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1 101 SECRETS TO A HEALTHY Imagine you go to see a doctor. You are worried about your health. It may be diabetes, 3500.00
LIFE cardiac problems, or high pressure. Maybe you are dealing with some apparently serious
By Dr. Jorge Alberto Gonzalez disease, or you are simply feeling stressed, anguished, overweighed or you are not
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz getting good sleep. All you want is to be checked-up by a phycisian and get the
necessary instructions to recover your health, but without hurry and not only on pills. You
want something that wii really help you change your lifestyle and feel good again.
The time that you invest in reading this book will be like spending a couple of hours in the
doctor's office, kindly talking with him. He takes time to clarify your doubts and provide
you guidance on the best way you can do things to the benefit of your health, on how to
feel better and have more energy to enjoy life
2 250 RECIPES FOR HEALING This work presents 250 Recipes that use over 130 different foods, which can prevent and 4900.00
AND PREVENTION cure a multitude of diseases. The vegetarian recipes included in this volume are
By Dr. George D. Pamploma – recommended for nearly 150 diseases and are presented by the organ or body part that
Roger & Esther Malaxetxe Barria, most benefits from their use.
M.D Dr. Pamplona-Roger, research physician and highly-experienced author, collaborates
Year: 2010 with Dr. Malaxetxebarria to provide an in-depth analysis of the composition and
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz nutritional, preventive and curative value of each recipe.
The recipes proposed in this work are useful during all stages of life: for children, pre-
teens and adolescents, adults and the elderly. Diseases such as stress, infarcts, high
cholesterol, ulcers, cancer, and many more, can find part of their prevention or cure in
the recipes suggested in this book.

3 AIDS PANDEMIC Focuses on the situation facing the continent of Africa: 1000.00
By Richard J. B. Wills The origin of aids in Africa, how to use antiviral and how to love the infected in society
Year 2007
Publishing Hse: Stanborough
4 CELEBRATIONS LIVING LIFE TO The authors of Celebrations describe the acronym as carrying “within it both the secrets 4700.00
THE FULLEST of healthful lifestyle and an exuberant appreciation of the joy of living well.” Health
By Dr. Allan R. Handysides studies overwhelmingly confirm this statement to be true. So to all those who want to live
Publishing House: Review and longer and better—this book is for you!
Readers will not only come away with a fuller understanding of health principles
incorporated in personal choices, drinking pure water, protecting the environment, getting
adequate rest, and more—they also will be inspired by the numerous, compelling
photographs that bring the book to life. The joy of service to Christ and the love He has
for His children permeate the pages and convey a fresh perspective to the vital topic of
healthful living.

5 CRACKING THE STRESS We face stress at every stage of life. Stressors change. They intensify in adolescence, 2900.00
PROBLEM while we establish ourselves in our careers, when we become parents, and when the
By Richard J. B. Willis signs of ageing manifest themselves. Stress is different in men and women.
Year: 2010 Our success in life, and quality of life, depends on how we deal with stress. We need to
understand what stress is and learn how to cope effectively.
6 DEPRESSION: SCIENCE AND Are you suffering from depression? You can recover! Even though some people believe 1300.00
NATURAL TREATMENTS depression is an incurable disease, this is not so. You can be healed! In this book Dr
Author: Dr Ramon C. Gelabert, Gelabert presents scientific and natural treatments of proven eifficacy that will help you to
MD, PhD. prevent this condition and recover your health in a simple way, with no after effects.
Publishing House: Review &
Herald According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), depression is one of the diseases
with greatest social impact, since its sufferers are usually robbed of many years of their
life through disability.

