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Fifth Grade News

February 2018
*Classroom Connection*
Math: Fractions and Divisions Science:
• Adding and Subtraction Fractions
• Animal and plant cells – will create cells in lab from clay
• Add and subtraction fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators by finding
a common denominator. (In 4th grade students added and subtraction fractions with
like denominators) Social Studies:
• Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions. • Great Depression
• Use visual models and equations to represent the addition and subtraction problems • New Deal
• World War II
**Continue to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.
Lanier will have a Family Math Night on February 8th. We would like to invite your
family to come learn math games you can play at home to help practice fact
fluency. We will supply each family that attends with cards, dice and other
materials needed to play the games at home!

*Curriculum Vocabulary*
Math: simplify, numerator, common denominator, unlike
• Identify as well as compare and contrast text structures
• Become an expert at research denominator, improper fraction, unit fraction, mixed
• Compare resources number
• Create a product from our newfound knowledge
Reading: research, direct quote, text structures
Writing: argumentative, sources, evidence, claim
Social Studies: stock market, Dust Bowl, dictator
• Make a claim and support it with evidence
• Research through multiple sources and take notes Holocaust, rationing
• Examine both sides of a topic Science: Cytoplasm, cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus
• Quote accurately from a source and chloroplast
• Write an essay with an introduction that includes a thesis statement, support the thesis
statement with evidence and close with a conclusion

*Dates to Remember* *Classroom Needs*

Help us combat all the sickness that is going around by
 Feb. 8-14 ~ Valentine’s Shop donating any of the following items to your child’s classroom!

 Feb. 8 ~ Family Math Night, 6:00-8:00

 Feb. 19 ~ School from Home day, Teacher Work Day Tissues
Feb. 20 ~ Yearbook Workshop for Parents (contact Mrs.

David for more information)
Hand Sanitizer
 Feb. 23 ~ Six Flags Read to Succeed deadline Clorox Wipes

*Homework* *Character Trait of the Month*

RAH – Read at least 15-20 minutes per night. After each book
is completed, students will record it on their log in Mrs.
Souther’s room for their 40 Book Challenge.  Kindness 
MAH & Math WS – Students should practice their math facts
at least 5 minutes per night. They also have a Math
Worksheet that is given on Monday that should be returned by
Kindness is being friendly, generous, and
Friday to Mrs. Miller. considerate

**February 19th will be a School from Home day. There will be

lessons provided by the county for this day that will be on Canvas. Your child’s teacher has
shown them what to do! Please remember that this is not optional work.