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Fill in the verbs in the past tense:

9-year-old Bruno ______________ (to grow) up during World War II in Berlin. He ___________ (to live)
in a huge house with his loving parents, his sister Gretel and some servants. His father __________
(to be) a high-ranking SS officer but ___________ (to be) later promoted to Commandant. It ________
(to mean) that the family __________ (to have) to move to another place which ___________ (to turn)
out to be Auschwitz. When Brono _________ (to get) there he __________ (to feel) very homesick as
he _________ (to have) to leave behind his grandparents and his three best friends. Bruno ________
(to be) unhappy with his new home and __________ (to have) no one to talk to or play with. One
day Bruno _______________ (to notice) a group of people all wearing the same striped pyjamas and
striped hats and bald heads. He ___________ (to ask) his father about these people. His father
__________ (to tell) him they __________ (to be) not real people because they ___________ (to be) Jews.

Bruno ___________ (to be) not allowed to explore the back of the house or its surroundings. Due
to a combination of curiosity and boredom he __________ (to decide) to explore anyway. He
____________ (to spot) a boy on the other side of the fence. Excited that there ___________ (to be) a
boy on the other side of the fence, he ________________ (to introduce) himself and ______________ (to
find) out the boy ___________ Jewish and ___________ (to call) Shmuel. Shmuel and his family ________
(to be) brought there, broken apart and forced to work in Auschwitz. Almost every day the boys
________ (to meet) at the same spot. Soon, they _____________ (to become) best friends.

Bruno’s mother ___________________ (to persuade) his father to take them back to Berlin after a
year at their new home, while the father _________________ (to stay) in Berlin. Before going back, as
a final adventure, Bruno ___________ (to agree) to dress in a set striped pyjamas and go under the
fence to help Shmuel find his father, who ___________ (to go) missing in the camp. The boys
___________ (can) not find him and ___________ (to get) mixed up with a group of people going on a
march. Neither boy _____________ (to know) where the march would lead. However, they __________
(to be) soon crowded into a gas chamber, which Bruno _________________ (to assume) was a place
to keep them dry from the rain until it ______________ (to stop).

Bruno __________ (to be) in the dark holding hands

with Shmuel, and nothing in the world __________ (will)

make him let go……………

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