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Internship Report on Customer Satisfaction at Janata Bank Limited

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Internship Report
Customer Satisfaction at Janata Bank Limited
Letter of Transmittal

Date: 15 March, 2013

Dr. Altaf Jalil

Department of Management Studies
University of Dhaka
Subject: Submission of internship report.
Dear Sir,
With due respect, I would like to inform you that it is a great pleasure for me to submit the internship report on “Customer
satisfaction at Janata Bank Ltd” as requirement for BBA program.

Throughout the completion of the report, I came to know about many things regarding the current world on the concept of
customer service management on business performance. I have tried my best to put thorough effort for the preparation of
this report.

Any shortcomings or fault may arise as my unintentional mistakes. I will whole-heartedly welcome any clarification and
suggestion about any view and conception disseminated through this report.

Sincerely Yours

Palash Kumar Nandi
BBA 15th Batch
Roll no. 70
Department of Management studies

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University of Dhaka

Successful completion of any work needs inspiration, guidance, and financial and logical help from others. My study is not
out of that. In preparing this report, different persons have extended their helping hands to me. It would have not been
possible for me to complete this report without their helps. I am very much fortunate to get the sincere guidance and
supervision from a number experienced persons.
At first I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Almighty God for giving me the strength and composure to finish
the task within the schedule time. In writing this report I have drawn materials from a variety of sources. I am obliged to
various authors whose ideas and contribution have shaped my thinking on this report time.
I would like to acknowledge the assistance of my internship supervisor Mr. Altaf Jalil, Professor, Department of Management Studies, University of
Dhaka for providing me all guidance and support that I needed. His sincere guidance, untiring cooperation, valuable suggestions and inspirations of
creating a unique report enabled me to overcome all the problems during the course of my internship program and while preparing this report.

I would like to thank Mr. Md. Ahasanuzzaman, Manager of Dhaka college Gate branch for giving me all the information and help that I had needed
during the internship period.

Finally, my sincere gratitude goes to my family and friends for supporting me, sharing their thought and giving me the moral support during the
preparation of this report.

Executive Summary

Modern banks play fundamental role in promoting economic development of a country. Banks provide essential funds for
executing various programs underway in the process of economic development. They collect savings of huge masses of
people scattered through out the country, which in the absence of banks would have remained idle and unproductive.
These scattered amounts are collected, pooled together and made available to business and industry for meeting the
requirements. JANATA Bank Ltd. is one of those banks that play significant role in the economy of Bangladesh. JANATA
Bank has a lot of branches of all over the country. The activities of the branches are more or less same but there are some
variations as per the size of the branches. The focus of the report was basically based on services provided by the
banking system of JANATA Bank Ltd to the customers. This service was chosen because this customer segment are the
most prioritized and potential clients of the bank’s and by providing relationship based services to this customer
segment, General banking safeguards Bank’s Retail and SME portfolios and add to an increase in the Bank’s liability
base. A questionnaire made to follow and tried to get response from the clients of the branch. Then analyzed the data and
finally came to a conclusion with some recommendations to the Bank. The data were analyzed on the basis of the
parameters and discussed to reach a conclusion.

Abbreviated Terms

JBL = Janata Bank Limited

SRM = Senior Relationship Manager

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RM = Relationship Manager
ARM = Associate Relationship Manager
AGM= Annual General Meeting
OBC = Outward Bill Collection
IBC= Inward Bill Collection
CD= Current Deposit
IRC= Import Registration Certificate
TIN= Tax Identification Number
STD= Short Term Deposit
FDR= Fixed Deposit Receipt
ATM= Automated Tailor Machine

Table of Contents
Serial No. Content Page No.
Executive Summary iii

Abbreviated Terms iv

Chapter -1 Introduction 01-04

1.1 Origin of the Report 01
1.2 Statement of the Problem 01
1.3 Objective of the Report 02
1.3.1 Broad objective 02
1.3.2 Specific objectives 02
1.4 Scope of the Study 02
1.5 Literature Review 03
Chapter -2 Methodology 05-09
2.1 Methodology 05
2.2 Sources of Data 05
2.2.1 Primary data Collection 05
2.2.2 Secondary Data Collection 06 Internal Sources 06 External Sources 06
2.3 Data Collecting Instruments 06
2.3.1 In depth Interview 07
2.3.2 Questionnaire Survey 07
2.4 Method of Collecting Data 07
2.5 Target Respondent 07
2.6 Sample Size 08
2.7 Statistical tools and Techniques 08

