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Defining of HRM:

Human recourse management can be defined as the process of accomplishing organizational

goods by acquiring relining termination developing and property using the human recourse in as
The field of management involves planning organization defeating and controlling functions of
processing developing monitoring and utilizing a labor process.
Goals of HRM:
 Strategic HR planning involves estimating the size and making up the work force for
 Recruiting is the discovering of potential applicants for the actual or potential vacancies
and organization.
 Selection is senses of steps that starts with the initial screening and ends with a wiring be
Four phases of training and development
 Employee training
 Employee development
 Organization development
 Career development
The Motivation Function:
 Job design
 Setting performance standards
 Establishing effective compensation and benefits programs
 Understanding motivational theories
Maintenance Function
 Safety
 Communications
 Employee assistance programs
Principals of HRM:
1. Deal with people as complete individuals.
2. Make employees feel work while and related.
3. Be fair but also to be fair.
4. Reward should be earned not given.
5. Supply employees with relevant information.
6. Do not underestimate the intelligent and strength of the employees.
7. Sell personal program so that they learn by themselves one for other if management does not
teach other.
What type of knowledge HRM manager should have:
1. Education 2. Personality 3. Age 4.Honesty 5.Decision making capability
6. Philosophy 7.Ethic 8.Logic 9.Psychology 1O.Sociology 11.History
12. Economics 13.Management 14.Political Science
Authority and Responsibility:
Authority: Means power in broader sense authority means the right to command the
performance of other.
Responsibility: Means obligation the specific terms to be perfumed and to lemon is
Relation between authority and responsibility:
Relationship better authority and responsibility does not.
Responsible: Misuse / Over exercise
Authority: Does not.
Formal Structure:
The line from of structure is simplicity useful. Employees are given compete charge pf a work
assigned to them subject only the superior to whom they report.
Line form of Structure:


Production Sales Mng. Financial mng


Unit Divisional Treasurer

Superintendent mng
Local mng
Supervisor Supervisor

Sales man
Work Clarks

1. It is simple to nature.
2. It helps quick decision making.
3. It is easily to determine the responsible person for a specific task.
1. Where the company is not beginning complex and fluently quickly this from creates
Functional Structure: A Structure in which each and or department has a different set of activities
and responsibilities.


VP production VP Marketing VP Finance

ppppppproduction Financial
Product Sales Office Deposit
Advantage of Functional Structure:
1. It maintains power and prestige of major functions.
2. It follow the principles of occupational specialization.
3. It simplifies training.
4. It furnishes tight control of top mgt.
Disadvantages of Functional Structure:
1. Responsibility for profit is at the top.
2. It makes set slow adaptation of changes in environment.
3. It reduces co-ordination between functions.

Line and staff from of structure: The most widely used from of structure in HR works is line
and staff. The most striking feature of line and staff from of structure that each person reports to
one and only one superior but also receives specialized service and help from various experts.
Line and staff form of stratus:


Superintende Employmen Service Divisional Sales

nt t Mgt

Supervisor Local Sales Mng

1. It makes more communication.
2. It makes the share of talent and resources.
1. Conflict arises between the line and staff people.

Which are the factors that affect specific design of HR department?

1. Attitudes of top executives.
2. Interacted of personal and structure.
3. Physical factors.
4. Affect on legislation and unions upon structure.
5. Problem faced.
Test for a good structure / how you will test the effectiveness of a good structure?
1. Stability
2. Flexibility
3. Growth
4. Balance
5. Simplicity
6. Objectivity
Functions of HR Manager:
Managerial = Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.
Operating = Recruitment, Development, Compensation, Maintenance and Separation.
Manpower Planning: Manpower planning is the process by which organization ensures that it
has the right number of people and the right kind of people at the right place at the right time
doing things they are economically mast useful.
Objectives of Manpower Planning:
1. To take some necessary steps so that no scarcity of competent employees in future.
2. To ensure the organization not to employ excess employee or over qualified employ in
3. To optimum use of human resources.
4. To arrange the training program for existing employees.
5. To forecast the future vacancies.

Manpower Planning Process:

1. Manpower Inventory: Existing manpower and assessment of available resources. 2.
Manpower Forecast: Determination of future requirement.
3. Manpower Plan: Action steps to meet manpower need.
4. Implementing and controlling: Manpower plan.
Why Manpower Planning is Needed:
 Nature of human resources.
 Scarcity of skill manpower.
 Rapid technical change.
 Cost recruitment and hiring highly skilled personal.
 Reduction of wastage.
 Size of the firm.
 Profitability.
The Process of Selection:
1. Reception of applicants
2. Preliminary interview
3. Application bank
4. Employment test
5. Interview
6. Investigate past history
7. Preliminary selection
8. Final selection by the line boos
9. Physical examinations
10. Placement
Constraints in recruitment efforts:
 Image of the company
 Attractiveness of the job
 Internal organization policies
 Company law
 Government policies
 Recruitment cost
Selection from an internal prospective:
 General qualification
1. Education 2.Experience 3.Age 4.Nationality
Additional Capacity:
1. He/she should have the mentality to work abroad.
2. He/she should have the knowledge of culture.
3. He/she should have the knowledge of law.
4. He/she should have the ability to work multicultural
5. He/she should sound physical condition
6. He/she should have goods mental status