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EDPB 513/613: Principles of Education (Secondary)

Instructor: Brian Heese

Mallory Chester (Cohort #3)
Due Date: 14th November 2017

Rubric Assignment: English Language Arts

Unit: Persuasive Writing
In this unit we will dive into the art of persuasive writing through the exploration of
current issues in our world. Students will embark in the step by step process of persuasive essay
writing beginning with a selection of topic, editing and working all the way through to the
submission of a final draft. Students will submit multiple levels of their work to their teacher
throughout this process to ensure that they are on the right track. These submissions will not be
graded, but rather reviewed by the teacher to make sure that students are on the right track before
moving forward to the next step.
Below is a rubric for the assignment, as well as an explanation of each step of the
persuasive paper writing process that we will use, as well as a checklist which students can use to
check off their progress along the way. Students should only check off each box is they feel like
they are working to an applying level (this level is explained briefly with the checklist, and more
extensively later on in the rubric). Any work that students feel is below an applying level should
be revaluated before submission. The checklist also provides the expectations for students who
wish to go above and beyond expectations of the assignment to achieve an extending grade.
The Persuasive Writing Process
Step 1: Topic Selection
For this step we will work together as a class to come up with a list of current issues in the world
today. You will then select a topic that interests you (it can be one of the topics we have come up
with as a class, but can also be something we may not have talked about if you choose) and will
use this as the basis of your persuasive paper.
***Before moving forward: Students must submit their topic of choice to teacher to confirm
level of appropriateness and relevancy.

An Applying student will select a topic that is current in the world today. Their topic will be
multidimensional in that is has two sides that can be clearly argued.

An Extending student will select a topic that is multidimensional with multiple sides that can be
argues (more than 2 possible perspectives) and is especially relevant to life on Vancouver Island.
Step 2: Pros and Cons
For this step, students will begin to examine/explore the pros and cons surrounding the current
issue they have chosen. Pros and cons for their topics must be clearly defined, and represent
sides of an argument that is related to the topic in a clear and concise way.
***Before moving forward: Students must submit their pros and cons to teacher to confirm their
presence in the paper to come (this can be done in a chart, point form, brief paragraph etc.)

An Applying student will have developed a strong pro and con for each side of the argument that
can be made surrounding their current topic. The pro and the con the students choose are
obviously related directly to their topic.

An Extending student have developed multiple pros and multiple cons for their argument
surrounding their topic, and all of their pros and cons are related to their topic in a strong and
effective way.
Step 3: Research
For this step students will be expected to research their current topic, through the lense of the
pros and cons they have chosen, to begin to build a background of knowledge of the issue which
they will use to support the argument they hope to make in their paper. Students may use a
variety of sources to begin to brainstorm the direction in which their paper will go. This is the
final step of the pre-writing process. After the research, students will begin to write their papers.
***Before moving forward: Students must submit clear proof of research and brainstorming
(this could be done through a mind map, point form, paragraph etc.). Students will also submit a
list of sources they have been using so far (this list will hopefully grow as students progress in
their paper writing).

An Applying student will provide proof of research and brainstorming before beginning to write
their paper. They will also submit a list of sources, at least 3-5 sources, as further proof of their
research so far.

An Extending student will submit proof of multiple processes of research and brainstorming
before they begin their paper writing process. They will also submit an extensive list of sources
they have used to far (5+) and these sources will be advanced in their readability (i.e. Scholarly
journals, peer reviewed articles etc.).
During Writing:
Step 4: Essay Argument
This is the first thing to be considered in the writing of a persuasive essay: the persuasiveness of
this time of writing is determined by the strength of the student’s ability to present their
argument. Students will present their argument in the opening of their essay, then use the
research they have acquired to support this argument throughout their paper. In order to be
successful in writing a persuasive essay, students must be able to clearly outline their argument
and use evidence to support it in each paragraph they write. The structure of these essays is key
to their success: each paragraph must reiterate the overlying argument, while presenting a new
idea/piece of evidence to back it up.
***Before moving forward: Students do not need to submit anything for this part of the writing
process (unless they would like to submit their opening paragraph containing their argument for
teacher review before moving forward. This is encouraged, but not mandatory). Students should
consult the rubric, however, to ensure that the structure of their paper reflects the sound
argument they are trying to make.

An Applying student will have an argument that is clear throughout their paper and lends itself
to an overall persuasive tone. The structure of their paper also lends itself to it’s persuasiveness,
as each paragraph reinforces their argument through the introduction of a new and supporting
idea that is backed up by researched evidence.

An Extending student will have written a paper that is incredibly persuasive, with an argument
that is successfully argued throughout the entire paper. This student will use
introduction/conclusions sentences effectively throughout their paper in each paragraph with a
new idea, but will further use sub paragraphs to continue the ideas in each paragraph effectively.
Step 5: Spelling/Grammar
Spelling and grammar are incredibly important when writing an persuasive paper: the accuracy
of your argument is more believably if your readers is not constantly interrupted by misuse of
commas, misspelling of key words etc. Students should pay great attention to editing their papers
before submitting them in order to correct anything they have missed.
***Before moving forwards: Students must submit a rough draft of their paper to their teacher,
with proof that they (or a fellow student) have made an attempt at editing. Their rough draft
should be marked up with corrections done by themselves or someone else. These errors are
expected to be corrected in the final draft of the paper.