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2.8 Internship conduction Procedure 09
2.9 Limitations of the study 09
Chapter-3 Organization Profile 10-
3.1 Introduction of Janata Bank Limited 10
3.2 Objectives of Janata Bank 11
3.3 Corporate level of Organizational Structure 11
3.4 Capital Structure of Janata Bank Limited 12
3.5 Corporate Information 12
3.6 Dhaka College Gate Branch of Janata Bank 13
Chapter-4 Analysis and Findings
4.1 Findings from the Survey 14
4.2 Gender 14
4.3 Age 15
4.4 Educational Qualifications 15
4.5 Family Income 16
4.6 Transactions with Janata Bank 16
4.7 Source of Information 17
4.8 Service Quality 17
4.9 Helpful Attitude of Officers towards Customers 18
4.10 Card Facility 18
4.11 Reasons for choosing JB Service 19
4.12 Recommendations to the others 19
4.13 Satisfaction level 20
4.14 Transaction Hours 20
4.15 Summary of Findings 21
Chapter5- Conclusions and Recommendations 23-25
5.1 Conclusions 23
5.2 Recommendations 24
Bibliography 26
Appendix 27

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1Origin of the Report
As a student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management Studies every student has to conduct a practical orientation
in any organization for fulfilling the requirements of the 45 days internship program. The main purpose of the program is to expose the
students to the real world situations.This report has been prepared as a requirement of the internship program. The report has been
titled as “Customer Satisfaction at Janata Bank Limited” at Dhaka College Gate branch. The reason behind choosing this topic is that,
recently the new Manager of Dhaka College Gate Branch has given emphasis on better customer service and more customer
satisfaction and thus the officer wants to get an idea of the current level of customer satisfaction at JBL. The researcher had the
opportunity to collect the latest data and had experience to be more involved with the customers through his internship in the different
services department of the bank. Under the supervision of Manager Mr. Md. Ahasanuzzaman and all the Officers, the intern gets the
idea why customers prefer or leave JBL.
1.2 Statement of the Problem
Janata bank is serving its customers since many years. At present there are numbers of national and international banks coming up with new services.
Hence, the competition has increased to a great extent. The services provided by the banks needs to be satisfactory to its users. The study has tried to

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explore the potential opportunities and threats regarding the banking Service provided by Janata Bank. Hopefully, the results of this perception survey will
assist the company (Janata Bank) in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of its service and also to identify potential opportunities and threats. It is
also hoped that the results from this study will help management in taking decisions regarding its service features. The banking Service has been chosen
because existing clients are the potential and the prospective clients for the banks. If they are aware and satisfied about it now, they can be the part of this
exclusive service for a long time. Finally this study will provide a better understanding of the clients in general so that the product can be positioned more
1.3Objective of the Report
There are mainly two objectives behind the preparation of this report- primary objective and secondary objective.

1.3.1Broad objective
The broad objective of preparing this report is to fulfill the mandatory requirement of the BBA program and to represent the “Customer
Satisfaction at Janata Bank Limited”.The study is mainly a descriptive study. The research was conducted to find out the level of
significance of the customers of JBL put across various service level attributes and also to determine how wellJBL was satisfying the
customers on those service grounds.

1.3.2 Specific objectives

· To explain the meaning of customer satisfaction.

· To understand the need of customer satisfaction.
· To provide information on JBL Bangladesh, identify most important attributes of service quality; determine relation between
complaint resolution and satisfaction etc.
· Identifying the weaknesses of their service.
· To analyze the effectiveness of JBL’s customer services and satisfaction.

1.4Scope of the Study

The area of operation that has been covered means the total possible coverage is the scope. The report provides a scope of gathering
data from different sources. This report covers in general customer service and satisfaction of JBL. It also includes the organizational
structure and policy of JBL and investigating the strategies applied by JBL for customer satisfaction. The scope of this report is limited
to the overall description of the company, organizational setup, its services, and its position in the industry and its marketing strategies.

