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Disease Funding: A Collaboration Project

In this project, you will choose one specific disease. Throughout the next month, you will be conducting research, designing an informational
brochure, and writing an argumentative article about your chosen disease. This is a collaboration project between Mrs. Partin, Mrs. Withrow,
and Mrs. Murphy. If you do not have both Mrs. Withrow and Mrs. Murphy, you will only complete the parts of this assignment specific to that


 Research—In both Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Withrow’s classes, you will be researching specific information in this packet to inform you
about your disease and research for the specific disease. You will be asked to evaluate all sources prior to use in your assignments. You
will complete the attached packet while conducting this research. Mrs. Partin will assist in this portion of the project.

 Informational Brochure—For Mrs. Withrow’s class, you will soon be studying the body systems. To accompany this unit, you will also
develop an informational brochure based on your research of your given disease to share with your class. This brochure will include
information such as:

o Description of the disease

o Body system it affects
o How it is diagnosed
o How it is treated
o How many people are diagnosed with it each year
o How many fatalities it has per year
o Symptoms
o Cause(s)
o Etc.

 Argumentative Essay—For Mrs. Murphy’s class, you will take your knowledge of the disease a step further and write an argumentative
essay in response to the following prompt:

Imagine you are an employee for the Center for Disease Control specializing in the research of _____________________ (chosen
disease). The Federal Government has just proposed a one million dollar grant to be devoted to the research of one specific
disease. Anyone interested must submit an essay to be reviewed by a committee organized by the President.

After researching informational texts on the disease you selected, write an essay in which you argue why this disease deserves
funding for research. Support your position with evidence from your research.

My disease______________________________________________________

My computer number is ________________________________________



Informational Brochure Research

***You will turn pages 3-5 in to Mrs. Withrow.***

Research Questions Research Notes Source Information How do I know this is an effective
(website, title, author, source?
Description of disease

What are the symptoms

of this disease?

What are the cause(s) of

this disease?

How is it diagnosed?

How is it treated?

How many people are

diagnosed with this
disease each year?

How many people die

from this disease each

What body system does

it affect?


Argumentative Essay Research

***You will turn pages 6-10 in to Mrs. Murphy.***

In order to effectively argue why this disease should receive the grant money, you must also examine what research has already been conducted
or is being conducted. Complete the chart below:

Research Question Research Notes Source Information How do I know this is an effective
(website, title, author) source?
What do doctors still not
know about this disease?

What type(s) of research

is already being done?

How has past research

influenced what we now

What are the benefits of

researching this
disease/how would it
impact modern society?

Argumentative Essay Outline

**This must be checked by Mrs. Murphy BEFORE you begin writing.**

Hook---How will you grab your reader’s attention?

Information—What background information will you provide so that your reader understands the context of this essay?

Thesis/Claim—What are you trying to prove in this essay? Make sure you list your three reasons in your thesis/claim.

Counterclaim—What will the other side say in opposition? How will you respond?
(**We will discuss where this will go in your essay.**)
Reason 1:

 Evidence:

 Evidence:


Reason 2:

 Evidence:

 Evidence:


Reason 3:

 Evidence:

 Evidence:


Thesis (restate in a different way)—


Memorable Statement—What is your call to action? Why does this essay matter?