7 DEVELOPING A HEALTHY MIND DEVELOPING A HEALTHY MIND provides tools for challenges that we sometimes seem 6400.00
By Julian Melgosa unable to solve. In a single volume, this handbook offers an extensive inventory of
Year:2008 problem situation that affect everyone. Adversities and behavioral options are analyzed
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz in an interesting yet scientific way by a recognized communicator with decades of
success as professor and writer.
8 DIABETES: PREVENTION AND Diabetes is one of the most important diseases in the world. About 250,000,000 people 3500.00
TREATMENT suffer from it even though many of them are unaware that they have a low-grade form of
Author: Dr. Ramón Gelabert it.
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz Dr. Gelabert’s clear, complete, and direct advice provides the best guidance for knowing
if you suffer from diabetes and how to prevent it. If you already know that you have this
disease, you will discover how to control it by the use of the most advanced methods and
scientific and natural treatments.

9 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOODS An up-to-date and broad encyclopedia that details the most current research on the 25500.00
AND THEIR HEALING POWER (3 science of foods, nutrition and diet. This three-volume work with over 1264 pages is an
volumes) explanation of nutrition and diet-therapy that describes nearly 700 foods from the five
By Dr. George D. Pamploma- continents and about 300 recipes with the practical application of nutrition science in the
Roger kitchen.
Year: 2008 Dr. Pamplona-Roger, a physician specializing in general surgery and the digestive tract,
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz a specialist in Health Education and a highly-experienced author, details the advantages
and disadvantages of all types of foods, providing an in-depth analysis of the
composition and preventive and curative value of foods and recipes.
10 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEALTH & Encyclopedia of Health and Education for the Family (4 Volumes) Essential for the whole 26700.00
EDUCATION FOR THE FAMILY (4 family An accomplished medical work in plain, simple language for the whole family. The
Vols) care, prevention and healing of over 400 diseases with natural, pharmacological and
By Dr. I. A. Gallar & Dr. H. Galbase surgical treatments. A complete treatise on andrology, gynecology, sexuality, maternity
Year: 2008 and childcare. A search index of over 400 diseases and their treatments in useful data
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz boxes. All necessary care instructions for the mother before, during and after pregnancy,
as well as for the baby during his/her early years.

11 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MEDICINAL In this two-volume work, comprised of over 800 pages and an interactive multimedia 17200.00
PLANTS DVD, Dr. Pamplona-Roger, doctor of Medicine and Surgery and Health Education
(2 Volumes) specialist, describes the botanical features of over 470 plants, classified according to
By Dr. George D. Pamploma- disease.
Roger It also describes numerous natural treatments, in a clear and simple language with
Year: 2008 practical illustrations for all audiences, helping us to learn about the curative virtues of
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz medicinal plants and their practical application.
12 ENJOY IT: FOODS FOR HEALING This book has 15 chapters as follows, 1. Eight decisive factors 2. The value of nutrition 3. 2100.00
AND PREVENTION (Hard Cover) Why do we eat? 4. Carbohydrates 5. Fats 6. Proteins 7. Vitamins 8. Minerals 9. A novelty
By Dr. George D. Pamploma- with a long tradition 10. The secret of healthier peoples 11. Good reasons for change 12.
Roger Problems with meat 13. A balanced diet 14. Those who lose, win 15. The transition diet
Year: 2010 This book has pictures and explanations easy to understand. It has 127 pages and is a
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz helpful transition from western diet to a healthy diet or to a vegetarian diet. This book is
one of the best I have in nutrition. I highly recommend it.

13 ENJOY LIFE We are meant to live intensely and positively throughout life. This holds true for our later 6500.00
Author: Dr. Julián Melgosa years, the third age. Preparing for this period helps to ensure a stable and joyous life
Year: ….. through our final days. Now that we have added years to our lives, it is time to add quality
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz to the years that we have ahead of us.
This thought defines Dr. Julian Melgosa’s new, internationally-distributed work, which is a
valuable guide to enjoying life throughout the third age. Fourteen chapters offer a
complete investigative tool full of practical advice that is specifically designed to help the
reader achieve optimal health and find enjoyment in this stage of life.
14 FAMILY MEDICAL GUIDE The causes, symptoms, and treatment of most diseases affecting body system like 16000.00
(3 VOLUMES) cancer, ulcer, cardiovascular system and many others
By Melvyn G. Hardinge, Harold
Shylock & 28 leading medical
Year: 2005
Publishing Hse: Pacific Press