1.5 Literature Review

Customer Satisfaction
Rather than a single definition, It is appropriate to provide several definitions because a single definition gives the impression that there
can be only one, which is certainly not true. Each of the following definitions can be applied to the high technology service business.

Definition 1:Customer satisfaction is equivalent to making sure that product and service performance meets customer experience.

Definition 2: Customer satisfaction is the perception of the customer that the outcome of a business transaction is equal to or greater
than his /her experience.

Definition 3:Customer satisfaction occurs when the acquisition of products and /or services provides a minimum negative departure
from expectations when compared with other acquisitions.
Definition 4:Customer satisfaction occurs when the marginal utility of a transaction is equal to or greater than preceding acquisitions.

Definition 5:The extent to which a product’s perceived performance matches a buyer’s expectations.

It is impossible to give greater customer satisfaction without customer service. Customer service means to provide customers with
good services in order to earn profit along with customer satisfaction.Successful customer service companies focus their attention on
both their customers and their employees .They understand the service profit chain, which links service firm profits with employee and
customer satisfaction .This chain consists of five links:

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· Internal service quality: Superior employee selection and training, a quality work environment, and strong support for
those dealing with customers.
· Satisfied and productive service employees:More satisfied, loyal and hardworking employees.
· Greater Service Value: More effective and efficient customer value creation and service delivery.
· Satisfied and loyal customers: Satisfied customers who remain loyal, repeat purchase, and refer other customers.
· Healthy service profits and growth: Superior service firm performance.

From the above discussion it can be said that well managed customer service companies share a number of common virtues
regarding customer service .Successful service companies are “Customer Obsessed”, and set high service quality standards

Chapter 2: Methodology

2.1 Methodology
In this study, the research was conducted to find out and understanding of the overall banking industry and also to identify some of the
attributes of service quality in Banks. Sample was collected from the personal account holder and clients of Janata Bank Limited. For
the research managers, executives, customers of JBL were interviewed. But, reaching in a conclusion individual customers of JBL
were targeted for the research.

2.2Sources of Data
Two Sources (Primary data and Secondary data) of data have been collected for the research work. They are described briefly –

Primary Data Collection

Primary data was collected by variety of ways, first of all by interviewing employees and managers of JBL and directly communicating
with the customers. Questionnaire survey of the customers minimizing interruptions in their banking activities has been conducted.
Primary data were mostly derived from the discussion with the employees & through surveys on customers of the bank. Primary data is
under consideration in the following manner:

· Face to face conversation with the employees.

· By interviewing customers at JBL, Dhaka College Gate Branch.
· Sharing practical knowledge of officials.

2.2.2 Secondary Data Collection

Different types of secondary data in the research have been elaborated. Sources of secondary data can be defined as internal sources
and external sources. The internal and external sources are given below:

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2.2.1 Internal Sources
Internal sources includes-
· Prior research report
· Group Business Principal manual
· Group Instruction Manual & Business Instruction Manual
· Bank's Annual Report.
· Any information regarding the Banking sector Sources
External sources includes-
· Different books and periodicals related to the banking sector.
· Internet browsing.
· Newspapers

2.3 Data Collecting Instruments

Data collecting instruments consists of in-depth interview and questionnaire survey. For in depth interview managers and executives of
different departments were approached. For the questionnaire survey part, one set of questionnaire was prepared for collecting crucial
information and in the questionnaire data was sought from various users.

2.3.1 In Depth Interview

In-depth interviews were carried out with managers, executives and officers of the department of Janata Bank Limited for the
2.3.2 Questionnaire Survey
One set of questionnaire was used to collect primary information for the study. Every attempt was made to make the questionnaire all
inclusive i.e. all possible answers were given in the questionnaire. In the questionnaire data was sought from various users regarding
their levels of satisfaction on various issues, opinion regarding the positive and uncomfortable features of Janata Bank Limited etc.
2.4 Method of collecting the data
For the purpose of getting better result, purposive sampling technique during the survey of this project was adopted where customers were given copies of
the questionnaire and were asked to fill them. The reason for purposive sampling was very clear because the questionnaire was written in English so it is
not possible for everyone to understand and give response according to the questionnaire. In this regard, to get authentic and better result purposive
sampling was the only one choice for sampling. Continuous support was given to the customers for any problems that they faced while filling up
questionnaire so that the validity of the questionnaire increases. As the purposive Sampling is easily understood and results are projectable it is best suited
for the study.

