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What Is Metamorphic Rock

• Rocks Are Made Up Of One Or More Minerals.

• Metamorphic Rocks Form When Existing Rocks Are Exposed To Heat And Pressure Deep Within
The Earth’s Surface.

How is Metamorphic Rock Formed?

This type of rock is formed under extreme pressure and heat over
quite a long time.

Examples of Metamorphic Rocks

• Marble
• Slate
• Quartzite
What's Marble?

Marble is a beautiful stone found on Earth. It comes in many different colors and patterns

How Does Marble Form?

Marble is a metamorphic rock. Marble is made of tiny minerals called calcite or dolomite.
Marble starts out as limestone rock, which is made of hardened fossils, and then heat and pressure
changes it into marble.

Where is Marble Found?

Marble is found in India, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and the United States of America.
Marble Use in Daily Life

Furniture Kitchen Toy

Interesting Marble Facts:
• Marble Is Primarily White But Can Come In Other Colors As Well.
• Marble Has Been Used To Make Statues And Provide Flooring Since Ancient Times.

• The Taj Mahal In India Is Made Entirely Of Marble.

Famous Monuments:

Taj Mahal Lincoln Memorial Washington Monument