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UNT Lesson Plan Template

Pre-service Teacher: Grade(s): School/Mentor Teacher (if applicable):

 Alex Cannon  1st Grade  Ashley Foland
Subject area(s): Unit Topic/Theme: Lesson Title:
 Art  Collage  Boo-tiful Bats
 Color Mixing
Relevant TEKS: Relevant ELPS: Relevant TX CCRS:
(2) Creative expression. The  Teaching collage 2. Use a variety of strategies to understand the
student communicates ideas using diffent meanings of new words.
through original artworks using a phonetic cues. a. Use context clues, including definitions,
variety of media with examples, comparison, contrast, cause and
 Color Mixing be
appropriate skills. The student effect, and details provided in surrounding
visual cues and
expresses thoughts and ideas text.
creatively while challenging the direction b. Consult references (e.g., dictionary,
imagination, fostering reflective thesaurus) effectively.
thinking, and developing c. Understand notation specific to discipline
disciplined effort and progressive 1. Work independently.
problem-solving skills. The a. Plan a project, establish its parameters, and
student is expected to: complete it with minimal supervision, seeking
(B) create compositions using assistance accordingly.
the elements of art and b. Follow directions or procedures independently. c.
principles of design; and Complete assignments outside the classroom setting
(C) identify and practice skills in a timely manner.
necessary for producing 4. Persevere to complete and master tasks.
drawings, paintings, prints, a. Persevere until a task is completed by working even
constructions, and sculpture, when faced with uncertainty or open-ended
including modeled forms, using a assignments.
variety of materials. b. Seek assistance when needed to complete the
assignment. c. Recognize when a task is completed.
UNT Lesson Plan Template
Lesson Objective(s)/Performance Outcomes
 Students will be able to identify the difference between secondary and primary colors.
 Students will be able to design a bat by using collage techniques.
 Students will be able to demonstrate proper use of materials when using acrylic paints and scissors.
Assessment (Description/Criteria)
 Students will be assessed on ability to demonstrate color mixing by using the primary colors.
 Students will be assessed on control of materials
 Students will be assessed on creation of collage by using glue sponges and assemblage.
Materials and Resources
 Drawing paper
 Pencil
 Eraser
 Acrylic Paint
 Brushes
 Paper Plates/Mixing bowls
 Scissors
 Glue sponges
Management of the Instructional Environment
 Students will be following along during drawing instruction on silent which will allow the volume
and side discussion to be minimized.
 Students will be monitored by teacher walking through the classroom checking on progress.-use of
“give yourself an air check mark system” if activities have been completed.
 Should volume become a problem, students will be reminded of proper classroom rules.
 Students will be reminded that the ‘Think Station’ will be used if necessary.
 Encouraging students to earn art stars, stickers, or smelly stamps.
Technology Integration
 Elmo projector for step by step drawing
 Video on color mixing
 Powerpoint presentation for introduction color mixing and collage
Diversity and Equity (Accommodations, Modifications, Adaptations)
UNT Lesson Plan Template
 If students are struggling during step by step instruction, they will be encouraged to do their best
until one on one instruction can be offered, or they will be reminded of peer assistance.
 Students who struggle with paints will be offered markers for better handling and control.
 Students will have glue sponges for easy and even application of glue.
 Class will begin with children sitting on the carpet. Teacher will cover last weeks learning points and
begin PowerPoint showing color mixing and introduction to collage.
 Students will be asked to recall the 3 primary colors.
 Students will then be asked to sit at their tables quietly.
 Students will follow along with step by step drawing of the bat. If time permits students will begin
mixing their primary colors to create secondary colors.
 The following week students will cut out their deconstructed bat. After all parts of the bat have been
cut out, students will be given glue sponges to assemble their bats on black construction paper.
 The final step to creating their bats is to draw a moon and stars in the background using crayons.
Reflections and Documentation/Evidence of Lesson Effectiveness
 During clean up and line-up procedures students will be asked to answer questions
o Who can tell me what 2 colors are mixed to create purple/green/orange?
o Who can remind me of the secondary colors/primary colors?