2.5 Target Respondents

For the sake of simplicity and the reason of easy availability the study concentrated on existing banking clients only and not emphasizes on the specialized
customer or valued customers.

2.6 Sample Size

The selection of the sample was purposive because it was not possible for every client to answer the questions accordingly as it was
written in English. So adopting a purposive sampling than random sampling was more appropriate as purposive sampling had given
much appropriate answer. The sample size was 72. The sample size was not round figured because the survey method Had been run
only 6 days long and after these days were passed something unwanted incident happened. So, the researcher had to close the survey
method. One set of questionnaire has been used to conduct an investigative research. Data analysis was mainly done through
graphical presentation, frequency and percentage. Finally the implications of the analyzed data have been discussed in the result

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2.7 Statistical Tools and Techniques
Using the research, the obtained data were analyzed and interpreted by using statistical tools such as Frequency Distribution,
Percentage analysis and others. The data obtained from the survey were grouped into two categories. Then the data were presented
through a numerical and graphical presentation using the above statistical tools. Based on these figures and findings
recommendations were made out to improve the overall satisfaction of the bank. Some bar diagrams were used to express information
in concise

2.8Internship conduction process

The study was performed based on the information extracted from different sources collected by using a specific methodology.
2.8.1 Timeline of Activities
Date Particulars Time
01.01.2013– Making proposal 16 days
17.1.2013– Collecting data from Bank 27days

13.02.2013– Data analysis and report preparation 13 days


2.9 Limitations of the Study

The research work was basically based on interpreting primary data. Secondary data also needed for analyzing future plans, but for the
purpose of the betterment of the present position of customer service. Though it was tried hardly to produce a comprehensive and well
organized report on the “Customer Satisfaction at JBL” some limitations were yet present.

· The survey was limited to the customers of Personal Banking division and does not cover the organizational or
corporate customers of JBL.
· Part on organizational culture was written from individual’s perception and may vary from person to person.
· Large-scale research was not possible due to constraints and restrictions posed by the organization.
· In many cases, up to date information is not published.
· Getting Relevant papers and documents were strictly prohibited.
· To protect the organizational loss in regard of maintaining confidentiality, some parts of the report are not in depth

Chapter 3: Organization Profile

3.1 Introduction of Janata Bank Ltd
Immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, the former United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were nationalized
and renamed as Janata Bank Limited. It is a state owned commercial bank and is catering the need of the mass business people. It
was corporatized on 15thNovember 2007. Janata Bank was born with a new concept of purposeful banking serving the growing and
diversified financial needs of planned economic development of the country. Commitment and the people's belief upon the bank have
given the edge over others to earn this trust about the safe keeping of their money in the right kind of banking channel.
Janata Bank Limited, one of the state owned commercial banks in Bangladesh, has an authorized capital of Tk. 20000 million (approx.
US$ 283.33 million), paid up capital of Tk. 5000.00 million, reserve of Tk.10823.01 million and retained surplus Tk. 5167.18 million.
The Bank has a total asset of Tk. 345233.92 million as on 31st December 2011. Immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh in
1971, the erstwhile United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were renamed as Janata Bank. On 15th November, 2007 the bank

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has been corporatized and renamed as Janata Bank Limited.
Janata Bank Limited operates through886 branches including 4 overseas branches at United Arab Emirates. It is linked with 1202
foreign correspondents all over the world. The Bank employees more than 15(fifteen) thousand persons.The mission of the bank is to
actively participate in the socio- economic development of the nation by operating a commercially sound banking
organization, providing credit to viable borrowers, efficiently delivered and competitively priced, simultaneously protecting depositors
funds and providing a satisfactory return on equity to the owners.
The Board of Directors is composed of 13 (Thirteen) members headed by a Chairman. The Directors are representatives from both
public and private sectors. The Bank is headed by the Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, who is a reputed banker.The
corporate head office is located at Dhaka with 10 (ten) Divisions comprizing of 38 (thirty eight) departments.
3.2 Objectives of Janata Bank:
 To earn customer satisfaction through diversified banking activities and introduction of innovative banking.
 To improve the customer services in recent times by introducing a number of IT-based reform measures.
 To remain one of the best banks in Bangladesh in terms of profitability and Assets Quality.
 To ensure an adequate rate of return on investment.
 To maintain adequate liquidity to meet maturing obligations and commitments.
 To maintain a healthy growth of business with desired image.
 To maintain adequate control systems and transparency in procedures.
 To ensure optimum utilization of all available resources.