15 FEELING GOOD: NATURAL knowing is preferable to ignoring. Feeling Good! Alludes to nearly 150 disorders and 4000.00
MEDICAL GUIDE FOR WOMEN diseases, explains different diagnostic tests, emphasises the need of medical check-ups
By Lidia La Marca and show the way of facing and overcoming varios situations. Do not give up on living a
Year: 2010 full life!
Publishing House: Safeliz
16 FOODS THAT HEAL Before there were drugs, 1100.00
By Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger there was nature
Publisher: Safeliz You can change your life by changing your diet. You can enjoy more vibrant health just
by tapping into nature’s cornucopia of vitality-enhancing foods.
Let world-renowned nutrition expert Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger get you started on
the pathway to better eating. The author explores the nutritional value of nuts, grains,
sprouts, and vegetables, and explains the benefits and dangers of various types of food.
What about soft drinks? Coffee? Salt? Sugar? Wine? Meat? Dairy products? Pasta?
Olive oil? Is meat addictive? Does it cause cancer? Alternatives to meat? How to avoid
toxic fish. How to reduce your cholesterol. How to solve the constipation problem. A diet
for diabetics.
The earth is a garden. Let it heal you.
You will discover foods that help you avoid weight gain. Foods that help you breathe
more freely. Foods that help you digest. Foods that battle infection. Foods that benefit
the skin, muscles, urinary tract, intestine, stomach, liver, lungs, blood, arteries, heart,
nerves, and eyes.
And just because food is medicine doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. The luscious
photography will make your mouth water over the delicious natural foods pictured on
these pages.


ADDICTIONS This unique work presents a positive and practical focus, not only in the face of drugs,
By Rafael Escandon & Cesar other addictions and their aftermath, but also promotes and facilitates self-control over
Galvez human addictive tendencies.
Year: 2010 Drugs, both legal and illegal, are not the only things that can be addictive. Many other
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz objects, behaviors and situations can lead to addictions: gambling, sex, work, television,
violence… Therefore, it is worth it to place a greater emphasis on addiction itself, that is:
on what all dependency has in common. From there, we can learn to overcome it.
18 HEADACHES: SCIENCE AND Headaches? Migraines? You need not resign yourself to self-medication, prone as it is to 1300.00
NATURAL TREATMENTS side effects. Equipped with his experience and scientific background, Dr Ramon C.
Author: Ramon C. Gelabert Gelabert shows there are better, more effective solutions that are not plagued with side
Publishing Hse: Review & Herald effects.
The best treatments for headache within easy reach:
-Dietotherapy (nutririon)
-Phytotherapy (medicinal plants)
-Physiotherapy (exercise,massage)
-Rightly applied medication
Headaches, the book by Dr Gelabert that clearly and concisely helps cure and prevent all
headaches and achieve a better quality of life.

19 HEALTH POWER: HEALTH BY The principles in this book will add years to your life and zest to your years. You can live 3700.00
CHOICE NOT BY CHANCE on tiptoe. Double your energy. Banish aches and pains. Thrive on the cutting edge. Get
By Aileen Ludington & Hans Diehl ready for your second wind- a new life filled with vigour and enthusiasm
Year 2010 -This may be the most ptactical key to a better lifestyle that many of us have ever found
Publishing Hse: Stanborough -The greatest challenge of Western medicine is to educate and motivate patients to
Press Ltd adopt a healthier lifestyle. This book does exactly that- with clarity, charm and
-These are important concepts that, when internalized, will do more to improve your
health and extend your life than all the technological wonders of modern medicine
-A solid book written providing a sensible introduction to the basis of natural health
-No one can read even a few of these chapters and remain the same
20 HEALTHY AND STRONG An adequate nutrition during childhood and adolescence is one of the great tools for 6500.00
Author: Dr. Jorge D. Pamplona preventing and fighting diseases in a human being life. In reality, it is one of the great
Roger legacies parents transmit to their children. Hence the importance to have a complete
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz children's food guide.
Healthy and Strong represents an indispensable nutritional manual through the children
development process, since pregnancy, lactation and adolescence. 
Its reading and
implementation of the exposed advices may imply the prevention of future health
problems in our sons and daughters.

