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Exercise No. 15: (Wrong Sense = Meaningless Sentences).

1. I shall buy some shirts when they are dear.
2. Being very tall, he could not see over the wall.
3. If you remain idle, you. will succeed.
4. He did not run lest he should miss the train.
5. Unless you arrive early, you will get a seat.
6. If you work hard, you will fail.
7. Good students are never regular in their
8. He is a good officer because he is never kind to
9. He is punctual because he never comes in time.
10. Although he is old, yet he cannot run fast.

Exercise No. 16: (Wrong Use of Verbs).


Exercise No. 17: (Missing Object)

Exercise No. 18: (Infinitive = to+1st form of the verb (to go, to come....).
(Some words are not followed by the infinitives; only 1st form is enough which is
called bare infinitive)

Exercise No. 19: (Forms of verbs which are confusing).


Exercise No. 20: (Uncountable Nouns) •<

Exercise No. 21:

(Real Subject Missing) Example:

Exercise No. 22: (Wrong Use of Idiom or Wrong Expression).

Example : He did a speech, (incorrect)
He made a speech (correct)

xweM* Ne. 37
These sorts of people are hardly ever honest.
One does not often know his mind.
Lahore is largest than any city.
There is a cattle under the tree.
How you managed to pass the examination?
I have seen him only yesterday.
The clerk came to the office but returned back immediately.
He availed of this opportunity.
He is the same man whom I saw in Karachi.
Everybody in the room were present.
Exercise No. 38
He is both intellgent as well as diligent.
I have obtained an employment-in the office.
The teacher gave the boy an advice which he refused.
He brought the articles to the market which he wanted to sell.
I am too glad to know that you have passed.
They returned back all our enemy.
He was prevented to do this work.
I had been in the post office some months ago.
After I posted the letter I remembered I did not address it properly.

Exercise No. 39
The passenger did not run lest he should miss he train.
Unless you arrive early, you will get a seat at the concert.
His failure was owing to his illness.
I know to play football.
On a hot summer day, a crow felt thirst.
Sir, I am a family man.
I met some of your family members.
It was a pleasure to have helped him.
If he would have come. I would helped him.
The council is consisted often members.
Exercise No. 40
His father is ill since three months.
He told that he would be out tomorrow.
Why you wrote a letter to my father?
He was displeased at me going away without leave.
If I failed in this, I will give the next examination,
He is abusing the money of his father.
Misfortunes when faced bravely and manly become less troublesome.
This secret will remain between you and I.
Let us put off our shirts.