3.3 Corporate Level of Organizational Structure

The Corporate Headquarter of The Janata Bank has nine divisions and each comprising of various departments. The major divisions in
headquarter are as follows:
Human Resource Department
I.T. Department
Marketing Department
Audit and Inspection Department
Credit department
International Banking Department
Common Services Department
Public Relation and Protocol Department
Dead Stock and Stationery

3.4 Capital Structure of Janata Bank Ltd.

SL. Capital Structure Amount
1. Authorized Capital 800 crore
2. Paid- up capital 259.39 crore
3. Reserves 418.252 crore

3.5Corporate Information:

3.5.1 Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 13 (thirteen) members headed by a Chairman. The Directors are representatives from both
public and private sectors.

3.5.2 Management of JBL

The management of the bank is vested on a Board of Directors, subject to overall supervision and directions on policy matters by the
Board which is constituted in terms of Bangladesh Bank (Nationalization) Order 1972. Board of Directors, constituted by seven
members, has authority to organize, operate and manage its affairs on commercial consideration within the board policy of the

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Government. There are Directors appointed by the Government. Other members of the board including MD are also Government
appointed out of that at least three have the experience in the field of Finance, Banking, Trade, Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

The managing Director is the Chief Executive of the Bank. He executes all the activities under the direction of the Board. All line and
staff personnel of the Bank’s are own recruitment except member of the Board of Directors.

3.6Dhaka College Gate Branch of Janata Bank Limited:

Dhaka College Gate Branch of Janata Bank Limitedis a profit earning branch. It is situated at the ground floor of besides at Priyangan
Shopping Centre and opposite to the Teachers Training College at Mirpur Road. It is a very important place as the place is becoming a
more commercial area day by day.
The Branch has 12 Officers of which the Head Of the Branch Mr. Md.Ahasanuzzaman is a Vice AGM of Janata Bank Limited .The
Branch has 1 Senior Executive Officer, 1 Executive Officer, 1 Principal Officer, 2 Senior Officers , 1 Officer , 4 Junior Officers and 1
Trainee Assistant Officer. All of them are very cooperative and helpful which is enough to satisfy their clients. . Although it is not still a
Authorized Dealer of Foreign Exchange, it performs its dealings through its Elephant Road Branch. The performance of this Branch is
very well which could be analyzed with the help of following data.
Yearly(2012) Closing Position of Dhaka College Gate, Branch

Deposit Tk. 38,62,94,131

Bills Payable Tk. 35,13,345
Advance Tk.4,86,38,265
Profit/ Loss Position Tk. 41,20,539 ( Profit)
Cash in Hand Tk. 48,00,424
Bangladeshi Bank Balance Nil
Other Bank Balance Nil
Total Inland L/C opened Nil

Dhaka College Gate Branch is Comparatively new Branch, so it is cognizable that the Branch will take time to settle down in a ‘Janata ’
condition. As the Officers always try hard to improve the status and the high officials of the Bank are always keen to make the Branch a
busiest one it is expected that the above volume will be larger day by day.

Chapter 4: Analysis and Findings

4.1Findings from the Survey

Now the survey findings are represented according to thequestionnaire. The answer of the questions are representing according to the
parameter that identify the customer perception or attitude towards customer services of the Janata Bank Limited.

4.2- Gender
In the very first question where the main purpose is to find out the percentage of male clients to female clients among the respondents.
Customer’s responses regarding this question are given below:

From the bar chart it can be said that the number of male clients is more than the female clients among the respondents. There were 59
males and only 18 females among the respondents, which means 82% of the respondent is male and 18 % are the female.