An Applying student will have written their original draft and submitted it with clear attempts to
edit. As a result of this, an applying student’s paper will contain little to no spelling/grammar
errors and they will have used literacy conventions correctly

An Extending student will show evidence of extensive editing (perhaps through the submission
of multiple drafts) with proof of their own editing changes as well as those of a peer. As a result
of this, extending students will have virtually zero spelling/grammatical errors in their paper and
will have begun to use advanced literacy conventions in their writing effectively.
Paper Submission/Grading:
The Rubric:
Beginning Developing Applying Extending
Topic Selection I Have…. I Have…. I Have…. I Have…
-Selected a topic, although -Selected a topic that is -Selected a topic that is -Selected a topic that is
topic may not be current in somewhat current in the current in the news today. current to the news today, and
the news today. news today. -The topic I have selected is is especially relevant to life
-Subject is not -The topic I have selected is multidimensional: there are on Vancouver Island.
multidimensional: it does somewhat clearly two sides that can be - The topic I have selected is
not necessarily have two multidimensional: there are argued. multidimensional on many
sides to be two sides that could levels: there are many
examined/argued. possibly be argued. different sides that can be
argued (more than two).
Pros and Cons I Have…. I Have…. I Have…. I Have….
-Developed a pro, but not a -Developed a pro and a con -Developed a strong pro and -Developed two or more pros
con (or vice versa) for my for my current issue strong con for my current and two or more cons for my
current issue (although one may be issue (both can be strongly current issue (all are strongly
-My pros and/or con are not stronger than the other). argued). argued)
clearly defined, and may or -My pro and con are -My pro and con are clearly -All of my pros and cons are
not be directly defined somewhat clearly, defined and can be directly clearly defined and can be
relevant/relatable to the and relate fairly directly to related to my topic of choice. directly related to my topic of
topic I have chosen. my topic of choice. choice.
Research I Have…. I Have…. I Have…. I Have…
-Not provided clear proof -Provided proof that I have -Provided proof that I have -Provided proof of extensive
of research: I am missing done some research: I have done thorough research: I research of my topic: I have
my list of sources and proof provided proof of some have provided proof of provided extensive proof of
of brainstorming prior to brainstorming prior to brainstorming prior to writing multiple ways of
writing my paper. writing my paper and some my paper, and an adequate (3- brainstorming before writing
sources have been given. 5) number of sources have my paper, and a multitude of
-Not all of my sources are been given. sources have been given (5+).
credible. -My sources are credible. -My sources are not only
credible but are advanced (use
of scholarly journal articles,
peer reviews etc.)
Essay Argument I Have…. I Have…. I Have…. I Have….
-Written my paper, but it -Written my paper with an -Written my paper with an -Written my paper with an
lacks a clear argument and argument that is relatively argument that is clear. My argument that is not only
persuasive tone. clear, and has the paper also has a clear clear, but has an incredibly
-The topic of my paper is beginnings of a persuasive persuasive tone. effective and persuasive tone.
not necessarily clear to my tone. -The topic of my paper is -The topic of my paper is
reader. -The topic of my paper is clear to my reader in my clear to my reader, and is
-The structure of my paper somewhat clear to my introduction, and is somewhat reiterated and strongly
needs improvement: reader in my introduction. reiterated throughout my enforced throughout my
-I am lacking clear -The structure of my paper paper. entire paper.
paragraphs that are defined shows effort: I have -The structure of my paper is -The structure of my paper
using topic/concluding attempted to use clearly clear and concise: My pays precise attention to the
sentences. defined paragraphs paragraphs are clearly defined concise portrayal of my
-My paragraphs do not (although they still need by a topic and conclusion argument throughout my
present a new idea in each. work) and have defined sentence. paper: My paper contains
some, but not all, -Each of my paragraphs paragraphs that are clearly
paragraphs with contain a new idea. defined by topic and
topic/concluding sentences. conclusions sentences.
-Some, but not all, of my -My paper contains
paragraphs state new ideas paragraphs that contain new
in each. ideas in each, but I also
effectively use sub paragraphs
which flow clearly throughout
to continue my ideas.
Spelling/Grammar I Have…. I Have…. I Have…. I Have….
-Written my paper and clearly -Written my paper with
edited it before submission. noteable and effective effort
-Written my paper without -Written my effort with -There are little to no spelling to editing before submission,
a clear effort to edit before minimal effort put towards and grammatical errors in my and have probably gone
submission. editing before submission. paper. through the editing process
-There are consistent -There are a few spelling -I have used conventions and more than one time myself, as
spelling and grammatical and grammatical errors in sentence structure effectively well as with a peer.
errors throughout my paper. my paper. in my paper. -There are virtually no
-The use of conventions -I have begun to use spelling and grammatical
and sentence structure conventions and sentence errors in my paper.
within my writing needs structure properly in my -I have used advanced literary
improvement. paper, but these things still conventions throughout my
need work. paper, and my sentence
structure is flawless.