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About Bhangarh
- Movie on Bhangarh
2. Story Behind Bhangarh Fort
2. Your Experience
3. How to plan trip for Bhangarh
- Distance from jaipur
- Food Items
- Camera
- Group
- Travel option - Bike (Best option), car
4. Photos
5. Mysterious Clicked Photo

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About Bhangarh

Bhangarh is a village situated near Jaipur City, India. It is one of the famous haunted place in Asia.
It is famous for the story behind the Bhangarh fort and how it become haunted. Entry to Bhangarh
fort is strictly prohibited before sunrise and after sunset. As it is said that, spirits enter the place
after the sunset.
The Bhangarh fort was buit by the Man Singh I for his younger brother Madho Singh I. It is located
87 km from Jaipur.
Story behind Bhangarh Fort

Princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was famous for her beauty. When she turned 18, many suitors
from royal family offered marriage proposal for her. There was a black magic sorcerer named
Singhia, who also wanted to marry her but he was no match for the princess. One day he saw the
princess with her friends in market and he decided to sell her magic portion as an ether (scent) to
princess. So that when princess touch this ether, she would start like him and marry him. When
sorcerer offer the ether to princess in a hope of marry her but princess witness the sorcerer trick
and instead of taking it, she threw the ether on ground. That ether on ground got morphed into a
large rock and started rolling toward the sorcerer to crush him. Before he died, he cursed the
Bhangarh place to be destroyed and all the residing people of place to be killed. After some time,
Bhangarh was invaded by Mughals result in destruction and killing of people of Bhangarh
including princess Ratnavati.
In presents, according to villagers, spirits of princess and sorcerer is still there. Some people
claimed of hearing women crying, sound of payal and bangles breaking. It is also claimed that, the
person who visit Bhangarh fort at night will never come back. That is why, entry at the Bhangarh
between sunset and sunrise is forbidden.

My Experience

During college time, we decided to visit Bhangarh Fort. Believe me or not, it was a rollercoaster
trip. We were 14 group of people and travelling to Bhangarh from Jaipur through Bikes. One of
my friend was riding his bike very fast on NH21 highway and he met a small accident with cow.
Neither cow nor my friend got serious injuries. After that, he give the key of his bike to other friend
to drive.

When we reached the Bhangarh fort, this is how it looks

How to Plan trip for Bhangarh
1. See the distance between from your place to Bhangarh.
2. If it is within the 100 Km, then Bike is the best option because during the journey, you will
witness the beautiful scenery.
3. If possible, plan your trip during winter or rainy season.
4. Plan your trip with group of friends
5. Bring Food items and enough drinking water with you because you will not found much
food items at Bhangarh
6. Bring camera to capture the memory

Some of the memories which we captured during our trip