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MLX300 Software Option

Robot and PLC Integration

Key Benefits
Program in PLC environment,
knowledge of robot programming
language is not required
Single programming language for
entire system
Easy to use library of function blocks
and sample programs
World-class Functional Safety Unit

YRC1000 GP-series robots
DX200 material handing robots

• Next generation of integration for • Simplified safety design eliminates

robots and Programmable Logic redundant electrical interfaces and
Controllers (PLCs). consolidates hardware to optimize
• Enables operator to control and floorspace.
program Yaskawa Motoman robots • Familiarity of controls among
in a standard PLC programming maintenance technicians enables
environment; knowledge of faster troubleshooting.
specialized robotic programming
language is not required. • Robust set of Add-on Instructions
(AOIs) and HMI screens that are
• All program execution performed by specific to robot configuration and
the PLC. Supported PLCs include: motion control.
- CompactLogix™
- ControlLogix® • All peripheral devices - including
- GuardLogix® sensors, cameras and conveyors -
are connected through the PLC.
• Motion control is executed through
the superior kinematic algorithms of • MotoSim ® EG-VRC can be used to
the robot controller. create offline simulations to verify
robot reach and evaluate cycle times.
• Combination of up to four robots
and positioners can be connected • The robot workcell can be
to a single MLX300 system. redeployed in a non-PLC mode.

• Simplifies system design and

environment due to reduced I/O
boards, hardware and networking

Rockwell Automation Yaskawa Motoman

CompactLogix™ PLC DX200 Controller Robot


ControlLogix® PLC

YRC1000 Controller
Factory Communication
Cell Control

RSLogix 5000®
Add-On Instructions (AOIs)

Configuration and
Programming Environment

The MLX300 system components include PLC and HMI software, an Add-On Instruction set and
interface hardware for use with optional pendants or a PanelViewTM display.

Comprehensive Set of PLC Function Blocks Specifications

• Motion instructions • Compatibility
- Linear, Joint and Incremental - All YRC1000 GP-series robot models
- Jogging - All DX200 material handling robot models
• System commands • A combination of up to four non-coordinated robots
- Enable, Abort, Hold, etc. and positioners can be supported by a single MLX300
- Error handling system (e.g. 3 robots, 1 positioner)
- I/O handling
• The number of motions, userframes or tools is limited
• Robot configurations only by PLC memory
- Tools, userframes • Functional Safety Unit (FSU) is available as an option
- Interference zones
- Absolute data (home positions)

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