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Quiz 1 (Group 3)

Introduction to Statistics
Answer the following.
1. Discuss possible application of statistics in your respective field of study.
2. For each situation below, identify the variable, its attribute of object they classify, its level
of measurement and indicate whether it is a discrete or continuous. Also, decide whether
the statement is an application of descriptive statistics or inferential statistics.
a. A newspaper article reports the average salaries of appointed heads of national
government offices from data collected on all national government offices.
Variable ____________________ attribute of object they classify ___________________
Level of measurement____________ continuity of values__________________
3. In each of the following situation, specify: the population, the sample, the variable, the
level of measurement of each variable.
a. Mrs. Raganas wants to determine the distribution of faculty members in the
university of Zamboanga del Norte as to age, gender, religious affiliation, teaching
experience, educational qualification, academic rank, and monthly salary. To do
this, she distributed questionnaires to 350 randomly selected faculty members in all
seven (7) universities of Zamboanga del Norte.
4. Indicate which of the following statements refer to population or sample.
a. The total number of machines produced by a factory in one week____________
b. The yearly expenditures on food for 10 families____________
5. Identify each of the following variables as qualitative or quantitative variable:
a. The number of consumers who refuse to answer a telephone survey. ____________
b. The door chosen by a mouse in a maze experiment. ____________
c. Favorite movie in Cenima One____________
d. The daily intake of proteins____________
e. Nationality ____________
6. For each of the following statements below, decide whether it belongs to the field of
descriptive statistics or inferential statistics. State a reason for each of your answers.
a. Mr. Macalolooy wants to determine the proportion spent on transportation during
the past five months using the daily records of expenditures that he
b. A car manufacturer wishes to estimate the average lifetime of batteries by testing a
sample of 50 batteries. ___________
7. Determine whether each statement is true or false. Write your answer on the blank.
a. The weight of a person is an example of a continuous variable. ____________
b. Two major areas of statistics are descriptive and quantitative statistics.
c. Last year’s total number of students in JRMSU System was 5,900. This is an
example of an inferential statistics. ____________