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Business Law Quiz 2

1. Dispute between Vietnamese and Foreigner may be resolve at the provincial level people
a. True
b. False
2. Civil and marriage dispute can either be resolve at district level people court or provincial
level people court
a. True
b. False
3. According to the civil procedure 2004, civil-conducting person can be replace at the
demand of the plaintiff or defendant
a. True
b. False
4. Arbitration center is a State-owned-organization
a. True
b. False
5. The arbitration agreement exists totally independently of the contract.
a. True
b. False
6. An arbitrator must have a degree in law.
a. True
b. False
7. All investment project with the invested capital are between 15 Billion VND -300 Billion
VND must have investment registrations
a. True
b. False
8. Investment projects which cause harm to national defense and people health are in the list
of conditional investment domains
a. True
b. False
9. An investor has the right to rent land up to 75 years.
a. True
b. False
10. Conciliation shall be conducted at the request of the involve parties before the start of the
first instant trail.
a. True
b. False

11. Arbitration is available upon:

a. Parties’ agreement
b. One party’s will
c. Decision of State authorized body
d. Appointment of High Court

12. Can Court cancel an Arbitral Award?

a. Yes, any time since Court Judgement has highest enforcement

b. No, since Arbitration and Court procedures are regulated by different laws
c. It depends on Parties’ requests
d. Under certain circumstances Court can do so

13. In civil procedures, _______ is a person that initiates the lawsuit…

a. Plaintiff
b. Defendant
c. Person with related interests and/or obligations
d. Witness
e. Expert witness
14. Business dispute resolution by ___________ is a form of dispute resolution by conduct of
________, as an independent third party to terminate the conflict between the parties by
rendering an award with binding effect on disputing parties.
a. Mediation and mediator
b. Conciliation and conciliator
c. Arbitration and arbitrator
d. None of the above

15. In December 2011the Economic Court of Ho chi minh City delivered a first-instance
judgment to award Ms Lan, the plaintiff of a dispute case, 120 000 000 VND. In
January2012, Mr Huy - the defendant of the case who wants to protest the judgment - has
the right to unilaterally apply for a:

a. Cassation
b. Appeal
c. Arbitration
d. Re-trial
e. None of the above

16. _____________ means the review of Courts’ legally effective judgments/decisions,

which are protested as serious law violations in the settlement of cases are detected
A. First instance procedure
B. Reopening procedure
C. Cassation procedure
D. Conciliation

17. Business Co-operation Contract (BCC) and Build-transfer Contract (BT) is a form of:
A. Direct Investment
B. Indirect investment
C. Both A and B.
D. None of the above

18. With the exist of a foreign element, the language using for resolving the dispute at the
arbitration center will be:
a. Chosen by the arbitration tribunal
b. Chosen by the party which initiate the law suite
c. In English
d. In Vietnamese
e. As agree by the parties

19. the investment form signed by a competent State body and an investor in order to
construct and operate commercially an infrastructure facility for a fixed duration; and,
upon expiry of the duration, the investor shall, without compensation, transfer such
facility to the State is:

a. build transfer contract

b. build -operate -transfer contract
c. build- transfer-operate contract.

20. The time limit to initiate a lawsuit to request the court to settle a civil case is _________
as from the day of legitimate rights and interest of subjects are infringed upon
a. 1 year
b. 2 years
c. 3 years
d. 4 years
e. There is no limit on time