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Rama Krishna Thadaka

Rama Krishna Thadaka

MHRM, IIT Kharagpur, B.Tech (Chemical Engineering)
8.5 Years of Core HR Experience in Manufacturing Industries (Plant & Corporate)
Mobile: +91 – 9494099979, Email: Krishna.thadaka@gmail.com

A HR Professional proficient and committed to –

 Improve Human Resources (Employee) engagement towards business, to achieve Vision and Mission
 Improve organizational performance through Human Resources (Employee) Performance
 Strengthen HR Department in serving internal customers to achieve Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery,
Safety and Employee Morale
 Establish and sustain Continuous Improvement Culture
 Strengthen HR Processes by doing regular PDCA

Profile Snapshot
 A Chemical Engineer & Master of HR from IIT Kharagpur with 8.5 Years Experience
 Plant and Corporate HR
 Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt from ASCB (E)
 Certified TQM Professional from Govt of India (Vskills),
 HR Lead and Auditee for Deming Grand Prize Audit (TQM)
 Competences: Strategic HR, Training & Development, Recruitment & Selection, Organization
Development, Payroll and Statutory Compliances, Compensation and Benefits, Total Quality
Management, Employee Engagement, Performance Management and Development,
Organization Restructuring, Manpower Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Campus Recruitment,
Induction with Buddy scheme, Continuous Improvement Culture, Operations Excellence
 Implementation Expertize in 5S, Kaizen, Quality Circles, Training & Development, Employee
Engagement, and OD Initiatives, Operations Excellence, PMS, Policy Deployment (KRA Based)
 Knowledge Areas: Competency Mapping, TPM, ISO, PSM, Safety Management, Satisfaction
and Engagement Surveys, Career and Succession planning, Lean Six Sigma tools like VSM,
FMEA, Poka Yoke, RCA, A3, 7QC Tools ,QC Story, QFD, Visual Management, Policy Deployment,
KRA and KPI,OEE,SMED,..etc

Academic Profile

 Master of Human Resources Development and Management (M.Tech) from Indian Institute of
Technology (IIT), Kharagpur with a CGPA of 8.21/ 10 from 2005 – 2007 (with Operations
Management as minor)
 Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering from J.N.T.U, Hyderabad with 70%
from 2001 – 2004
 Polytechnic Diploma in Chemical Engineering from G.I.P.D.C.E.T, Vizag with 67% from 1996 -

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Rama Krishna Thadaka

Key Achievements
 HR Lead and Auditee for Deming Grand Prize Audit (DGP) and successfully completed audit
by JUSE (Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers) and received DGP at Rane Brake
Linings Limited(highest award for practicing TQM)
 Trained more than 1000 employees on TQM, OD and Operations Excellence initiatives like,
Six Sigma, HR Practices, 5S, Quality Circles, Kaizen, 7 QC Tools, Problem Solving Tools, Poka
Yoke, ..Etc
 Independently Developed Training and Development department from a scratch level and
streamlined all T&D processes. T&D processes from TNI, Calendars, Tracking, Assessment,
ROI, and Budget. Applicable for permanent employees and contractors employees.
Methodologies adopted are Skill Matrix, Competency Mapping, and Contractors Training
Needs Bank. Now every individual training needs are well identified, trained and assessed
 Independently Initiated Implementation of OD Initiatives like 5S and Kaizen, saved lakhs of
 Independently modified Campus Recruitment process to make it more effective and efficient
saving many days of time and efforts.
 Developed an Induction Process to enable quick adaptation to the organization focusing of
Safety, Policies, and Practices.
 Developed Performance Improvement Program for Poor Performers and Individual
Development Plan for top performers (through Nine Box Model)
 Modified QC, R&D organization structure for effective monitoring on ROI of R&D, enabled
R&D to work as a separate entity
 Modified Talent Acquisition process by focusing more on Networking sites and internet
social communities
 Developed KRA based PMS and implemented successfully for all HODs
 Successfully completed two major consultancy projects on HR Development as a HR

Experience 1
Deepak Nitrite Limited, Vadodara (February 2014 to till date)
One of the largest chemicals manufacturers in India with Revenue of 1500Cr
Manager – HR
Process Owner – HRD, L&D, Operations Excellence and New HR initiatives
Reports to GM – HR & GM – Operations
Working in Corporate and Plant
Employee Strength: 590 (Permanent Employees) and 500 (Contractors Employees)

Key Profile:
A. OD Initiatives: Responsible for Implementation of 5S and Kaizen (Continuous
Improvement) in Five plants in coordination with the Plant Heads, HR Heads and