4.3- Age
In question number 2 respondents were asked about their age. Their responses are given below:
It can be said from the frequency chart that highest number of respondents are between the age group 40 to 50, which is 40%. The

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second highest is age group above 50 which is 25%. Age between 30 to 40 is 24% and the rest are from the young group of people
ageing below 30 who are very few in numbers.

4.4- Educational Qualifications

In question number 3 respondents were asked about their educational qualifications. Their responses are given below:
From the findings it can be said that most of the respondents have completed their Bachelor degree, which is 46%. Among the other
respondents, 29% have completed Masters degree and the rest 17 % of the respondents have completed H.S.C. The respondents
were just S.S.C passed 8%.

4.5- Family Income

In question number 4 respondents were asked about their family Income. Their responses are:
Among the 72 respondents 9% came from high-income level. 22% come from income level (taka 15001/-200000/) and 51% come
from mid income family (taka 10,001-15,000). The rest of the 18% are customers with low family income. This finding indicates most of
the respondents are from middle family income.
4.6- Transactions with Janata Bank
In question number 5, respondents were asked about their family Transactions with JanataBank.Their responses are given below:
Respondents were asked about how long they are using Banking services of JANATA Bank Ltd. Result shows that highest number of
respondents are using it for more than one year and the second highest is users ranging form 6 months to 1 year. 15% of the
respondents are with the service for 1 to 6 months. Only 7% are new client of Janata bank.

4.7- Source of Information

In question number 6, respondents were asked how they got informed about the service of Janata Bank. The result is given in the
following table:
Here, it shows that most of the respondents (68%) have come to know about the product and got encouraged by their relationship
managers who work in the bank. Few numbers of respondents learned about this service from the bank’s brochure and company
website. The least number of customers have found it from the website.

4.8- Service Quality

Respondents were asked about the quality of service that JANATA Bank is providing. Their responses to the answer are given in the
following table.

26% respondents agree that sometimesJB provides quality service. 15% of the respondents strongly agree with the statement and
54% were neutral about it. There was 5% negative attitude or disagreement about the statement among the respondents.

4.9- Helpful Attitude of Officers towards Customers

Respondents were asked about that if they think the officers were knowledgeable about their customers and if they were helpful
enough, their responses are given the following frequency table:
As we can see that 60% of the respondents have supported the statement, which can be taken as a positive side of the service. 21% of
the respondents think Officers are sometimes helpful. 16% of the respondents were neutral about the question and only 3%customers
think that they are never getting the service.

4.10- Card Facility

Question no. 9 in the questionnaire tries to find out the card facility provided for JB clients. This was an unstructured question that asked
the respondents about dissatisfactions (if any) faced by credit card facility. It was an open ended question where the customer can
write their problems
4% of the respondents were very satisfied with the credit card facility. Only one respondent were neural about the question, which is
13%. Most of the respondents said that they are not that much satisfied which is 10%. And 73% of the customers were dissatisfied with
the card facility.
4.11- Reasons for Choosing JB service
In question number 10, customers were asked about the reason for choosing for banking services of JANATA Bank Limited. The
results of their responses are given below:

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From the frequency table and the bar chart we can say most of the respondents went with the option “all of the above” which is 79%.
Among the other respondents, 6% agrees that they have chosen Janata Bank because it provides quality service, 12% says it is very
much secured and another 3% says because Officers are very helpful. So we can conclude with saying that respondents signed up for
this service because of all the services provides to its clients, which means the respondent’s perception regarding this statement is
4.12- Recommendation to the Others
In question no.11, customers were asked whether they would recommend this service to others. Their responses are given below:
Most of the respondents agree that they would recommend this service to others, which is 50%. 43% said they might recommend this
service to others. 4% said not at all and only 2% said never. From this response it can be determined that most of the respondents are
more or less happy with the existing service, that’s why we can see that most of the people agrees with the statement and only a few
number of respondents disagree.
4.13- Satisfaction Level
This is the main question where the main purpose of the research lies. It is about the overall satisfaction level of customers regarding
the service. Respondent’s responses regarding this question are given below:
From the bar chart it can be determined that the 18% of the respondents are completely satisfied About 29% agrees with the option
somewhat satisfied. 45% of the respondents were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and 8% of the respondents were completely
dissatisfied. This is a positive aspect, as the percentage of dissatisfied customers seemed to be lower.

