

Jurisdiction Searched COBB COUNTY, GA

Search Description The "Jurisdiction Searched" field indicates the name of the county or state where the search is
conducted. The specific courts and criminal records searched may be limited due to the manner
in which records are maintained in certain states.

Result   Clear

3 Criminal County Search (7­Year Address History) Jurisdiction: Fulton County, Georgia 

Jurisdiction Searched FULTON COUNTY, GA

Search Description The "Jurisdiction Searched" field indicates the name of the county or state where the search is
conducted The specific courts and criminal records searched may be limited due to the manner

https://www.care.com/sitter/backgroundCheckViewReportRedesign.do?sitterId=12063506&bgcType=ENHANCED 2/2