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Connecting ERP and Sage Intacct
 Supply Chain Management Tour:
Strategies Explore the
Power of
 Cloud ERP
Posted by CompuData Inc. | Jun 12, 2014
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| Accounting/ERP Software, All, Every CFO
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Get The
Ideas You
Need to
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) e Your
and Supply Chain Management * indicates
(SCM) have been gaining popularity required
within organizations over the last few Email Address *

years, across a number of vertical

industries. First Name *

An ERP system focuses on the Last Name *

management of business information,

o ering a macro view into a company by Company Name
integrating disparate systems across
functional groups such as procurement,
Request a free
nance, distribution, and inventory Software &
control.  A Supply Chain Management analysis?
5 system ties in supply chain partners who Yes, I'd like to
receive a free
help a company nd the raw materials it consulation

2 needs to deliver products and services to No, I want to
keep living in the
its customers. The integration of both dark

systems usually poses some challenge to
 CIOs, as there is no set formula as to Subscribe
which system should be implemented

In cases where the company has already
deployed an ERP system to collect CompuData
Named To Bob
information across the board, the supply
Scott’s VAR
chain system that follows pulls data from Stars 2017
Jan 3, 2018
ERP systems; thus making the
deployment process easier. In other Outgrowing
cases, multiple o ces may have stand- QuickBooks,
alone SCM systems in place that are then Real Estate
integrated into a ERP system. With this Wright Partners
type of implementation, there may be the Turns to Sage
Intacct: “We’re
need to add in other dashboard Saving At Least
$50,000 A Year
components such as; inventory checks, Now!”
nancials and manufacturing. Jan 2, 2018

Verus Scales for

Key Elements to Supply Chain Growth with
Management CompuData &
Sage Intacct:
Supply Chain Management involves the “Everything is
Live Data Now –
design, planning, execution, control and It Saves Us
monitoring of supply activities with the Jan 2, 2018
objective of creating net value to build a
competitive infrastructure that leverages What’s Your
Best Practice
worldwide logistics, while synchronizing for Managing
Nonpro t
supply with demand, and measuring Finances?
performance globally. A Supply Chain Dec 28, 2017

Management system provides real-time

RLS Logistics
5 visibility into operations, and integrates Makes Move to
Sage Intacct
activities through improved supply chain
 Accounting
2 relationships, to achieve a sustainable Software: “We
Can Actually
competitive advantage. Below are the Keep Track of

Balance Sheets
four key elements to Supply Chain
 Management. Dec 28, 2017

 Specialty Ring
• Supply Chain Planning: The
1 Elevates
determination of a set of policies and Production
 Analysis with
procedures that govern the operation of Epicor ERP and
supply chain. Planning includes the
“Our Margins
determination of marketing channels, Went Through
the Roof!”
promotions, respective quantities and Dec 26, 2017

timing, stock and replenishment policies

and production policies. Planning What Are the
establishes the parameters within which Solutions for
SMB Cyber
the supply chain will operate. Protection?
• Supply Chain Execution: Execution- Dec 18, 2017

oriented software applications for

7 Reasons to
e ective procurement and supply of Take Your
goods and services across a supply chain. Epicor ERP to
the Cloud
It includes manufacturing warehouse and Dec 15, 2017

transportation execution systems, and

systems providing visibility across the
ERP: 8 Things to
supply chain. Keep in Mind
Dec 14, 2017
• Supply Chain Monitoring: The ability to
review supply chain activities in real-time, Just
whether to identify the current status of Announced:
Epicor ERP 10.2
individual activities or review overall Release
Dec 11, 2017
• Supply Chain
Measurement: Measurement is
comparison of the actual activity against
targets. This is often used with scorecards
5 of benchmarks so that unusual or
undesirable variances can be identi ed

2 and investigated.

Parameters for Successful
 Supply Chain Implementations
The primary goal of any supply chain is to

1 satisfy customer needs and generate
pro ts. Supply chain activities begin with

a customer order and end when a
satis ed customer has paid for the
purchase (sales order ful llment, order-
to-cash, etc.) SCM, as with any other
enterprise-wide software systems, can be
successfully implemented when the
following are in place:
• A clearly de ned process- ow chart of
the organization specifying key chain of
commands for each functional area.
• Commitment to the project from
management and end users through
• An understanding of expected return on
investment both in the short and long
• Aligning all resources needed to ensure
smooth deployment such as existing
infrastructures etc.
Advantages of Implementing an
ERP System before Supply Chain
ERP can be executed for corporate
functions like human resources, nance
and accounting, basic industry-speci c
5 procedures, reporting and planning. 
There are a number of advantages to

2 building a Supply Chain system on top of

an existing ERP platform.
• An ERP system outlines a smart process

2 for the company to use technology to
automate manual or mundane work

1 processes therefore, making it easier to
streamline supply chain management

• ERP systems help to de ne roles and
responsibilities of di erent users and
ensure that ownership is assigned at
various levels. This is critical to managing
the various aspects of a supply chain
management system.
• ERP implementations also help users to
gain familiarity with technology systems,
terms and sets expectations making
transitions to supply chain management
applications smoother.

Integrating Supply Chain and

ERP systems
Most ERP vendors today, o er Supply
Chain Management components so
companies can implement both as part of
the same rollout.
The integration of ERP and SCM systems
is easier with the following
• Business priorities: Is it ERP rst or
Supply Chain? In most cases, ERP starts
with nancials and corporate work ow,
5 and companies build on from here.
• Technology issues: If the ERP and SCM

2 systems are on similar technology
platforms, integration is simpler to

execute, decreasing time to ROI.
 • Cost of implementation: Companies
must consider and evaluate the cost
 impact of both systems being integrated,
or if the software only allows data

• Total cost of ownership: There may be
cost savings and improved user
experience if both systems processes are
merged to reduce the points of data

Bene ts of Integrating ERP and

Supply Chain Systems
There are many success stories and
unfortunately much-hyped failures as
well. However, if most projects follow
some simple guidelines, companies can
increase the chance of success, deliver on
time, and proudly involve the relevant
group of users who utilize the system to
maximum gain. Some bene ts to look
forward to include:
• Improved e ciencies, lower costs and
improve productivity
• Ability to provide better services to
customers, and therefore increase
customer retention
• Increased ability to manage resources
through a streamlined process, and in
5 some cases, an automated work ow
• Leveraging IT to enhance the speed of

2 tasks and increase production
• Ability to cope with business changes in

the future and to adapt to changing rules
 and regulations, therefore enabling the
organization to compete more e ectively

ERP and Supply Chain Management

systems o er di erent bene ts to an
organization in terms of capabilities and
functionalities. Given the intra-
organizational and inter-organizational
advantages o ered by ERP and Supply
Chain respectively, integration of both
systems will provide a company with
substantial leverage over competitors.
However, it is pertinent that companies
rst identify and work on reducing and
eliminating non-value added activities,
processes and components in the
business. It is only when they start to
adopt a holistic view to e ciently address
enterprise needs that they will be able to
deliver their products and services with
speed, ease and quality.



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