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Rama Krishna Thadaka

B. Training and Development – Competency Based Training (Total number of employees:

1000, Includes 5 plants in various locations)
 Heading L&D function of Group (Corporate and Five Plants)
 Devised strategy for Identifying Training and Development Needs for all employees
from Chief Manager to Operator Level
 CBT - Developed Comprehensive Competency Identification and Development Plan
through Competency Mapping for SM & MM Employees,
 CBT - Developed and Implemented Skill and Subskill Identification, Assessment of
Employee, Skill Matrix for Operators and JM level employees
 On the Job Training (OJT)Calendar and On the Job Training Evaluation
 Technical Trainer for Chemical and Mechanical Engineers (Plant Specific)
 Member of Process Safety Management Team (Responsible for 4 out of 14 PSM
 Developed Annual Training Calendar for Functional, Quality, Safety, Management,
Behaviour Skills / Competencies Development and for Refreshers Training
 Coordinating with Functional Heads on Devising and Developing Technical Training
Modules as per Training Needs Identified.
 Identifying, Negotiating and Coordinating with External Faculty as per Training Module
 Managing day to day internal and external training
 Developed structured 180 Day Induction Training program for DETs and GETs in their
Probation Period
 Managing Vocational Internship Trainees
 Developed structured Training Evaluation Process based on Kirk Patrix 4 Level Model
 Involved in Talent Acquisition at plant level and in campus recruitment
 Enhancement of SOP and Safety Culture through Awareness Sessions at Shopfloor
 Contractor Employees Training – Developed Training Needs (Technical, Safety,
Behaviour), Modules, and Training Calendar for Contractor Employees

C. Campus Recruitment & Internship

 Developed Campus Recruitment Process for GETs and MTs and recruited from top
institutes in India
 Member of HR Interview Panel and Chemical Engineering Interview Panel
 Developed Interns Recruitment Process
 Developed Technical, Aptitude Assessment Papers for various Engineering and MBA
 Recruitment of GETs, MTs and Interns every year
 Developed a comprehensive One year Induction Process for GETs and MTs. It included
Mentorship, Timely Projects, Periodic Assessments, Periodic Feedback, Learning Plan
and Training Needs.
D. New Employee Induction :

 Developed Induction Modules for New Employees GETs, MTs, Trainees and Lateral
Hires. Induction includes safety, HR Policies, 5S, Kaizen, PSM (Role Specific), Process
owner for Mentorship program
 Technical Trainer (Plant wise) for fresh engineers

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Rama Krishna Thadaka

E. Performance Management & Career Development (Performance Improvement

Program and Individual Development Program)

 KRA based Performance Management for employees of five SBUs, based on Policy
Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
 Half yearly review of Performance in coordination with HODs and Head SBUs
 Developed Performance Improvement Program (PIP): A structured program for
Performance Monitoring and Improvement of Poor Performers
 Individual Development Program: A structured program for Individual Competency
development and Career Progression for Best Performers
F. Process owner for 4 Elements of Process Safety Management (Training, Contractor
Training, MOC –P, Establishing Safety Culture, Employee Participation)

Experience 2

Rane Brake Lining Limited, Hyderabad (July 2013 to January 2014)

Rane Brake Lining is the 26 Organization in the world, 7th Organization in India and 1st

Organization in Andhra Pradesh - to win Deming Grand Prize) (July 2013 to January 2014

Assistant Manager – HR
Process Owner – TQM, T&D, Kaizen, Employee Engagement, Total Employee Involvement, CSR
HR Auditee from Hyderabad Plant for Deming Grand Prize Audit in 2013
Employee Strength: 266,

G. Total Employee Involvement:

 Quality Control Circles (QCC) – Ensuring total employee participation in QCC on
Quarterly basis and timely completion of QCC projects. Facilitating teams for
Internal and External Competitions. Track and Counsel Non participants
 Suggestions - Ensuring total employee participation in suggestions on monthly
basis and rewarding good, significant and highest suggestors. Track and counsel
Non suggestors on monthly basis.
 5S - To coordinate with the Champion and Internal Auditors for monthly audits of
5S zones. Recognize best zones. Audit zones as an internal auditor
 Kaizens - To monitor and participate in Departmental Kaizens.

H. Training and Development (Competency Based Training):
 Staff – Coordinating with HODs for nominations to group training institute.
Coordinating and facilitating participants to ensure their attendance and to collect
feedback. Maintain Staff Training Files. To conduct 3 Months evaluation for staff
members after attending training program. Conducting Inhouse training programs
as and when required. To collect immediate Feedback and consolidation. Feedback
to Faculty Member. To conduct FOLKS (Forum of Learning and Knowledge
 Operators – Develop and Validate Skills and Sub skills, to conduct skill assessment
every year. Consolidate skill levels. Identify skill gaps. Develop Annual Training Plan
(on the job and class room training). Conduct training programs. Immediate

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Rama Krishna Thadaka

Feedback collection and consolidation. Feedback to Faculty Member. 3 Months

training evaluation. To do PDCA as required. Multiskilling
 Temporary Operator Trainees – To conduct 5 Day training programs as they join the
company. Conduct examination. Facilitate OJT.
 Induction Training – Implemented “Buddy” Induction Scheme, (A comprehensive
induction plan for all new hires) for freshers and lateral hires to induct new entrant
to the organizational systems and culture.
I. Employee Morale Improvement Initiatives:
 Family Visit – To coordinate for Employee’s Family Visit. Ensuring Management
visits selected employees home and in turn employee family members visits the
 Sports Competitions – To conduct sports competitions for employees once in six
months. Facilitate employees to practice everyday.
 Employee Opinion Survey – To facilitate the survey. Facilitate Feedback sessions and
Focus Group meeting. Take necessary actions to resolve restrainers
 Birthday Celebration
 Staff Get Together
 To conduct communication meet with all employees on monthly basis.
 To conduct societal survey on CSR needs. Prepare Annual Plan. Budget Preparation.
To conduct activities on monthly basis. Feedback collection from beneficiary.
 To update Daily Routine Management file regularly. To review and update function
related SOPs once in Six months.
L. Talent Management:
 Talent Management through GPTW, ESS and Exit Interviews, and doing PDCA on