4.14- Transaction Hours

The question in the section 14 was,Do you think the Bank has a convenient transactionhours?
And the findings were.

According to the respondents to question 14, from the above table and bar diagram it can be said that 51% customers believe janata
bank has convenient transaction hours while 38% finds it sometimes, Neutral gains 7% of vote and 4% gives negative response.

4.15Summary of Findings
In this part of findings and analysis were made by gathering all the data from the questionnaire survey to find out the answer of the
research question. The above-mentioned questions were prepared to evaluate customer satisfaction level of JANATA Bank’s of
Dhaka College Gate, branch. One can get mixed feeling if he or she look into the out comes. At the conclusion of this findings and
analysis it can be said that the customers’ overall perception about the service ofJANATA Bank is moderately good although they have
different perceptions regarding the individual items or questions. (For example in question number nine it can be seen that customers
are dissatisfied about the card facility. As a client they think that they are not supposed to pay any charge for their ATM card, but still
bank is deducting the charge by mistake. JANATA Bank should put serious effort to make sure that this sort of mistakes doesn’t
happen again.)
 In case of educational qualification most of the customers are from Bachelor Degree and they are between age group 40 to
50. This shows that most of the Banking clients are educated and aged. These types of customers are more concern about the
service they are paying because this is the time when most of the people have some idle money kept for the future.The using
period of the service may indicate another aspect of the product. As most of the banking clients are more or less with the
service for a long time contrast to the very few new account holders, it shows that there might be less popularity of this service in
the recent trend.
It seems that JANATA Bank is promoting their banking service through their relationship managers and others. This is maybe
because they are not promoting their product accordingly. Company website and brochure is not only the source where people
can know about this service but it seems like people can learn only a little from this sources. So most of the clients came to
know about this service from their relationship managers and from their friends, which indicates the reference tendency instead
of using specific marketing or promotion strategy.
Dhaka College Gate branch has only five computers for banking clients for their daily activities. But there suppose to be
minimum eight computers for the services of banking clients.( On an average about one computer does all the tasks of two
desks. As a result, customers need to wait for the service or they have to go the other desk for their account verification and
other services. So it sometimes bothers the customers as a priory client they are not suppose to go through this trouble. It would
be better if there were at least two more computers in the account-opening desk and others desk.
 There is a lack of ATM booth and sometimes ATM goes out of service, which is a problem for customer.
 Customers seem to be very much disappointed regarding the credit card service charge and its booth facilities.

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 Lack of sitting arrangement in the branch is a trouble for the customer. (As the clients of banking they are most prioritized
clients and there should be a separate lounge dedicated just for clients)
 Branch premises is not large enough for the customer
 There is no additional customer service officer for banking clients.
 As the clients of regular banking are the most prioritized clients they are supposed get all the services from one desk though
they are not getting any.
There suppose to be a separate lounge for specialized banking. As Dhaka college gate branch is always overcrowded with
customers it is very difficult to pay special attention to the special clients.

5.1 Conclusions
Consumer banking is quite a new concept in banking history, especially in Bangladesh. With the growing number of local private banks
competing for customers, JANATA Bank Limited cannot hold on to their expected customer base only with their earlier reputation. It
also has to ensure its customer satisfaction, maintain service quality and have to keep upgrading their service as well. Since the
banking industry of our country is very competitive, one might want to add and innovate newer product and service to their line. Banking
for priority clients is a unique system of the bank that can bring more loyal customers if promoted in a planned way. It will help the bank
in two ways, firstly they can keep their existing customer feel interested about bank’s product and services and secondly this strategy
will help them to add more and more new customer to their portfolio.

Finally, it can be said that though the results achieved so for are moderately satisfactory, Banking system of JANATA Bank Ltd. still
possesses great potentiality. They have wonderful opportunities in the market to utilize and they can easily survive in the industry with
full profitability by adopting some current relevant tactics. To keep up the expectations of their customers JANATA Bank Ltd. have to
take all the necessary measures to satisfy their customers, because if the customers once realize that they are not getting proper
treatment, they might switch to other bank. So, JANATA bank’s employee must take good care of this issue and there must be a great
combination of the branch level and the head office otherwise it will be difficult to initiate policy and implementation the decision which
leads to customer satisfaction.