21 HEALTHY BODY (Life and showcases the extraordinary worth of the human body, explaining the function of each 6500.00
Health) body part and each organ and offering valuable advice for keeping it healthy and in
by Dr. George D. Pamplona Roger shape HEALTHY BODY is a compendium of preventive medicine written for those who
Year: 2010 wish to take good care of their bodies; a veritable maintenance manual for the most
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz complex and efficient machine of all. How to care for our bodies. Natural treatments for a
variety of body parts and organs. How to prevent disease. How to achieve the ultimate in
body beauty. The major attacks endured by the body. What can be done with it? The
body's history and destiny.
22 HEALTHY BY NATURE Nature shows us her eight remedies to preserve our integral health: water and earth, 9600.00
(Encyclopedia) sun, physical exercise, air, rest, abstinence from toxic substances, nourishment and a
By Dr. Ernest Schnelder positive mental attitude.
Year: 2008 This unique work, written by Doctor Ernst Schneider, an eminent researcher and author
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz of various pioneering books on natural medicine brings the healing virtues of natural
agents and the practical manner of their application within the reach of everybody.
The work is made up of two volumes, which add up to over 650 pages. The first volume
describes over one hundred natural therapies of proven effectiveness as well as the
techniques for application of all of them.

23 HEALTHY FOODS Know the curative and preventive power of foods. A unique work which will allow you to 5000.00
By Dr. George D. Pamploma- learn about the most suitable foods for each type of disease affecting different parts of
Roger the body, and their correct application and preparation. You will learn which foods
Year: 2005 prevent, relieve and cure diseases. Over 400 foods organized in a unique manner
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz according to the organ that they work on. Preparation and use of each of the foods.
Useful indexes that facilitate your search.
24 HEALTHY JUICES People’s health is being damaged more and more by the contemporary lifestyle. In spite 7000.00
Author: Dr. Jorge D. Pamplona of counting on the best monetary resources, millions of human beings around the world
Roger face serious health problems that could be prevented. For that reason, it is important to
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz discover the healthy power of drinks, which, apart from delighting us with their delicious
flavors, contribute to the well-being of the body and help to combat and prevent many

25 HEALTHY PLANTS (with DVD) Nature has endowed medicinal plants with the strength and healing power that the 5500.00
By Dr. George D. Pamploma- human body needs. Medicinal plants are within our reach and many of us can benefit
Roger from by using these natural remedies correctly.
Year: 2005 This work, comprised of a 384 page volume and a multimedia interactive DVD, shows us
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz how to use plants to benefit our health.
Dr. Pamplona-Roger, physician and specialist in Health Education, describes for us a
multitude of natural treatments, in simple, straightforward language, that places the
healing characteristics of medicinal plants and their practical use within everyone’s

26 HOME HEALTH CARE Simple ways of handling health issues within our homes. Offering first aid 2250.00
By J.B. Williams & John M. Wilby
Year: 2008
Publishing Hse: Stanborough
27 JUICING FOR LIFE Offers a variety of healthy, easy-to-make and tasty recipes 4000.00
By Beverley Ramages Has info on selecting the right equipment to get started, the value and benefits of the
Publishing Hse: …… ingredients and health benefits of each recipe
Useful in weight loss or gain, energy boosting, detoxing, or ensuring that your family get
their five-a-day

28 LESS STRESS A moderate amount of tension is necessary to maintain a productive life, but excessive 2200.00
By Julian Melgosa, tension causes stress and keeps us from enjoying life. Stress is a disease of our times; it
Year: 2010 affects both men and women, the young and old, and even children and adolescents.
Publishing Hse: Editorial Safeliz This book tells us how we can manage stress

