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Eclectic- The college provides an eclectic mix of courses from

Engineering to Management.
2. Ambiguous- The terrorist attack on twin towers was ambiguous as
many people alleged Bush to have masterminded it.
3. Benign- The doctors were confident that they would cure the
cancer as it was still benign.
4. Contentious- No celebrity took a vivid stand on Padmaavat as the
topic is contentious.
5. Coercive- Activists of Karni Sena are using their coercive powers to
oppose the movie Padmaavat and to vandalise.
6. Coterie- The city was vandalised by a coterie of activists after their
party lost the elections.
7. Diktat- The diktat issued by the director restraining girls in the
hostel after 9pm is considered coercive.
8. Discomfited- The vandalism caused in Bhopal discomfited me.
9. Disseminate- The main aim of 9/11 attack was to disseminate
terror rather than destruction.
10. Dissent- Due to the dissent of opinions the GD members went
under a contention and all of them were disqualified.
11. Echelon- Companies like Apple and Samsung are considered to
be in the upper echelon of mobile world.
12. Fester – The situation in Kashmir is fostering day by day and
that too because of the indigenous people.
13. Fiscal- The government should recapitalize the fiscal policies to
increase the revenue.
14. Fruition-After years of determination, Surabhi Gautam’s hard
work is finally coming to fruition.
15. Gerrymander- BJP was alleged of gerrymandering the UP
electoral results by manipulating the EVM.
16. Harangue- My father harangued me of coming late in night.
17. Libel- Michael Wolff is alleged of libelling Donald Trump in his
latest book ‘Fire and Fury’.
18. Metamorphose- He weighed 110 kgs in college, now he has
metamorphosed himself into 76 kgs.
19. Momentous- 3rd year is considered to be the momentous year
for college as well as for carrier.
20. Reverberate- After 10 years of 26/11 the salvo is still
reverberating in India.
21. Ride on someone’s coattails- Ramesh did not have an idea for
the project so he rode on his friend’s coattails and managed to
22. Salvo- During Ramesh’s felicitation ceremony he was welcomed
with a salvo of clapping and applauding.
23. Statutory-The activists of Karni Sena have no statutory rights to
vandalize and opposing people to watch it.
24. Touchstone- Going to temple should not be considered as a
touchstone of being a believer in God.
25. Turmoil- Kashmir is in turmoil because of the frequent ceasefire
violations happening lately.
26. Underscore- The frequent ceasefire violations across LOC is an
underscore of the cold war between India and Pakistan.
27. Vigilante- Becoming a vigilante doesn’t necessarily come to
fruition, it is not statutory to be one.
28. Wear my heart on my sleeve- Wearing your heart on your
sleeve in front of your closed ones loosens your mind and body
and can tranquilize you.
29. Woeful-The situation in Bhopal has become woeful due to the
vandalism happening lately.
30. Rhetoric- People like Zakir Naik are using their rhetoric ability
to brainwash the gullible and vulnerable.