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Audhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem

Nawaytul arba`în, nawaytul ‘itikâf, nawatul khalwat, nawaytur-riyâda, nawaytus-sulûk, nawaytul

`uzla, fî hâdha al-masjid

“Ati`ullaha wa ati`ur-rasul wa uwlil-amri minkum wa in tanaza`atum fee shayin faradduhu ill-Allahi wa

rasulihi.” – “Obey Allah; obey the Prophet (s) and those in authority among you.” [4:59]
ّ ‫ع‬ َ َ ‫سو َل فَقَ ْد أ‬
َ ‫طا‬ َّ ِ‫َّم ْن ي ُِطع‬
ُ ‫الر‬
]4:80[ ”Man yuti` ar-rasul faqad at`a-ullah. – “He who obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah
I was thinking about what to speak tonight. I would like to say alhamdulillah we are seeing
more masajid being opened. People can do a little, because we are weak servants of Allah swt. We
are helpless. Whether we become rich or we become leaders, still we are helpless.
One incident happened in the past that showed us how weak we are. Phiraun was the enemy of
Sayyidina Musa . He was the richest and he was the leader of his time; he was the one that said,
“ana rabbukum ul-`ala.” – “I am your most high lord.” What did Allah do with him? He finished him in
the ocean. He finished him and saved his body. Why did he save his body? Whey didn’t he save the
bodies of the others?
Because he said a word that Allah liked. He said,
‫َت بِ ِه بَنُو إِس َْرائِي َل َوأَنَا ْ مِنَ ْال ُم ْس ِل ِمينَ آآلنَ َوقَ ْد‬
ْ ‫… َحتَّى إِ َذا أَد َْر َكهُ ْالغ ََر ُق قَا َل آ َمنتُ أَنَّهُ ال إِ ِلـهَ إِالَّ الَّذِي آ َمن‬
َ‫صيْتَ قَ ْب ُل َو ُكنتَ ِمنَ ْال ُم ْف ِسدِين‬ َ ‫ع‬ َ
ُ َ
“ َ‫عن آيَاتِنَا لغَافِلون‬ ْ َ ‫اس‬ َّ
ِ ‫يرا مِنَ الن‬ ً ْ ْ ُ
ً ِ‫فَاليَ ْو َم نن َِجيكَ بِبَ َدنِكَ ِلتَكونَ ِل َمن خَلفَكَ آيَة َوإِن َكث‬
َّ ُ ْ
hatta idhaa adrakahu al-gharaqu qaala amantu annahu la ilaha illa alladhee aamanat bihi banoo
israeela wa ana mina al-muslimeen. Alaana wa qad `asayta qablu wa kunta mina al-mufsideen. Fa’l-
yawma nunajjeeka bi-badanika litakoona liman khalfaka ayatan wa inna katheeran mina an-naasi
`an ayaatina la-ghaafiloon
until [they were overwhelmed by the waters of the sea. And] when he was about to drown, [Pharaoh]
exclaimed: “I have come to believe that there is no deity save Him in whom the children of Israel
believe, and I am of those who surrender themselves unto Him!" But God said:] "Now? when ever
before this thou hast been rebelling [against Us], and hast been among those who spread
corruption? "This day shall We save thee in the body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come
after thee! but verily, many among mankind are heedless of Our Signs!" Yunus, 10:90-92
Because of that Allah saved his body. Why? To be an example to others who came later to show
them: “I saved him to be an example to those who came after him. Do not begin to believe in Me
only when you are drowning. I am saving your body to remind those who come later.”
Nimrod came against Sayyidina Ibrahim . What did Allah do with him? He sent against him one small
mosquito that ate his brain, ate his skull. What happened? He was gone. That was because he said
“I am going to kill that one you are worshipping.” For that Allah destroyed him.
So wherever you are reaching of greatness, if you are not a believer, you are going to reach this
end. If you are a believer and you reach a high level, still you cannot reach more than Sayyidina
Sulayman. No one can reach more than Sayyidina Sulayman - richer than him. Allah made the
whole world, jinn, animals and mankind listen to him. What happened to him. No one knew he was
dead until a small animal ate his stick, and he fell when it broke and they became aware of his
passing. Before that the jinn were all working for him under the belief that he was watching them.
Greatness therefore is for Allah swt. If you think you are great in Islam that is accepted. Allah said,
“al-izzatu lillahi wa li-rasulihi wa lil-mumineen.” – “Respect, honor is for Allah, the Prophet and the
Not only did jinn listen to Sayyidina Muhammad (s), but Allah made even the angels listen to him.
For this the tongue has no words to describe the perfection of the Prophet (s). The alphabet has no
letters to describe the perfection of the Prophet (s). Whatever you describe, he is more. “Wa innaka
la`ala khuluqin `adheem. Fa-satubsiru was sayubsirun.”

Allah is giving an oath by ‘Nun’ in the alphabet. That is the third from last letter in the alphabet. What
comes before it – ‘mim’? What comes after it – ‘waw’? Why did ‘mim’ come after ‘lam’ [In alif, lam,
mim]? Professor Abdul Ghani? [I don’t know].
Allah is giving an oath with the letter ‘Nun’. ‘Nun. Wal-qalami wa maa yasturoon.” Allah is saying
“‘Nun’ and by whatever the Pen can write. You O Muhammad are not as they say, without mind. You
are a real Prophet of a very high character.”
‘Nun’ is what? Allah said, “Nun!” He is giving an oath with that letter. It comes after what? ‘Mim’, yes,
but in the dunya understanding ‘nun’ refers to dunya and ‘kaf’ refers to heavens. When Allah wants
something to happen He only says to it “Be! – Kun!” and it is. Therefore “amruhu bayn al-kaf wan-
nun.” – “His Order is between ‘kaf’ and ‘nun’” That is why He said, “Nun!”. When He says, “Kun” it
will be. It does not need to continue, for when He says ‘be’ it will be. So ‘nun’ relates to us and
‘kaf’ relates to heaven.
So when He says, that order is going to come, ‘Nun’ happened. That means, “I swear by the
greatness of My Creation, and what the Pen writes of what is to come of My Creation, un-endingly,
with the endlessness of that creation, you Ya Muhammad, are of a higher character. The Pen cannot
write a description of your character, you are on a higher level!
Allah is One. Allah laa shareek lah. And ‘alif’ is the ibtida’ - commencement of creation. So when
Allah Name wants to appear, as we described many times: Allah consists of three letters.
‘Alif’ is ibtida, ‘ha’ is intiha – the ending--and ‘lam’ is in the middle. That means Allah has no
beginning and no end, while His creation has a beginning and an end. So what follows ‘lam’ is ‘mim’
– representing Muhammad (s). That is why ‘mim’ came after ‘lam’ in the alphabet. ‘Lam’ is one letter
of Allah’s Greatest Name, the All-encompassing Name. ‘Mim’ represents the Prophet (s). ‘Nun’
represents the creation. Then ‘hah’, ‘waw’, ‘yeh’. ‘Hah’, ‘waw’ is ‘Hu’! That cannot be described,
except through, “I was a hidden treasure and I wanted to be known, so I created creation.”
“Qul Hua.” There is no way to describe that. ‘Ya’ describes the end.