29 NATURES REMEDIES MADE The book describes 50 common diseases and recommends simple herbal remedies that 4000.00
SIMPLE will cure or control the problem. -Most of the herbal remedies recommended in the book
By Dr. Joy Kurian & Dr. John grow in South-East-Asian countries and could be quite easily found in your kitchen, yard,
Perumal in open fields or in the vegetable and fruit market. (-The 225 plants mentioned in the
Publishing House: Sirivatana book have been depicted in vivid colors for clear plant identification. (-Unlike other books,
Interprint Public Company Limited this book uses common laymen's language, so that everyone can understand the
instructions. (-Both the common and botanical names of all 225 plants have been
provided for further study or research. (-Diseases have been arranged alphabetically (A -
Z), so it's easy to locate the problem you want to study.
30 PLANTS THAT HEAL Before there were drugs, 1050.00
by George D. Pamplona-Roger there was nature!
Year: 2012 Most people in the world get their medicine from field and forest. Now you can too,
Publishing Hse: Review & Herald thanks to this treasury of valuable information about nature's pharmacy. Full of beautiful
photographs, this book unlocks the secrets of the rich tradition of natural remedies-plants
that heal the body and invigorate the mind.
You will learn about special plants that benefit the eyes, nerves, mouth, throat, heart,
arteries, veins, blood, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, and skin. Plants that aid digestion.
Plants that fight infection. Plants that fight obesity by increasing metabolism or deceasing
This collection includes information on how to harness the medical potential of plants
while avoiding the dangers of toxicity. How to distill essences for aromatherapy. How to
prepare herbal teas and fomentations.
The earth is a garden. Let it heal you.

31 STRESS AND ANXIETY: Stress? Anxiousness? Anxiety? Stress becomes dangerous when stressing situations 1300.00
SCIENCE AND NATURAL are very frequent, since this entails the risk of developing certain psychosomatic
TREATMENTS illnesses.
By Author Ramon C. Gelabert, Excessive anxiousness, dizziness, a distorted sensation of reality, and uncontrolled fear
Year: 2007 of imminent death are, among others, unmistakable symptoms of undergoing an anxiety
Publishing Hse: Review & Herald crisis.
A new life from from stress and anxiety is possible. You can and must control and run
your life! In a scientific, natural way, Dr Gelabert discusses in this book how to achieve
these goals.
32 UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION A change in diet and lifestyle would be by far the best prescription for most chronic heart 3200.00
By Dr Clemency Mitchell problems.
Publishing House: Review and Nowadays we are bombarded with information about health, including numerous
Herald nutritional theories that often seem to change from day to day
The principles in this book are not based on such shifting sand but on the old-age
pronciple of the Bible, in particular the story of Creation in the book of Genesis where we
learn that the Creator designed a plant-food diet and an active lifestyle with a weekly rest
day for the human race.
Medical and nutritional science, common sense and experience both in the kitchen and
consulting room confirms that these principles still hold the secrets of good health

33 VIBRANT HEALTH Leading physicians and health experts, including top consultants in such ares as child 3700.00
By Dr Clemency Mitchell health, breast cancer, heart disease and AIDS, have collaborated to produce a book in
Publishing House: Pacific Press which the emphasis is upon full, vibrant health: how to maintain it, how to keep it, and
Publishing how to recognize the danger signals and take appropriate action.
Dr Clemency Mitchell, the chief medical editor, has been at the forefront of the nutritional
revolution. She outlines a health regimen- including diet, exercise and stress control- that
will greatly improve your quality of life immediately and help you avoid major killer
This book is the comprehensive guide to health for all the family. It covers everything
from back pain to pregnancy, smoking to AIDS, baby care to correct breathing, whole
foods to weight control and allergies
For emergencies there are simple home treatments and effective first aid guidance