Experience 3

Blend Colours Private Limited, Hyderabad June 2011 to Jun 2013

Largest Manufacturer of Masterbatches in South India
Employee Strength: 180 (Two Plants),
Assistant Manager – HR (HR Generalist)
Process Owner – Recruitment & Selection, Administration, PMS, ISO, OD Initiatives

A. Talent Acquisition:
 Responsible for Manpower Plan and Talent Acquisition for Two Units
 Coordinate and Plan with Departmental Heads for Recruitment priorities
 Developing and execution of Recruitment Process
 Review and optimize various sources like Portals, References and Consultancies
 Conducting HR Round Interviews for all positions
 Conducting off Campus interviews and selection of freshers
 Handling salary negotiations and issuance of Appointment Letters
 Taking care of on boarding and induction for new employees
 Compensation design for new recruits

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Rama Krishna Thadaka

 Design and implement monitory and non monitory benefits to all employees as per unit,
role and department
B. Administration and Security Functions:
 Payroll and Statutory Compliance
 Ensuring smooth functioning of Administration, Travel, Transportation, Security,
 Motivating Sales Force through new Incentive and Bonus Schemes
C. Performance Management:

 Conceptualize and design of PMS modules and Roll-out plan.

 Conducting workshops for appraisers on setting KRA’s, and feedback skills.
 Ensure the timely completion of Mid Year review and Final assessment.
 Handle the complete cycle of Annual performance Appraisal system.
 Career Planning for best Performer and improvement Plans for average and poor
 Adhere to top management guidelines in implementing Increment process

D. Compensation & Benefit

 Payroll Processing, PF, ESI and other compliances
E. ISO & OD Initiatives:

 5S Implementation
 Introduced OEE Concept to monitor Equipment and Operator effectiveness
 Management Representative for ISO
 Modifying ISO Documents as per the requirement
 Conducting Internal Audits
 Guiding concerned officer on ISO
F. Sales HR:
 Responsible for managing 15 Sales Employees located across India
 Introduced Incentives Schemes to increase sales

Experience 4

KS Madhavan & Associates, Hyderabad June 2007 to May 2011

Management consultancy involved in HR Development, TQM, 5S, Kaizen, TPM, Six Sigma,
Lean Manufacturing

Management Consultant

Consultancy Projects:
 Implementation of 5S in several large scale industries. – Developed 5S Pocket Cards,
Contributed in developing 5S Posters, Books, Training Material and 5S Formats
 Organizational Restructuring & Manpower Planning in Tamil Nadu Electricity
Board (TNEB) and its subsidiaries (TANTRANSCO & TANGEDCO) [Restructuring of
TNEB into 2 subsidiaries has raised the need for new Organization Structures and

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Rama Krishna Thadaka

Manpower Planning. Developed Manpower Planning and distributed existing employees to

newly formed companies also suggested redundant and new positions. New HR Policies
also developed]
 Employee Career Progression in Gujarat Electricity board and its subsidiaries
[Vacancy based promotion system has raised the problem of stagnation at Middle level and
thus lowering employee satisfaction levels. Present Hierarchy is compressed to optimum
levels and Fast Track Promotion System Introduced for best performers and ensured fast
growth compared to poor performers ]
 Enabling Implementation of Manpower Planning in Electricity board and its subsidiaries

Other important issues of worth sharing

 Trainer for OD Initiatives like 5S, Poka Yoke, Kaizen, QCC, and 7QC Tools –
Conducted more than 50 workshops and trained more than 1000 people
 Participated in Kiken Yochi Training (Hazard Prediction Training)
 Achieved 96.07 Percentile (AIR 251) in GATE – 2004 and Qualified GATE for Three
Consecutive Years
 Conducted Two Day workshops on 5S for ITW SIGNODE India Limited (Total Three
 Conducted One Day workshop on 5S for Tecumseh India Private Limited (Two Workshops)
 Contributor of Three Day Workshop on Lean Manufacturing
 Contributor of Three Day Workshop on Poka Yoke at Engineering Staff College of India
 Contributor of One Day Workshop on 5S at Caere Housekeeping Private Limited
 Contributor of One Day Seminar on Poka Yoke at AOTS, Hyderabad
 Contributor in publishing books on 5S, KRA and Posters on 5S.
 Attended training program on TQM
 Attended training program on Safety
 Expert in Computers, MS Office and other Software

Personal Profile:
Date of Birth: 07th April 1979

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Telugu

Marital Status: Married

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