5.2 Recommendations
In order to remain competitive in the industry and become profitable by improving business performance, JANATA Bank Ltd. can think
about the following recommendations:
Bank is a financial service-oriented organization. Its business profit depends much on its customer’s satisfaction level. That’s why the
authority always should be concern about their customers and the quality of service they are providing to them.

 Credit card charges should be immediately reversed because customers seem to be very much disappointed regarding the
card service charge. As a banking client and being a nationalized one they are not supposed to pay any charge for their card

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or ATM card, but still bank is deducting the charge by mistake. JANATA Bank should put serious effort to make sure that this
sort of mistakes doesn’t happen again and reverse the charges immediately.

 JANATA Bank, Dhaka College Gate Branch should have bigger branch premises for increased number of customer and more
sitting arrangement should be made for the clients.

Banking lounge should setup in the branch to provide quick and better service to valued and important customers. But, at present the
billing booth is located at the next building.

 The using period of the service indicates there is only a few number of clients have signed up for this service recently. JANATA
Bank should promote their productaccordingly so that they can draw in new clients as well as provide quality service to existing

 JANATA Bank should use specific marketing or promotion strategy rather then just promoting their services through
relationship managers

 There are supposed to be one relationship manager and two associate relationship managers and minimum two computers
dedicated to clients for each branch. Though there is only one computer and norelationship manager for customer banking in
Dhaka College Gate, branch. JANATA Bankauthority should assign at least one relationship manager and one computer for
DhakaCollege Gatebranch.

 When a customer will go to the Bank for a particular service or problem JANATA Bank authority should make sure that he or
she gets all the services from one booth rather moving from one desk to another desk for service

 There should be at least one customer service officer assigned only for banking clients to solve the problem of each branch,
though currently there is none for JB.
 Long-term training very much required for the employees at least a small session of maximizing customer satisfaction.
· In general banking department, it is necessary to implement modern banking process instead of traditional system. It should be more
· Branch to branch network system should be established. So that clients can easily deposit or withdraw money from any of these branches.


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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am astudent of Dhaka University and currently conducting my intern report on ‘Customer satisfaction at Janata Bank Limited’. It
would be highly appreciated if you provide information in this regard and I assure you that all the data will be kept confidential and
will be used only for academic purpose.

1. Gender:Male Female
2. Age: a.Below 30 b.30 to 40 c.30 to 40 d. Above 40

3.Educational qualification:
a. Master degree b. Bachelor degree c. Higher secondary certificate d. Secondary school certificate
4. Please mention your family income from the options given below?
a. 5,000/.- 10,000/ b. 10,001/ – 15,000/ c. 15,001/-20,000 d. more than 20,000/
5. For how long you are transacting with janata bank?
a. Less than 1-month b. 1 to 6 month c. 6 month to 1 year
d. More than 1 year
6. How did you find out about this Bank service at first?
a. From Relationship Managers of the bank b. from my friend c .Bank’s Brochure d. Company website
7. Do Janata Bank provides you quality services?
a. Yes, absolutely b. Sometimes c. neutral d. Never
8. Do you think All Relationship managers are knowledgeable of their customers and they are very helpful?
a. Yes, absolutely b. Sometimes c. neutral d. Never
9. Do you think the card facility provided for Banking clients is satisfactory? If not then please specify the problem in the
blank space.
a. Very satisfactory b. Neutral c. Not that much satisfactory d. Dissatisfied
10. I have chosen JB services because:
a. JB provides quality services b. it is very much secured

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c. Officers are very helpful d. All of the above
11.Would you recommend JB service to other people?
a. Yes, absolutely b. Maybe c. No, not at all d. Never
12. Please state your satisfaction level regarding the Banking service of “JANATA” Bank.
a. Very satisfied b.Neutral c. Dissatisfied d. Very dissatisfied
13.Do you think JBL employees are very friendly and helpful?
a. Yes, absolutely b. Sometimes c. neutral d. Never
14. Do you think the Bank has convenient transaction hours?
a. Yes, absolutely b. Sometimes c. neutral d. Never


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