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Erebus Emblem of the Lament Configuration Box

Hidden Images Leading in Darkness to Hell

Design of Amaimon Intaglio Face
Devil of the Greeks
to be inlaid with Bastard's Gold - 60% Gold / 40% Silver
Created by
Os Sacrum Philip LeMarchand
Sacrificial Bone
Arc of Babelaisian
Links of Uncleansiness circa 1740
Valley of Baca
Valley of Weeping
Antica Kebla
Ancient Italian Half Tiger
Quod of the Coventicle Half Shark
Religious Dissenters
Quadra = Border of Square
Outer Esoteric Fetches
Eastern Point of Adoration or
Wraiths Within
Valley of Butis
Egyptian Goddess of Night
Valley of the Cors'ned
Cursed Mouthful

Arc of Airapadam
Path of the Elephant that Supports
the Earth on its Back (Indian)
Ark of Set
Ark of Erebus
Path of Darkness to Hell
Voids of Gyromancy
The Surrounding Area of Walking in
Circles for Devine Answers Valley of Ephialtes
Victims of Nightmares

Exoteric Fetchers -
Tribute to the Thirty Tyrants
Thirty Tyrants of Rome or Wraiths Without