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Information about CommunicAID

• Nonprofit Charity based in Hong Kong

• Corporate Address: 1000 Main Street West, Mansfield Towers, Hong Kong
• Central College is private non-denominational charity that serves the homeless by
providing food and shelter. In addition if seeks to help the homeless get back on
their feet by helping them find long term employment and housing.
• The Board of Trustees are prominent members of the HK community.
• CommunicAID operates in HK.
• Budget of HK$6,450,000 this year and the revenues are increasing quickly
• A little less than half of revenue (HK$3,450,000) comes from fundraising, with
the rest coming from government agencies and grants; however, your agency
wants to increase the percentage of donations that come from private sources.
• Key Funders: The Board of Trustees are eager to diversify the sources of this funding
and are pushing for more private support.
• YouTube Video: A viral YouTube video that just received over 2 million views is
negatively impacting attitudes toward the homeless. The video shows individuals
dressing up like they are homeless and collecting in excess of $100,000 each year in cash
panhandling. It portrays these individuals returning to homes in upscale neighborhoods
and living comfortable lives. This has had a measurable negative effect on perception of
the homeless nationwide.
• News reports have come to similar but more nuanced conclusions. See this article
and video as a good example… https://www.ksl.com/?sid=27782692
• Homeless Crime: As the crime rate in HK has gone up, despite a nationwide trend down,
a report in the HK Sun reports that homeless individuals are committing a large number
of crimes. Their article reports nearly 10% of all violent crime in HK comes from the less
than 1% of the city that is homeless. This story was picked up by national news outlets
and has focused attention statewide on the homeless. State legislators are promising swift
action to address this rise in crime.
• Organizational Chart:
• President: Suzanne J. McGrath, MSW
• General Counsel: E.W. Parsons
• Director of Administration & Human Resources: Wang Lee
• Director of Information Systems: James S. Harmon
• Director of Development: Peter Smith
• Director of Communications and Media: Lori Smythe
• Copy Specialists: Elizabeth E. Dorn, You!
• Graphic Specialist: Claire Martin
• Public Relations Services
• News Releases issues last year include:
• $1 million Grant Launches $5 million Capital Campaign
• Housing Specialist to Head CommunicAID Service
• Weak Economy Puts Pressure on HK Housing
• CommunicAID to host Online Seminar on How to Help Homeless
• $25,000 Council of Churches Grant to Support HK Food Banks
• CommunicAID Staff Support United Way
• Regulatory Oversight: Social Welfare Department, Law Reform Commission of Hong
Kong (Charities Sub-Commission)
• On the Horizon: The rising economy, as well as concern over the homeless, has opened
opportunities for CommunicAID to reach for more private donations. While you have
minimal budget for development agents to reach out to prospective funders beyond the
city’s limits, your agency head has asked you to try and increase visibility of
CommunicAID via social media and national stories. The hope is that this increased
attention will result in additional donations.